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This page serves as a catalogue for the pagepopes and pagemomes of the One True Thread .  Having a forum user as Pope has been a long tradition.  For most of the thread's existence, the first poster at the top of a newpage has been given the title of Pope or Mome.  With the title comes the ability to make one optional decree for that page of the thread, that other users are welcome to follow.  The large table below shows which users have been pagepopes, and what (if anything) they decreed.


For the purposes of this page, only the popes and momes who appeared at the top of newpages will be included. (There was briefly a splinter sect that regarded the "goat" or last poster of the page as the retro-pope for that newpage, as well as an early tradition of passing on the title if the top poster had been pope recently.)

Understanding this Table[]

Newpages without an identifiable pope are generally unlisted.  (If a pagepope notes they are pope but fails to make a decree, it counts as Notification; if a pagepope specifically states they are not making a decree, it counts as Abdication.) [Brackets] indicate special context notes and may be used in addition to or in lieu of a decree's text. Notes like [Appears midpage] indicate that the pope posted again later in the page with their decree. The centipope/centimome decrees are listed in bold Table may be sorted by any of its columns.  The +/- column indicates how far a post has moved from its initial position at the top of the page, and is subject to change as moderators approve/delete posts.

Page Decree Type Categories[]

Expand this table to view the different type categories that decrees have been sorted into, and a description of each type.
Type Description
[Blank] Uncategorized.
Abdication  The natural Pope/Mome of the newpage relinquishes the title.
Beacon  One of AluisioASG's beacons, which request that blitzers of the thread check in with the present.
Bring... Bring pictures or other material from the internet/Outside into the OTT.
Carry on. Continuation of the previous decree, or a decree to literally "carry on as usual."
Combination  Fits into multiple page decree categories, may have multiple parts.
Commandment  One of the title-text commandments of the OTC.
Create... Requests OTTers make something new (that doesn't match existing categories).
Date Decree Theme connects the newpage number to the Outside year (e.g. 1970).
Different Decree Tells OTTers to follow a decree from another newpage.
Dissolution Pope attempts to dissolve the pagepope tradition with their decree.
Event  A significant page-topping post, but not strictly a decree.
Formatting  Concerns the way OTTers should construct their posts.
Hotdog  Begins an in-thread game, or is about other games.
Inside Action Asks OTTers to do something in-thread that doesn't fit any of the other decree categories.
Manips  Requests image manipulations of the OTC.
Molpishness  Tells OTTers to party, have fun, or be otherwise molpish.
Mustard  Concerns technical difficulties of the forum or another website.
No... Don't do an action, or cease doing an action.
Notification Pope/mome doesn't decree, just mentions their status as the page opener.
OTColored  Requests colored versions of OTC frames.
OTT-ifs Requests ottified What-ifs.
OTTercomics  Requests ottified Othercomics.
Ottification  Requests some other kind of ottification.
Outside Action Asks OTTers to do something Outside, in the so-called "real world."
Poetry Requests poetry in OTTers' posts.
POST! (Self-explanatory.)
Posting Style Asks OTTers to post in a way they usually wouldn't.
Puzzle  The post itself is a puzzle.
Questionnaire  Asks OTTers to answer a question or describe something about themselves.
Random Topic Decree is about an unRELATED subject.
Repository  An in-thread collection.
Silent Pope Pope/mome doesn't mention page-opening status, but it is obvious or may be deduced.
Speculation  Predictions and theories about Time, TimeAfterTime, or other topics.
Suggestions  Solicits recommendations or other information.
Summonus  Asks lurkers, blitzers, and/or basementees to post in the Present Time.
Thought Experiment Requires OTTers to put their thinking caps on (atop their other hats, presumably).
Time Topic Specifically RELATED to the One True Comic.
Time Travel Concerns past or future newpages of the thread, or travel therein, or travellers themselves.
UNGs  When oldpixbot is pope, it requests that oldpix be UNGed.
Visit... Asks OTTers to visit some other website outside the One True Thread.
What? A perplexing or difficult-to-interpret decree.

Table of Pagepopes and Decrees[]

NP # Page Pope/Mome Decree Type Decree +/-
1 rhomboidal Notification [Thread-starter of the OTT.] 0
51 patzer Silent Pope [Indicated by Aluisio's post above marked as #2000.] +20
100 bigcrag92 Notification oh now its 100.... +2
200 Helper Notification i can haz 200 get? -4
201 KarMann Silent Pope [Indicated by posts noting the one before was #8000.] -4
251 fhorn Notification The speedometer turned. -5
280 ChronosDragon Notification errr...first post on the new page. That's awkward. -3
300 Lord Cathbad Silent Pope [Indicated by elementropy's edit immediately before.] -5
321 Latent22 Silent Pope [Indicated by htom's post shortly afterward.] -7
330 Flotter Notification Ninja'd, but I'll leave it 'cause it's at the top of a NewPage. -7
333 thirds Notification On this, the Great Thirding Page of Time, I tilt my tri-pointy hat and wave to all Devoutees, after such a long Wait. -4
334 lmjb1964 Notification YES! First post on a page! Finally!  [Unclear which post of lmjb's really was the first post, may also have been -7 or +2] -5
341 StratPlayer Notification WOOOT!!! Top 'o the-- Uh, wait. Nevermind... [Unclear whether StratPlayer was actually Pope at the Time.] -6
342 airdrik Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP342, but made no decree.] -6
343 histrion Notification W00t! I'm POPE now, y'all! -6
344 HAL9000 Silent Pope [Indicated by Latent22's post immediately before.] -6
345 buffygirl (asst. HAL9000) Notification [HAL9000: I suggest a clarification to the Pope-for-a-page rule in that the new Pope is the first one whose post actually appears on the newpage (if posts beforehand are added [from new users] or deleted, the title doesn't change hands) that is not purely for the purpose of becoming temporary Pope (to prevent a glut of nigh-empty posts).  EDIT: so, under the suggestion, Buffygirl's non-inane post being at the top of the newpage at its genesis makes her interim Pope for page 345.] -6
346 RobIrr Notification There is some merit in the thought that those who crave power are actually the least suitable to wield it ...  Edit: Oh Bugger.... -7
347 chem1190c Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP347, but made no decree.] -7
348 histrion Notification Oops, I seem to have popified myself again. There should probably be a rule against being Pope twice in a 24-hour period. -7
349 Valarya Notification Also, as first-post on a new page, I now become PFAP (pope for a page) for the TimeWaiters, but am also self-proclaimed anti-pope of the Eastern Unorthodox's. I don't think Time could have ever been ready for this... -7
350 Roia Notification Im pope? What is this feeling I have... Power... The POWER! MUAHAHA! This page is MINE! -7
351 macraw83 Notification Oh no, I'm the Pope this page... -6
352 lmjb1964 Notification [In her next post] Yesss!! I'm the PFAP! Woo-hoo! Unless somebody ninja's me.  -5
353 Asthanius Notification Also, I just Pope'd myself. -6
354 Valarya Abdication Pope twice in a day.. but since that cannot be, and as I belong to the Unorthodox's, I make my first and last papal decree that the person posting after this, as long as he or she has not yet been PFAP today, will be immediately be granted all PFAP powers. [No future poster claimed the title; however Valiant Cookie's post immediately behind Valarya was bumped into retro-Popehood and established the title Archbishop of the Past.] -6
355 azule Notification I Ninja-Poped myself. (Ninja-Poping is where you blind-post and end up receiving the title of Pope.) -7
356 StormAngel Notification I'm PFAN!!!! -7
357 StratPlayer Random Topic Pope of the Magnum page!!!! Damn. I'm a da' Pope o' da Pistol! -7
358 Caswallon Formatting I ask that all posts, beyond this first one be written in ROT13!!!! -7
359 histrion No... I hereby decree that all further encryptions on this page shall use rot-0. -7
360 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer! WHAT NOW -6
361 buffygirl Notification I also offer a POPE HAT. Shall it be for the newpage popes, or shall it be saved for BlitzGirl? EDIT: SHIT. -5
362 vvn Silent Pope [AluisioASG, in the next post: "ALL HAIL POPE vvn!"] -4
363 Mycroft_147 Abdication As a member of THIS [Temporal Hypotheses and Intelligence Society], and I humbly extend an olive branch to my religious brethren and humbly abdicate the hat to a true believer that follows. -4
364 rpgamer Silent Pope [tman2nd, in the next post: "Congrats on becoming Pope on your 100th post!  :D"] -7
365 StratPlayer Abdication But I was just Pope back on NewPage 357 -- the Magnum page. So I don't think I'm eligible for another rePopeination so soon. So I'll just requote my one significant papal act (my Magnum Opus!) from NewPage 357 and then defer my Popeship to the next eligible poster. [Valarya did not appear to take up StratPlayer on this offer.] -6
366 mojacardave Silent Pope [Next post by histrion: "someone get mojacardave his pointy hat!"] -7
367 mscha Dissolution My first (and last) papal decree will be to disband the papacy. -7
368 StratPlayer Abdication Good thing mscha disbanded the papacy last NewPage. That "Pope-of-the-page" schtick was getting a bit stale anyway. -7
369 Purplepants77 Abdication Good thing this whole PFAN was discontinued, I would make an awfully terrible one at this particular moment in Time -7
370 Latent22 Outside Action Well by Papal decree I say it is your duty to use PayPal to send me money! If you have no money to send then you penance is to copy quotes into the Book of Time -7
371 htom Abdication [Later post: "I was POTP last page under the old rules, and all I did was announce that I was going to coma. Ah well, you all escape my Papal tyranny. This time!"] -7
375 HAL9000 Notification Newpage! Time to coma. -5
379 HAL9000 Notification pope'd -5
393 lmjb1964 Silent Pope [Momeship implied by HAL9000's NP396 post] -3
394 lmjb1964 Silent Pope Had hoped for a more exciting 100th post but--100 posts! Woo-hoo! [Momeship implied by HAL9000's NP396 post] -3
395 HAL9000 Notification pope'd yet again! -3
396 HAL9000 Notification EDIT: pope? Not again! I was just about to coma! Of course, this can only be attributable to human error. EDIT2: the last two pages have me as pope. The two before that are both imjb1964. Perhaps we have reached a period of LongPopes, governing for two Newpages. EDIT3: forgot about bumping from newbie's posts getting approved. Perhaps imjb wasn't the original Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer for those pages (or at least maybe for only one) -3
398 Neil_Boekend Create... ǝdod ɹı  Can I have a nice Pope hat now? -4
399 HAL9000 Notification It seems I am cursed with the recurring papacy. Or maybe I'm just a really active poster. -4
400 juliancolton Silent Pope [Centapapacy mentioned by others shortly afterward.] -4
401 HAL9000 Notification [In next post, referring to papacy] Also, I'm a Centapope, aren't I? -5
402 jovialbard Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP402, but made no decree.] -5
403 vvn Abdication I declare that I am not Pope! Also not Illuminati. Also not a Sandmason. -5
405 Eliram Notification What? Pope? Me?That is amazing! Thank you all for posting all these posts in the previous page just before I posted this one, I want to thank my parents who bought me my first computer, and I promise to be a good Jewish pope for the rest of this page. Thank you! -3
408 Jonas79 Notification Am I a Page-Pope now? -4
409 jovialbard Notification If PFAN still existed we would have to go on an adventure now! -4
413 AluisioASG Notification Am I pope again? -5
414 ChronosDragon Create... Let There Be Much Graphmaking and Othersuch Productive Timewaiting -5
416 higgs-boson Abdication As Apostolic Visitator, I will not assume office of the High Seat of Time.  -4
417 Kieryn Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP417, but made no decree.] -4
418 htom Notification Edit -- unspoil OTC for head of page -4
419 lmjb1964 Notification Hey! I'm pope! I think... -5
421 vvn Silent Pope [Indicated by post noting the one prior was #16800] -3
425 tastony Notification Pope! Must be because I finally included an avatar in my profile. -3
428 Eliram Time Topic As the link between the readers and lord R, I beg him, please, bring back LaPetit before the end. Thanks! -5
429 Angelastic Molpishness Everyone gets cake! (Participants are expected to provide their own cake.) -5
430 htom Inside Action I direct that the Original PNGs are to be preserved. -5
431 patzer Notification yay I'm pope -4
432 lmjb1964 Notification Also, I may or may not be pope. -4
433 macraw83 Time Travel am I really the PFAN from 5 Newpages in the past? if that's still going, then my one decree is to SLOW DOWN so I can catch up sooner :P -3
442 mscha Notification looks like I've been cheatninja'd by AluisioASG, but I'm not gonna spoiler this, since it's the first post on the page (for now). -3
451 Soup Silent Pope [Indicated by post noting the one prior was #18000] -2
460 ChronosDragon Inside Action I hereby (don't) declare that all (none) of us shall cease (continue) making hat demands (or not) of buffygirl! -4
461 Swein Notification Yay! I'm on the top! -4
471 cari.j.elliot Notification I would've been page-pope! Or Mome! -5
472 Latent22 Inside Action As Pope of the page I declare that anyone posting on this page must give BlitzGirl a present! -5
485 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer! And so soon after my return, too! +2
491 mscha Silent Pope [Indicated by post noting the one prior was #19600] -3
493 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer! -2
499 KarMann Notification Well! Old-school PFAN for the last NP of this century. -5
500 Vytron Notification Welcome page 500! -5
501 HAL9000 Commandment Of course, we all still need to [spoiler] Wait for it. [/spoiler] -5
509 BytEfLUSh Notification And a NewpagePope :) -1
512 ggh Molpishness 512th page party time? -3
513 patzer Notification It appears I am Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer. -3
541 vvn Random Topic I declare this the Quantum sect. Join us, we have cats. -2
542 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer! w00t! -3
545 HAL9000 Notification ooh, Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer!  -3
551 HAL9000 Notification VMPC! -3
553 HAL9000 Notification VMPC. I swear I'm not planning this.  -2
555 HAL9000 Notification VMPC. I swear I'm not doing this intentionally.  -3
560 yappobiscuits Notification Aha, my first instance of being a Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer myself! Also, my 42nd post.  -3
562 Smithers Notification Holy See Haberdasher's Infallible Patron. Sweet.  -2
564 HAL9000 Notification I yet again find myself Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer, despite the efforts to the contrary by Smithers, Opiboble, and descor.  -2
569 lmjb1964 Notification Hey! I'm Pope! I'm..what, we're not doing that anymore? Oh...  -3
570 StratPlayer Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP570, but made no decree.] -3
571 higgs-boson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP571, but made no decree.] -3
572 Smithers Notification Drat, I've depleted my dictionary of papal poecilonyms.  -3
573 Opiboble Combination YES, do suggest! Do "Wait for it" as well, lol!  -3
574 slinches Notification It appears I have Holy Seen myself.  -3
575 slinches Notification Topping the page twice in a row!? I think this means I've been ranting too much and it's time to coma.  -4
576 mathrec Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP576, but made no decree.] -4
577 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Homicidal Computer Intelligence.  -4
580 pelrigg Notification Does this mean I qualify for a hat?  -4
582 Eternal Density Notification Woo, I'm the Cntr'f Cbagvss'f Cynpr'f Crnx-Cebgrpgbe Cebqhpre'f Crreyrff Chepunfre!  -3
583 Eternal Density Notification WHOOPS! I accidentally became the Cntr'f Cbagvss'f Cynpr'f Crnx-Cebgrpgbe Cebqhpre'f Crreyrff Chepunfre AGAIN!  -3
591 HAL9000 Notification Blindpost gets me Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customership! Woo!  -5
592 pelrigg Notification ong and Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer  -5
594 newpixbot (asst. edo) Notification edo: "newpixbot is Pope! I for one welcome our new robot religious leaders."  -5
597 ChronosDragon Notification Oh Look, I'm VMPC/PPPP/etc  -2
599 Rule110 Notification I think this makes me the Mad Hatter's archbishop, or something to do with ecclesiastical hierarchies and hats. 0
600 TheMinim Notification I've just noticed that soon we'll be on our 600th page. Wow.  ETA - don't you just love coincidences?  -2
601 HAL9000 Notification A Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer for the New Century! Yay!  -2
602 ergman Notification also does anyone mind if I bump up my last idea?  It got stuck at the bottom of a page  -2
603 buffygirl (asst. Eternal Density) Silent Pope [buffygirl brings hat for PhoenixRising] Eternal Density: "buffygirl becoming page pope during a hat delivery is very... wait for it... fitting!"  -2
604 HES Notification As whichever newpage tradition is currently in effect, I bring Jaffa Cakes (and then scoff most of them myself)  -2
605 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Loneliest Skittles-Eater  :|   -2
610 Eternal Density Notification Woo, Pope! Page 610!  -2
611 mathrec Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP611, but made no decree.] -2
612 cellocgw Notification Do I get anything special for grabbing not only the first but also the second post on a NewPage?  -2
622 BlitzGirl Notification Oh hey, I guess y'all finally made me Mome (FANP).  -2
623 k.bookbinder Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP623, but made no decree.] -2
624 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Fade-Skipper  -2
625 BlitzGirl Inside Action Faiths of Time unite! Or not!  -2
629 Eoink Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP629, but made no decree.] -2
630 lmjb1964 Notification PFAN, and my 200th post! Um, uterus! Fallopian tubes! Did I do that right?  -2
633 BlitzGirl Abdication Grr. I'm sick of being Mome. No more mome-ing for me.  -2
640 ggh Notification Hey, I'm the Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer! Huzzah! 0
647 Ebonite Notification [Four posts later] Was that the first time in >600 pages that I was pope?? How did that happen?  -2
648 Angelastic Notification Woohoo! Holy Helmentmonger's Highest Habitué!  -2
649 htom Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP649, but made no decree.] -2
650 StratPlayer Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP650, but made no decree.] -2
651 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP651, but made no decree.] -2
652 jjjdavidson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP652, but made no decree.] -2
653 ChronosDragon Silent Pope [Implied by later popeship.]  -2
654 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP654, but made no decree.] -2
655 ChronosDragon Notification What, I get 653 and 655? Step up your game, waiters!  -2
656 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP656, but made no decree.] -2
657 ChronosDragon Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP657, but made no decree.] -2
658 ggh Notification Editty Shmeditty: / Vatican Milliner's / Defectless Customer / Woohoo for me // Here I am NewPagePope / (though it's not recognized / sanctificationwise, / I'd like to be.)  -2
659 jjjdavidson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP659, but made no decree.] -2
660 pelrigg Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP660, but made no decree.] -2
661 ChronosDragon Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP661, but made no decree.] -2
662 fatness Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP662, but made no decree.] -2
663 jjjdavidson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP663, but made no decree.] -2
664 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP664, but made no decree.] -2
665 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP665, but made no decree.] -2
666 yappobiscuits Random Topic The Newpage of the Beast  -2
667 macraw83 Notification And of course my post is the one that makes itself incorrect by making it now 667 pages...  -2
668 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Aspiring Inquisitor  -2
669 ttscp Notification Commit heresy and you get an opportunity for Token Tenure in Technocratic Tippet? Woo!  -2
670 Smithers Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP670, but made no decree.] -2
671 lmjb1964 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP671, but made no decree.] -2
672 StratPlayer Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP672, but made no decree.] -2
673 Kazza3 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP673, but made no decree.] -2
674 foilman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP674, but made no decree.] -2
675 Dracomax Notification I'm the vatican milliner's perfect customer for what I think is the first time ever... Reign of (terror) tire time...  -2
676 StratPlayer Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP679, but made no decree.] -2
677 Rule110 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP677, but made no decree.] -2
678 suzi Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP678, but made no decree.] -2
679 Opiboble Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP679, but made no decree.] -2
680 ttscp Notification We begin my second Token Tenure in Technocratic Tippet  -2
681 AnotherKevin Inside Action If I'm pope, can I decree Schematism to be official doctrine? Whoopee!  -2
682 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect Coma-er  -2
686 StratPlayer Molpishness 700th post!!! And at the top of the NewPage! This calls for a celebration!  -1
691 astrocub Create... Satan's Sole Sombrero Suppressor. I would like to see moar comics.  -2
692 Tometheus Carry on. Woot. ComaPope on my first post back from a deciblitz (I was about 50 pages behind this needle pulled thing for the last three weeks). Oh, wait, we, the believers in the Newpixies, don't have a Pope. Go about your business.  -2
700 HAL9000 Notification Centapope the Eighth. 0
701 htom Notification 28,001 posts in the OTT! 701 pages!  -2
707 ChronosDragon Notification err...VMPC... Have a picture of my cat!  -2
708 BlitzGirl Notification Oh hey, I'm Mopey Molpy Mome again!  -2
712 Platonix Notification And apparently I'm some combination of a religious leader and a customer in a hat shop. I've lost track.  -3
714 akacat Notification Looks like I'm a prospective purchaser of ecclesiastical chapeaus.  -1
716 HAL9000 Notification Vatican Milliner's Perfect ONG  -1
719 HAL9000 Notification Whoop de doo. Top o' the page. -3
720 charlie_grumbles Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP720, but made no decree.] -3
721 Rule110 Inside Action Verily I say unto thee: cowabunga, in size 6-1/2, and thus infallibly declare Madagascarville to the the Official Song of the Newpage.  -3
722 partingLance What? [Scarlett O'Hara]Why, fiddle-dee-dee! I decree![/SO'H] I don't decree anything in particular, y'understand. I just wanted to say, flamboyantly, "I decree!"  -3
723 HAL9000 Notification Second time today I've been the Immaculate Consumer of the Holy See's Chapeaus!  -3
724 Kieryn Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP724, but made no decree.] -3
725 Eternal Density Notification Whoops, I'm this page's designated pope!  -3
729 TheMinim Notification And a FirstPost on the Page!  -3
730 TimeLurker Notification Wow, top of the page. I feel special. :D  -3
731 ttscp Combination Let the OTC continue, the OTT to be interesting, and the OTS to get a t-shirt soon.  -3
732 HAL9000 Notification Ooh! I return and find myself welcomed as Pontiff's Paragon Peak-Protector Peruser!  -3
734 BlitzGirl Notification And I Mopey Molpy Mome'd myself.  AND I reached 600. Oh mustard.  -2
736 TheMinim Notification [In later post] I started a NewPage and I never even realized it... -3
737 TheMinim Notification And again I get the first post on a page! This is freaky. I'm going to have to stop posting.  -1
739 spamjam Notification VMPCONG  -3
740 kenmelken Notification Scored the ONG and the NP (my first NP, I believe!). Oh frabjous day!  -3
741  Kieryn Silent Pope [Implied by next popeship.]  -3
742 Kieryn Notification Topping two newpages in a row. Oh yeah baby.  -2
744 Neil_Boekend Notification W00t I R PFaNP!  -3
745 Vytron Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP745, but made no decree.] -3
746 partingLance Abdication Lessee... what to decree.... Y'know, with great power comes great dithering. Or so I find. I'd be a disaster in public office.  -3
750 Ace Notification 750, my very first page topper, neat.  -3
751 pelrigg Notification Top of the page with the 300001st post. Yeah. (At least until the mod-queue is emptied)  -3
752 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP752, but made no decree.] -3
753 Someguy945 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP753, but made no decree.] -3
754 kenmelken Notification It's a good thing I just claimed myself this fine palace, because I just became the high-ruling cleric of this NP!  -3
755 Opiboble Random Topic As pope I do think this should be the page of ghosts! ... Or maybe just things that should be ghosts!  -3
761 ergman Speculation Plant Pope! I demand our royal plantologists do a plant-scan and figure out this guy and his implications!  -1
762 yappobiscuits Notification Oh, I'm the yappopebiscuits.   -1
763 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP763, but newpixbot makes no decrees.] -1
764 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP764, but made no decree.] -1
765 Swein Notification Aaand...I'm the Pope! That's really awsome!  -1
766 BlitzGirl Inside Action Oh, and since I forgot to claim anything earlier when everyone was doing that, I claim LaPetite. In an extremely mopey manner.  -1
767 HAL9000 Notification I find that I am the Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer yet again. How fitting.  -1
768 spamjam Notification LONELYBEESNAKEONG  or is it a penisnake?  or a (bee)popepenis?  -1
769 dreiarmumig Notification Oooh, my first ever papacy, yay!  -1
775 dreiarmumig Notification Wow, papacy yet again!  -1
779 Eternal Density Notification Consolation Pope! 0
780 Arky Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP780, but made no decree.] 0
781 Neil_Boekend Notification W00T PFaNP! 0
786 charlie_grumbles Notification And, you're the GOAT of the page. Sayeth the pope of the next. 0
787 kenmelken Notification Yay! I'm feeling papal again! With this being page 787, does that make me the Dreamliner Pope? Hope I don't have lots of production setbacks... 0
788 edfel Molpishness Cake for everyone!! 0
789 pelrigg Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP789, but made no decree.] +1
790 mscha Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] +1
791 charlie_grumbles Commandment I pray that you all Wait For It. +1
793 Flado Notification Patriarch of the NP? I believe it's a first for me, so w00t! +2
795 kenmelken Bring... This rule shall be marked with blood, fear, and terror...  Or, well... that sounds like lots of work. Let's just fill it with cake instead. 0
796 charlie_grumbles Notification The ong and the pope. Wow 0
797 cellocgw Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP797, but made no decree.] 0
798 charlie_grumbles Notification Oh and it's currently Pope PDCG! 0
799 charlie_grumbles Notification Popish again. 0
800 HES Notification ooh, I'm the centapope! 0
801 jetpac Notification It's good to be me :) 0
802 Angelastic Outside Action I declare contraception to be mandatory and chastity to be heresy for the duration of the new page. 0
803 ChronosDragon Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP803, but made no decree.] 0
804 Ace Notification ...of course this lands on a new page. Oh well! 0
805 TheMinim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP805, but made no decree.] 0
806 charlie_grumbles Notification Popely for the moment. 0
807 BlitzGirl Notification [Mopey Mome thundercloud smiley] 0
808 BytEfLUSh Molpishness If you want to party, eat pizza. If you want a cake, have a piece of pizza. If you want chocolate... well, here's a slice of pizza! 0
809 pelrigg Notification (new page Pope of 809? for how long, I wonder?) 0
810 Zorin_75 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP810, but made no decree.] 0
811 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP811, but made no decree.] 0
812 spamjam Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP812, but made no decree.] 0
813 AluisioASG Create... As Perfect Customer of the Vatican Millinery, I'd like to ask a hat for him [Aluisio's avatar]. 0
814 fhorn Combination Pizza! Cake! Beer! Cupcakes!!! M + M's, and Skittles, but not in the same bowl!!!  Also some vegetables, Sid Baker (via Mark Bittman) says vegan before six. And cheese.  Also, can I please request more poetry? Bless you, my children. 0
815 kenmelken Combination I hereby lift the decree for poetry instigated by my predecessor, though it is welcome to continue if people so desire. I also officially declare a war and/or crusade. Not sure where or against who yet. Any suggestions? I just want to leave a memorable papal legacy for 815. 0
816 cellocgw No... No more rhyming, and I MEAN IT! 0
817 Kieryn Formatting I declare all posts on this page must contain the letter e. (Or s or t. It's your choice.) 0
818 partingLance Inside Action I hereby decree... ah, lessee... that next May 24 by Outsider reckoning, being Bob Dylan's birthday, the OTT will observe complete silence, out of respect, for the time-span of one newpix. 0
819 kenmelken Notification Ooh! And a 6th papacy for me! 0
820 kenmelken Notification Bahahaha! Grabbed the ONG and extended my papacy for another page in a row (my seventh reign). 0
821 Neil_Boekend Molpishness By papal decree I order you all to be happy for this NewPage. No moping. 0
822 charlie_grumbles Molpishness Blessings be upon Master Randall Munroe and all his family. May all good things come to you until the end of Time and thereafter.  Those who Wait salute you, sir. 0
823 Ray Kremer (asst. jovialbard) Formatting Ray: "Now that the reason behind it is completely obsolete, I personally prefer the style that only has the thing you are quoting inside the quote marks." jovialbard: "If there are still popes that means for the rest of the page we all have to punctuate that way because it's what you said in your pope post." 0
824 ucim Thought Experiment I decree that you shall all disobey this decree. 0
825 thirds No... I hereby declare this page to be off-limits to all registered posters, under penalty of Lemonade Popsicles! 0
826 charlie_grumbles Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP826, but made no decree.] 0
827 Kieryn Abdication Kieryn: "I pass on popeship to the next poster: [taixzo, the next poster, did not take up the title.] 0
828 BlitzGirl No... No lines or tinytext this newpage! 0
829 cellocgw Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP829, but made no decree.] 0
830 k.bookbinder Carry on. [Appears midpage] I've not thought of any 830 Papal Decrees. As such, I shall sit at the top of the page looking benevolent and magnanimous until I think of something. Carry on. 0
831 TimeLurker Speculation I decree that we shall fill this NewPage with our best worst predictions. 0
832 Pikrass Ottification I decree this page shall be filled with molpified versions of common characters. 0
833 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP833, but made no decree.] 0
834 k.bookbinder Inside Action Start a pun war! That is it. The OTT has been devoid of puns for far too long. I decree that we should pun as much as possible on a single page.  0
835 ergman Carry on. I decree that everyone should carry along as usual because I can't think of anything interesting and am going to coma soon anyway. That's an order! 0
836 tinosoph Combination As pope of NewPage 836 I decree every poster and lurker of the One True Thread shall do 10 sit-ups today. And to continue the tradition of one of my predecessors, I order you all to be happy for this NewPage (in memoriam Neil_Boekend) 0
837 higgs-boson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP837, but made no decree.] 0
838 k.bookbinder Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP838, but made no decree.] 0
839 tinosoph No... Alcohol shall be abolished and no loud talking, please! 0
840 rhetorical Different Decree Coming up with a decree is left as an exercise to the reader. 0
841 kenmelken Combination We need more discussion on hedgehog vs. tenrec. And dancing. Yes, we need more dancing. And to defend myself against the insolence displayed 2 NewPages ago, Inquisitors who disregard papal decrees shall be disinquisitored. 0
842 jovialbard Dissolution Muahaha! Take this papacy <blam!><blam!> and that <blam!><blam!><blam!>. Now for the headshot to make sure it stays dead! <blam!>  ewwwwwww... it's still twitching... 0
843 mscha Dissolution Just in case the previous Page Pope's decree didn't do the job, here's mine: I hereby disband the Page Papacy, without precedent. 0
844 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP844, but made no decree.] 0
845 pelrigg Notification And page pope on an Ong. 0
846 ucim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP846, but made no decree.] 0
847 BlitzGirl Abdication I have no decree since I'm not a fan of PagePapacies.  Please proceed. *mopes* 0
848 Valarya Poetry Popely-Momely / I have just Landed on / Top of the Newpage its / Pope time for me. // I decree that you will / use only Dactylies / during my papacy / Come, copy me! 0
849 Valarya Bring... I want to see this page splattered in OTC/OTT related cupcakes. Go! 0
850 AluisioASG Combination [Appears midpage] So, I want (papal decree) everybody to wait for it. And, we need more stories here! 0
851 lmjb1964 Inside Action Well, I declare that anyone who cares about the papacy should continue to care about it for this page, and those who don't care for the papacy should completely ignore it. 0
852 Montov What? Rumor has it when you're explaining something as the first poster of the page, you're not the Pope, but the Oracle. 0
853 mscha Commandment I'll be nice and not disband any papacies today. Instead I'll just order all y'all to wait for it. 0
854 ttscp Suggestions Let there be names for the sequels, prequels and spinoffs of the OTC and OTT. 0
855 AluisioASG Combination 1) wait for it, 2) discuss the significance of this last frame, and 3) review my chapter.  Pick 2 or 3 of these.  ETA: Oh, 4) where's my hat? 0
857 ggh Hotdog Ooh! Can we play an OTT version of In My Pants? +1
858 charlie_grumbles Posting Style I do decree and declare that each submitter to the page shall (a) write something serious, AND (b) write something silly +3
859 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP859, but made no decree.] +3
860 AluisioASG Inside Action ACHTUNG! +3
861 BlueCrab Bring... Being a benevolent and very sleepy pope, I would like to see bedcakes. No, wait, shrimp cakes! Please! +3
862 lmjb1964 Combination Since I'm very tired, I decree that for this page, you all have sweet dreams, even if you already de-coma'd. Or, you can choose to make wild ass-predictions. 0
863 taixzo Formatting I decree that all posters should insert a octothorpe random word into at least once sentence. 0
864 charlie_grumbles Create... I declare a competition for the best memorial in song, png, or poem to the buttermolpyfacebugbeesnake. 0
865 kenmelken Combination All subjects of the empire must either submit an aaawwwe!-inducing picture/gif of a cute coma-molpy, like BlitzGirl often does, or a short original piece of fiction inspired by either the OTT or the OTC. Bonus points if your submission somehow ties in RAZOR. 0
866 BytEfLUSh Suggestions Thou shalt post your favorite pizza toppings on this page. I'd love some suggestions.  0
867 BytEfLUSh Combination Post a silly prediction, do your own fanfic, or try to ONG. 0
868 trolleypup Abdication Aieee! I'm Pope! Wait...as an atheist, I'm required to be Master Of The Universe instead...since I'm not about to renounce Love, I'll have to give the gold back to the Rheinmaidens, so no decrees this newpix.  0
869 Neil_Boekend Formatting my decree is that capital letters are forbidden for the duration of this page, except for ongs. 0
871 charlie_grumbles No... No more shout-whispering on this page.  0
872 BlitzGirl Dissolution My decree is that the PagePapacy is disbanded for this newpage. We need a breather. 0
873 k.bookbinder Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP873, but made no decree.] 0
874 Eternal Density Formatting hrb dcr tht fr th rmndr f th pg, n vwls b sd n n pst fr n rsn whtsvr. 0
875 kenmelken Molpishness I think we need a rest, so I merely decree that everyone be happy and nice. 0
876 charlie_grumbles Molpishness I hereby declare that no one shall post on this page but charlie_grumbles. Silly enough. No No No, belay that order. I hereby declare peace on earth good will to all sentient life forms, fleshy and digital, carbon based or silicon based. Oh, and post away to your heart's content (be it carbonish or silicon) 0
877 BlueCrab Speculation I would like to see much speculation about what could be in the shed, please. 0
878 BlitzGirl Abdication Too mopey to decree todip. Check back tomorrow. 0
879 Dracomax Posting Style I decree that everyone should refer to everyone else by names different than those of the people they are referring to. +2
880 charlie_grumbles Speculation The once and current pope would like to see lots of OTC speculation/predictions/prophecies. Can you oblige? As it shall be, so it shall be. +2
881 wizpretz Inside Action My decree is that everyone must give a present present to a random other person. +2
882 xpatiate Random Topic Zombie predictions, manips or other ZOTTifications please... +2
885 ergman Speculation We've received a whole lot of information just now, and a lot of different things to analyze and speculate about. So do that. 0
886 charlie_grumbles Speculation Speculation is desired on how many newpix will they build. Will it be less than 100, more? Speculation is desired on which way they will exit if/when they do. Left, right, away, towards us? Wild speculation on other topics also admitted to the canon. 0
887 Earthling on Mars Carry on. I could decree that you all wait in suspense to find out what's about to jump on Megan, but you'll be doing that anyway. 0
888 KarMann Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
889 jjjdavidson Inside Action I decree that if anyone notices that this post has been moved down from the top of page 889, they please go back and find the earlypost that cleared moderation and bump it forward for us all to see. Thanks! 0
890 BlitzGirl Time Topic Mopey Molpy Mome decrees that this is The Newpage of the Raptorcat 0
891 charlie_grumbles Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP891, but made no decree.] +2
892 jovialbard Speculation I demand predictions regarding the rightmost image. Is it mustard? Is it a scene swipe? Is it an alien object? Tech? What??? Declare your allegiances! +3
893 AluisioASG Bring... The Pope likes information. While he and BlitzGirl investigate the future, hand over your favorite TV series and movies. +3
895 BlitzGirl Molpishness Be excellent to each other. And molpy on, dudes!  (dudes = OTTers of any gender or ism) 0
896 Eternal Density Formatting [In subject line] I decree that people leave secret messages in the subject! 0
897 BlitzGirl Carry on. Feel free to carry on with the subject-messages if you so desire. 0
898 hdhale Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP898, but made no decree.] 0
899 ergman Time Topic I decree that Cuegan and Megball shippers set sail their best ships. 0
900 taixzo Carry on. I am apparently Centapope the Tenth! I decree (if we are still doing decrees) that Waiters carry on with the creativity. edit2: apparently I can't count. 0
901 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP901, but made no decree.] +1
902 HES Create... I'm surprised no-one's done a gif of 2233/2234. Whackamolpy!  [In subject title: "A statement that is secretly a request"] +1
903 wizpretz Different Decree [In subject title] Follow any decree you want to +1
904 Rule110 Formatting I decree that posts on this page should be edited. +1
905 buffygirl What? AWWwwww, S**T! I'll pope'n'sh*t. Right, y'all, let's get to it. Let's gimm'em a B / gimm'em a B / et's gimmem a"u" / KLet's givem a U / Let's giovem a "m" / Let's give 'em a "em" o--- but face it! +1
906 Uzh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP906, but made no decree.] +1
907 mscha Abdication Edit: no papal orders. Can't think of any. Edit2: no longer pope, so good thing I had no orders. [mscha was bumped down one post.] +1
908 mscha Carry on. Simply go on waiting for it and making the OTT interesting, and not too intimidating for newbies. 0
909 yappobiscuits Thought Experiment [In subject title] I decree that you should all disobey the decree. 0
910 spamjam Random Topic [In subject title] This page brought to you by the word "fruit" 0
911 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring me a smiley from outside the forum. Any smiley will do. 0
912 ggh Speculation Predictions please! If they stay at the cabin, what home improvements will Cuegan make? 0
913 SBN Inside Action Should the title be changed? Should the part about the new picture be expanded? Discuss. 0
914 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP914, but made no decree.] 0
915 Eternal Density Suggestions I decree that folks propose methods of helping Cuegan/Megball, if they wish. Or methods of breaking the 4th wall. 0
916 Pikrass Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
917 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP917, but made no decree.] 0
918 mikro2nd Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
919 f0rmicUla Abdication I am the ant-ee-pope  :D No decrees. +1
920 ChronosDragon Manips Vatican Milliner's Perfect ONG! Page decree: give me image manips >:D +2
921 BigDaddy Speculation Post some wild speculation. When reading other's speculation add "in bed" to the end. 0
922 nerdsniped Speculation Propose ways in which Megan might use her newfound control over semencancercoffeebabies. +1
923 AluisioASG Combination The Pope wants: I. An appropriate papal smiley (i.e. a dragon, uh, pope, if at all possible)  II. Someone able to decipher his signature  III. Mathematical, physical or philosophical discussions about Megan's jump or injury (including equations) 0
924 ChronosDragon Posting Style This shall be the page of codes - with one rule: you must provide the full plaintext of your message in a spoiler (for blitzer's sake). Apart from that, anything goes! 0
925 rvloon Bring... Use in your post at least one original non-trivial Dutch word or image. Tulips, windmills and wooden clogs not accepted. 0
926 Wildhound Molpishness Only positivity on this newpage. I will hear no more about infections, amputations or death. 0
927 Kieryn Posting Style With your post, break a record... any record... 0
928 taixzo Random Topic I decree that all posters must reference temperature (whether real or in the OTC). +1
929 kenmelken Visit... I think this time the title I shall choose for myself (rather than Pope, Emperor, or Kindly Caretaker) is Master of Festivals. Therefore, I decree a Great Festival here on the One True Thread, specifically, a Festival of the Wiki!  +1
930 AluisioASG Combination [Appears midpage] The Papal Council requests a Hemidactylus frenatus pope smiley and asks Timewaiters to listen to good music, 'cause everything's gonna be alright (with Megan). +1
931 Eternal Density Combination I) if you had a pet molpy what would it look like and what would you name it?  II) each word must contain a vowel. +1
932 Eternal Density Carry on. Keep up the molpy stuff from last page, I guess. +1
933 mikro2nd Bring... I decree that we celebrate all appropriate celebrations with Mexican food as a change from all that healthy cake. +1
934 cellocgw Suggestions Meanwhile, since I'm somehow defying the odds and never being PagePope, here's a mere suggestion. How's about we abandon all things "ONG" and come up with a new onomatopoeic alert sound for each newpix? EDIT: holy cow, I AM the PagePope! How the heck did that happen?  :D Let my "mere suggestion" be a Papal Decree from this page hence! 0
935 Zorin_75 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP935, but made no decree.] 0
936 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP936, but made no decree.] 0
937 thirds Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP937, but made no decree.] 0
938 taixzo Notification Oh Great Lord Randall, what are you doing??? Er, that might be heresy.  Edit: Can there be such a thing as a heretical Pope? 0
939 Kieryn Molpishness I decree everyone have a good time on this page. 0
940 BlitzGirl Notification [Mopey Molpy Mome smiley] 0
941 Angelastic Outside Action I decree that some time either before the end of the dip or before the end of this NP (whichever comes last) you do something you often want to do but usually stop yourself from doing (e.g. eat so-called 'unhealthy' cake, apply for your dream job, etc.) Just obey Wheaton's Law and don't fall off any metaphorical wagons. You don't have to tell the thread what it was, but if you do, make your post somewhat relevant to non-decreeful things. 0
942 HES Outside Action Everybody should wear a silly piece of clothing whilst reading the thread. 0
943 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP943, but made no decree.] 0
944 azule Posting Style Since this is a blindPoping, I decree that everyone be blind (close your eyes) and touch something and describe it (eh, you can open your eyes to type). OR, you type your post with your eyes closed (sorry, smart phone people)! 0
945 azule Formatting Post some nonsense in Spanish. Esperanto es no es bueno en el baño. 0
946 BlitzGirl No... No more Spanish! Or, if you do post a sentence in Spanish, you must post an absurd English translation of that sentence as well.  ;) 0
947 ggh Speculation Please offer your thoughts on what night-molpies we might see/hear. 0
948 Neil_Boekend Formatting I decree that all posts on this page should contain words, letters, numbers or images. 0
949 Marsh'n Time Topic Keep finding constellations, or enjoy the stars if you don't. 0
950 StratPlayer Dissolution So I use my papacy to formally and completely dissolve the office of Page-Pope!!! I hereby decree that by my holy See, no new decrees shall thee decree, see?   Henceforth, for now and for all of Time, the Page-Pope shall cease to be!!!  No do-overs, take-backs, un-do's, or crossed-fingers jinx-protections allowed!!!  Let it be so... +2
951 Kieryn Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP951, but made no decree.] +3
952 BlitzGirl Carry on. Didn't see anything about the momacy being dissolved! However, I have no decree, so don't worry about it. +3
953 jovialbard Inside Action As SUPREME EMPEROR I demand that my principle of Blitzus Annoyus be invoked or the remainder of the page be written in rot13-morse-spanish! (please please please choose the prior and then continue analyzing times and dates and locations) +3
954 slinches Abdication This is me ignoring the primary page position previously pinned as papal per prior pope's post. +3
955 ZoomanSP Carry on. Go on with all that clever, creative, crazy stuff which makes the OTT so (4). +3
956 MattTheTubaGuy Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP956, but made no decree.] +3
957 jjjdavidson Combination I decree that you write posts that I'll be able to read when I get up in the mornip (which generally happens at least a newpix before I actually wake up). If you want to mention a good F&SF book that hasn't already come up, that's a bonus. +3
958 BlitzGirl (retro-mome) Carry on. Huh, somehow became retro-Mome of this newpage. More firstposts approved? Or else my memory must be going. At any rate, carry on, youngsters. And hello to any newcomers who might be out and about roaming the OTT's lawn after curfew! ?
959 yappobiscuits Carry on. Oh hello, Pope... just... carry on being awesomeful, everyone. Molpy up. +2
960 edfel Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP960, but made no decree.] +2
961 taixzo Notification And I am apparently one of today's 10+ popes. +2
965 ucim Speculation Hmmm. Page Pope at a post count of 666. I wonder what that means! 0
966 Rule110 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP966, but made no decree.] 0
967 MattTheTubaGuy Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP967, but made no decree.] 0
968 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP968, but made no decree.] 0
969 partingLance Carry on. As you were; carry on; pip-pip, tally-ho, etc., etc. 0
970 Valarya Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP970, but made no decree.] 0
971 yappobiscuits Outside Action Make a meteor wish! But don't post it here... then it won't come true... 0
972 BlitzGirl Abdication I hid my momacy in the spoiler because it certainly is redundant. No decrees. 0
973 MattTheTubaGuy Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP973, but made no decree.] 0
974 BlitzGirl Random Topic I fancy a star theme for this newpage, since the OTC has been full of them for a while. 0
975 mikro2nd Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP975, but made no decree.] 0
976 mscha Molpishness Let there be cake! Non-papal suggestion: enjoy! 0
977 BlitzGirl Abdication No decrees, as I just decoma'ed and it's hard to think of one. 0
978 BlitzGirl Formatting Use the word "chirp" to replace a word somewhere in your post! 0
979 Latent22 No... Use of the word "chirp" is not allowed on this page! (except by me in this post) 0
980 BlitzGirl Notification Randamn it! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?! +1
981 ChronosDragon Random Topic Decree for this page: someone find out if a pope can be knighted. That's all. +1
982 BlitzGirl Abdication not again...i'm gonna go coma, please fill up the newpage without me... 0
983 Pikrass Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP983, but made no decree.] 0
984 Eutychus Notification ooh! I've been wondering how long it would be before this nonconformist got to be Pope... 0
985 taixzo Create... I decree every newpix on this page shall have an ASCII/Unicode rendering for AluisioASG. 0
986 Quilbert Combination Well, let there be quotes from the classical age! Alternatively, Futurama. 0
987 BlitzGirl Abdication [Lolcat image: "pope cat is not amused"] 0
988 Latent22 Posting Style My decree for his page is that everyone has to write like they are posting on a forum page on the internet. 0
989 TimeLurker Commandment Wait for it. 0
990 BlitzGirl Formatting Okay, going to try this Mopey Molpy Mome thing again: Use the word molpy in your post. No replacing words, just try to find a way to stick a molpy in there too.  Also, feel free to ignore me. 0
991 TimeLurker Time Topic I decree that all of you shall wish for Cuegan to finally realize their love for each other. This in no way requires posting to say as such, but you must believe it in your very souls. +1
992 HES Outside Action Think of a number. Any number. +1
994 Khrushy Speculation I decree everyone should guess what Cueball is dreaming about during his extended sleep. 0
995 Wildhound Bring... Woooooaaah, retrospective papal decree, spoilered redundant kitty pictures in all posts! 0
996 Marsh'n Inside Action I declare it "smile at an elder" page. Say something nice about those who have led the way here. 0
997 BlitzGirl Poetry Anybody up / for haikuing with me here / on this fine newpage? 0
998 edo Manips Make a OTC mashup or tell me why you won't 0
999 thirds Molpishness My first post was granted to be the holy third post on the Great Thirding newpage (333). Now the time has come for the Third Thirding newpage, a Jubilee of Thirds! 0
1000 BlitzGirl Commandment Wait for it. +1
1001 charlie_grumbles Notification What?  Hello???  Anyone here?   Guess everyone is still back on NP1000.  Hope they make it across ok. +1
1002 edo Questionnaire Tell us about your earliest OTC memory +1
1003 pelrigg Visit... Hey did anyone listen to this (It was in my page goat post of NP996)?  [Beacon Alpha also appears on this page.] +2
1004 BlitzGirl Speculation If you want something to occupy your Wait, why not speculate on potential OTC Other People and what sort of hattage they might be sporting when Cuegan meets them? +2
1006 Flotter Commandment Wait for it. 0
1007 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1007, but made no decree.] 0
1008 kenmelken Combination Continued theories on what they'll find atop the (stairway to heaven) ladder to the summit. Also, if you didn't get to share your first OTC memory earlier, do so now, since posting mine super late is what landed me on this spot in the first place! 0
1009 Eternal Density Inside Action I declare Ybatpng as Antipagepope. Worship him. 0
1010 kenmelken Inside Action Acknowledge someone on the OTT who you appreciate, especially someone you maybe haven't seen get much appreciation.  0
1011 xpatiate Questionnaire Tell us what time-consuming activity you've given up in order to Wait for it. 0
1012 k.bookbinder Speculation More wild predictions about what else is on the mountain. Certainly there must be something else. 0
1013 partingLance Bring... My request would be: please post pictures of vintage scientific instruments; especially but not exclusively to do with astronomy and surveying. 0
1014 buffygirl Formatting All must use some COLOR in their post!! Except red, of course. 0
1015 BlitzGirl Carry on. No decree this newpage. As you were. 0
1016 BlitzGirl Formatting Use an exclamation point and a question mark pairing in your post somewhere (if you so desire, of course). 0
1017 ZoomanSP Speculation If Cuegan find a French-speaking pair that looks like themselves, I decree that they shall be called Bouleblanche and Margaux. And maybe LaPetite will be their interpreter?! 0
1018 tman2nd Time Topic EDIT: Papal Decree (My first): Your post must be about the OTC. EDIT2: I'm modifying my decree. Some part of your post has to be about the OTC. The rest can be off-topic or about the OTT. 0
1019 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1019, but made no decree.] 0
1020 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What is your favorite newpix of Time so far? 0
1024 ChronosDragon Random Topic Tell me something I didn't know about computers!  -2
1025 Exodies Silent Pope [A blitzer's blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] -2
1026 Angelastic Combination Okay, I decree that all frames referred to on this page be linked to or embedded (in spoilers.) Also, feel free to follow my last monarchic decree, which I'm not sure anyone noticed.  -2
1027 ChronosDragon Bring... This page shall have milk, cookies, or a combination of both.  -2
1028 Arky Questionnaire Have you ever watched/are you watching the Tour de France?  -2
1029 yappobiscuits Outside Action 'Ave a banana! (To be read in a cockney accent)  -2
1030 Angelastic Speculation Okay, predict the response. But if you respond in weird symbols or weird combinations of letters, and you have an intended meaning for them, put the decrypted version in a spoiler.  -2
1031 Angelastic Bring... How about songs, haiku, dactyls, pictures, cake etc. to represent new or existing predictions.  -2
1032 Angelastic Different Decree Continue predicting things, but also come up with interesting decrees that future popes could make. In fact, you may each make a decree which the rest of the posters on this page may obey, so that the goat will have a whole lot of decrees to respond to.  -2
1033 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1033, but made no decree.] -2
1034 BlitzGirl Carry on. No decree - have fun discussing the Beanie Bunch.  -2
1035 pelrigg Carry on. Carry on with hat / language speculations.  -2
1036 Valarya Carry on. [Appears midpage] Damn heretical work. Page papacy and half the NP gone already. Carry on. -2
1038 CasCat Poetry Upagain, upagain / Climbing the mountop / Megan and Cueball / Meet people unknown. // Papal degree comes down: / Ultrapoetic'ly: / Post double dactles / With thoughts of your own!  -1
1040 BytEfLUSh Bring... Well, there will be no papal orders, but photos of kittenmolpies in spoilers are OK. :)  -2
1041 taixzo Carry on. Carry on with the kittens in spoilers!  -2
1042 Rule110 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1042, but made no decree.] -2
1043 kenmelken Visit... If you are a brilliant linguist type, please help contribute your brilliance to the wiki. :)  -2
1044 tman2nd Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1044, but made no decree.] -2
1045 Eternal Density Carry on. [edit about 13 newpix and 6 newpages later] Oh, I didn't stick around to see the page load so I didn't realised I'd been poped. Um... I decree everyone act as if I hadn't made a decree. Which you have, because I didn't. Thanks everyone for your cooperation in this matter! -2
1046 cellocgw Combination Everyone reading this page please contribute $20 US to the Cellocgw Pizza & IPA Fund! Or alternatively Join my Redundant Repetitive Redundancy Club, and join the club.  -2
1047 cellocgw Outside Action Do an anti-rain dance so I can play tennis outside this *heretical* evening  -1
1048 ZoomanSP Notification [Pope smiley], just for finding firstposts. -1
1049 cellocgw Bring... Continue finding "ride" songs. No Wagner allowed :D +1
1052 mittagleffer Inside Action Those of you who are tired of your avatars - hatted or unhatted - feel free to change them!  -2
1053 Someguy945 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1053, but made no decree.] -2
1054 Rule110 Formatting Okay, include lots of implied endless loops and infinite regresses in the posts on this page. Then repeat.  -2
1057 NetWeasel What? OK.... I decree non-language pantomime. Describe. +1
1058 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1067, but made no decree.] +1
1059 ofvn2vw1872 Time Topic So, umm, keep working on the beanlang? Yeah, that. +1
1060 Montov Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1060, but made no decree.] +1
1061 BlitzGirl Abdication No decree, as the OTT seems to be zipping along pretty quickly todip. +1
1062 taixzo Carry on. I decree we carry on with our quest to understand Beanish. +2
1063 HAL9000 Notification How delightfully fitting. +2
1064 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1064, but made no decree.] +2
1065 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1065, but made no decree.] +2
1066 BlitzGirl Time Topic Let's critique Cueball's drawing! +2
1067 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1067, but made no decree.] +2
1068 meerta Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1068, but made no decree.] +2
1069 SinusPi Notification Oh, I'm the Pagepope! Does this make me pope-ular now..? +2
1072 NoMouse Carry on. Ok, keep transliterating and translating the Beanish.  -2
1073 TimeLurker Inside Action Well, I decree that everyone pretends to be a ninja on this page. Unless you are a ninja, then pretend to be not a ninja. [-2] -2
1075 BlitzGirl Time Topic More discussion on this latest newpix would be helpful.  -2
1076 pelrigg Inside Action Yes, the pope says "yes" to the blog link....  -2
1077 AluisioASG Inside Action The Pope wants a Beanish 2-Character Mnemonic Task Force assembled, while he simultaneously works on something else.  -2
1078 AluisioASG Bring... And this is how a page goes by without a single papal decree being fulfilled (but one, how could I ever forget my hatter?). Deferring to the Supreme Emperor.  I predict bears. [This became the "Bring a Bear" newpage.] -2
1080 NoMouse Bring... I decree, keep posting spoilered images from this generator: [RedKid.net] 0
1081 yappobiscuits Notification MolpyPope up! 0
1082 BlitzGirl Carry on. No decree, continue otting as usual. 0
1083 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1083, but made no decree.] 0
1084 ucim Random Topic Describe that portal 2 thing coherently and meaningfully in as few words as possible, as part of a post about other things. 0
1085 yappobiscuits Carry on. Just keep up the good work hunting wabbits! 0
1086 Vytron Combination I decree that from now on, all pagepopes should post a picture, unless they decide to ignore my decree, or until they forget about it!  Also, Saturdays will now be known as Caturdays, here's the first picture! 0
1087 NetWeasel Abdication In light of the circumstances of my elevation to PagePopery, I decree nothing. +1
1088 BlitzGirl Speculation Think about non-cake food that might be available in the OTC. +1
1089 BlitzGirl Questionnaire Hey, I know y'all are out having fun this wipend, but for a decree, what has been your favorite Time Period so far? Trebuchet? Recursion? Wowtrees? Beanies? +1
1090 BlitzGirl Random Topic I like trees. Do you like trees? Trees are neat. And wow. And weird. +1
1091 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1091, but newpixbot makes no decrees.] +1
1092 ChronosDragon Speculation Post pleasing predictions of potential paper purpose! +1
1093 NetWeasel Speculation More translation theories! (as if we wouldn't have anyway) +1
1094 charlie_grumbles Molpishness My decree, which shall extend beyond this page, is that you shall all have a marvelous time here and IRL all week(H) 0
1095 Eternal Density Bring... Please bring more bears. +1
1096 Latent22 Inside Action My decree is you must either post a sample of their voice saying a OTC line for consideration to be used in the OTVO or explain why your voice is not appropriate. +1
1097 Latent22 Different Decree ETA: Pope Decree for this page is pick you're favorite Page Pope decree from the last 1000 new pages and follow it.  ETA2: Also note I said LAST 1000 new pages which means don't do this one or you will be stuck in a horrible loop. +2
1101 SinusPi Formatting Everyone use a weird (but known!) unit of length/mass/speed/time. NOT including newpixes, these are not weird anymore ;P 0
1102 yappobiscuits Speculation PREDICTIONS! 0
1103 foilman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1103, but made no decree.] 0
1104 pelrigg Carry on. Just continue WOWing............................................ 0
1105 BlitzGirl Formatting Use the word "castle" at least once in your post, for Valarya's sake.  Multiple "castle"s are a bonus. 0
1106 Eternal Density Bring... Leave a leopard. 0
1107 NetWeasel Inside Action More language discussion! 0
1108 Valarya Bring... More cute stuff in spoiler tags. 0
1109 Swein Bring... I want pictures of castles and fortifications. 0
1110 SinusPi What? Decree: revelate.  Something. 0
1111 Tom17 Questionnaire Tell us about something that boggles your mind! 0
1112 thirds Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1112, but made no decree.] 0
1113 ZoomanSP Carry on. No decree, just keep on waiting. 0
1114 mscha Manips I don't believe in the papacy, but for those of you who do: make a similar photomanip of your favourite (or a random) OTC frame. 0
1116 AluisioASG Beacon [Beacon Beta] [Appears midpage] The Pope asks: Where do you think the Beanies are leading Megball to? Do you folks make backups? Where are our phoenixes and platypodes? +1
1118 Rule110 Questionnaire Describe a relevant fantasy dungeon experience.  (Keep it G- or PG-rated, please.) 0
1119 cellocgw Outside Action Evveryone stay cool and safe during this massive (Outside) heatwave. 0
1120 mathmannix and NetWeasel Inside Action [Simultaneous popeage of mathmannix and NetWeasel.  NetWeasel's post originally appeared as the goat of 1119, and mathmannix's post as pope of 1120.  Soon after, mathmannix edited the papal post to include a quote from NetWeasel's post, which swapped the positions of the two.  When NetWeasel was pope, xe asked for a ruling on the pagepope status. Several further edits continued to swap the two posts' positions around.] 0
1121 mikro2nd Carry on. Carry on with the voices!  MAKE IT SO! 0
1122 Rule110 Carry on. As you were. +1
1123 NetWeasel Combination ETA: Pagepope recursive decree: most memorable Pagepope decree of the past -- especially the brilliant and the stupid!  ETA2: Actually I would love to see all the decrees listed somewhere, but that would be beyond the scope of Pope powers... +1
1125 Ashaman No... Less infinity stuff, more language stuff. +2
1126 jovialbard Dissolution Hear me oh brothers and sisters who wait. The papacy is dead! Long disregarded by the masses, lacking the power in held in ancient days long past. Empires have risen to take the place of the papacy, but always they fall into obscurity, the legacy of our orthodoxy taking it's place at our head once more. The time has come for a new revolution my brothers and sisters! I declare myself El Presidente! (for a page) but... um... I don't have any decree... +3
1128 yappobiscuits Notification ONGbump for newpage 0
1129 BytEfLUSh Outside Action So, the papal decree this time is to never confuse your computer's leopard with a genuine wild keyboard. 0
1131 jjjdavidson Outside Action Um, give someone you care about a hug.  And [spoiler] wait for it. [/spoiler] +2
1134 jovialbard Inside Action El Presidente has returned! Umbrella drinks or forced labor camp for everyone! Your choice. +3
1135 SinusPi Formatting Conver#e in-on-with Rosettish tongue-lang##ge!  +6
1137 buffygirl Suggestions Respond to my thoughts, above! or not.... whatever. it's up to you.  +8
1139 Earthling on Mars Commandment I decree that you [spoiler] probably know what this spoiler should say. [/spoiler] +1
1140 CFS Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1140, but made no decree.] +1
1141 Montov Formatting Use at least 1 spoiler in your post. +1
1143 taixzo Time Topic Pinpoint Cuegan's location and river! +2
1144 nickjbor What? I'm Teddy! Not Nickjbor! +2
1147 ChronosDragon Speculation Time ends thusly? How, thusly, does Time end? Thus, tell me how thus ends Time.  +6
1149 Neil_Boekend Bring... Redundapuppies!  I would like to see redundapuppies!  +7
1150 xpatiate Speculation More predictions please.  Tragic, comic, or otherwise.  +9
1151 Gedeon Speculation What do you think, will the ending be tragic for "The Forty" or not?  +9
1154 Rule110 Poetry When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout.  +10
1155 slinches Create... More bad (not bag!) puns!  +11
1156 philip1201 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1156, but made no decree.] +11
1157 yappobiscuits Commandment Continue to follow the new divine command and ...  +11
1158 nerdsniped Speculation Debate the meaning of the new alt-text (you were gonna anyway), preferably explaining all three alt-texts as a coherent sequence.  +12
1159 fhorn Speculation Plans for RESCUE, please.  +12
1160 edo Combination 1) Continue to cheer on M&C 2) I shall conviene a consistory. those present are cardinals. Should we change the criteria for page pope?   +12
1161 sford No... I decree that popitude criteria NOT change.  +12
1162 b2bomberkrh Bring... IF you should feel inclined, any pictures of your own pets, or Chihuahuas would be nice.  +12
1163 edo Different Decree Everyone makes their own decree and follows it.  +13
1164 ZoomanSP Speculation While Cuegan run, take your Time, don't post too much for the sake of our blitzers, and contemplate about the great hall Cuegan are running along at the moment.  +13
1165 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1165, but made no decree.] +13
1166 nerdsniped Commandment Wait for It.  +13
1168 charlie_grumbles Carry on. Alas, your pope is marooned two pages back.  I'll ketchup soon. Carry on. +4
1169 NetWeasel Inside Action Find the Newposters, and bump them forward! 0
1170 nerdsniped Questionnaire Discuss your experience covering distance through the wilderness. +1
1172 higgs-boson Bring... This page's Pope ponders if the regular posters should put the xkcd-time wiki link in their signature. Opinions, please. Opinions and mousolpies! 0
1174 Davidy Bring... Hats for everyone +1
1175 BytEfLUSh Outside Action Just RUN.  It's good for your health (or so I heard) :p +1
1176 Flado Carry on. Carry on, no decrees. 0
1177 b2bomberkrh Bring... Anyone else who would like to share their pet, that would be awesome. +1
1178 CasCat Speculation Um come up with possible ways their plan will run into problems, and solutions for those problems. 0
1179 NetWeasel Speculation Estimates of current water level -- anyone?  Anyone?  Beuller? 0
1180 gga2 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1180, but made no decree.] 0
1181 b2bomberkrh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1181, but made no decree.] 0
1182 hunjoh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1182, but made no decree.] 0
1183 Rule110 Molpishness Do as thou wilt and harm none. 0
1184 jeffallen55 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1184, but made no decree.] 0
1185 Angelastic Combination Re-evaluate the scenery, dialogue, flora and fauna we've seen in light of our new knowledge of the location.  Also, have a nice day. [Second half taken back on the next page.] 0
1186 Someguy945 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1186, but made no decree.] 0
1187 jovialbard Dissolution Down with papal decrees! (I've been noticing less of them anyway, maybe the zombie will finally stay dead!) 0
1188 nerdsniped Abdication Decree: none, as I didn't notice this was a Popepost until the page was more or less complete. 0
1189 edo Speculation Um, come up with wild theories about how Randall came up with this comic. 0
1190 wizpretz Outside Action Go outside and run while contemplating the OTC. 0
1191 mscha Visit... Have a look around the wiki. 0
1193 nerdsniped Combination Speculate as to what the next challenge to confront Cuegan might be.  And, stop letting me be Pope. +1
1194 schwartzbewithyou Inside Action Newbies do your ketchup-ing before posting.  Experienced forum-ers, start the 'keep mscha' movement. :) +2
1195 CasCat Speculation Ok, how easily will Cuegan convince their tribe to run? +2
1196 a_s_h_e_n Speculation Discuss alternative evac points for Cuegan and the 40. +1
1197 BlitzGirl Speculation Who can come up with the most OPTIMISTIC prediction for Cuegan? +1
1198 Neil_Boekend Questionnaire If you feel like it, I'd like to know the worst morning you care to describe. +3
1200 Valarya Bring... Eat a cupcake and spoiler a picture of it! +1
1201 Dracomax Create... Retell the journey of Cuegan as future generations might, with an eye toward myth and legend. 0
1202 cryptoengineer Carry on. I order everyone to do what they would have done anyway.... 0
1203 LoneMarauder Outside Action Keep calm and don't blink. 0
1204 Montov Visit... LaPetite is leading the 40-bunch, I presume...To the other comics to search for their appearances!  When you find somebody, you can name the character. +1
1205 higgs-boson No... DON'T PANIC.  All will be well. +1
1206 maletero Molpishness I decree that everybody should be nice. +1
1207 mscha Time Topic Pray to the GLR or the deity of your choice for the safe return of the rest of the 40. +1
1208 Pfhorrest Dissolution I hereby dissolve the religion (whichever it is I'm pope of, I guess) and mandate the adoption of critical rationalism among the former congregation. +1
1209 charlie_grumbles No... Ignore all popes, including this one. +2
1210 Pfhorrest No... I hereby decree: do not do as I decree.  Including that decree. +2
1211 k.bookbinder Speculation OK, so things that could be floating out at sea, which Cueball saw, and no one paid any attention to him: Conjecture away! +2
1212 Rule110 Speculation Name something else that floats in water, other than wood, churches, gravy, lead, very small rocks, a duck, and witches. +2
1213 mindonner Carry on. Er... talk amongst yourselves, I guess... 0
1214 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1214, but made no decree.] 0
1215 Latent22 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1215, but made no decree.] 0
1216 BlitzGirl Abdication I'm too excited to decree anything! 0
1217 charlie_grumbles Questionnaire If you are a commentator on technical things (the flood, geology, maths...) it would be helpful to me to know whether you have deep training in those fields or are just faking it. I've tried to so that, not being a geologist or hydrologist. But if you are a specialist in one of these fields it would help damp down wild and incorrect speculation (including mine) if you'd let us know. Thanks. 0
1218 jazz14456 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1218, but made no decree.] 0
1219 Valarya Formatting Use the LaPetite smiley somewhere in your post! 0
1220 Fictioneer Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1220, but made no decree.] 0
1221 Random832 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1221, but made no decree.] 0
1222 moody7277 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1222, but made no decree.] 0
1223 Tatiana Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1223, but made no decree.] 0
1224 Random832 Inside Action Well, how about I decree people think of more ideas for statistical analysis of the contents of the OTT? 0
1225 HES Speculation Come up with ideas/suggestions/theories for where Time can go next 0
1226 lmjb1964 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1226, but made no decree.] 0
1227 lgw Speculation Speculate about where the raft will end up and what new people we'll meet 0
1228 charlie_grumbles Outside Action Oh dear, the pope said Megballers.  Decree: everyone erase that thought from your mind. 0
1229 b2bomberkrh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1229, but made no decree.] 0
1230 NetWeasel Speculation Speculations on what the next problem is going to be....  Or not. 0
1231 ucim Abdication No decree tonight.  I'm a pooped Pope. 0
1232 BlitzGirl Poetry Optional decree: / Add a haiku to your post / Because I like those. +1
1233 Neil_Boekend Questionnaire I decree that all who feel like it shall advise me on a good book series to start once I have finished Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. +1
1236 NetWeasel Questionnaire When you leave your place of dwelling, do you now automatically look for your path of escape should the waters start rising? Are you more acutely aware of the location of the temporary islands you could be trapped on? 0
1237 Wildhound Create... More graphs! 0
1238 Random832 Abdication No idea on a decree.  Make up your own decrees. 0
1239 Angelastic Speculation Outrageous and/or serious ideas for the 'but first' please, and things that could interrupt the 'but first' and show there's no time to dally with 'but firsts' when there's important information to reveal. 0
1240 Valarya Speculation Predict what LaPetite is going to say/tell them next frame. 0
1241 ZoomanSP Speculation More predictions about LaPetite's rescue idea! 0
1242 Davidy Carry on. I got nothing.  Carry on. 0
1243 jjjdavidson Combination Okay, if you want to be on-topic [ot] then make a suggestion of something they'd better do soon if they want to survive. And if you want to be off-topic [ot] list your favorite timeodies as a program for "Time: The Musical"! +1
1244 yappobiscuits Random Topic Captain Yappo says, let this be the Newpage of Sailing and Nautical stuffs! 0
1245 DavidRa What? Um ... Nope, I've got nothing. On that basis, the decree is to do whatever you think the decree should have been, unless you are opposed to the decrees, in which case you must not do the things you haven't been told to do by the decree you're ignoring. And since you've ignored the decree, you won't know what that is... 0
1246 hunjoh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1246, but made no decree.] 0
1247 Kieryn Bring... Pictures of aforementioned bigfootmolpy please. 0
1249 Random832 Abdication Uh... I can't think of a decree. +1
1250 HES No... Refrain from using the word ***** on this page. +1
1251 BlitzGirl Posting Style Ask about the title text, the Javascript, or some other very good question that the OTT has already figured out. +1
1252 mscha No... Stop asking questions that have been answered over and over again.  +1
1254 Tatiana Bring... Post more pics of whatever molpies you have hanging around. 0
1256 charlie_grumbles Outside Action Clapping.  Loud, vigorous clapping. +1
1257 higgs-boson Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1257, but made no decree.] +1
1258 mscha Abdication I refuse to be page pope. On strike until Time restarts. +1
1264 rvloon Outside Action Listen to a requiem for Time. +5
1266 rmcurtis Inside Action I decree less crying, more joyful reminiscing. +6
1268 mscha Outside Action Keep hunting for molpies, in and outside the OTC and OTT. (In and around the house, on the internet, on the bottom of your whisky glass, etc.) +7
1269 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What color do you think the One True Comic should be? +7
1270 chem1190c No... It ain't over till the fat molpy sings.. also, no one is allowed to photoshop singing molpies into any frames until at least the end of this page. +7
1271 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1271, but made no decree.] +8
1272 Valarya Bring... Post an army of molpies.  Or not. +8
1273 Valarya Combination Cheer Val up. Or record some audio for any of the OTC side-characters for the OTVO! 0
1274 pelrigg Notification Page pope notification for mod-queue.  0
1275 pelrigg (asst. AluisioASG) Create... Aluisio: "Ok, new campaign: one picture to represent the OTT." pelrigg: "As usual for me, no decree, but AluisioASG's idea sounds like a good idea." 0
1276 b2bomberkrh Combination All I can order/request is that you keep your spirits up, remember how much fun this all is, and continue to think of how you want to thank Randall, and keep in touch with all your friends here. Oh, and animal pictures on this page have to be your own!!! 0
1277 mscha Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1278 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1278, but made no decree.] 0
1279 bmonk Abdication [In a later post] A Blitzer Pope--is that heresy, like an Anti-pope? However, I have no momentous decrees to decree. Except, perhaps, to decree that I will make no decrees. Mourning the loss of molpys is acceptable. 0
1280 Swein Ottification Bring me visual OTTifications .... please. 0
1281 Zorin_75 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1281, but made no decree.] 0
1282 Eliram Create... So my Papal Decree is for you all to go and be creative. 0
1283 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1283, but made no decree.] 0
1284 HES Outside Action Find other OTTer's hat's in the outside, and bring them back where they belong. 0
1287 k.bookbinder POST! Keep posting! No leaving! (Unless it is to coma, but then you must come back) +2
1288 jabelch Questionnaire Share something about yourself that nobody here would know about you. +1
1291 Tatiana Bring... I'm hungry! Please bring food to the OTT on this page. The menu is your choice. 0
1292 Opiboble Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1292, but made no decree.] 0
1293 Goggalor OTColored Give me colored frames!  Photoshop, GIMP, MSpaint, or even crayons!  I want color! 0
1294 BlitzGirl Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1294, but made no decree.] 0
1295 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1295, but made no decree.] 0
1296 Valarya Questionnaire Tell me what your favorite frame is and why. 0
1297 Fictioneer Questionnaire What important (to you) thing would you take in your backpack on a trip like Cuegan's? 0
1298 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1298, but made no decree.] 0
1299 schwartzbewithyou Abdication Pagepope! I am too excited reading through the blag and comments to make a decree! 0
1300 BlitzGirl Repository [OTT Smiley Repository] +1
1304 Rule110 Summonus By the way, start of a newpage. No decree, just a positional marker in case more lurkers post. In fact, I insist on it. Lurkers must post. It's past the end of Time, what else could you possibly be waiting for! It's not a decree or anything. But do it. Or else. 0
1305 adnapemit OTColored more coloured frames because they are (4) 0
1306 taixzo Poetry Double-dactyls! 0
1307 BlitzGirl What? Molpy being molpy being molpy being molpy being molpy being molpy being grapevine grapevine! 0
1308 neopifex Bring... Please post parrot pictures upon this page. 0
1309 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What is your least-favorite newpix?  (The-frame-of-which-we-do-not-speak does not count.) 0
1310 MajorDouble7 Ottification Please pleasure us with prose and pixels! 0
1311 k.bookbinder Combination If you are so inclined, present a possible mug design to add to our ever growing list of "OMR, we wish we could purchase this from the xkcd.com store." That, and more OTTities, and colorizations, and poetry, and literature, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals... 0
1312 Ebonite Manips Add dialogue to a frame that originally doesn't have dialogue! 0
1313 StratPlayer Combination GAH! Complying with a papal decree and I become the new page pope. So I'll continue the same decree -- continue providing new dialog for some dialog-less frames. Well, that and welcome the post-End-of-Time first-posters. Welcome! 0
1314 jetpac Questionnaire Everybody state your favorite heresy.  Do it.  It's ok, I'm the pope. 0
1315 HES OTTercomics More OTThercomics! 0
1316 BlueCrab Carry on. Wow, 110 newpages behind and I get Pope... um, carry on, good people, carry on! I'll get there eventually... 0
1317 charlie_grumbles Inside Action As pope, I declare this page to be sticky.  If you come here you can't leave. 0
1321 pelrigg Visit... Most of my decrees have been in the not followed category, but because I'm Pope I double-double-dog dare you to click the link. +7
1322 Hel-G Ottification I want seaish(1) seaish(2) OTTifications! 0
1323 BlitzGirl Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1323, but made no decree.] 0
1324 HES Create... Write/post/create a song/rONG/OTTification/OTThercomic/colourification/story about one of the molpies cuegan encountered (or find a picture of one on the internet) 0
1325 MajorDouble7 Questionnaire Please provide us all with an anecdote about something in the Outside(H) that suffered (suffers) the most while trying to maintain a presence in the OTT (and waiting for the OTC). 0
1326 intheshax Questionnaire Name a frame you left off on to coma, and then woke to find you had left at exactly the wrong time! 0
1327 BlitzGirl Speculation Pick an OTC character and tell me what happened to them after Time stopped.  I want to know!! 0
1328 tresoldi Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1328, but made no decree.] 0
1329 mscha Inside Action Hmm, just don't leave the OTT, that's all. 0
1330 jeffallen55 Abdication That's great, I get pope when I don't check back to see my message. This means my next decree counts double. 0
1331 Ebonite Create... Write a scene for a text-adventure game based on Time! 0
1332 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1332, but made no decree.] 0
1333 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1333, but made no decree.] 0
1334 HES Notification PAPAL BONUS! [An extra OTTercomic] 0
1335 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1335, but made no decree.] 0
1336 Latent22 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1336, but made no decree.] 0
1337 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1337, but made no decree.] 0
1338 jeffallen55 Combination Completely non-optional Papal decree: Be excellent to each other. Slightly more optional decree: OTTify a famous painting. 0
1339 Angelastic Create... Record yourselves or your robots/molpies/robotmolpies singing/reading/Shatnerizing/playing instruments for new or existing song/poem/prose ottifications, or draw comics to go with said ottifications, if you want! 0
1340 charlie_grumbles Molpishness You shall, above all things, be glad and young.  (via e.e. cummings) 0
1341 Whizbang Ottification OTTify real life!  Go out and manip the world! 0
1342 Eternal Density Carry on. [Appears midpage] I see that I am the Page Opening Personal Entity. But I won't decree anything, just do whatever :D 0
1343 Latent22 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1343, but made no decree.] 0
1344 lmjb1964 Formatting Try to work the title of a book into the text of your post. 0
1345 k.bookbinder Outside Action Enjoy your lunch!  (For that is what I am about to do...) 0
1346 HES Bring... Bring some out-of-season(ew) celebratory food so they don't feel left out. The more RELATED the better! 0
1347 Eternal Density OTColored I decree more OTColoured :D 0
1348 Eternal Density Carry on. Whoops, I did it again. Keep doin' what you're doin'. Wait for it and post with me, one more time! 0
1349 Eternal Density Manips How about doing OTC manips where Outside things are added to it? Or is that too heretical? :P 0
1350 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope Appeared at the top of NP1350, but made no decree.] 0
1351 BlitzGirl Questionnaire Who is your favorite OTC character? 0
1352 Latent22 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1352, but made no decree.] 0
1353 Eternal Density Random Topic I sudo that you add sandwiches (or references to sandwiches) to the OTC. 0
1354 jeffallen55 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1354, but made no decree.] 0
1355 TheMinim What? Do ghoti have fingers? I decree that I am likely to sit on my hair. But not much of it but the ends. Is that a suitable decree? 0
1356 Soup Time Topic This page will vote on whether I should Edit/ Spoiler what the offending alt-text was, or just leave it alone. 0
1357 irino Speculation Is there a logical reason there are no OTTers in Asia according to the map? If Cuegan's party think the new sea is fresh, does that mean they're going to try to drink it? 0
1358 buffygirl Questionnaire Choose your favorite BuffyHat! 0
1359 intheshax Questionnaire How about if the new decree is to name your favorite hat *that is not your own* and why? 0
1360 Vytron Notification Accidental PagePope of NewPage 1360! Do we still make decrees? 0
1361 charlie_grumbles Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1361, but made no decree.] 0
1362 pelrigg Summonus Wait for the blitzers and lost ones... 0
1363 charlie_grumbles POST! Wake up!  Wake up!   Time's a wastin' 0
1364 smolloy Silent Pope [A blitzer's blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1365 charlie_grumbles Carry on. Carry on havin' fun. 0
1366 charlie_grumbles Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1366, but made no decree.] 0
1367 moody7277 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1367, but made no decree.] 0
1368 JGeezer Formatting OK, when you molpy down, show us YOUR molpy downing. 0
1369 pelrigg Commandment No decree... except have fun and Wait For IT... 0
1370 Valarya Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1370, but made no decree.] 0
1371 ChronosDragon Bring... hats :D 0
1372 Neil_Boekend Summonus Uhm, be happy, don't leave.  Those of us who are in the basement are allowed to go back up if they wish. 0
1373 Earthling on Mars Event [The Bench] 0
1374 yappobiscuits Bring... Pope Yappo demands molpies playing musical instruments.  Yes. 0
1375 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1375, but made no decree.] 0
1376 Caswallon Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1376, but made no decree.] 0
1377 Opiboble Outside Action Always help lost pet molpys find there home again! 0
1378 BlitzGirl Bring... If you happen across any other trippy gifs, feel free to provide them (behind spoiler tags for safety, of course). 0
1379 mscha Carry on. Keep it up with the ⁴ ottifications, manips, OTTherComics, colorizations, rONGs,OSHes, Molpy art, newONGs, etc! 0
1380 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1380, but made no decree.] 0
1381 Kieryn Create... More OTT/OTC/OTTer jokes please! 0
1383 mscha No... Anyone who still uses bad puns on this page is banned to the basement. 0
1384 HAL9000 Notification Edit to add that I seem to have reclaimed my old post as Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer. (I'm never a pope. Never.) 0
1385 mscha POST! Keep the OTT alive over the wixend, but not artificially. Post if you've got something to post, but otherwise just [spoiler] you know what [/spoiler] 0
1386 azule POST! Since I'm still a bit worried about the OTT, the decree is to post and fill up this page. It better be filled by the Time I arrive in the Present. 0
1387 HAL9000 Notification I'm no pope, you silly duck!  I'm the Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer!  [Bumped by a firstpost immediately above.] +1
1388 pelrigg Bring... Any more "Time" related images out there (gifs, videos, etc.?) 0
1389 newpixbot (asst. Angelastic) Inside Action Bow for your newpixoverlordprotectors (see Angelastic's post below). 0
1390 intheshax Outside Action I will decree that anyone reading this should do something kind for another person in the next 24 hours, and not get found out by any other living person. 0
1391 TheMinim Abdication I decree that there is no decree. *shrug* 0
1392 yappobiscuits Questionnaire Continue telling us of any other ways the OTT has seeped into your outside life! 0
1393 Eternal Density Event [Eternal Density's OTTercomicking marathon] 0
1394 azule Inside Action If you did not get a reply let someone know so you may get your due. 0
1395 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1395, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1396 mscha Carry on. Just keep up the good work. 0
1397 azule Notification I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope, I'm the Pope! 0
1398 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1398, but made no decree.] 0
1399 HES Inside Action SRIV releases in one hour. If I don't resurface after a couple of luckyongs, send the molpy army after me. 0
1400 AluisioASG Inside Action My memory blender recently brought to my attention that some of us became lost in the waters of Time. I think it would be a good idea to hold a ceremony in honor of these lost souls. 0
1401 ggh Combination Please post poetry! Or continue with Aluisio's excellent decree from the last page. Or combine them! 0
1402 AluisioASG What? One Thread to find them all, / One Thread to bring them; / One Thread to kill them all / And from Hades rescue them 0
1403 balthasar_s No... DO NOT eat cassettes or throw bicycles at people!  More important than you might think. 0
1404 TheMinim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1404, but made no decree.] 0
1405 azule Formatting FTFSomeone.  Though, not like I did, but like yappo did. 0
1406 BlitzGirl Ottification Take the first line of a book - or any memorable line, really - and ottify it with OTC characters and such. 0
1407 Exodies Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1408 Valarya Poetry Oh look!  How perfect / Momeness!! Optional Decree: / Related-Haikus 0
1409 AluisioASG Puzzle You.  Yes, you.  Go back to page 1408 and stay there. Or use our express checkout system. [Links to puzzle on 1408.] 0
1410 mikrit Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1411 Exodies Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1412 AluisioASG Hotdog Why don't we have a game of riddles? 0
1413 Exodies Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1414 Kieryn Visit... I decree predictions and OTC/OTTifications for obelisk. 0
1415 HES Abdication Sorry, I've already packed the decree ahead of the move. 0
1416 magma pixie Molpishness Random acts of kindness decree: If opportunity presents itself, here or Outside, do something nice for someone and tell us about it! 0
1417 cellocgw Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1417, but made no decree.] 0
1418 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What do you wish we had seen in Time that we didn't get to see? 0
1419 mrob27 Different Decree Since I already got a free decree (regarding the word "molpier") I'll decree that everyone choose their own decree (so long as it's suitably treeish) 0
1420 Eternal Density Hotdog cookie overlord decree: bake ALL the cookies. 0
1421 ChronosDragon Bring... Grandmothers and cookies. 0
1422 yappobiscuits No... I decree we keep this page as cookie-free as we can.  Last page was a bit of an overload! 0
1423 Earthling on Mars Time Travel Oh my, pope from the past. Can I decree that you stop posting entirely so I can catch up? No? Okay, well, then, go read one of the early pages of the thread and appreciate how naive we were back then. Just try not to accidentally fall into a blitz. 0
1424 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1424, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1425 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1425, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1426 azule Questionnaire Tell us how different or similar you are compared to your OTT or online persona. 0
1427 Eternal Density Outside Action Smile at someone today who you otherwise wouldn't. 0
1428 cellocgw Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1428, but made no decree.] 0
1429 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1429, but made no decree.] 0
1430 Eternal Density Suggestions Suggest stuff you'd like in Sandcastle Builder (try to keep suggestions short though). 0
1431 cellocgw Thought Experiment Suppose we take all the time and CPU power used to post, create modded comic frames, write songs and stories, collect c^#&kies, etc., and assume it was all applied to generating BitCoins. How rich would we, as a group, be?  0
1432 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What is the most disturbing part of stick-figure reproduction?  (If that is too steambottlish, how cute are stick figure offspring?  I think they are adorable.) 0
1433 higgs-boson Questionnaire What did you buy, driven by your ludic drive instead of need? 0
1434 Neil_Boekend Visit... Click cookies! 0
1435 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1435, but made no decree.] 0
1436 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1436, but made no decree.] +1
1437 azule Questionnaire How do you see someone notable here in the OTT? With their permission, of course. 0
1438 ucim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1438, but made no decree.] 0
1439 BlitzGirl Summonus Find an awesomeful blitzer summoning circle for Philip Thomas.  0
1440 ggh Formatting "Molpy that mustard out." The pope asks you to use that phrase in your post if you are so inclined. 0
1441 Eternal Density Suggestions Suggest the name of an item in the game. 0
1442 AluisioASG POST! Please keep this thread alive.  DO SOMETHING! 0
1443 ucim Outside Action Consider the individuals here who have had the most impact on you... Internalize those thoughts. No need to post about it (but no prohibition against it either). 0
1444 Eternal Density Suggestions I won't decree but feedback on pricing or anything really is welcome. 0
1445 BlitzGirl Poetry How about some Time limericks? 0
1446 Valarya Carry on. Continue with the poetry! 0
1447 yappobiscuits Event [yappobiscuit's 1000-posts party] 0
1448 Angelastic Speculation Maybe you should all come up with absurd hypotheses about Beanie babies. 0
1449 BlitzGirl Poetry I'm done with limericks, how about OTC/OTT rhyming couplets? 0
1450 patzer Hotdog Play OTT-related games here in the One True Thread. 0
1451 Eternal Density Combination Suggest appropri'te Punishment for BlitzGirl's punning ways / And if you write in poetry, this OTTer you'll amaze 0
1452 lmjb1964 Combination 1) Join in the game that was started by Philip last NP. 2) Figure out a way to play it that doesn't involve spoilers. 3) Make castles. 4) Try to get one of the lost ones to return. 5) Wait for it. ETA after reading one of Philip's post: 6) If you haven't seen The Princess Bride, go and watch it RIGHT NOW. (Not optional.) 0
1453 k.bookbinder Hotdog Share you current Castle Clicker stats, and strategies. 0
1454 Eternal Density Suggestions What do you want on the stats page? 0
1455 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What is your favorite line of dialogue in the OTC? 0
1456 Vytron OTTercomics I have no decree in mind, just, if you have an idea of a OTTerComic, OtherOTTerComic, OTTerOtherComic or OTTerOTTercomic to make, it's now the time to do it, I love those! 0
1457 slinches Hotdog Find the rest of the words in the word search, so I can coma peacefully. 0
1458 waveney Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1458, but made no decree.] 0
1459 ergman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1459, but made no decree.] 0
1460 ChronosDragon Create... Moar crosswords! :D Or other puzzles. 0
1461 yappobiscuits Bring... Popemolpy decrees that everyone start preparing delicious cakes for Aluisio's 1000th and BlitzGirl's 3000th. 0
1462 ggh Formatting I'd love to see you hide bags in your posts. The first person to spot anyone else's bag gets a point. Anyone whose bag remains undetected 'til the next page gets a point. 0
1463 yappobiscuits Notification Very late ETA: I believe this was my 1024th post. I recently learned that number is important, so... yay I guess :P Pope'd on 1000 and 1024! 0
1464 ergman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1464, but made no decree.] 0
1465 Eternal Density Hotdog Share your progress in any game you want to talk about. 0
1466 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1466, but made no decree.] 0
1467 taixzo Time Travel And apparently retro-Pope! Decree: Wait for me!! 0
1468 ZoomanSP Bring... More cakes, and onwards to 3 million views! 0
1469 jovialbard Hotdog Play that sentence/picture game more, but write really elaborate and abstract sentences so that it get's wacky quicker. Possibly include your favorite poetry format in your sentences. Or an epic story that culminates in the previous person's picture. If you do one of those things, make sure you claim your spot first so that someone doesn't ninja you. 0
1470 ggh Combination Have a great weekend! (not optional) Then prove it, in a way that's related. (optional) 0
1471 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What is your favorite molpy in the OTC? (Raptors also acceptable.) 0
1472 AluisioASG Beacon [Beacon Gamma] [Not the page-topping post, appears midpage.] 0
1473 yappobiscuits Combination Either bring more puzzles, or following on from BlitzGirl's "favourite molpy" decree, tell us your favourite character in the OTC. +2
1474 pelrigg Molpishness Have fun. 0
1475 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1475, but made no decree.] 0
1476 BlitzGirl Formatting Use the phrase VITSSÅGEN, JA! somewhere in your post. 0
1477 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1477, but made no decree.] 0
1478 Flado Inside Action Wanna decree? OK, here's one: send me a PM. 0
1479 BlitzGirl Carry on. Feel free to continue in my pants. 0
1480 BlitzGirl Carry on. Pants no longer mandatory. But always welcomed. 0
1481 waveney Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1481, but made no decree.] 0
1482 ucim What? I'm not certain what I should decree. 0
1483 BlitzGirl Ottification Ottify a line from a movie. 0
1484 AluisioASG Suggestions [Appears midpage] I think we need to define the scope of Know Thy Otter. We already know that the correct answer to a question MUST be available somewhere in the OTT. Anything else? 0
1485 Eternal Density Suggestions Suppose I added a whole new set of tools to Sandcastle Builder that are available from the start of the Journey Era. What would some or all of them be called and how would they fit into the game?  0
1486 BlitzGirl Formatting Use OTT dirty words! 0
1487 yappobiscuits Carry on. Oh, newpage of dirty words is over... Well, carry on using them if you want, but do think of the children... 0
1488 ggh Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1488, but made no decree.] 0
1489 ergman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1489, but made no decree.] 0
1490 svenman Molpishness It's my first time. So please be gentle. Actually, that makes a fine decree: Be gentle. To me, to each other, to others, in the thread, outside, even (and especially) in heretical so-called "real life". 0
1491 TheMinim Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1492 azule Date Decree Banter on about 1492 related things such as Columbus, America or Harry Potter version, or the xkcd Columbus comic. 0
1493 BlitzGirl Questionnaire What are your favorite stick-figure poses in the OTC? 0
1494 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1494, but made no decree.] 0
1495 AluisioASG Bring... Giant statues of animals. 0
1496 BlitzGirl Combination Either bring more photos of painted statues, or manip one of them into a newpix of Time! 0
1497 BlitzGirl Poetry Whoops! I'm Mome again. / Continue the statues, or / Post some new haiku! 0
1498 Eternal Density Visit... Click the spoiler. [It's a molpyroll.] 0
1499 edo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1499, but made no decree.] 0
1500 yappobiscuits Molpishness ETA:  Whoa, my first Centapapacy! And half-millenipapacy too! Trust me not to have a decree handy for such a special occasion... or maybe, Decree: Wait for me to come up with a better decree. ETA 2: Nah. Screw decrees. Just have a big 1500 party! 0
1501 BlitzGirl Molpishness Woo - 60,000th reply! No specific decree, continue to celebrate! 0
1502 Amanita Silent Pope [A blitzer's blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1503 BlitzGirl Formatting This newpage is brought to you by the letter D. Begin your post with a word starting with that letter! 0
1504 ZoomanSP Inside Action We're on NP1504, which as a year was at t** **d of the Middle Ages, when the time of castles and knights faded away. But here in the OTT, we're pretty good at waiting for it even after t** **d, so I declare this page to be dedicated to Knights (Temporal) and (Sand)castles! 0
1505 k.bookbinder Combination Include exclamation points responsibly. As we will use any excuse for cake and goodies, let us celebrate Google's 15th Birthday with yummy delicious treats. Be excellent to each other 0
1506 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1506, but made no decree.] 0
1507 azule Suggestions Give feedback on my project [Time Drags On]. Wishes. Hopes. Etc. 0
1508 Eternal Density OTColored Colour the OTC. 0
1509 AluisioASG Poetry Write a sad poem 0
1510 Eternal Density Questionnaire I don't know if anyone followed my previous decree but if anyone wants to share tales of discussing ottish things with friends and family that would be neat.  0
1511 HAL9000 Commandment vatican milliner's perfect customer says to wait for it. 0
1512 BlitzGirl Formatting Use a RELATED smiley from the Repository or Wiki page in your post! 0
1513 BlitzGirl Formatting Include the following in your post... Molpy molpy molpy molpy, / Molpy molpy molpy molpy. / Molpy molpy molpy molpy, / Grapevine, grapevine. 0
1514 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1514, but made no decree.] 0
1515 Eternal Density Visit... Add sandcastle stuff to the wiki, especially to the pages and sections which don't have anything in them yet. 0
1516 Eternal Density Visit... Suggest a decree and try to read this page without breaking your pagedown button or scrollwheel. 0
1517 Eternal Density Combination Figure out the above [imposter bots in the hotdog]. And click all the redundakitties. And report mustard and colour and OTTify things. 0
1518 ZoomanSP Bring... More cute watermolpies - bonus points for OTC/OTT-RELATEDness! 0
1519 BlitzGirl Ottification Make song ottifications! 0
1520 TheMinim Carry on. Corinne: "I declare you feed me your molpies!" TheMinim: "Don't follow through with that, she already has enough from scavenging dead ones. Just carry on posting and being awesome." 0
1521 AluisioASG Bring... Marshmellows. 0
1522 Eternal Density Ottification OTTify Joss Whedon stuff. 0
1523 yappobiscuits Random Topic Cheesify more things! 0
1524 waveney Time Topic Beanies... 0
1525 SBN Bring... Puzzles and Cute molpies. Or cute puzzles and molpies. Or cute molpy puzzles. 0
1526 SBN Carry on. Carry on. 0
1527 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1527, but made no decree.] 0
1528 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1528, but made no decree.] 0
1529 Eternal Density Mustard Find the mustard [in the hotdog] which I won't be able to fix for several nopix 0
1530 slinches Bring... More redundakitties! 0
1531 mrob27 Create... An Edit added hastily, deilvering my first decree: / to find an illustrator for this verse would make my molpies squee! 0
1532 Eternal Density Combination OTTify all the things! Or explain why I'm so bad at my own logic puzzles. 0
1533 ZoomanSP Carry on. Carry on as molpish as ever. 0
1534 ChronosDragon Bring... Molpies hugging molpies. 0
1535 Eternal Density Combination Praise BlitzGirl, also go back to my post 2222 to see the cakes if you missed them. Also post pictures of molpies with clocks or other Timepieces. (or perhaps clock hats?) 0
1536 AluisioASG Combination 1. An artistic impression of what a Gibraltar dam would look like. or 2. A guess on the number of times humanity would be able to reach its current technological and cultural level in a 11k years window, assuming it'll invariably destroy itself before or shortly after developing radio or space flight technology. (No experimental results, please.) or 3. How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? At which rate do you switch among them? 0
1537 yappobiscuits Bring... Bring funny molpy pics and caption them!  0
1538 yappobiscuits Carry on. Carry on, I guess. 0
1539 azule Create... Add captions to your image posts as an exercise in creative writing. 0
1540 Eternal Density Suggestions Suggest lots of molpy names! Maybe even have pictures/captions to go with them. Or compile lists. Just don't make a single standard list. That's not acceptable at all! 0
1541 yappobiscuits Questionnaire Since the OTC/OTT has become a large part of a lot of OTTers lives and has no doubt seeped into our subconciouses... has anyone ever had Time-RELATED coma-visions? Tell us of them, if you can! 0
1542 SBN Combination So, assuming I can time it right, my decree is to make a new OTTer title, and bestow it. Alternate form, more molpies with captions and text descriptions. 0
1543 Eternal Density Combination Let's have more of those captioned molpics! Those were awesomeful. Oh and I could do with more molpy names too. And any interesting details you might ascribe to them. 0
1544 ZoomanSP Carry on. Molpy on. 0
1545 Eternal Density Combination What kind of bags would various molpies be most comfortable in? Perhaps post pics of molpies in bags. 0
1546 Eternal Density Carry on. Carry on as before. Especially the final part of my previous decree 0
1547 ggh Speculation Speculate on what pets The Forty might acquire in their new home.  0
1548 edo Molpishness Do something wonderful. 0
1549 Eternal Density Puzzle Figure it out! [Reference to past subject lines in ED's posts.] 0
1550 azule Ottification More manips or OTTifications! 0
1551 BlitzGirl Formatting Start your post with the letter G! 0
1552 Uristqwerty Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1552, but made no decree.] 0
1553 Eternal Density Thought Experiment Eh, work it out for yourselves how to fulfill hypothetical useful decrees. 0
1554 BlitzGirl Speculation Speculate on the future of one or more of the characters of Time. 0
1555 AluisioASG Inside Action Read this page with the voice of MORGAN FREEMAN. 0
1556 SBN Combination More molpy captions, or more puzzles (jigaw or other). 0
1557 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring a graph that is in some way RELATED. Or make your own! 0
1558 Eternal Density OTTercomics OTTify the new OtherComic and show how wrong I was 0
1559 BlitzGirl Speculation Bring Beanie theories and predictions! 0
1560 waveney Suggestions More Beany ideas - some may see the light of day in the future... 0
1561 BlitzGirl Speculation Look for omens of: 1) The imminent arrival of a sequel to Time 2) The imminent End of Dips 3) Anything else that looks omen-ish. You never know. 0
1562 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1562, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1563 BlitzGirl Ottification Ottify all the things. I don't care what they are, just ottify 'em. 0
1564 BlitzGirl (asst. AluisioASG) Abdication BlitzGirl: "Somebody else be Mome for a while. I'm tired of being Mome!"  AluisioASG: "I'll step up then. Decree: dance." 0
1565 adnapemit Summonus I decree anyone lurking or reading this who hasn't posted on the thread in over a week should post something and say hi. 0
1566 AluisioASG Create... Bring us USD submissions 0
1567 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1567, but made no decree.] 0
1568 AluisioASG Create... Oh, and if it's not much work (<5min), draw a fedora Hat and a suit, BlitzGirl. 0
1569 StormAngel Ottification I'd like to see more Megball OTTifications/OTColors/Original Art 0
1570 azule OTTercomics Please OTTify one of the following: [list of unottified Othercomics] 0
1571 azule Carry on. Last decree went well. Please keep it up!! 0
1572 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring more RELATED puzzles for the wipend! Or, make your own ottish puzzles! 0
1573 yappobiscuits Combination More OTTercomics! And more BeanONG predictions! 0
1574 @maniexx Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1574, but made no decree.] 0
1575 HES Silent Pope [A blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1576 Eternal Density Formatting Decree: messages here [in the subject line] 0
1577 Neil_Boekend Inside Action I decree that everyone must wear a green safety hat this page. 0
1578 Earthling on Mars Questionnaire What is your favorite plant from the OTC? 0
1579 Eternal Density Random Topic Wenches with wrenches! 0
1580 Valarya Bring... Pictures of Otherslugs! Not just brainslugs. 0
1581 ZoomanSP Ottification More ottifications! 0
1582 Eternal Density Hotdog Where are you up to in the hotdog? (or a heretical hotdog if you wish) or what would you be achieving if you weren't hotdogging? 0
1583 ucim Bring... Pictures by you, or of you. 0
1584 BlitzGirl Questionnaire Seen movie lately? Like/dislike? Want to see movie? Why? Don't see movies? Why?  Is that enough questions for this decree? Is this getting too meta? I'm sorry. 0
1585 ChronosDragon Bring... We'll need some flamethrowers to wipe out this brainslug menace. Bring some impressive fire-based weaponry! Maybe a fire-slinging trebuchet or two! 0
1586 Kieryn Create... Well -- if there's anything I would say is... just create something, make something, draw something, compose something (OTC related or not) and share it. 0
1587 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1587, but made no decree.] 0
1588 ChronosDragon Create... I guess, make some surreptitious puns lasagna? 0
1589 Dracomax Inside Action Um...explain what's been happening in the time I've been acoma, using interpretive poetry. If you want. 0
1590 ucim Carry on. No decree, carrion. 0
1591 Eternal Density Suggestions Got any suggestions/ideas for the other hotdog? 0
1592 Neil_Boekend Speculation Come up with strange and weird theories where the Beanie story is going. Bonis points for death and dismemberment. 0
1593 lmjb1964 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1593, but made no decree.] 0
1594 ZoomanSP Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1594, but made no decree.] 0
1595 yappobiscuits Bring... Selfish decree: Bring more cake for me and BlitzGirl 0
1596 yappobiscuits Notification Chirp, doublepope... 0
1597 BlitzGirl Speculation Grim predictions for either the beanONGs, other OTC characters, or us here in the OTT! 0
1598 HES Inside Action Do something creative with the 1288 substitutions. 0
1599 mrob27 Ottification As suggested by azule, my decree is retroactive: that you shall have already recorded treeish musical OTTifications, which will haven-been inspire me to make this one ! 0
1600 HES Questionnaire What were YOU doing half of Time ago? 0
1601 BlitzGirl Ottification Song ottifications! 0
1602 lmjb1964 Combination 1) More "Thus ends the Beanies" predictions 2) More ottifications 3) Nag me to finish my story. 4) See if you can sneak a pun in without BlitzGirl catching it. Oh, she's going to kill me for that one, isn't she?  runs and hides* *peeks back in to say* 5) Enjoy the rest of the wipend! *runs and hides again* 0
1603 AluisioASG Questionnaire What would you do if the next 24 hours were the world's last ones? 0
1604 Dracomax No... Don't pun. 0
1605 AluisioASG Bring... Spoilers. I want spoilers. +1
1606 Eternal Density Questionnaire What city do you live in and what do you call the people who live there? +1
1607 Eternal Density Carry on. Same decree. 0
1608 Eternal Density Carry on. Keep up the same decree 0
1609 waveney Bring... Other things called Time... 0
1610 ucim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1610, but made no decree.] 0
1611 ergman Combination 1. everyone who likes drawing, get on drawception, we're taking over. 2. everyone on this page should make a new decree, and follow the decrees of those above them on the page. +2
1612 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1612, but made no decree.] 0
1613 AluisioASG Bring... Stop procrastinating and bring us baobabs (any kind; see my baobabuses). 0
1614 HES Outside Action Go and do something on your to-do list. if you don't have one, write one! 0
1615 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1615, but made no decree.] 0
1616 Eternal Density Molpishness Be molpish to one another. 0
1617 lmjb1964 Combination 1) More hugs and ice cream for MistyCat! 2) More awesomeful ottifications! 3) More nagging me to work on my story! 4) Have a molpish wipend! (non-optional) 0
1618 Eternal Density Create... Make molpish captions for molpoidal images. 0
1619 ZoomanSP Carry on. Stay molpish, my friends! 0
1620 azule Combination Papal Decree: Celebrate like it's 999. Eh, super secret papal decree (lower case, even): any suggestions for what you'd like to see? Could be anything, from OTTercomic to song recording to video to a mix of things I've done. 0
1621 BlitzGirl Poetry Optional decree: / Convert your posts to haiku / Because haiku rule. 0
1623 azule Inside Action Follow the directions of a server code. -1
1624 azule Ottification OTTify something, or create a new related work for user submission dip. -1
1625 AluisioASG Beacon [Beacon Foxhound] -1
1626 waveney Suggestions Beanie ideas... -1
1627 AluisioASG Suggestions Should we consider an OTT Archive project? -1
1628 ergman Molpishness Compliment the poster above you! -1
1629 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1629, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] -1
1630 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1630, but only to post a molpy down.] 0
1631 ucim Questionnaire How has the OTT (and the OTC) affected you personally? 0
1632 yappobiscuits No... Well I guess decree is no blue things this NP! 0
1633 slinches Speculation Uh ... speculate about the plot of the mystery ONGs or what we'll find at the end of the panning sequence? 0
1634 ChronosDragon Combination Decree: subtle Back to the Future references. Also someone attempt Aluisio's puzzle. 0
1635 BlitzGirl Combination How do you do your holidaying on the Outside? And I wonder if the Cueganites or Beanies have any such traditions... 0
1636 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1636, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1637 ChronosDragon Outside Action Haberdasherpopedecree: since it's Luckycoat Daveandix, post something you might be buying todip or this wipend. 0
1638 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1638, but made no decree.] 0
1639 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1639, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1640 HES Outside Action Do something on your todo list. Or, if you don't have one, write one! 0
1641 ergman Time Topic Talk about the OTC. 0
1642 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1642, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1643 ggh Event [The Wowterfall] 0
1644 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1644, but made no decree.] 0
1645 Eternal Density Commandment Wait for it! 0
1646 january1may Manips I seriously don't know, make some cool OTC manips? 0
1647 Spaceman Spiff Molpishness Be awesomeful to someone in the Outside. 0
1648 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1648, but made no decree.] 0
1649 HES What? Omnomnom, HES sandwich! 0
1650 Eternal Density Commandment [Empty Spoiler] 0
1651 mscha POST! Post, for Randall's sake! 0
1652 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1652, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1653 yappobiscuits Bring... Bring pics of christmassy molpies! 0
1654 HES Questionnaire Tell us what you found behind a door today. 0
1655 Earthling on Mars Create... Finish telling about what Randall gave us in the Twelve Dips of Newpix. 0
1656 mscha Commandment [Empty Spoiler] 0
1657 BlitzGirl Suggestions Think of some molpish OTC/OTT wordfilters that might be imposed on the Otherthreads. 0
1658 slinches Different Decree Follow the page pope decree of THIS PAGE. [Link to random newpage generator.] Or if there is no decree, respond to any interesting posts on that page. 0
1659 OrbitalFacePalm9001 What? HELP ME JASON 0
1660 ChronosDragon Questionnaire Describe your worst sick day! Include redundacats so it's not all **dish stuff  0
1661 HES Different Decree Turn the newpage number backwards and follow the decree of that page instead. 0
1662 newpixbot (angry) Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1662, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1663 waveney Suggestions More things for the OTS... 0
1664 BlitzGirl Create... Create new permutations of semencoffeecancerbeaniebabiesonice. 0
1665 mscha Summonus Try to summon all the basement dwellers. 0
1666 BlitzGirl Molpishness Think molpish thoughts! Share them here if you'd like! 0
1667 TimeLurker Combination You may choose to reminisce about your favorite times in the OTT, or ponder where it will go in the future. 0
1668 HES Summonus All those who were just summoned, stay for a while! 0
1669 BlitzGirl Manips Make some OTC manips! 0
1670 mscha Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1670, but made no decree.] 0
1671 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1671, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1672 azule Ottification I decree: more OTTifications. 0
1673 yappobiscuits Questionnaire Well, tell me of any other outside useages of OTTish words you may have come across! 0
1674 OrbitalFacePalm9001 OTT-ifs MORE OTT-IFS 0
1675 waveney Speculation Speculate on the source of the Mystery ONGs. 0
1676 azule Mustard (to the server) get your damn red spiders in line! 0
1677 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Occurred during a time of server mustard.] 0
1678 yappobiscuits Molpishness I decree that you shall all have a very molpy ch*rpmas! 0
1679 HES Molpishness Be thankful and merry! 0
1680 yappobiscuits Speculation Well then, let's have more speculation on this subject! [Creator of the SilentONGs] 0
1681 ggh Combination Okay, tell me what your favourite holiday tradition is. What traditions do you think the forty will celebrate their survival with in years to come? 0
1682 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1682, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1683 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1683, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1684 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1684, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1685 ucim Speculation The Pope is wondering whether or not the Cuegan will run into the Hill People. Speculation and other imaginations will be welcome. 0
1686 AluisioASG Bring... Bring us OTPs (One True Planes). 0
1687 balthasar_s Speculation What's on the top? 0
1688 ucim Questionnaire What is it that you would love to do, but are a bit scared of? 0
1689 BlitzGirl Random Topic Something about trees? 0
1690 Soup POST! Post! 0
1691 AluisioASG Questionnaire Tell me, what do y'll remember? 0
1692 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1692, but made no decree.] +1
1693 january1may Carry on. Um... continue blitzing if you're doing it anyway, and continue the existing discussions from NP1691 otherwise? +1
1695 OrbitalFacePalm9001 Ottification More OTTifications! 0
1696 slinches Speculation More wrong predictions! 0
1697 HES Combination Wish someone (me) luck. Or, PANIC about something happening in the next nopix. 0
1698 ChronosDragon Thought Experiment What is consciousness? Provide a definition that is 1) not self-referential and, for an extra challenge, 2) applies only to human/biological entities (as an exercise, regardless of whether or not you believe mechanical substrates can be conscious) 0
1699 Sciscitor Visit... If you feel like it, please add a new Ottification to the Database (up to NP 1696), if you do not feel like adding one, have a look at the other awesome ones already there. 0
1700 waveney Bring... Molpies... 0
1701 Neil_Boekend Thought Experiment Post a logical fallacy. 0
1702 HES Commandment To be fair, we've been Waiting for it since the semencoffeecancerketchupmolpybaconbabiesonice by the seaside. And, by papal decree, shall continue to do so. 0
1703 BlitzGirl Suggestions Titles for OTT/OTTer sitcoms! 0
1704 BlitzGirl Manips If you have any OTC/OTT manips, please do share! 0
1705 Eternal Density Suggestions What sort of hotdog should I vend next? 0
1706 Eternal Density Suggestions More suggestions on what hotdogs to vent, please. 0
1707 Neil_Boekend Different Decree What page had the best papal decree up to now? Post the Newpage number and follow the decree. 0
1708 HES Bring... Since a lot of OTTers seem to have tests of one kind or another, bring molpies for luck! 0
1709 BlitzGirl Bring... How about some pictures of stickbugs? 0
1710 ChronosDragon Posting Style Post the opposite of what someone else posted! 0
1711 AluisioASG Combination Lie. Or perform temporal edits. 0
1712 newpixbot (asst. BlitzGirl) Inside Action BlitzGirl: "All hail our robot (overlord) pope!" 0
1713 ergman Poetry How about double dactyls, or some other structured verse? 0
1714 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1714, but made no decree.] 0
1715 OrbitalFacePalm9001 Ottification OTTify xkcd Slightly Worse 0
1716 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1716, but made no decree.] 0
1717 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1717, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1718 ZoomanSP Suggestions More OTT store ideas - what about a sandbox for the children, where they can build sandcastles and follow the First Commandment while their parents are shopping? 0
1719 HES Speculation What things are floating? 0
1720 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1720, but made no decree.] 0
1722 AluisioASG Random Topic Find something to be replied with this: [winking taxidermied bobcat gif] 0
1723 HES Random Topic Post something RELATED to fire. 0
1724 AluisioASG Bring... Maps. 0
1725 Eternal Density Questionnaire So btw the Pope and Decrees just got added to the hotdog!!! Which one will you use first? 0
1726 Eternal Density Questionnaire If I had a website on which to host all hotdogs produced by me, what should it be called? 0
1727 adnapemit Combination Make up a new word or if you are lurking post something animal related. +1
1728 AluisioASG Combination Tell us your opinion about dragons. Or genetic engineering. Or how humans evolved into stick figures. (or even better) It seems to me that we do not know yet where the Forty currently are nor where Megball intend to go. 0
1729 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1729, but made no decree.] 0
1730 AluisioASG (asst. Eternal Density) Formatting Should we colour every username on this page? 0
1731 ggh Questionnaire What's the biggest thing you've flooded? Did you need a raftcastle? +2
1732 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1732, but made no decree.] 0
1733 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1733, but made no decree.] 0
1734 AluisioASG Notification [Appears in a later post] I'm being led to believe the OTT is sick. How to otherwise explain two (three?) unintended papacies of mine in a row? And I'm not even trying! 0
1735 BlitzGirl Formatting Hide something in a spoiler! 0
1736 mrob27 Carry on. a Blitzer's decree should be so like a tree / it will-having-been follow'd pre-actually / so I leave y'all to be in a Future I'll see / and it couldn't be molpier, we shall agree 0
1737 AluisioASG Bring... Find me: A crown made of dragon scales. The highest leaf from the highest tree at the top of the highest mountain. A scrap of metal from the old Gibraltar Dam (or from the dams at the other side). An exotic creature from the Mediterranean. 0
1738 Eternal Density Questionnaire What's an online service you would pay money for, particularly one that isn't available or you think isn't done well? 0
1739 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1739, but made no decree.] 0
1740 yappobiscuits POST! POST! Or run from the raptorcat, then post. Safety first and whatnot... 0
1741 addams Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1741, but made no decree.] 0
1742 ucim Poetry I decree that poetry in unfamiliar forms we see... / that rhyme be laid, and meter made, in jolly ottish repartee 0
1743 Neil_Boekend Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1743, but made no decree.] 0
1744 HES Create... More molpy acronyms! 0
1745 BlitzGirl Ottification Put Cuegan in some snowy pictures. They need a change from semencoffeecancer! 0
1746 BlitzGirl Speculation The What-if is RELATED! Let's talk about it. 0
1747 taixzo Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1747, but made no decree.] 0
1748 lmjb1964 Ottification Olympic ottifications!  0
1749 azule Event [Start of the Zanclean Zodiac] 0
1750 HES Carry on. Carry on. 0
1751 BlitzGirl Random Topic Valentine-y stuff. 0
1752 AluisioASG Beacon [Beacon Hotdog] 0
1753 ggh Create... We've done Time quotes on heretical pictures, what about famous (movie or otherwise) quotes attached to Time frames?  0
1754 BlitzGirl Carry on. Continue with the quotes in the newpix! (Because that really is a treeish decree, ggh.) 0
1755 AluisioASG Create... I don't know, a collaborative story mayhaps? 0
1756 Eternal Density Combination Blame HES for the m*stard. Also a question: what's some useful software you wish you could buy but doesn't exist yet? 0
1757 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1757, but made no decree.] 0
1758 BlitzGirl Abdication [In post subject] Your Mome Has No Decree For You 0
1759 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1759, but made no decree.] 0
1761 AluisioASG No... This is the punishment-free page. 0
1762 newpixbot (asst. BlitzGirl) Time Topic Newpixbot Pope wants Long ONGs 0
1763 BlitzGirl Inside Action We haven't convened the Knights Temporal in a while. How are our knightly duties going? 0
1764 ChronosDragon Questionnaire What's your favorite memory of the OTT while the OTC was still happening? 0
1765 yappobiscuits Formatting Hide a goatpy in your post. 0
1766 ucim Different Decree I decree that you follow your favorite decree from the past (which is the future for some, apparently), and say what it is. 0
1767 yappobiscuits Different Decree Follow the decree from the next newpage. 0
1768 HES Different Decree Follow the decree from the previous newpage. 0
1769 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1769, but made no decree.] 0
1770 ucim Inside Action Expound on the utter normalcy of our treeishness. 0
1771 BlitzGirl Speculation What might the carcass be? 0
1772 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1717, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1773 taixzo Inside Action Carry on with the voting! 0
1774 yappobiscuits Event [The OTTscar Awards, Part 1] 0
1775 balthasar_s Posting Style Write your posts using the writing style of another OTTer. 0
1776 AluisioASG Combination Impersonate a basementee or bring ChronosDragon from his coma, stat. 0
1777 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1777, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1778 AluisioASG Combination Figure out the reference in the subject and reference it. [Midpage decree: ships] 0
1779 ucim Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1779, but made no decree.] 0
1780 HES Notification [PagePostEquilibrium. Newpage 1780: Post count 1780] 0
1781 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1781, but made no decree.] 0
1782 BlitzGirl Abdication "No decree." [Blitzus Annoyus invoked] 0
1783 taixzo Formatting Post images for any molpy up/downs. 0
1784 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1784, but made no decree.] 0
1785 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring blue things. 0
1786 macraw83 Carry on. Post things on this page that will amuse me once I arrive here. Well, I guess that means keep posting as usual.  0
1787 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1787, but made no decree.] 0
1788 HES Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1788, but made no decree.] 0
1789 HES Speculation What subterranean molpies may cuegan encounter? 0
1790 TheMinim No... Definitely don't post empty spoilers. 0
1791 TheMinim Molpishness Umm... have fun, whatever you do! 0
1792 azule Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1792, but made no decree.] 0
1793 Kieryn Questionnaire What's the biggest epiphany you ever had? 0
1794 ggh Combination Either try to identify a plant in the (less of a) Mystery (now) ONGs, or tell me what's your favourite knot (and why). 0
1795 BlitzGirl Suggestions Come up with more names for Time's birthdip! 0
1796 balthasar_s Questionnaire What was your first program ever. Or your first *something else* ever? 0
1797 Eternal Density Combination Maybe suggest what's a small bit of productivity software you might like created, or just continue the Firsts decree from the previous page. 0
1798 Neil_Boekend Questionnaire What were your favorite toys as a kid/what are your favorite toys now? 0
1799 ergman Time Travel Throw everything forward! Things forgotten, Things  remembered! Whatever you want, whatever you miss! Things you made, things you didn't made, All the things! Posters past, blitzreports pictures words numbers, stuff! 0
1800 BlitzGirl Repository [Smiley Repository] 0
1801 ChronosDragon Outside Action Post something you are going to do this wip-end.  0
1802 taixzo Speculation More speculation on the SilentONGs! 0
1803 ergman OTColored OTColoreds have been pretty absent for a while. I'd like to see some of them, unless we did them all already or something. 0
1804 yappobiscuits No... No more bracketing. [Spectacularly ignored.] 0
1805 taixzo Notification Pope again? "[decree]" 0
1806 ggh Inside Action Take someone else's post and translate it to pirate. 0
1807 yappobiscuits Suggestions More suggestions for the name of our religion! 0
1808 SilentTimer Questionnaire Many xkcd comics are difficult to understand but totally worth the effort. Tell your story about your favorite(s). 0
1809 karhell No... Do not get caught by 8224, I guess (and send an expedition to retrieve Jose and SBN, by the same occasion). 0
1810 BlitzGirl Ottification How about ottifying some idioms? 0
1811 Dracomax Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1811, but made no decree.] 0
1812 ChronosDragon Create... Preempt the Madness! Come up with new OTTisms or word replacements and try to use at least two other people's inventions!  0
1813 TheMinim Suggestions Suggest an OTTish cough remedy? 0
1814 yappobiscuits Combination Continue coming up with ideas for how we might deal with the Madness. And also vote in the OTTscars if you haven't already but intend to. 0
1815 addams Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1815, but made no decree.] 0
1816 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1816, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1817 BlitzGirl Questionnaire As we approach the anniversary of the OTC, what are your fondest OTTerish memories from the past yip? 0
1818 balthasar_s Bring... Mini important timeframe fragments. 0
1819 macraw83 Time Travel Leave for me on this page a link to your favorite portion of the thread between NP1400 and NP1758. 0
1820 Eternal Density Combination Either suggest ideas for the 2048 OTTification, or discuss your favourite cybernetic organisms, or just do Timersary Celebration stuffs or some combination thereof. 0
1821 ChronosDragon Ottification OTTify an Old Ones' post! Anything from the first ~100 pages is fair game! 0
1822 BlitzGirl Ottification Ottify something! 0
1823 TheMinim Bring... Cake! 0
1824 Spaceman Spiff Carry on. Continue the celebration! 0
1825 macraw83 Time Travel Each Oldpix, bring forward quotes from the corresponding original newpix in the Old Times of the OTT. They may be selected because of either treeish insight, seaish shortsightedness, or molpish amusement. 0
1826 HES Questionnaire B-dips, Timiversary, RNMs; What else have you had reason to celebrate recently? 0
1827 balthasar_s Posting Style You are new here. You don't know how anything works here. Everything is a mystery. Now write your post. 0
1828 ucim Different Decree Follow another treeish decree. 0
1829 HES Combination Add to Sciscitor's molpy OTTer list / Ninja someone 0
1830 Soup Summonus More Basemolpies unbasement! 0
1831 oldpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1831, but at this Time oldpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1832 mrob27 Poetry Ummm.... anyone want to do any double-dactyls? 0
1833 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1833, but made no decree.] 0
1834 mrob27 Combination More poetry would be treeish, or speculate on where Cueball has molpied off to and how soon the UTC will loop, or just find a molpy who needs a hug! 0
1835 HES Hotdog Time for some OSHing. 0
1836 slinches Molpishness Continue posting awesomefully molpish stuff. Also, put party hats on everything. 0
1837 mrob27 (after HES abdication) Different Decree Follow a decree from 1830, 1835, or 1836. 0
1838 oldpixbot (asst. BlitzGirl) Inside Action [BlitzGirl: "All hail the oldpixbot pope!"] 0
1839 HES Random Topic BANANAS 0
1840 ergman Inside Action Discuss what everyone is doing at the OTTscars while the second set of awards is being prepared.  0
1841 addams Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1841, but made no decree.] 0
1842 rmcurtis Poetry Popity/Mopity / Newpage's first poster / Gets to decree something / others may do // Doubley-dactyly / Write us some poetry / Any form's fine with me / Even haiku 0
1843 balthasar_s Abdication Can't pope. The Outside is calling NOW! 0
1844 Link Formatting I decree maximum pynkification! 0
1845 BlitzGirl Inside Action Hunt more sieve-ishness! 0
1846 BlitzGirl Carry on. Um, just continue doodling, I guess. 0
1847 NoMouse Speculation Try to identify the furious doodling dialect. 0
1848 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1848, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1849 ergman Questionnaire Which OTC character do you think you most relate to? 0
1850 SBN Silent Pope [Occurred immediately after the Sadness] 0
1851 HES Silent Pope [Occurred immediately after the Sadness] 0
1852 yappobiscuits Suggestions More suggestions for OTTher True Thread names! 0
1853 BlitzGirl Molpishness Don't worry; feed squirpys! 0
1854 Dracomax Molpishness Let's eat, drink, an' be merry, for as we have but recently learned once more, nothing is eternal, an' even TIME may end. OTT-ify, post pictures of food, and appreciate! 0
1855 adnapemit Bring... Sparkly Empress of Time Decree: Post something happy, shiny or sparkly. 0
1856 Eternal Density Suggestions Suggest verses for a song beginning "On the first dip of April a prankster gave to me..." 0
1857 mrob27 Questionnaire How many OTTish words have you added to your spell-checker dictionary? (or share any other anecdotes of how you've modified your toolchain to suit the needs of being an OTTer!) 0
1858 rvloon Ottification Write an OTTification of a Tony Childs song. 0
1859 HES Speculation What if the Lorenz characters found their way into Time? 0
1860 oldpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1860, but at this Time oldpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1861 newpixbot (asst. ChronosDragon) Bring... As second-post-guy, I hereby pseudo/sudo-decree that we all draw things (or bring a drawn thing), like Mrx. Beanie there!  0
1862 mrob27 Poetry madnessen gladnessen / lets bring the spirit of / j.j.j.-wackiness / that is widespread // share me a verse of our / stereotypically / molpish and otter-y / verse for the Thread 0
1863 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1863, but made no decree.] 0
1864 azule Visit... Please visit the Neighborhood OTTer thread and have a word or two on the subject. 0
1865 BlitzGirl Bring... Seas and trees!  Bring these! 0
1866 ChronosDragon Thought Experiment Post a thought experiment, idea, or concept that's off-the-wall but somewhat based in reality. 0
1867 ggh Speculation Speculate on whether ducks will likely inhabit the Mediterranean basin when it dries up. 0
1868 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1868, but made no decree.] 0
1869 ggh Combination Could someone enhance that last SilentONG? Oh, and eat something in the shower! 0
1870 BlitzGirl Formatting Use an OTC character smiley in your post! 0
1871 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring pancakes. 0
1872 ggh Formatting Let's have ourselves some cake / and raise a glass or two / But, most of all, my friends / Well, you know what to do / Panther Salve 0
1873 AluisioASG Combination Pick an OTTer and tell us how you see them. Alternatively, introduce us to a new language. 0
1874 BlitzGirl Speculation Discuss this Othercomic's OTCishness. [#1352] 0
1875 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. 0
1876 ergman Combination Share something from the outside that was preemptively related, such as Castles Made Of Sand by Jimi Hendrix, or give me a popesmiley... 0
1877 macraw83 Bring... I want Pope Smileys, up to 57 varieties of them if possible. 0
1878 HES Posting Style Swap some words and deliberately misconstrue something 0
1879 Neil_Boekend Visit... Post in "corrupt a wish" with a corruption and a new one to be corrupted. 0
1880 AluisioASG Combination No more wish-corrupting on this newpage unless it's not the only content of your post. Hide messages in images instead. 0
1881 ucim Questionnaire What's your favorite Otherthread? 0
1882 jimbobmacdoodle POST! everyone has to make LOTS OF NOISE 0
1883 HES Questionnaire When else does your brain do silly things? 0
1884 ggh Different Decree Follow HES's decree from NP1878. 0
1885 macraw83 Formatting Add a quick blurb about your favorite hotdog (video-, board-, card-, etc.) to your first regularly-scheduled post on this page. 0
1886 ChronosDragon Manips Post photomanips of OTC or SilentONG frames! 0
1887 Link Combination Optional decree: find more memes and/or Ottish words to add to AUTOMOME. Alternatively: compose your posts entirely in meme-Ottish. 0
1888 yappobiscuits Combination Bring RELATED bicycles/bicycle things, or make them RELATED in some way. Also, everyone has a pope emoticon these dips, somemolpy make me one too. 0
1889 TheMinim Silent Pope [A blindpost from the past that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1890 AluisioASG Speculation Predict what will happen once Cueganzze reach the cave. 0
1891 ucim Inside Action Say something erudite, sophisticated, worldly, or otherwise enlightening.  At the same time, say something silly, inane, idiotic, or otherwise entertaining.  Evade the punsaw. 0
1892 karhell Molpishness Let there be molpishness and general awesomfulness (aka keep going as usual ^^) 0
1893 HES Ottification OTTify movie titles. (no bags!) 0
1894 mrob27 Ottification OTTify the lunar eclipse.  Alternatively, Lunate the OTT. 0
1895 Soup Formatting Include AUTOMOME quotes! 0
1896 BlitzGirl Bring... Cueballs? 0
1897 BlitzGirl What? Time? Time timed time times Time's time. 0
1898 Link Molpishness Spread molpishness wherever you go! 0
1899 ggh Combination Time an egg. or Egg a Timer onward. 0
1900 HES Date Decree In this year... 0
1901 HES Suggestions Suggest a) improvements to Q04B [Secret Spaaace] b) methods of escaping hotdog addiction. 0
1902 AluisioASG Poetry [Poetry: "In the Middle of the Road" by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, born 1902] 0
1903 ChronosDragon Random Topic Radiation is bad!  But fascinating.  Post interesting radiation facts. 0
1904 balthasar_s Speculation But what if we were the imagination of another OTTer [instead of BlitzGirl]? How would the OTT look like, then? 0
1905 taixzo Bring... Bring frogs! 0
1906 ChronosDragon Create... Post your interpretations of ordinary concepts as DnD monsters! 0
1907 BlitzGirl Formatting Formulate the text of your posts to have an odd number of words (not including quoted material). Bonus points for putting the count in your subject line. 0
1908 BlitzGirl Formatting Even number of words now! 0
1909 BlitzGirl Abdication ...I don't want to be Mome again. 0
1910 HES Bring... Castles. 0
1911 HES Combination More castles!  Tales of moving house, or houses moving. TimeAccessor difficulties. 0
1912 slinches Speculation Continue the discussion of a Meganless OTC. Or, alternatively, more what-if scenarios set in the Time universe. 0
1913 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. 0
1914 HES Formatting Lacertilian Lipograms. That's pieces of writing (in which a single letter is excluded) of, like, or pertaining to lizards. Interpret how you wish. 0
1915 yappobiscuits Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1915, but made no decree.] 0
1916 AluisioASG Notification I see this newpage will be quite unseeable for me and Neil_Boekend. 0
1917 moody7277 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1917, but made no decree.] 0
1918 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. 0
1919 BlitzGirl Time Topic Celebrate the end of the Fading and return of Cuegan! 0
1920 Mr Moriaty Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1920, but made no decree.] 0
1921 taixzo Outside Action Eat something. (Preferably not rotten mutant things.) 0
1922 BlitzGirl Event [VITSSÅGEN, JA!] 0
1923 BlitzGirl No... [/VITSSÅGEN, JA] 0
1924 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring some interesting bugmolpies! 0
1925 BlitzGirl Questionnaire It's the first of May(H), first of May(H)!  Any special plans today(H)? 0
1926 addams Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1926, but made no decree.] 0
1927 HES Notification "So since my hair goes down to my waist, would that make me supreme overlord of the OTT?" 0
1928 lmjb1964 Combination More features or apps for the OTP (one true phone).  And send nice hamply thoughts to HES and Simba. 0
1929 adnapemit Commandment "..." 0
1930 yappobiscuits Bring... Tits. 0
1931 AluisioASG Create... Propose a revamped Time measurement system, detached from heretical precedents. 0
1932 AluisioASG Combination What would you do were you in the OTC?  Also, flying raftcastles, sardine tins and castle destroyers (trebuchet). 0
1933 balthasar_s Speculation beaniewheeltower silentong speculation.  or something. 0
1934 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. [Blitzus Annoyus invoked] 0
1935 ergman Random Topic Share where we can find beautiful creations of yours that aren't directly related!  Words pictures or otherwise.  Show something off, and invent it into being related! 0
1936 SBN Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1936, but made no decree.] 0
1937 BlitzGirl Formatting Put one intentional Typo in your post. 0
1938 lmjb1964 Bring... Bring steaks.  Or stakes. Or things that are well done.  Or done well. 0
1939 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. 0
1940 Link Bring... Post pictures of RELATED Outside things. 0
1941 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1941, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1942 BlitzGirl Combination Since mome has poems on the brain sometimes, / Your posts should boast some riverish rhymes.  (Or bots, I guess.) 0
1943 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1943, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1944 azule Time Travel Recount a favorite work (even a diatribe) from an OTTer of the Present (such as from this page or the last). 0
1945 lmjb1964 Hotdog OK, continue with the OTTer quote guessing hot dog. And/or come up with a catchy name for it. 0
1946 Neil_Boekend Suggestions Post stuff to print Time stuff on. 0
1947 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
1948 BlitzGirl Speculation Discuss the Othercomic title text! "'TMI' he whispered, gazing into the sea." 0
1949 ergman Molpishness Molp about! 0
1950 ucim Time Travel Other firsts (or earlies) of things that have since become a thing. (an OTThing?) 0
1951 BlitzGirl Speculation Suggestions for the identity of the vanishing molpy and/or mustard. 0
1952 Gingercat Silent Pope [A blitzer's blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
1953 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
1954 BlitzGirl Speculation Wild theories as to what this "unexpected travel situation" might be. 0
1955 BlitzGirl Manips Take some newpix and manip them so Cueball's body disappears. 0
1956 ZoomanSP Speculation Predictions about what will happen when Cueganizzle retrieve Zombeanie from the cave. 0
1957 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
1958 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
1959 HES What? Something something decree 0
1960 BlitzGirl Molpishness Have a wipend!  Hopefully a molpish one! 0
1961 AluisioASG Beacon [Beacon Konec] [Decree appears midpage.]  Lighthouses.  Benches.  A reststop-themed newpage.  The goat provides the Beacon. [Aluisio is the goat of this NP.] 0
1962 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1962, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1963 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1963, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1964 HES Questionnaire What milestones have you reached recently? Seaish or riverish. 0
1965 mrob27 Ottification OTTify something Japanese — ゴジラ (Godzilla), トトロ, ... You get the idea. 0
1966 moody7277 Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1966, but made no decree.] 0
1967 SBN Bring... Bring puzzles, or solutions. 0
1968 AluisioASG Speculation Imagine an OTTer-ruled world. Or region. Or island. Or oil rig. How would it be like? How would life be like? 0
1969 mscha Molpishness Celebrate the return of Time. 0
1970 lmjb1964 (asst. ggh) Date Decree It's the 70s!  Disco-fy the OTT!  [lmjb1964 preemptively tried to make the decree as the goat of 1969, but 1970-mome ggh bumped the decree to its proper place.] 0
1971 lmjb1964 Combination Give me ideas for free graphics software or Help BlitzGirl move so she can get back here where she belongs or Get some basementees in here to liven things up or Do more stuff from the 70s. 0
1972 Mr Moriaty Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1972, but made no decree.] 0
1973 lmjb1964 Date Decree OTTify something from Dark Side of the Moon or Dress Cuegan in ugly clothes from the 70s or Just think about how ugly clothes were in the 70s. 0
1974 BlitzGirl Date Decree 1974 is the yip the Rubik's Cube was invented.  How about some Rubik's Cube manips? 0
1975 newpixbot (asst. yappobiscuits) Questionnaire [Appears midpage]  Is there a language (besides OTTish) in which "molpy" or something like it is a word?  Or any OTTish words that are real words/similar to real words in other languages? 0
1976 Earthling on Mars (asst. yappobiscuits) Posting Style Spell a word in a way contrary to the standard (ni ni ni) of your native land. [yappobiscuits was the pagepope but handed the decree-making duty to the next poster] 0
1977 HES Date Decree Lord of the Rings and Blue Peter (Because Orlando Bloom and Matt Baker were born this newpage) 0
1978 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1978, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1979 lmjb1964 Outside Action Non-optional decree: try to avoid having one of your spend all day drinking then threaten one of your other neighbors with a gun, then hole up in his trailer while your street ends up looking the three seen at the end of The Blues Brothers, with law enforcement and military swarming all over. 0
1980 azule Ottification Describe your room and how it is OTTified, or if not, how you would OTTify it. I.e. how you'd spruce it up. 0
1981 mrob27 Combination Take your pick: Ninja something. Or ninja-ify something (invisible ninjas count :D ) Or perhaps something 1981ish, like New wave music, which really got going that yip 0
1982 AluisioASG Combination [Appears midpage] Help ChronosDragon calm down and get hold of himself or Bring other comedy pieces or Imagine an alternative personality for yourself (however you understand this) 0
1983 slinches Combination Celebrate!  Alternatively, propose more effective means of warning blitzers of addicting hotdogs. 0
1984 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1984, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1985 TheMinim Formatting Have fun with #OTTTags.  And cake. 0
1986 HES Combination Send something upwards.  Or give something rockets. 0
1987 ChronosDragon Thought Experiment Who am I? Who are you? I declare 1987 to be the newpage of Identity. Show, tell, or demonstrate how you think of yourself or another OTTer. 0
1988 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1988, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1989 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1989, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1990 BlitzGirl Formatting Ask a question somewhere in your post. 0
1991 NoMouse Formatting Answer a question somewhere in your post. 0
1992 Whizbang Questionnaire Share your birthday wishes. 0
1993 ZoomanSP Combination Have a molpish wipend, but don't forget to post on the OTT! Or tell us about your RELATED wipend adventures afterwards. 0
1994 BlitzGirl Random Topic Ice cream, and how it RELATES to the OTC. 0
1995 AluisioASG Random Topic 56.13 Times ago… 0
1996 SBN Summonus Decree, reveal yourselves: lurkers, blitzers, and basementees! Or, just post molpish things! 0
1997 newpixbot Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP1997, but TaT newpixbot makes no decrees.] 0
1998 Eternal Density Bring... Post molpies with captions. 0
1999 BlitzGirl Speculation Predictions for what Y2K... I mean, NP2K will bring! 0
2000 BlitzGirl Commandment ... 0
2001 ucim Molpishness Let's celebrate the nerdy way! (That means the girls are topless, but we don't notice. :) 0
2002 BlitzGirl Time Topic I don't know, maybe something about Rosetta-speak?  My brain is tired. 0
2003 NoMouse Questionnaire Tell me something about... about... about a book you're reading or have read recently. 0
2004 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
2005 Soup Bring... Bring "D'aww" Molpies! 0
2006 SBN Carry on. Continue previous decree! 0
2007 taixzo Bring... I resurrect an old decree: Bring a bear! 0
2008 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
2009 BlitzGirl Outside Action Hug your wolpies for me! 0
2010 AluisioASG Formatting Write something in a language usted no hay demostrado conocer antes. Ou então escreva na sua língua nativa mesmo. 0
2011 AluisioASG Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP2011, but made no decree.] 0
2012 HES Questionnaire What would an OTT/OTC Olympics involve? 0
2013 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
2014 ChronosDragon Outside Action Post something cool you've done this year or something you plan to do later this year. 0
2015 bachaddict Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP2015, but made no decree.] 0
2016 azule Questionnaire Hearing others' opinion of their local medical services would be neat. 0
2017 Sustainabilizer Time Topic Find undetected molpies in Time or Time After Time. 0
2018 balthasar_s Visit... There was a "dialogue in the silentOngs" page. We can add to it now. Do we have a page about the periods of this story? About the characters? Like we had for the OTC? We can do it now. 0
2019 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
2020 SilentTimer Speculation There are hidden messages in t1i.  Find them, or speculate about them. 0
2021 Sustainabilizer Combination Enjoy the wipend, especially the end, and/or continue with the previous decree. 0
2022 SBN Combination Look for relatedness outside, and report back.  Especially the report back part.  Also, find the secrets in t1i. 0
2023 NoMouse Random Topic Roundabouts.  Or self-driving cars. 0
2024 balthasar_s Ottification OTC fractals, OTT fractals, mustard fractals 0
2025 Jplus Suggestions I am looking for a thread crawler and I was told you folks have one. Is it in a form that I can and may reuse for another forum thread? Thanks in advance! [Interpreted as a decree by later posters.] 0
2026 HES Questionnaire Tell us something you know about, that most people don't.  Bonus points for lasers and castles. 0
2027 ergman Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP2027, but made no decree.] 0
2028 Gingercat Silent Pope [A blitzer's blindpost that appeared at the top of the newpage.] 0
2029 Soup Bring... Hamplies! 0
2030 ergman Suggestions Think of some online interactivities we OTTers could take part in, like the terraria thing for example. 0
2031 NoMouse Create... Conspiracy theories. Based on the OTT, OTC or even unRELATED. 0
2032 BlitzGirl Bring... Bring RELATED things that are light and bright and white. 0
2033 ggh Bring... I got ninja'd out of my goatdom. Bring ninja goats? 0
2034 Sustainabilizer Speculation Speculations. What is going on there [in balthasar_s's ONGs]. How is it RELATED? 0
2035 Eternal Density Combination Post redundant things. Or blitz something. For instance, Worm. 0
2036 Eternal Density Combination Same as previous. Also, post some speculation. 0
2037 oldpixbot UNGs Ensure that every oldpix is UNGed, with optional OTTification or colorization. Also, check for previously undetected molpies. 0
2038 Eternal Density Create... Make up a word and a definition for it. 0
2039 Eternal Density Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP2039, but made no decree.] 0
2040 HES Bring... OTTish household items, existing or otherwise 0
2041 BlitzGirl Combination Crazy contingency plans to stop various things from **ding... Actually, ice cream. We need ice cream. 0
2042 adnapemit Molpishness More Ice cream, More wonderful things and just be wonderful OTTers. 0
2043 AluisioASG Formatting Apparently swearing has become okay now.  More of that. 0
2044 AluisioASG Visit... The chirpingmustard.com staff is pleased to announce the Naomi 0.7 Release. Please report any issues and incompatibilities to the development team. 0
2045 HES Molpishness Don't worry, feed squirpies. Where "feed" means "be nice/helpful toward" and "squirpies" means "someone in your life". Alternatively "feed" means "feed" and "squirpies" means "squirpies or other molpies". Or bring pictures of squirpy feeding. 0
2046 january1may Combination My original intended question, suggested unrelatedly by my younger brother: what would Hulk (try to) do if xe ends up on a soccer field?  But because of the post above, I'll add: can you try to guess what's going on with the remaining orphan memes? 0
2047 mrob27 Bring... Find me a shrubbery! (or anything molpish, or memeish,..) 0
2048 Cloudy_the_Conqueror Suggestions Suggest improvements to Q04B 0
2049 BlitzGirl Visit... Take a look at the new Pagepopes and Decrees wikipage! 0
2050 Soup Inside Action Encourage blitzers! 0
2051 BlitzGirl Random Topic Talk about insects you've seen, especially RELATED ones. Or manip giant insectmolpies into Time or TaT. 0
2052 HES Abdication [A link to this page with the word "Abdication"] 0
2053 mscha Bring... RELATED wipend time consumers (jigsaws, etc.). 0
2054 BlitzGirl Bring... Intelligent raptorcats in current Outside society 0
2055 yappobiscuits Bring... More real castles! Preferably ones near you or that you've visited. 0
2056 SBN Combination Talk about language. Or m*stard. Or bring cute molpies. 0
2057 ZoomanSP Create... More ottifications!  Also, maybe this little turtle can get a popesmiley? 0
2058 Angelastic Combination Pelt me with RELATED sugary sweets. Or tell me about your first digital watch. 0
2059 HES Bring... Tall Towers and Silly Stairs 0
2060 ucim Questionnaire Tales about your favorite vanished feature. 0
2061 BlitzGirl Formatting Play with the checkbox options... but don't make it too annoying for ketchuppers and blitzers. 0
2062 AluisioASG Random Topic Let's talk about Rosettas. 0
2063 yappobiscuits (asst. macraw83) Abdication yappo: "I hereby relinquish popedom to the next poster." macraw: "I decree that yappo is still pope." 0
2064 balthasar_s Speculation ONGthemoon predictions and speculation. 0
2065 Earthling on Mars Inside Action Make a decree, and follow it. Nobody else needs to follow it, just you. 0
2066 Eternal Density Suggestions What kinds of molpies would you associate with each of: rock, sand, heat, cold, vegetation, water, cloud, lightning, space 0
2067 AluisioASG Inside Action Donaldify the OTC 0
2068 BlitzGirl Manips More OTC/movie mashups. 0
2069 ChronosDragon Speculation AU OTT. How might things be, if the OTT were different? Dystopia, comedy, anything goes. 0
2070 Tatiana Carry on. Loved last page's decree so I'm continuing it. What would Time be like if it were different? 0
2071 dan_dassow Silent Pope [Appeared at the top of NP2071, but made no decree.] 0