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Reactions to Time[]

Countdown to next update[]

It plays a "dong" sound 6 seconds before the next picture is shown:

Latest Frame (automatically updates)[]


Watch the frames[]

Viewing Programs[]


  • http://geekwagon.net/projects/xkcd1190: A useful way to browse XKCD Time. A scrollable, playable, and frame linkable version with code is available on github. Play back speed is adjustable and there is a list of clickable points of interest.

Mscha's Viewer[]

  • http://xkcd.mscha.org/viewer/1: A user-controlled viewer that also provides useful links to the frames, as well as outside links to Geekwagon and Aubron.

The Book of Aubron[]

  • http://xkcd.aubronwood.com: A play-through of all pictures so far, created by aubronwood. The program is able to change the speed of the play through, stop and start the automatic play-through, soundtrack, and manually change to the next or previous picture.

Time Drags On[]

mrob27's Replay Viewer[]

  • http://mrob.com/time/replay: Real-time player created by Mrob27. It displays the 'Time' frame that would have been seen at the current date/time in 2013; also has keyboard commands and fast playback mode.

balthasar_s' Aftertime Viewer[]

Other Viewers[]

List of frames[]

  • http://xkcd.mscha.org: a list of all frames of Time posted so far, with frame numbers and with links to the images both at time of posting and currently of the xkcd servers, and the difference between them (if any).

Youtube Videos[]

Image Album[]


Explain xkcd[]

Some more information and discussion can be found at http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=Time.

IRC Channel for "Time"[]

Join the conversation: #xkcd-time on irc.foonetic.net.
(This is basically a chatroom. Learn about IRC here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat)

Below is a list of software and games related to The One True Comic.

Stand-alone frame comparators[]*Frame number 1*/*Frame number 2* 



'mojacardave' forum post graphs:[]

User activity in the forum[]

Graphs for anyone who has posted in the OTT: http://xkcd-time.kieryn.com/Default/UserPostsByDay

Graphs for all users in the Time database (anyone that has submitted an ottification):

Various graphs[]


Constellations of Time[]

(Constellation-type graphs of the activity of posters in the OTT) http://xkcd.mscha.org/sciscitor/

Ottification database (incomplete)[]

Forum Thread statistics, videos, and other miscellanea[]


OTT post indices[]

OTTish Dictionary[]

xkcd Time Catapult[]

The xkcd Time Catapult, a simulation of the catapult in HTML5/JavaScript (only for modern browsers). The source code is available on Github .

Proof of concept that it might 'swell be auto-generated[]


(With the dialogs and action going on, it's clear that it is not auto-generated)

Heretic dates to newpix converter for the OTT[]

instructions, script, source on Gist


Wait Not In Vain by ChronosDragon

Sandcastle Builder by Eternal Density

Time calendar[]