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This article is about The Madness in 1 A.T. (2014 C.E.) For other Madnessen, see The Madness

The Madness is an annual event where the the mods go mad and the forum becomes weird for a few days.

In 2014, it began on March 29 and lasted through most of April 1.

Pre-Existing Filters[]

These filters existed prior to the announcement of the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Golly Gosh Darn Gee Wiz
OMG Gee Willikers
Pizzashark Some Asshole
politically correct ...Hold on, I think I swallowed a gerbil. Okay. What was I saying?
SecondTalon SexyTalon
shrill justified
tweak twerk

New Filters in 1 A.T.[]

Filters that were in effect for this year's Madness: 

Original Text Filters to Inactive as of:
1190: "Time" 1190: "Don't Dead Open Inside" 2014-04-01
agree dakò
and an'
angry vex
Angua Lupa
another anudder
anything anyting
are be
aren't no
armpit axilla
asking a ask
asshole rasshole
ate et
Australia Romulus
Australian Romulan
Austria Delta IV
Austrian Deltian
axiom elephant
axiomatic elephantine
axiomatization elephantization
axiomatize elephantize
axioms elephant dem
Azrael Horus
back Bach
banana bananananananana
bananas bananananananana dem
ba na nas ba na na na na na na na dem
bandana BEST HAT
Barbados Land ah de flying fish
bedroom ramping shop
being a be
belgian Terran
Belgium Earth
Belial Osiris
Belize Mother nature's best kept secret
best greetest
birdgraters birdgrater dem
blue protoceratops cyan
boards board dem
both bote
boy boi
boys boi dem
bring walk wid
british Zakdori
brought walked wid
Bulgaria Arcadia
Bulgarian Arcadian
bully oppressor
bunk mom's vagina 
calling a call
can kyan
can't kyan't
Canada Soviet Canuckistan
Canadian Borg
Canda Borg Collective
cannabis ganja
car cyar
cars cyar dem
cat cyat
cats cyat dem
char chair
cheat find solutions
child crotchfruit
children children dem
China Qo'nos
Chinese Klingon
cities city dem
combat wombat
comics comic dem
coming a come
comments comment dem
computers computer dem
countries country dem
cried bawled
cries bawls
Croatia Ariolo
Croatian Arioloian
cry bawl
crying bawling
Cyprus Bzzit Khaht
Czech Caitian
Czech Republic Caitia
Danish Grazeriti
data data dem
Daylight Savings Some idiot decided they nuh like waking up in the daylight
debates debate dem
Denmark Grazeri
doesn't nuh
doing a do
Dominica De nature isle
don't nuh
dream headache with pictures
drinks drink dem
duration diwan
Dutch Betazoid
eating a et
economic bullshit imaginary fiscal policy
Egypt Ferengar
Egyptian Ferengi
erotic erratic
Estonia Kasheet
Estonian Kasheeti
everything everyting
excellent bwiyan
excited rassclaat
exploring explore dem
exponential* exponential exponential
feeling a feel
filter sieve
filters sieve dem
finding a find
Finland Xelat
Finnish Xelatian
flavour gouté
France Tellar Prime
French Tellarian
friends friend dem
games game dem
gay unstraight 03-30-2014
germans Vulcans
German(y) Vulcan
getting a get
girl gyul
girls gyul dem
giving a give
going a go
good jammin
grabbing grappling
Great Britain Zakdor
Greece Zaran
Greek Zara
Grenada De spice isle
Guyana Land ah many water dem
hadn't no
hang out lime
has/have done done do
has/have gone done gone
hating a hate
haven't nuh
having a have
hazing screwball antics
he'll he goin
he's he be
homoerotic simple harmonic motion
health healt
her she
his he
human hu-mon
Hungarian Aliiai
Hungary Aliia
husband priest-approved life partner
husband's priest-approved life partner's
I am I be
I don't me nuh
I know mi naw
Iceland Orion
Icelandic Orion Syndicate
idiot abèbè
I'll Me goin
I'm Me be
I've Me
illegal fnord illegal
Iran ایران  2014-03-29
Ireland Algolia
Irish Algolian
is be
isn't no
Italian Andorian
italians Andorians
Italy Andoria
its/it's it
Jamaica Land ah wood an' homeopathic dinosaur urine
Japan(ese) Breen
jerk abèbè
Jewish Freunlavin
knowing a know
Latvia Benzar
Latvian Benzarian
least fewerest
leaving a leave
legos lego
less fewer
lesser fewerer 03-30-2014
liking a like
list kompanni
listening a listen
lists kompannis
Lithuania Bolarus IX
Lithuanian Bolaran
little a few 03-30-2014
living a live
locked unleashed
lojban klingon
looking a look
loving a love
Luxembourg Trillus Prime
Madness Furious Doodling
make mek
making a mek
men's man dem's
Malta Rigel IV
marijuana ganja
math/maths mats
mathematics matematics
mayor hyperintelligent shade of protoceratops cyan
meetings meeting dem
man broseph
men man dem
minute minuet
mod Very Model of A Moderator General
moderator big man ting
moderator Inanimate Carbon Mod  2014-03-29
mods Mod dem
Montserrat De emerald isle
moonshine hammond
much many 03-30-2014
my me
nag heg
nagging a heg
nation planet
nations planets
Netherlands Betazed
Nevis Queen ah da Caribbees
normal cromulent
nosy fass
not no
nothing nuhting
now meow
numbers number dem
of ah
offended butthurt
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
on pon
opposite contrilateral
OTC Over the counter
other udder
other's udder's
others udders
OTTer Duck
OTTer Clevelandite 2014-04-01
OTTish Duckish
OTTish Clevelandic 2014-04-01
people people dem
pig hog
plurals plural dem
Poland Risa
Polish Risan
pony Derpy
Portugal Ktaris
Portugese Ktarian
posters poster dem
posts post dem
programs program dem
proto protoceratops
protoceratops michaelceratops
QED quantum thingummy
rapper hippitty-hoppitty sing-talker
rather radder
regular cromulent
relax lime
relaxing liming
Resistance is futile Resistance be Futile, Eh?
ruin sheg up
Russia Cardassia Prime
Russia Россия  2014-03-29
Russian Cardassian
russians Cardassians
saying a say
scum mayor
SecondTalon Set
seeing a see
seeming a seem
Serbia Straleb
Serbian Stralebian
sewage homeopathic dinosaur urine
she'll she goin
she's she be
shopping Chopin
sleeping a sleep
slightly worse a fair bit more awesome
Slovakia Coridan
Slovakian Coridian
Slovenia Hekaras II
Slovenian Hekarian
small squeasey
smash mash up
smashed mashed up
soda bryson
soda* bryson 2014-03-29
something someting
Spain Peliar Zel II
Spanish Peliarian
standard cromulent
stick figure completely anatomically correct
Suriname Beating heart ah de Amazon
Sweden Ardana
Swedish Ardanian
take tek
taking a tek
telling a tell
than dan
thank tank
thanks tanks
that dat
that's dat's
the de
the OTT Cleveland, Ohio
their dey
them dem
then den
there deh
there's deh's
these dese
they dey
they'd dey'd
they'll dey'll
they're dey're
they've dey've
thing ting
things ting dem
think tink
thinking a tink
thinks tink
third tuhd
this dis
those dem
though dough
thought tought
thoughts tought dem
thread tread
threads tread dem
three tree
through tru
Timewaiters Ohians
to be a be
to do a do
to eat a et
to find a find
to get a get
to give a give
to go a go
to have a have
to listen a listen
to look a look
to make a mek
to nag a heg
to say a say
to see a see
to seem a seem
to sleep a sleep
to take a tek
to tell a tell
to think a think
to try a try
to type a type
to use a use
toad crappo
Tobago Robinson Crusoe island
together togeder
town mayor
Trinidad Land ah de hummingbird
trying a try
typing a type
Ukraine Україна  2014-03-29
Ukraine Bajor
Ukranian Bajoran
understand zeemi
United Kingdom/UK Zakdor
United States/USA Dominion
United States Estados Unidos  2014-03-29
until till
upon pon
us ahbe
USA EEUU 2014-03-29
using a use
vaccine blood beefener
views view dem
voyages voyage dem
walking a walk
want wan
wanting a wan
water homeopathic dinosaur urine
we'll ahbe goin
we're ahbe
week hemifortnight
Weeks Curator of Faces
werewolf mayor
what wa
what's wa's
where weh
whether whedder
wife priest-approved life partner
wife's priest-approved life partner's
with wid
within widdin
without widdout
will goin
woman ooman
woman's ooman's
women ooman dem
wonderful bwiyan
words word dem
work wuk
working a wuk
worst blurst
xkcd dis thing what what we're all talkin' about
yeah yah man
you'll you goin
you're you be
you've you
your you

Post-Madness Filters[]

These filters remained in effect after the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
Chuck Norris Bruce Schneier
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
Pizzashark Some Asshole
political correctness Basic Human Decency
politically correct Basically Decent
shrill justified
shrilly justifiably
tweak twerk
tweaked twerked
tweaking twerking

Non-Filter Madness[]

Locking of the OTT[]

At approximately newpix 9017 (2014-30-03, 21:00 UTC in heretical dating), the OTT was locked by SecondTalon.  It was unlocked again four nopix later at newpix 9021 (2014-30-03, 26:00 UTC in heretical dating).  The apparent reasoning: because the thread is exempt from Madness filters, the Madness had to be imposed upon it some other way.  Afterwards, the random thoughts thread in General was locked in a similar manner.  No other threads were locked.  This event has become known on the thread as "the Sadness".

We love BANANAS []

At approximately newpix 8954 (Innocence 4, 1 A.T.; 2014-28-03, 05:20 UTC in heretical dating) the title "I love BANANAS" was applied to every user on the xkcd fora who had not previously been given a title by the mods. In partcicular, Forum Prelate SecondTalon's avatar was changed to an MS Paint doodle saying "I ♡ BANANAS," and the banana title also was applied, despite SecondTalon having a previous title.  (Later changed to "I love BANANANANANANANAS" and then "I love BANANANANANANANA DEM") It's suspected that Gordon  (the Banana) is responsible for this particular quirk.

Many users subsequently embraced the BANANAS by bananafying their avatars.

balthasar_s BlitzGirl ChronosDragon
Bananas on the Moon.gif
BANANAS blitzgirl.png
BANANAS ChronosDragon.png
ergman ggh karhell
BANANAS ergman.jpg
BANANAS ggh.png
BANANAS karhell.png
mrob27 slinches yappobiscuits
BANANAS mrob.gif
BANANAS slinches.jpg
BANANAS yappobiscuits.png