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What is The Boök of Timë[]

The Book of Time is a book created by faithful followers of The One True Comic.

It is a constant work in progress that will be filled out over Time.

The pages can be filled with any thoughts, comments, sayings, quotes, songs, poems, games, pictures or whatever takes your fancy. One Idea is to draw inspiration by going back and reading the original forum posts from just after the newpix depicted on each page so it has a sense of its place in time.

You can start reading it at Page 1 or try the index or the category at the bottom of the page.

How To Create a Page[]

To create a new page if there is not one already then just go to that page number by modifying the URL of an existing page (ie back space out the 111 and type a different number) and then click create. Go to the script tab and copy and paste in the following code. Remember to change the number to match the page number.


And then click Publish

You should now have a filled out blank page with the comic there. If the newpix is too recent then the image may be missing as it has not been uploaded to the wiki yet but it will be sometime soon don't worry. Or you can click on the missing image link and upload it yourself as TimeXXX.png

How to Edit a Page[]

On any page you can click edit and add your own text. You will see three templates for the start middle and end of the Page which you must leave. Just add new lines of text or whatever in the gap between the top two. And optionally add a line of dialog in the second gap. Click Preview to see the result before you Publish it.

The bottom section is currently a hypothetical quote from Cueball or Megan relating to the current newpix and may relate to previous or future hypothetical quotes to form a new narrative to inspire hilarity and debate.

Don't forget to register and log into the wiki if you want your name on the edit.

Book of Time pages can be filled out in any order you want.