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Those who worship the magnificient Lord Randall, Author of the One True Comic.


With the realization that the Outsiders do not matter, and that to deprive ourselves of the glorious castles for more than a newpix is unneccesary, it became apparent that a new religion was in order.

Well, you see, the problem is that there hasn't been anything dramatic happen in the last 15 newpix or so. And we internet folk have short attention spans. So, we make a new religion. — zk2556 [1]


The creed, created and refined by several members, including bouer, Mgraba, and inhalvast, is as follows:

All hail the magnificient Lord Randall
The Author of the One True Comic
The Illustrator of Sandcastles
The Keeper of the Newpix
The Creator of Time
We have seen the Castles
We reject the Outside
We do not Sleep
We watch Time
We wait for It


The Outside is either non-existent or unimportant. Time is to be measured in newpic/x/ces, or timeframes. Randall is very important, though due to his creation of Time.



“"First"? Where have you been??” — KarMann[2]

When it was made known that the religion adopted the name Initiates of Time without the consent of all members of all time zones, it was proposed to split the religion. [3]

This resulted in the formation of the Timewaiters[4], whose main tenet is to exclusively refer to the passage of time as TimeFrames.[5]

This however led to the rejection of the term timeframes by some of the Timewaiters.


The next schism was a rejection of the term 'TimeFrames' by the Eastern unorthodox Timewaiters who continue to refer to the passage of time in its most traditional term Newpix.


There may or may not have been a third Schism which definitely did not lead to the creation of the Western Paradox Church, who now exist.


The Order of the The Knights Temporal was created as a group of loyalist to Time, willing to defend it during their Waiting for It. Originally intended to be under the wing of one of the various sects of the religion, the Knights Temporal became an independed group, outside the formal sects, willing to accept all who wished to join.



About newpix 449, there was suspected to be dark and seedy involvement from an as of yet unknown force. Due to the knowledge that there are The Knights Temporal and Sand Masons, it was hypothesized that there would in fact be Temporal Illuminati. Which was immidiately denied, because they do not exist. Really, we swear, its just a figment of your imagintation.