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Below is a list of conversations that the Forum discussed outside of Reason, Religion, or Time.

Gender Neutral Pronouns[]

Singular they was settled upon as acceptable; this was later linked to the newpix debate to suggest that a singular of newpic was unnecessary.

Female form of Pope[]

Is it called Mope or Mome or Moop or something else?

In the Chrisian church it was probably forbidden for a female to become Pope because they couldn't figure out what to name them.

The forum thread has beat every possible record on the forums[]

Does Y'all refer to a group or one person etc...[]

Breakfast foods[]


To be specific, where we will get virgins to sacrifice to Randall because our former batch are no longer fresh. It was quite a party in the holding pen.

Then how many we can fit in a truck.

Daylight savings time[]

When and where, did it affect the xkcd server updates?


What phrases were replaced? What is happening? What to do? Who did what? Do we write in the filtered language to confuse people who look back? The thread is unreadable. It's getting soft.


Are there triphthongs in the English language?

Are multiple bricks of Lego "Legos" or "Lego"[]

It's "Lego" Randaldamnit. Lego is it's own multiple, like sheep.

Advised books[]

This deserved a separate page due to seaishness.