A TimeFrame is the Standard unit of time roughly equal to one half-hour, or thirty minutes of outsider time. Similar to a Newpix, a TimeFrame derives from the space of time between updating frames of the One True Comic, however time measured in TimeFrames are based directly off of the GONG.

TimeFrames convert directly to Newpix. TimeFrames are divided into 16 standard grains.

TimeFrames can measure both direction and time of day. In duration TimeFrames are simply stated in multiples, such as 4 TimeFrames, which equals 2 hours outsider time. When measured in time TimeFrames represent a time by expressing the current day since The Beginning of Time followed by the multitple of TimeFrames. For example 2 days and 18 TimeFrames would equal 9:00am in outsider time.

The start of a day in TimeFrames is represented by the First Daily Pic (FDP).  A TimeFrame is reached aprox. 0.053 grains before the picture changes. This time coincides with the ringing of the GONG that notifies users to watch live changing of pictures.[1]

Etymology Edit

The word TimeFrame is derived from combining the name of the One True Comic with an individual frame of the comic, making the word self descriptive. This play on words, or pun, makes TimeFrame superior to Newpix.[citation needed]

In Conversation Edit

The use of TimeFrame, instead of Newpix, allows for much more awkward conversations with outsiders.

"When did you get icecream?"
"Dude, that was like 3 timeframes ago"
"Timeframes? Like the Victorian era?"

Ancestral vs Web-based Edit

Upon the speeding up of the outsider time, a question raised: do Newpix and TimeFrames still refer to the time between two frames or they are directly mapped to the outsider time?

A solution was proposed by the self-proclamed Prefect of the Congregatio pro Doctrina Temporis: the standard GONG used to measure TimeFrames is not the same of the one hosted on The Ancestral GONG "gongs just in time to allow the listener to see the frame change live", while the Web-based GONG is only an imitation of the Ancestral one and can only be used as a helper for the less prepared of the Timewaiters.[2] [3]

This theory is yet to be approved by the Pope.

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