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Artist's interpretation of a molpy.

A term originally coined to refer to one or more animals of unknown form appearing in the comic, usually just as a change in a few pixels from one frame to the next. The term is a portmanteau of mole and compy. The first molpy sighting occured in frame 1350.

The term has come to be used (in what sometimes appears to be a hap-hazard manner) to append to or combine with animal names, regardless of whether they are recognizable as a planet-earth form of life (see Molpy Types below).

The phrase "molpy down" is used as an indicator that the otter posting is about to spend a period of time in a coma. When used this way, the phrase is often accompanied by a picture of a sleeping or reclining molpy.

Molpy types[]

Molpy name Heretical name
Antelopey Antelope
Badgermolp Badger
Bearraptor, Molpbear Bear
Camolpy Camel
Chimpanzeelpy Chimpanzee
Crabmolpy, Molpycrab Crab
Deermolpy Deer
Dolpy, Molphin Dolphin
Equimolp, Equimolpy, Holpy Horse (Equestrian)
Foxmolp, Foxmolpy Fox
Gatorraptor Alligator
Geckolpy Gecko
Goat ...
Guineamolp Guineapig
Hamply Hamster
Kangamolp Kangaroo
Keyboard Leopard
Lizmolp Lizard
Meowply, Meowlpy Cat
Molbison Bison
Molmmoth Mammoth
Molpaca Alpaca
Molpanda Panda
Molpangolin Pangolin
Molpidillo Armadillo
Molplatypus Platypus
Molppanzee Chimpanzee
Molpy Animal
Molpubara Capybara
Molpydile Crocodile
Molpymundi Coatimundi
Molpysloth Sloth
Molpysnake, Slithermolp Snake
Monkeymolp Monkey
Moolpy Cow
Moosepy Moose
Neckpy Giraffe
Octomeowlpy Octopus
Orangumolp Orangutan
Otter, Ottermolpy, Waterottermolpy Otter
Pricklymolp Hedgehog, Porcupine
Quollpy Quoll
Raptorcat, Raptorkitty Big cat
Raptorcuda Barracuda
Raptorshark Shark
Ratpy Rat
Redundakitty Cat, captioned
Rhinocerolpy Rinocerous
Ribbit Frog
Skunkpy Skunk
Slowwormolpy Slowworm
Squirpy Squirrel
Turtlemolp, Turtlemolpy Turtle
Wolpy Dog, Wolf
Woolpy Sheep
Zemolp Zebra

Raptors (Birds)[]

Birds are named with variations of the word Raptor - because birds are dinosaurs. However, the word is also associated with dangerous molpies which may attack others (e.g. raptorcat)

Molpy name Heretical name
Chirpy Generic loud bird
Grouseraptor Grouse
Molpguin Penguin
Owlpy Owl
Quackmolpy, Web-footed raptor Duck
Rabtor Rabbits that fly
Sparrowraptor Sparrow, Sparrowhawk
Sparrowraptorraptor Sparrowhawk


Molpy name Heretical name
Amoeblpy Amoeba
Beesnake Flying insect
Centimolpy Centipede
Dragonflopy Dragonfly
Dustmolpy Dustmite
Ecolipy Ecoli
Flutterbee Butterfly
Ghonorrolpy Ghonorrhea
Influenzolpy Influenza
Millimolpy Millipede
Rhinovirolpy Rhinovirus
Wormolpy Worm

OTT references[]

  1. First occurrence of mole.
  2. First occurrence of compy.
  3. First occurrence of molpy