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Into the Mountains is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, the first of the Mountain Era.
It lasted from frame 1662 to frame 1725.

This period begins with Megan rejoining Cueball after her quest to get food for their continuing journey. They depart towards the mountains together and quickly come upon some low, rocky ledges required them to begin climbing a bit. While travelling, they exchange several significant snippets of conversation:

  • Right as they are leaving the abandoned settlement at the beginning of the period, they notice some very deliberately planted trees/bushes and Cueball wonders aloud who takes care of them.
  • In frames 1686-7, Cueball is seen making odd poses. When asked what he is doing by Megan, Cueball responds that he is "Making shapes with [his] shadow." Megan responds that hers looks funny too if she stares at it too long, but also remarks that is better than when they were staring into the sun while walking along the beach. This is the first clue the comic gives as to an orientation of which direction they might be travelling at what times and led to a lot of discussion on the One True Thread regarding where they might be and what time of day they were at what places, in order to attempt to determine their direction.
  • After Cueball mentions that it is more beautiful by the river, though easier to walk in the mountains, Megan responds, in frame 1714, that it gets greener higher up--the comic's first reference to color.

Molpy Sightings During this PeriodEdit

There are no known Molpy sightings during this period, a great departure from the other recent periods which had many significant fauna moments. This would be made up for in the next period, however, when they encounter the cliff snake.

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