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The following questions about the story did not get an official answer, and might be of interest to the readers.

We hope that GLR will answer some of them one day.


  1. Were there names to any of the Characters? Even just in the mind of GLR when he created the comic?
  2. What is the relationship between Megan and Cueball?


  1. On what dates does the story takes place (Estimated to be 11000 years in the future, according to the stars shown in the night phases)
  2. What did Cueball see in the sea after they met the first Forties? (probably LaPetite's castleboat)
  3. What was the writing on the tree?
  4. Who are/where the hill people?
  5. How long ago were the hill people evacuated by the Beanies
  6. What did Cueball see floating on the water, when Megan and the 40's welcome party ignored his repeated comments?
  7. Why did Cuegan and the rest feel safe to disembark the rafts when they did? Where exactly were they?
  8. What happened at Gibraltar?
  9. What does the writing in other parts of the Mediterranian map indicate?
  10. Why would the Beanies have their capital on a small island when there is a massive continent not far away?
  11. How have the Cueganites survived on the shore of a salt lake? They had Yurts - were they nomadic?
  12. Given only 40 Cueganites - they must be all highly related. There does not appear to be any old Cugenities.
  13. Megan can read maps and realises there was writing on the tree - are they literate?
  14. Beanish, Beanish, Beanish. We need enough to write Perl in Beanish.
  15. Where did everyone in the med go?

Creation Process[]

  1. Were there alternate endings?
  2. How much time did it take to draw the comic?
  3. Were there any changes made due to community responses? (i.e. Was the LaPetite character originally male?)
  4. Why did the release rate change from half hourly to hourly?(Because he couldn´t draw it quickly enough)