xkcd Time Wiki

Hello, this is Wythagoras. I mainly edit Googology Wiki, but I'll stop here sometimes to write down some things I discovered about Sandcastle Builder.

I read xkcd-related things sometimes. (xkcd.com, what-if.xkcd.com) It is usually very funny (really good drawings), and, I like to discover some relations between the OTG and the comic and other xkcd Time-related things, like The Forty, Bag Puns, the Beanies, etc.

I also like the My Number is Bigger! thread.

My Sandcastle Builder stats:

  • Infinite Sand, Castles, Glass, Blackprints and FluxCrystals.
  • Just started with Dragons.
  • This Sucks level is 1,500.
  • PR level is 30K.
  • AC level is 20G.

My works here: