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Speech: Sustainable Online Tools for Sustainable Online Communities[]

  • Invitation
  • Who? Sustainabilizer, aka Prof. Dr. Peter Gerwinski, Hochschule Bochum
  • Where? The Internet (details to be announced)
  • When? Sunday, 30 August 2020, 3:00 UTC (planned for 1h)

List of Participants[]

The first column (“Prob.”) denotes the probability for this OTTer to appear at the conference. Please keep the table ordered by this probability.

Prob. OTTer Remarks
1.50 Sustainabilizer organiser of the conference, intends to hold a speech about redundant sustainable online tools and maybe a redundant speech about physics
0.75 balthasar_s interested, has to find out if there are any important otherevents colliding
0.75 BlitzGirl will be sure to Wait for it
0.75 DrSamCarter enthusiastically interested
0.75 Eternal Density finds the idea molpish
0.75 mikrit would love to attend
0.75 mrob27 might have an updated paper to present
0.75 pelrigg interested
0.75 taixzo interested
0.75 yappobiscuits would love to perform a few live OTTish songs
0.50 Angelastic has participated in polls on date and time