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They don't exist, we promise....


The existence of the Temporal Illuminati was hypothesized about newpix 449. This was likely due to the existence of the established churches, the The Knights Temporal and the Sand Masons. The existence of the Illuminati have then been denied and no knowledge of them have been acknowledged. This is despite the nomination of some of their members and activities in the fora[1][2].

Rituals & Influence[]

We swear there are no rituals and they have no influence as they do not exist. Especially involving the Pope, the The Book of Time, the Religion, or any other aspect of The One True Comic. And the rituals definitely do not involve worshipping the Red Spiders.


As stated previously, the Temporal Illuminati do not exist, we swear.[3]

Totally not a secret message to the members of the Temporal Illuminati[]

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