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List of Participants[]

Physical Participants[]

The first column (“Prob.”) denotes the probability for this OTTer to appear at the conference. Please keep the table ordered by this probability.

Prob. OTTer Remarks Arrival in Bochum Departure
1.50 Sustainabilizer organiser of the conference December 2011 in 2037
1.00 balthasar_s wants to come and to hold a speech 11.02.2015, 18:01 18.02.2015, 07:57
1.00 Neil_Boekend wants to come. What about a speech?
1.00 BlitzGirl is planning to attend! What about a speech? And to hold a speech! DUS 11 Feb 2015, 14:05 DUS 15 Feb 2015, 7:00
1.00 SilentTimer wants to come, considers to hold a speech, but anonymous
1.00 HES wants to come, and probably hold a speech 11.02.2015



Early, bound for Hamburg

1.00 lmjb1964 wants to come, and to hold a speech DUS 10 FEB 2015, 14:05 DUS 15 FEB 2015, 10:10
1.00 taixzo wants to come, and to hold a speech
1.00 Eternal Density wants to come, and to hold a speech 10.02.2015


15 Feb,

in time to take the train to Berlin

1.00 StormAngel contacted by ED; plans to attend, will bring xis video camera ditto ditto

(leaving Germany Feb 20th, morning)

1.00 svenman will come, no own speech 11 Feb, early evening 14 Feb, noon-ish (maybe 15 Feb 09:55)
1.00 Marsh'n very interested, but uncertain probability went up
1.00 addams I… don't really know? (highly poetic)
0.80 micdi wants to come, checking
0.75 edfel wants to come
0.50 manvandmaan thinking about it
0.50 Flumble “for now, 50% of me will show up.”
0.50 higgs-boson wants to come, checking
0.10 superluminal quite unlikely, seeing what could be done
0.10 Earthling on Mars probably not, but you never know
0.10 Link probably not, giving it some thoughts
0.10 reckter likely not
0.05 Flado wants to come, checking but Outside interfered :-(. Wants to follow remotely, if possible
0.05 january1may wildly unlikely
0.01 NoMouse would like to come, but most probably cannot
0.01 Kazza3 rather unlikely (to put it mildly)
1e-5 tresoldi would love to come, won't be able, but could hold a speech on Beanish remotely
1e-5 DrSamCarter? realistically won't be able to come, thinking of some sort of contribution
0.00000649171 AluisioASG wants to come, checking
0.00 pelrigg maybe
0.00 mikrit thinking about it
0.00 jimbobmacdoodle probably not maybe, giving it some thoughts, with a presentation … a confirmed 0.0, at least in person. I may be able to watch remotely a bit.
0.00 MySelfIsI wanted to come, but cannot
0.00 mrob27 wants to attend and to hold a speech remotely
0.00 htom wants to attend remotely
0.00 patzer won't be present
0.00 ChronosDragon would like to come, but cannot
0.00 ergman would like to come, cannot, might submit a poster
0.00 ucim would like to come, but cannot
0.00 SBN would like to come, but cannot
0.00 slinches would like to come, but cannot
0.00 macraw83 would like to come, but cannot
0.00 azule won't be present, might submit a poster or paper, working on a speech-type-thing
0.00 ggh cannot come, wants to co-author a presentation
0.00 ZoomanSP would like to come, but cannot
0.00 TheMinim cannot come, considers contributing a by-proxy speech
0.00 Purplepants77 won't be able to come
0.00 tman2nd cannot come
0.00 HAL9000 strongly wishes to come, but cannot
0.00 ttscp can't come, maybe riverish contribution
0.00 karhell will attend online, considering a speech 
0.00 freezeblade stuck out here in California (just kidding, it's awesome here)
0.00 Tatiana? wants to attend remotely
0.00 Sciscitor decision not before like mid January “I tried to shuffle things around a bit but unfortunatly outside work does not permit me to attend the conference.”
0.90 0.00 yappobiscuits more likely, planning a speech about creativity The WOMFFS calls.
0.00 mscha Where are you? Your bots are alive. Are you OK?

Alive, but held hostage by the Outside. Won't be able to make it. :(

?.?? waveney?
?.?? adnapemit?
?.?? dan_dassow?
?.?? ronaldkr?
?.?? Febrion?
?.?? Soup?
?.?? AarexTiaokhiao?
?.?? Red Hal?
?.?? SecondTalon?
?.?? cari.j.elliot
?.?? edo?
?.?? nerdsniped?
?.?? Pfhorrest?
?.?? sdnelso2?
?.?? Angelastic
?.?? BlueCrab contacted by lmjb1964, no answer yet

Remote Participants[]

Prob. OTTer Remarks
1.00 mrob27 wants to attend and to hold a speech remotely
1.00 htom wants to attend remotely
1.00 karhell wants to attend, possibly hold a speech.
1.00 Tatiana wants to attend remotely
1.00 Valarya wants to join remotely
1.00 bachaddict wants to listen to speeches remotely
0.79 AluisioASG wants to come, checking
0.45 ggh wants to attend as much as allowed by the Little Wonder and the Time difference



Here, “Prob.” stands for the probability of the speech. An “R” denotes a remote speech. A “” sign denotes that the speaker has applied for refunding. If you need refunding but don't have a “” sign, please contact Sustainabilizer and/or sus_organizer!

Prob. OTTer Title of Speech (+ Remarks)
3.31 R AluisioASG Content Preservation and Migration out of Non-Cooperative Hosts for phpBB-based Online Communities
1.00 Sustainabilizer Introduction
1.00 balthasar_s A Sustainable Community Should Have a Sustainable Platform.
1.00 BlitzGirl Exploring the Formation of Sustainable Online Communities
1.00 lmjb1964 Building a Better Forum: Encouraging Positive Interactions on the Internet
1.00 R mrob27 Spontaneous but Long-lasting Online Communities – Case Studies
1.00 taixzo The role of tradition in a sustainable community
1.00 addams Group Therapy and Sustainable Online Communities
1.00 HES Sustainable Online Communities – Students' Perception
1.00 Eternal Density Avoidance Tactics, Human Nature, and the Final Enemy
0.90 SilentTimer ? (anonymous)
0.90 R tresoldi (speech on Beanish)
0.90 R karhell The Human Factor in the Downfall of Communities
0.40 azule ? (working on a speech-type-thing)
0.40 R TheMinim ? (considers contributing a by-proxy speech)
0.30 jimbobmacdoodle ?
0.10 R DrSamCarter? ? (thinking of some sort of contribution)
0.10 ttscp ? (maybe riverish contribution)
0.10 R ggh ? (willing to co-author a presentation)
0.75 0.00 yappobiscuits Creativity and Sustainable Communities