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Journey Eon is one of the eons of the xkcd comic Time.
It lasted from frame 972 to 2615, a total of 1644 frames (673 more than the Sandcastle Eon).


The Journey Eon is the second distinct segment of the comic after the initial seashore setting where the sandcastle was built fades and a new landscape scene is revealed. During this eon, the viewer watches Megan and Cueball as they journey by the sea, up a riverside, through hills, forests, and abandoned settlements, and eventually into mountains. We witness them sleep several times, seemingly constituting several days (an interpretation supported by their own dialogue), and near the end get to witness one detailed full night, with a full sky of stars, each newpix in that era representing only about 6 minutes worth of Outside time. They eventually reach the top of the mountain where they find an observation tower. The eon ends with a quick cut back to the seashore, revealing that their sandcastle has been completely destroyed by the rising sea.

The initial purpose of their quest is to discover why the sea is rising, but along the way they begin to question if that goal is attainable, and if perhaps the purpose of their quest is evolving into either discovery for discovery's sake, or in order to find a place where they can settle as well. As they head into the mountains, Megan experiences a serious injury from a large cat and their purpose shifts yet again as they resolve to reach the mountain top in order to find help.

Unlike the Sandcastle Eon which preceeded it and was completely unified in location and basically constant (the camera only zooms out--it never leaves the initial setting), this eon is defined by constant movement and change in scenery, spanning cliffs, rivers, hills, valley, baobab forests, vineyards, and mountains. The eras it includes are divided primarily on a combination of both plot and geographic shifts.

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