This article is about The Madness in 2 A.T. (2015 C.E.) For other Madnessen, see The Madness

The Madness is an annual event where the the mods go mad and the forum becomes weird for a few days.

In 2015, it was announced on the Timeversary, 25 March.

The filtering started on the 5th of April, during newpix 17921.

The filtering stopped on the 8th of April, during newpix 17998.

Pre-Existing Filters Edit

These filters existed prior to the announcement of the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
Chuck Norris Bruce Schneier
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
Pizzashark Some Asshole
political correctness Basic Human Decency
politically correct Basically Decent
shrill justified
shrilly justifiably
tweak twerk
tweaked twerked
tweaking twerking

New Filters in 2 A.T. Edit

Filters that were in effect for this year's Madness

Note: all punctuation filters apply only when the marks are in isolation, not when next to words.

Original Text Filters to Inactive as of:
' apostrophe
) closed bracket
: colon
, comma
\ forward slash
. Full stop
- hyphen
( open bracket
? question mark 2015-04-08
" quotation mark
; semi colon
_ underscore
!!!!! (five exclamation marks, a sure sign of an insane mind)
*que* ++What Not Found. Reinstall FTB. Whaaaaaaaaa++
*sin* ++Piety Not Found, Reinstall Universe++
1190: "Time" She doesn't wear trousers
20th century century of the fruitbat
21st century century of the rat
3 many
4 lots
5 lots
a the 2014-04-08
a Thee
a black hole a bookshop that hasn't learnt to read
a bookshop a bookshop (A good bookshop is just a genteel somewhere in the library that knows how to read.)
a Christian an Omnian
a forum a soapbox
a law some lore
a million lots
a miracle (Just because you can explain it doesn't mean it's not still) a miracle.
a movie a click
a week juste 7 dayes
Adelaide Didjabringabeeralong
admin Assassin
administrators Assassin's Guild
admins Assassins
Africa Klatch
am are 2015-04-08
am being
ambicioso Something in Genoan?
AMD Ant Manipulation Drive
an then
an airplane a broomstick
android golem
Angua Constable Igor
are being
Asia Counterweight Continent
Australia XXXX
Australian Ecksian
automatic pseudothaumatic
automatically pseudothaumatically
autumn Back to School
awesome awethome
Azrael DEATH
BASIC Basiceros
BFF* Cable Street Particulars
bigger not-as-wee
black hole somewhere in the library
black holes bookshops that haven't learnt to read
Blind quartets Millennium hand and shrimp
broken broken (but possibly mended)
C++ Cephalotes
C# Centromyrmex
cheesed cheesed (like creamed, but takes longer)
Christ Grandson Richard, 39
COBOL Colobostruma
Cockney Dimwell
cocktails stories about chickens
coding technomancy 2015-04-06
coding ant farming
confusing confuthing
course courthe
count to count two
count up If you can count two two, you can count two anything
crossword Miss Grace Speaker is devilishly good at making these
cyborg golem
day Opened time
dentist dentisht
dentistry dentishtry
dentures denturesh
despised dethpithed
devil Prices Slashed
Did you know? Did ye ken?
digging downward Going to give an elephant a nasty shock
Discworld Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
double post inappropriately frivolous buggers
duck what duck?
earth Disc 2015-04-07
earth thith Bromeliad
Easter Soul Cake
economical echo-gnomical
economics echo gnome-ics
economy echo gnomy
Egypt Djelibeybi
email clacks
e-mail clacks
especially ethpecially
evangelize smite the unbelievers with explanatory pamphlets
evening closing time
FaiD the Shades
fax clacks
filter thing that changes a thing to another thing 2015-04-07
filter thing what changes a thing to another thing
filters filterth 2015-04-05
filters things that change things to other things 2015-04-07
filters things what change things to other things
five lots
FleetingThoughts FleetingThoughtth 2015-04-06
FleetingThoughts Hit by inspiration particles.  Can use a tinfoil hat to help prevent
for was
Fortran Formica
four lots
free as in destitute Ankh-Morpork
from beside
fuck -
fun !!FUN!!
funny inappropriately frivolous
gloom glom
God Glod 2015-04-07
God Arnold Bros (est. 1905)
Greece Ephebe
gun gonne
happy happy as a cat full of sixpences
Haskell Harpegnathos
heaven the heavens
Hell The Boiler room
hilarious inappropriately frivolous
hot dog sausage-inna-bun
how Who
how high what colour
humour inappropriate frivolity
humor inappropriate frivolity
I we
Intel Anthill
intro thread You there! It was you what done it, wasn't it? Tell us your name!
is was
Java Iridomyrmex
JavaScript Iberoformica
Jesus Grandson Richard, 39
justice just ice
kippers plates-of-meat
laws parts of the lore
lawyer lorist
lawyers lorists
lettuce turtle-food
lexicon Necrotelicomnicon
light speed slightly faster than the speed of sound
lisp lithp
m re
mad contradictory to the democratic view of reality
Madness Madnethth
magistrates Cable Street Particulars
Mary Bargains Galore
master marthter
masturbate have a date with Rosie Palms
masturbating having a date with Rosie Palms
masturbatory date with Rosie Palms
me us
millions lots
mine ours
mission mission from Glod
moderators Night Watch 2015-04-07
moderators Closed time Watch
mods The Watch
morning opening time
my our
myself ourselves
NASA Maker of Clouds
New York The Big Wahoonie
night nit
OCaml Octostruma
of about
Olympus Dunmanifestin
operating systems beehives
opposition oppothition
outstanding outthtanding
particle itty bitty bit
pastry figgin
pavement cobbles
Pavlovian pavlovian (will, at the ringing of a bell, eat a strawberry meringue)
PD Unmentionables
people things
Perl Perissomyrmex
philosophy throwing on a silly dress and getting piss-drunk 2015-04-05
philosophy throwing on a inappropriately frivolous dress and getting piss-drunk
phlip Sergent Haddock
php Pheidologeton 2015-04-05
physics high-energy magic
pink empinkened
Poker Cripple Mister Onion 2015-04-07
poster large piece of paper that is for looking at
Pratchett Tolkein
programming ant farming
Prolog Proceratium
pun pune, or a play on words
Python Prolasius
rain Sprinklers
Randall Vetinari
report for duty When I say jump, you say WHAT COLOUR!
robot golem
Ruby Royidris
Santa the Hogfather
sausage sausage-inna-bun
Scheme Simopelta
science magic that we just don't understand yet
scientific magical (but with more words)
seconds thecondth
Second Talon Cheery Littlebottom
SecondTalon CheeryLittlebottom
seems theemth
seven a little less than eight
silly inappropriately frivolous
small wee
smartphone Dis-Organizer
soup shoop
special thpecial
splendid thplendid
spring Spring Sales
stick figure anatomically-correct and photorealistic
strange particularly peculiar
substitute thubthtitute
substitution thubthtitution
summer Summer Clearance
super thuper
support shupport
surgery thurgery
surgical thurgical
sweet thweet
Sydney Bugarup
teatime teatime (pronounced "Teh-ah-time-eh")
telephone clacks
Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman
the Thee
the black hole the bookshop that hasn't learnt to read
the earth Roundworld
the fora The Disc
the forum The Disc
the forums The Disc
the internet L-space
the law the lore
the movies the clicks
the north the hub
the south the rim
the speed of light really not very fast at all
things thingth
think ponder
this thith
thread threat
three many
to beside
trolly problem Ly Tin Wheedle is going to need another drink for this one
tug-o-war with Captain Carrot (wub wub wub)
Upside-Down Map Looking at the Disc from the other edge
uranium uselessium
VB Vitsika
veterinarian dog-botherer
weiner sausage-inna-bun
what Why
when whence
where When
wiener sausage-inna-bun
wig prunes
wind Air Conditioning
winter Christmas Fayre
wizard wizzard
Woman thread Lady Sybil's thread, here there be dragons
word phrase
wordfilter thing that changes a word to another word 2015-04-07
wordfilter thing what changes a word to another word
wordfilters thingth that change words to other words 2015-04-07
wordfilters things what change words to other words
xkcloud xkWatchOutForThoseRocks


This year the letters "i" and "m" were each filtered separately.  Since the fora software regards a contraction as two separate words split by punctuation, sometimes the results were unexpected. Three days into the Madness, several small articles and prepositions were added to the list including the letter "a".

Original Text Filters to Inactive as of:
A.M. 2015-04-08
A.M. 2015-04-08
I'd we'd
i.e. we.e.
I'll we'll
I'm we're
I've we've
ma'am ma're 2015-04-08
ma'am ma'being
N/A N/Thee
U.S.A. U.S.Thee.
we'm we're

Post-Madness Filters Edit

These filters remained in effect after the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
Chuck Norris Bruce Schneier
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
Pizzashark Some Asshole
political correctness Basic Human Decency
politically correct Basically Decent
shrill justified
shrilly justifiably
tweak twerk
tweaked twerked
tweaking twerking

Other Madness EffectsEdit

The EmpinkeningEdit

In previous years, one could apply to the group FF00BF BFFs before the Madness hit and experience special effects of the Madness, most notably username turning a hot pink color.  This year, that group became known as The Wee Free Men (characters that appear in Terry Prachett's books) and started "recruiting" all active members of the fora, using a thread in Forum Games to keep score.

While many OTTers adopted the shared avatar of The Wee Free Men, some chose to empinken their own avatars. (Expand to view.)

BlitzGirl ergman karhell Link
Marsh'n mrob27 (v1) mrob27 (v2) mrob27 (v3)
Neil_Boekend slinches svenman ucim

Raptorcat AttacksEdit


The default avatar of the FF00BF BFFs (Wee Free Men) during the Madness.

After three rounds of recruiting new members to the empinkened Wee Free Men, the game changed to posting pictures of raptorcats (called "certainly-not-panthers" in the game thread) immediately after a poster who had been empinkened but had not adopted the standard group avatar. One raptorcat was required for every thousand posts the target had, and the attacker gained points equivalent to the post total of the target.

++Symbol Not Found++Edit

A particularly mustardy filter this Madness was one that changed any word containing the letter Q, X, Y, or Z into the phrase ++Symbol Not Found++. It made the fora nigh-unreadable for about an hour on April 8th (np17994 to np17995).  Because of the letter Q it affected all quote tags on the fora, including those in signatures. Because of the letter X it affected every mention of xkcd.  And because of the letter Y the filter became recursive, turning ++Symbol Not Found++ into ++++Symbol Not Found++ Not Found++ and so on.

The Librarian and other HODOResque pranksEdit


Screenshot of effects of "GNU Terry Pratchett" wild card filtering occurring at np18022

Similar to the wild card character (*) prank from two years ago that changed everything to HODOR (see The Madness, 0 A.T. ), wild cards were used to affect all words on the fora several times beginning on the second day of the Madness.  Usually the span of each change would last only a minute or two. Occurrences of this continued even after the general filters were switched off at np17998.

The ooks and eeks are in reference to the Librarian in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, who after being turned into an orangutan spoke mostly in ooks and eeks. The phrase GNU Terry Pratchett at the conclusion of the filtering was in honor of his memory.

Wild card input Newpix
ook 17942
ooooook 17943
ook ook ook OOOK OOK EEK OOK 17944
'k 17945
Woof Woof bloody woof 17946
SQUEAK 17951
+++Error. Redo From Start.+++ 17963
+++Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++ 17971
HO 17977
bark bark give that little doggie a biscuit bark 17987
Ook? Oook. 17988
Gold 17993
+++Universe Reinitialising, Please Stand By+++ 17998
GNU Terry Pratchett  17998
Gold 18016
GNU Terry Pratchett  18022
GNU Terry Pratchett 18039

Reactions to the MadnessEdit

The "Wee Free Men" GameEdit

Post-Madness, the empinkening and raptorcat attacks done by the FF00BF BFFs, and the thread run by Azrael, were generally regarded as a positive way to encourage inter-fora participation (particularly when contrasted to the thread lock in the Madness before).  During the Madness, the group name "FF00BF BFFs" was changed by a wordfilter to "The Wee Free Men". To play the game, an FF00BF or "captured" forumite would usually have to search for "recruits" or "victims" in several different fora, and post to capture them in places they might not otherwise have posted. A newly "captured" forumite needed to figure out some of the rules, and during part of the game needed to have a suitable avatar (typically empinkened and with the Wee Free Men theme) to be able to "capture" another.

The Great EnlimeningEdit

When the pink usernames were finally removed from the Wee Free Men, mrob27 encouraged OTTers to "en-lyme-ify" Newpage 2287 since the empinkening had finished; the encouragement was repeated on Newpage 2288.  Manips, icons, and OTTercomics were posted in response, and again OTTers changed their avatars to match the new theme.

Here are some examples (expand to view):

balthasar_s BlitzGirl ergman Eternal Density
ggh karhell mrob27 svenman
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