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In the OTT there have been predictions. A great many predictions. On this page the attempt is made to index them all. It will probably never be complete.

This page is for predictions of the comic. Where will it go? What will happen?

Correct predictions[]

The shortest list of them all.

Correct predictions in the tables below are marked by the color "lime".

Incorrect positive predictions[]

Predictions that end without the Comic ending (or where the OTTers recieve a winning code to a lottery at the end. That'd be positive to)

Mixed Predictions by Page[]

Predictions By Page
Page Frame Prophet Prediction Actually
208 305 Eliram My current guess about the mound:From what I saw, she was digging inside the mound while building it, throwing sand from the inside out and peeking out from the mound.

So my prediction is that she started building tunnels inside the mound. All this time, Cueball is digging underground a vast network of tunnels, and when the mound is finished we will suddenly see all the tunnels (in white) with underground rooms.

Just Sand
447 971 Eliram So, prediction: There will be several newpix, all white but different hash. We will be puzzled but optimistic.

Then, if there are no more newpix, some kind of message will be sent to us somehow, somewhere.

764 1787 Eliram I think it's about time that they stop to look back at the view. The sea and river should be very nicely displayed from their current height. Came True frames 17911800
767 1802 Eliram [PREDICTION]In one of the upcoming frames M&C will come across some sort of a stone structure, perhaps a ruin of a hut or a deserted aqueduct.[/PREDICTION] Came true in frame 2196
908 2273 Eliram [PREDICTION]Megan is going to faint, Cueball will be clueless as usual, then someone will appear and help him.[/PREDICTION] Megan is tough! Beanies appeared, though.
1035 2661 Eliram The clone-clan seem very friendly. I wonder if there's going to be any language differences which will lead to 50 newpix of pointing at things and saying things like: "Tree"... "Galooshka"... "Neat". Came true. The beanies had their own language (2663) and Cueball learned the word "Water" at frame 2712
1062 2711 Eliram I now  predict that they will find a translator, which will explain the new language to them, which will lead to captions with the meaning of each beanie sentence. No real translation took place, but they did meet Hairdo/Rosetta at frame 2870
1149 2916 Eliram Prediction, in the next few newpix, Rosetta will ask Cuegan for help with a big task. Did not happen.
1201 G3016 Dracomax Megan and cueball, through rushing waters and sudden storms, fight off the Cat molpy and save their people, leading them back to the castle acedemis. There, they rapidly learn the language, and advance to become the new king and queen, rebuilding a society to the extent of their tools. they die in bed, surrounded by decendants and disciples, the world on it's way to recovering the heights of civilization, without it's foibles. In time, the tale of Cuegan is told, and retold, with the two of them becoming mythical figures. Thousands of years later, we see a futuristic civilization telling stories of their journey, and living by their lessons. Not yet at least


Doomsday predictions[]

Time will end! The end is neigh! Repent! Repent!

These are predictions that predict the end of Time. Usually with the death of Cueball and Megan.

Prophet Neil_Boekend
page frame Prediction
869 G2172 My guess is that these berries are poisonous. After eating them she will become a bit loopy, and kiss Queball. This will transfer the poison to him and thus it will kill them both. Thus ends Time.
981 G2481? They will wake up in 3 newpix. Then they'll spend a fewpix to eat and will walk on. They will continue to the top, but before they reach it they'll encounter a steep cliff down, one that they have to walk around. After a fewpix of trying to walk around it Queball will try to cross it. He'll slip and fall to his death. Megan will be stuck and die of gangrene in her wounds. Thus ends Time.
983 G2488 Megan is going to teabag Queball to wake him up, revealing in the process that there are some misconceptions about the sex of our characters. Queball is going to bite them off and suffocate in them. Megan is going to bleed to death from the wound. Thus ends Time
987 G2500? Someone didn't read the warning in What If 16 and is rolling a 60 meter sphere over the surface. This sphere crushes Quegan. Thus ends Time
994 My prediction is that Queball doesn't wake up. They both die because it wasn't a sunrise but a nearby supernova. Thus ends Time.
1004 G2553 The people om the mountain will see them coming. They will ride out on donkeys to meet them. The last part of their climb before they meet the people on the mountain will lead them over a small path between two cliff faces. There the people on the mountain will dump large rocks on them and kill them. Thus ends Time.
1012 G2579 The structure on the mountain is the Giant Magellan Telescope. There they will meet scientists who were once looking at the stars, although there was also a secret research program there. When they analyzed a strange crystal artifact with an anti-mass spectrometer beam a dimensional rift opened. The alien/scientist hybrids will attack Quegan. Thus ends Time.
1045 Megan will be helped by them, while they live in comfort. After a while the mountain the other people will live on will start bellowing acrid smoke, forcing the other people to sacrifice Quegan to their volcano god. This god isn't pleased with their offering and kills all the other people. Thus ends Time.
1055 G2698 A shot from inside the hut. As they enter their eyes must adjust (as we have discussed at length here). Thus they can't see a thing.
As their eyes adjust they'll see a red glow from a lava golem, their god. Thus ends Time.
1057 G2703 The Beanies are actually 1263 dimensional aliens. They take Quegan on a tour through time and space (and several other dimensions). This tour will be to complex to show in 2 dimensions. Thus Time ends.
1199 G3015 Those are the tentackes of the Kaiju that broke through the Wall at the Straights. Run Queball, RUN! You're all going to DIE! Hide in the Alps. Build Jaegers! Nuke the basters while they cross the Straights!
many more.
Prophet DavidRa
page frame prediction
1194 That would be just in Time (chortle) for frame 3K to be "Oh, wait, that's a 100m wall of water", and thus ends Time (I always wanted to throw a [NB] in here somewhere).

Incorrect neither doomsday nor positive predictions[]

All the predictions that fall in neither of the other categories

Prophet Pikrass
page frame prediction
1193 If the sea didn't reach them yet, convincing the Forty to leave their home could be tricky.
Prophet Gedeon
page frame prediction
1193 They will encounter Jabba the Hut.
Prophet Wnderer
page frame prediction
1195 La Petite = Little girl in red coat in Schindler's List
Prophet Dracomax
page frame prediction
1199 Speaking of which, I suspect that Cuegan will have to fight the bobcat-molpy again soon, atop a flaming waterfall in order to save their people. Why a flaming waterfall? Because it would be an awesome climax to the whole "saving our people" thing. and would look really cool.
Prophet gga2
page frame prediction
1205 40: They went on ahead - we've been searching for you!
CG: Yeah - We, uh, saw the sea rise and had to find out what happened. It took a while.
40: Why is the sea rising?
CG: No time to explain. We have to go into the hills - We have maps. How far are [the other 40]?
40: They left when the water reached us yesterday.


[Cuegan see's the raised water level ahead, and remnants of raft building materials]
CG: Uh oh.

[Alt-text changes to FASTER!]