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If we're going to do the 915 thing, I suggest we go all the way and group certain frames into periods.

— manvandmaan

Periods are collections of frames, from The One True Comic, that relate to a specific period of emotional, spiritual, or metaphysical growth of the characters Megan and Cueball, and their Sandcastle. The Periods are grouped into Eras.


Our brains have just one scale, and we resize our experiences to fit.

The Periods (or Connoisseur of Frames), inspired by 915: Connoisseur, are:[1]


  • blue - Article contains detailed information about the whole of the period.
  • green - Article contains a summary of the period.
  • yellow - Article contains only basic information about the period.
  • red - Article does not yet exist.

The Sandcastle Eon[]

The Pre-expansion Era[]

The Castleiferous Era[]

The Industrial Era[]

The Developing Era[]

The Enlightenment Era[]

The Journey Eon[]

The Shoreline Era[]

The River Era[]

The Hills and Forest Era[]

The Discovery Era[]

The Mountain Era[]

The Night Era[]

The Summit Era[]

The Encounter Eon[]

The Contact Era[]

The Civilization Era[]

The Rescue Era[]

Epilogue sequence[]

After the end, frames still appeared every hour, but they were repeats of old frames. The frame numbering system stopped being used much after T** **D due to there being no need to number frames that already had numbers, but it was still used in the heretic dates to newpix converter for the OTT. Here is the list of the 24-oldpix cycles in the epilogue sequence:

  • oldpix 3096 - 3164: BAEDCBAECDAEDCBAEDCCDCBA
  • oldpix 3166 - 3212: ABDEBCEADECACDABDECDCDAB
  • oldpix 3213 - 3428: EDBADECBCBDCAECDBABABADC
  • oldpix 3430 - 3668: CEABEABCBCDDEADEABABABCD
  • oldpix 3669 - 3908: BAEDCBAECDAEDCBAEDCCDCBA
  • oldpix 3910 - 3956: ABDEBCEADECACDABDECDCDAB
  • oldpix 3957 - 4172: EDBADECBCBDCAECDBABABADC