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A haiku (plural: haiku or haikus) is a short, evocative poem of a particular form and style with usually seventeen syllables. Haiku are a very popular form of original poetry in the One True Thread.

The form of poetry known as haiku originates from Japan. Its adaptation to the English language[1] generally features three lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively, no rhyme, an impressionistic, contemplative tone and elliptical syntax. These characteristics are normally also shared by haiku posted on the One True Thread, while other typical characteristics of haiku in general, such as a focus on nature and a juxtaposition of two subjects, are frequently omitted in the haiku of the OTT.

Accidental Haiku[]

Starting on newpage 385, OTTer Angelastic repeatedly posted collections of haiku-formed sentences that were automatically extracted from the OTT posts by means of a program (Haiku Detector) she had written[2]. The results were usually not intentionally written as haiku, but nevertheless accidentally matched a pattern of seventeen syllables that could be grouped into lines of five, seven and again five syllables without breaking words across lines. On the other hand, the program is unable to detect actual haiku unless their punctuation contains exactly one full stop exactly at the end of the last line.

Angelastic's posting of the results to the thread were an important, if not decisive, contributing factor to the subsequent rise of actually composed haiku as a popular art form in the OTT.

The collections of automatically detected accidental haiku were posted on:

Haiku composed by OTTers[]

Haiku Detector
starts a trend to make way for
my robot army.

Angelastic, signature as of 2015-05-16


Our Great Lord Randall
He gave us the One True Comic
and said: Wait for it.

Here we all are now.
Watching the Great SandCastle
and waiting for it.

The glorious TimeLand.
Where the River may be small,
but the Sea is big.

manvandmaan, NP310 (Mirror)

And so castles made
of sand melts into the sea,
eventually... (sic!)

lmjb1964, NP390 (Mirror)

Buffygirl makes hats
And they're really fabulous.
We love Buffygirl!

lmjb1964, NP405 (Mirror)

The original
quote (with modifications)
I typèd below.

Like a game of 'phones,
you start out saying one thing.
The river is small!

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

The nüpiks arrived.
Why does the Slöw Pixel stay?
Have a haiku DÖŊ.

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

And the Sea is Big!*
*It does whatever it wants
Also, wait for it.

tman2nd, Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

I fixed your haiku.
Perhaps you made it by chance?
Five, seven, five, ¿no?

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

That was a mistake.
I did not mean to Haiku.
Even just the start.

tman2nd, NP414 (Mirror)

To haiku, or not?
Hello, I am a flower.
And there you have it.

But to Watch, to Wait:
Is that not the purpose here?
A moon passed, we Wait.

Hey, another one:
Blitzgirl will quickly arrive.
Five days, by other's maths.

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

Somebody found IT?
Show me! / I shall, once I end
the Haiku above.

tman2nd, Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

What is IT, really?
IT is what we have searched for.
To find? Wait for IT.

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

Such amazing thread,
But as I take Time to read,
I forget to post.

Kethryes, NP414 (Mirror)

The format depends
on what your purpose will be.
Also, was ninja'd.

I had edited
as RECKONING a moon past.
Is is uncensored. (sic!)

I edit again,
as this is post one hundred.
Penis Vagina.

Elmach, NP414 (Mirror)

Your one hundredth post
Is most glorious and true

Kazza3, NP414 (Mirror)

I find a new page.
I look at this; quick, edit!
And follow tradition.

With this post, a thought:
I've posted a century past.
A new one begins.

Asks: Why are there hats?
Hats betrayed us, long ago.
Buffygirl owns all.

To wear a hat, do:
Ask Buffygirl for one. But!
Beware the fine print.

Elmach, NP415 (Mirror)

More waiting ahead,
now the sea conquers the sand
which was left behind.

Haikus are nice.
Especially in DarkTime,
I like poetry.

Confusing they are,
all these haikus. More so, if
write them, yoda did

manvandmaan, NP415 (Mirror)

I see a haiku
And I want to paint it grey,
In this waiting Time.

KarMann, NP415 (Mirror)

We've started a thing!
I hope BlitzGirl likes haikus,
or she is screwed.

Once there was a man...
Wait! Is this a limerick?
No, it's a haiku.

manvandmaan, NP415 (Mirror)

Thanks for the congrats.
Will the sea reach the tower?
Only Time will tell.

Jonas79, NP415 (Mirror)

But will it speak now?
Or forever hold it's peace,
binding us with "it"

manvandmaan, NP415 (Mirror)

So when, those of you
looking into times ahead,
will the tower1 fall?

1) The tower formerly known as the second from the right

Swein, NP415 (Mirror)

The sea1 is rising.
We are still waiting for it.
The newpix goes GONG.

1It is big.

Edit to add sup.
This is the longest era,
of slowpix so far.

Jonas79, NP415 (Mirror)

I like this idea!
It would be a great ending,
of the OTC.

Jonas79, NP415 (Mirror)

Megan could break out
of the hypothetical
to be LaPetite.

Angelastic, NP415 (Mirror)

I checked the color
and was very much relieved,
to see no fading.

Jonas79, NP415 (Mirror)

Oh Great Buffygirl!
Maker of all Time's headgear!
May I have a hat?

Jonas79, NP415 (Mirror)

The hash is changing.
Why can't I see it lightening?
Can anyone help?

Edit to add this,
the image is brighter now,
getting PNG.

Jonas79, NP416 (Mirror)

Do not fade away,
Oh you great One True Comic,
I miss you always,

I will always wait,
Until the end of Time, which,
Might not be too long.

Will my writing in haiku,
Mean I get a hat?

I hope this is so,
Forever I have waited,
For such an honour.

Roia, NP416 (Mirror)

It makes my head spin
The implications dazing
I have to coma

Kethryes, NP417 (Mirror)

The sand is lighter!?!?!
Will everything fade away???
Time's pixel puzzle...

A dove on a wire,
strung between two tall towers,
utters a high "coo..."

StratPlayer, NP417 (Mirror)

I like your Haikus
They really are a nice touch
maybe I'll write some:

As the sea rises
And castles start to crumble
Time continues on

Though beautiful things
No castle lasts forever
The sea sees to that

What can all this mean,
"The pixels getting lighter?"
Has Time run its course??

I would like to think
that Time couldn't end so soon
Wait, its been a month??

Seriously though,
I'm really intrigued by this
What will Time bring next?

Purplepants77, NP417 (Mirror)

Just think of it as
a lot of wibbly-wobbly
timey-wimey stuff.

San Fran Sam, mscha, NP417 (Mirror)

Cow on scotch mountain
Scotsman was once heard to say
"Aye, that's a High coo"

Walk in motherland?
Well, in Soviet Russia
mountain trail hike you

SPACKlick, NP417 (Mirror)

Not native speaker
does make the art of Haiku
a difficult one

Kethryes, NP417 (Mirror)

Um, did you Haiku?
Or maybe it was "ah-choo?"
If so, Gesundheit!

StratPlayer, NP417 (Mirror)

Gah!!! The R Diphthong!!!
R is not a syllable!
('less you're a pirate)

StratPlayer, NP417 (Mirror)

I made a haiku
but I messed it up
so I wait for it.

airdrik, NP417 (Mirror)

Dove on a wire
between two tall towers strung
utters a high "Coo..."

Kethryes, htom, NP417 (Mirror)

Words play in Haiku
Feelings find their paths and climb
Flowers in our mind.

htom, NP417 (Mirror)

Poetic license
means certain words can adapt
to make Haiku's work

Wire, so I've heard, can
be a one syllable word,
Think of "ne'er" and "o'er"

Purplepants77, NP417 (Mirror)

Is our long Wait o'er?
When will we see our Time end?
I hope it is ne'er...

StratPlayer, NP417 (Mirror)

The Haiku killer!
Oh god, my eyes are bleeding!
He has struck again

Kethryes, NP417 (Mirror)

Subtle shade of gray
Could be failure of proper
Color management

cmyk, NP417 (Mirror)

OK, I am through.
I will stop with the haiku...
Oh shit! I think I'm stuck!

ETA: Nope. Not stuck. Whew...

StratPlayer, NP417 (Mirror)

With the O T C
Nothing is unintended
All is meaningful

Kethryes, NP417 (Mirror)

Can't think of a BONG.
Shall I post or let someone
else do the honours?

mscha, NP417 (Mirror)

Just one, wire may be
But my point remains the same
Poems1 are like the sea2

2 They do what they want
3 I know, my footnotes are out of order. Oh well
1 Like what I just did here. "Pomes" makes this work, Poems, does not.3

Purplepants77, NP417 (Mirror)

When you hear "haiku,"
it might mean "hello!" to you,
if your name is "Koo"

StratPlayer, NP418 (Mirror)

Can be one or two;
it depends on your accent.
(Sometimes a triphthong)

Oh no, now I'll face
the fire of the flame wars/
the fire of flame wars

Angelastic, NP418 (Mirror)

Edit: here's a site
to make you more uncertain:
Speech Accent Archive

Actual edit:
Oh crap, I clicked quote instead.
I fail at edits.

Angelastic, NP418 (Mirror)

So many more hats!
Will I get them done in Time?
Still I wait for It.

buffygirl, NP418 (Mirror)

"Before the Concert"

Teenagers in line,
all smoking weed as they wait.
They've formed a high queue.

StratPlayer, NP418 (Mirror)

Cueball and Megan
Find out what sand is made of.
Don't want to hike, ew!

Angelastic, NP418 (Mirror)

Time is fading 'way
Megan and Cueball return
Into a white space

Magdiragdag, NP418 (Mirror)

Thanks for the haikus.
Can't help but add another.
Now I'm off to work!

lmjb1964, NP418 (Mirror)

The saddest part is
by the time Blitzgirl gets here
Time will fade away.

Valarya, NP418 (Mirror)

Once la petite came
but now each frame stays the same
will the end be lame

A rhyming Haiku
not what you're supposed to do
what is wrong with you

the short appearance
of la petite still bugs me
what purpose had she?

Do you doubt Randall
the future he will handle
Wait for it and dwell

aeglaeca, NP418 (Mirror)

Color management
Failure of the whites and blacks
Not just the dark shades

azule, NP419 (Mirror)

Haiku Grandmaster?!?!
Nah, I play Stratocaster
(...aural disaster...).

StratPlayer, NP419 (Mirror)

time presses onward
eleven in the mob queue
where has my muse gone?

buffygirl, NP419 (Mirror)

Some of us think
Eleven2 lesser Forty-two1
So there is still Time hope

1: Estimated time (in Outsider days) to complete whitening (but the process is not behaving as we expected)
2: # of pages 'till the Archduchess' arrival

AluisioASG, NP419 (Mirror)

So many haikus,
It makes the thread feel like a
Poem about Time

ChronosDragon, NP419 (Mirror)

First sand, then water.
This uncolored comic dies
So beautifully.

AluisioASG, NP419 (Mirror)

Sand then sandcastles
Trebuches and platforms built
Megan said bye. Fade.

Eliram, NP420 (Mirror)

Fitting the meter
Does not excuse inserting
that apostrophe.

Smithers, NP421 (Mirror)

Chrome brightens
More so than the fox
Whil'the blue stands in'ay

AluisioASG, NP421 (Mirror)

Chrome: dark shade of grey
Firefox: very nearly black
IE10: more so

aeglaeca, NP421 (Mirror)

Was it that haikus
ever rhymed in the first place?
I do not think so

ChronosDragon, NP423 (Mirror)

Fearing Time fading
She still strides with steady steps.
Oh Anointed One!

higgs-boson, NP423 (Mirror)

First I saw a glimpse
Of this sig, warning me of
A haiku-nami:

But yet I still read
All four hundred fifty two
Haiku in this post:

Don't be so silly -
I have read ALL the haiku.
A bard enjoys verse!

Hopefully sooner!
(Seasonal reference here)
Psst - check your last line!

I'm a connoisseur
Of poetry of all forms,
Including haiku!

This is probably
The saddest haiku of all
The hundreds I've read

I can't take a hint -
At least not one which asks me
Not to read it all.

These newpages are
Quite a beautiful journey
Along my great Quest

I recognize these
And smile because I was the
One who posted them.

Less steady, perhaps
Than hurried and rushed - at least
Along this past stretch.

BlitzGirl, NP438 (Mirror)

Haha, yes, your1 right.
How could I have been so blind?
I apologize.

1 This is what I think:
One haiku with bad grammer2
deserves an other3

2 Only really, I meant this one! Honest!
3 Ah! Stop judging!

Purplepants77, NP439 (Mirror)

Sad is what I felt
when I thought of you missing
the present ending.

Valarya, NP439 (Mirror)

I'm finally here
The past falls away from me
The future is Now!

BlitzGirl, NP443 (Mirror)

washed up on the beach
waiting for the end of time
will we see it come?

Latent22, NP443 (Mirror)

Yet I don't believe
That Time is going to end
Have faith, my new friends!

BlitzGirl, NP443 (Mirror)

It's a new landscape!
Is it sea or sand* or both
That we see in here?

*semencaffeinatedcancerbaconbabies really, but I took some poetic license.

Lyoug, NP449 (Mirror)

There are things besides
sea and sand in existence.
Like peanut butter.

Someguy945, NP450 (Mirror)

I'm so excited
what is wrong with me now?
Still I wait for it.

SPACKlick, NP451 (Mirror)

Humble beginnings,
A people rose from nothing
To watch over time

Copernicium112, NP451 (Mirror)

For Blitzgirl I write
A haiku like no other

The next one's normal
but I'll finish this one first.
It only makes sense.

At Blitzspeed she zooms
flying much faster than Time
At last she arrives.

Follower of Time
BlitzGirl the devoted one
brought hope to us all

Purplepants77, NP458 (Mirror)

Thanks for the haiku!
I don't have cable either
So don't you worry

Sitting on your couch
Sure is splendid; I needed
That after my trip!

BlitzGirl, NP458 (Mirror)

Await dreams, loves, life;
There is always tomorrow.
Until there is not.

Grieving love unsaid.
Tomorrow will fail someday.
Tell them today, OK?

htom, NP465 (Mirror)

Time is a river.
It's not moving very fast.
Also, it is small.

Angelastic, NP502 (Mirror)

It is strange, Megan.
Rivers flow to meet the sea.
The sea couldn't wait.

mscha (paraphrasing the words of Cueball according to the GLR), NP515 (Mirror)

Yeah, really. How could
he say that NOT in haiku!
That is heresy.

Angelastic, NP515 (Mirror)

I fixed that for you
so that you would not also
become heretic.

mscha, NP515 (Mirror)

I will not say it
for fear of getting stuck in
An infinite loop.

Angelastic, NP515 (Mirror)

Your fear is well placed
If you are not a Loopist
Join and re-live Time

SWO Crash, NP516 (Mirror)

Loopists live in Time
as much as the Finitists
or Infinitists.

jjjdavidson, NP516 (Mirror)

So what you say is haiku
Leave payment in box.

My edit in bold
If my boldness is okay
Have a pleasant day

azule, NP521 (Mirror)

This molpy is quite
riverish: one-twentieth
of a q high1

1high q?2
2(it is if you pronounce the 1)

BlitzGirl, NP621 (Mirror)

Yikes, this is so much
harder than writing haiku.
I think I'll give up.

mscha, NP657 (Mirror)

Woo, I'm all caught up!
that was pretty quick because
I did skim a lot.

You can call LEGO
bricks "LEGOs" if you first call
a brick a LEGO.

Potato cakes or
Scallops? I always call them
Potato scallops.

Eternal Density, NP664 (Mirror)

While waiting for It
Time is hunting from behind
Souls lost to autumn

Swein, NP673 (Mirror)

All hail GLR
We all Wait for it.

BlitzGirl, NP762 (Mirror)

Our buttermolpy
facebugbeesnake shining hope -
Goodbye, tasty friend.

thirds, NP864 (Mirror)

Life has no meaning
Beauty and the beholder
Except what we give

ttscp, NP864 (Mirror)

Beautiful our
But he flew too high

TimeLurker, NP864 (Mirror)

Beauty reaches high,
Cavorts on wings of color.
One chomp. All is gone.

ucim, NP864 (Mirror)

That is what she said!
While gazing off over trees
Into twilight sky.

taixzo (improving on ergman), NP919 (Mirror)

gasp! I've been haiku'd!
such a claustrophobic fate,
chained to your structure.

ergman, NP919 (Mirror)

You mean something like:
Oh drat that's five syllables.
Let's try this again.

But we could only
(for the smaller collider)
budget for two quarks

We could only bud...
[CHANGE!] I love our weird haiku
[CHANGE!]...get for two quarks.

Angelastic, NP935 (Mirror)

Anybody up
for haikuing with me here
on this fine newpage?

BlitzGirl, NP997 (Mirror)

Thanks for the smiley.
I knew that page existed,
But I forgot where.

tman2nd, NP997 (Mirror)

What do we have here?
A papal promulgation?
I refuse! Oh wait.

thirds, NP997 (Mirror)

Bloody flag sunset
Long night with comet shooting
Long morning of pain

jovialbard, NP997 (Mirror)


Random sampling
Other department fails at
Need morning coffee

BigDaddy, NP997 (Mirror)

Ah, forty-seven,
the most random of numbers
(chosen by dice rolls?)

Angelastic, NP997 (Mirror)

I have been absent.
But now I'm back ONG

tman2nd, NP997 (Mirror)

Welcome back to the
present, tman2nd! Here,
have (and share) some cake...

mscha, NP997 (Mirror)

"How's your leg Megan?"
But silence is her reply.
Should we fear the worse?

TimeLurker, NP997 (Mirror)

Megan pauses here,
Contemplating injury.
Worse? Hopefully not.

The best kind of ONG!
Though goodbyes are bittersweet,
Returns are treasured.

[Edit from future
To substitute new smiley
For a now-dead one.]

BlitzGirl, NP997 (Mirror)

Like strange and charming
Molpy up and molpy down:
Sunrise and sunset.

Marsh'n, NP997 (Mirror)

I don't know what has
happened to Cueball's body,
it looks really weird.

Ximenez, NP997 (Mirror)

I think perhaps that
Cueball's arm is parallel
to his stick body

Up and at 'em, Cue
Slopes to climb and legs to fix
Lots of things to do

We should be fairly
safe until next Outside March
but you never know

BlitzGirl, NP997 (Mirror)

But his torso looks
like it's way too short, and his
femur is too long.

(E. To Add that these
are haikus just for their length
but fun just the same.)

Ximenez, NP997 (Mirror)

Now's my chance to use
The smiley eating a cake
That BlitzGirl gave me.

Thanks for the welcomes
Whether they be welcome back
Or welcome forward.

tman2nd, NP997 (Mirror)

I've never written
A Haiku before this one
Is this then meta?

Febrion, NP997 (Mirror)

How is Megan's leg?
Apparently it's OK.
I'd ONG but I can't.

I'm glad I couldn't!
I would have been ninja'd twice!
Her leg: still a stick.

nsub1, NP997 (Mirror)

Hi future people
of page 997 you
guys are all awesome.

Valarya, improving on TheMinim, NP997 (Mirror)

I, too, am going
away for 4 dips for the
holiday weekend.

Looks like Megan's leg
is doing just fine after
that long starry night.

Valarya, NP997 (Mirror)

Here is my haiku
Posted on the sly from work --
Shhh! Don't tell my boss!

CasCat, NP997 (Mirror)

nowhere to go now
riders down in front of me
falling in the road

charlie_grumbles, NP997 (Mirror)

One thousand pages
A milestone looms up ahead
Who will get there first?

ucim, NP997 (Mirror)

I may not post much
But I am compelled to say
This is amazing

maletero, NP997 (Mirror)

Earlier I used
A smiley to eat a cake.
Now I'll use this one!

tman2nd, NP997 (Mirror)

And you are just grand
for saying so! We love to
hear quiet voices.

It doesn't matter
if you lurk, post, read, or blitz...
we all Wait for it.

BlitzGirl, NP997 (Mirror)

42 guests I
am full of admiration
for your clever name!

Tatiana, NP997 (Mirror)

Hi maletero!
We are so glad you delurked
Fellow Timewaiter.-25

-25 Or, refrigerator, if you prefer.

Marsh'n, NP998 (Mirror)

You say you don't post?
So how come I know that name?
Oh; a JoCo fan!

Dearest pope edo:
I can't do a mashup now;
I'm in haiku mode.

Angelastic, NP998 (Mirror)

I posted an ONG.
I posted a SECONDONG
Now it's a THIRDONG

tman2nd, NP998 (Mirror)

about Megan's patellar
stability, why?

thirds, NP998 (Mirror)

Tatiana, thanks!
I too look forward with joy:
Millennial cake!

42 guests, NP998 (Mirror)

Randamnit, I missed
The page of haiku writing
Here's one anyway

yappobiscuits, NP998 (Mirror)


frosted haiku cake
sugar, eggs, flour, a few words
1000th page!

42 guests, NP1000 (Mirror)

The river of time:
Deep, fast, and turbulent.
"Now" vanishes fast.

ucim, NP1003 (Mirror)

My hobby:
Searching our True Thread
For a random word or phrase
Ignore posts between

cari.j.elliot, NP1013 (Mirror)

The raft is ready
The desperate journey starts
We wait, breath bated.

Red Hal, NP1228 (Mirror)

The haiku return
A breath of fresh air within
An impatient Time

BlitzGirl, NP1228 (Mirror)

A sea returning,
Reclaiming my land and home.
Shall I raft away?

b2bomberkrh, NP1228 (Mirror)

A gentle coma
Drifting slowly away like
Sea-river debris

BlitzGirl, NP1228 (Mirror)

The tide is turning
Excitement reaches a peak
The command is...run

moody7277, NP1229 (Mirror)

Prodigal returns --
Let us shower him with Cake!
Welcome, welcome back!

CasCat, NP1229 (Mirror)

And the newbie asks:
Has anybody noticed
that that's a haiku?

The next newbie asks:
Has anybody noticed
there's some JavaScript?

The third newbie asks:
Has anybody noticed
the image changes?

The fifth newbie asks:
Has anybody noticed
there's an FAQ?

The sixth newbie asks:
Has anybody noticed
there's no fourth newbie?

Then they ask about
finite possibilities
of plural Lego.

Angelastic, NP1229 (Mirror)


taixzo, NP1229 (Mirror)

Fair Angelastic!
Haiku giggles bubble up
A sprinkle of laughs

BlitzGirl, NP1231 (Mirror)

Optional decree:
Add a haiku to your post
Because I like those.

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

Is it the stump of
A tree that we recognize?
The neat tree? Hope not...

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

I would comment on
the 'oof' but I will fail the
2 papal decree

Sheldon, NP1232 (Mirror)

The very right side
Of the newpix appears to
Be sloping upward

I take this as some
Evidence of solid ground
Rather than more waves

But, as with all things,
I could well be mistaken
I will Wait for it.

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

I should note that the
far right slope is still static
Must be solid ground

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

Might it be that the
Flags are rebounding from the
Impact, like the raft?

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

It is possible
but the composite movement
of flag, raft and waves

makes definitive
answers to your flag query
near impossible.

Red Hal, NP1232 (Mirror)

My ketchup is done.
55 newpages long.
That was quite a ride.

ZoomanSP, NP1232 (Mirror)

Just like Washington
Crossing the Delaware wide...
Except for the "oof".

ggh, NP1232 (Mirror)

Can't help but wonder
With all the water around
Where will they all pee?

rvloon, NP1232 (Mirror)

Thank you for answers
(Or non-answers) given in
Haiku form, Red Hal!

BlitzGirl, NP1232 (Mirror)

Does anyone else
think that Megan's head looks quite
small in this newpix?

ZoomanSP, NP1232 (Mirror)

Page one thousand and
two hundred and thirty-four
Marked with this Haiku.

Red Hal, NP1234 (Mirror)

Raft hits rock and skews.
Camera keeps a broadside view.
Background shifts behind.

ucim, NP1234 (Mirror)

The Great Lord Randall
redacted the fourth newbie,
for xe was mustard.

The raft goes backwards!
An ingenious solution:
Let's call this the front.

Angelastic, NP1234 (Mirror)

Here are some cupcakes
To celebrate the newpage
1234. Yum!

Valarya, NP1234 (Mirror)

I have molpied up!
Oh look, they've found the others!
Now time to ketchup.

yappobiscuits, NP1235 (Mirror)

Haiku is haiku
is haiku is haiku is
haiku is haiku

cellocgw, NP1235 (Mirror)

A dream will come true:
our rope isn't long enough;
hold this or you'll fall.

A meme will haiku;
our thread isn't long enough;
post this or you'll fail.

Angelastic, NP1235 (Mirror)

Turns out the newbie
Was not so lucky; transformed
Into raptorcat.

BlitzGirl, NP1236 (Mirror)

eggs, milk, and flour
mix them together and bake
Valarya's cake

ucim, NP1241 (Mirror)

tears falling softly
i hide them from the big sea
which would only grow

BlitzGirl, NP1259 (Mirror)

Staring, mouth agape
Words "The End" bore into brain
This is my first post.

fireball, NP1277 (Mirror)

The tribe, saved by two
(or three if you count Petite)
begin their lives anew.

Red Hal, NP1278 (Mirror)

In the Acts of the Clerics, a poetry form employing double dactyls and haiku was used for installment XXIII. It's seaish; you can read it here (Mirror).

ucim, NP1346 (Mirror)

Megan and Cue, your
Antediluvian life
Is gone forever

May your new life be
greener, richer, happier,
With much more to learn.

Tatiana, NP1359 (Mirror)

Outside keeps me gone
missing you while Time moves on
though I've not withdrawn.

ucim, NP1372 (Mirror)

I'm now near coma
My thoughts a confusing sea
I can't poetry

BlitzGirl, NP1401 (Mirror)

What if we had ONGs
by Randall but different
posted three per week

Eternal Density, NP1401 (Mirror)

This was not T▒▒ E▒▒
Look at us still talking here
Time is Still Alive

StormAngel, NP1401 (Mirror)

...and then time ended.
We stuttered but kept going
like forced popetry.

Angelastic, NP1401 (Mirror)

New ONGs and new slides
By waveney and Kieryn
Treeishly wowish.

Valarya, NP1408 (Mirror)

I wonder if the
maps that cuegan [stole? took?] from her
were ever returned.

Dracomax, NP1408 (Mirror)

didn't someone say
they meant no pun intended
but did anyway?

someone else said that
they meant no pun intended
but there was no pun

airdrik, NP1408 (Mirror)

summer food
busy wipend, ah

(an attempt at an actual haiku)

jovialbard, NP1408 (Mirror)

but when will they see
on the obelisk newslide
something different

Kieryn, NP1408 (Mirror)

Not posted for yonks.
Watching, but not enough Time
To add much of worth.

dawnfire, NP1408 (Mirror)

Related haiku
Submitted for the page-mome
Why are there squirpys?

BlitzGirl, NP1408 (Mirror)

Utterly wowsome.
One of my favourite quotes
Brilliantly tweaked.

dawnfire, NP1408 (Mirror)

So that's what happened
to my brain. That does explain
a lot, actually.

BlitzGirl, NP1408 (Mirror)

I love the sprouting
of things that grow from Time's seed;
they are all treeish.

Angelastic, NP1408 (Mirror)

What a treerootish
idea, even though I'm
not sure what it means!

BlitzGirl, NP1408 (Mirror)

Tree roots may also
indicate some hidden depths
of wowterfulness

Not visible from
the surface but treeish all
the same: treerootish!

BlitzGirl, NP1408 (Mirror)

What a happy choice:
Dilgunnerang or gold star?
Perhaps both in one?

ggh, NP1408 (Mirror)

Don't worry BlitzGirl
I definitely noticed
your replying boobs.

Valarya, NP1446 (Mirror)

I did search each post
But I seem to be having
Mammary failure

Eternal Density, NP1446 (Mirror)

When Minim's around
The Thread fills with jubilance
And snakes and chuckles.

ergman, NP1466 (Mirror)

I apologize
for my lengthy absence, but
I have been thinking.

OK, I give up.
Not the thread or the blitzing!
But Fibonacci.

My quest has now reached
The season of the haiku...
OTC fading.

My apologies
If Whizbang is reading this
For your bleeding eyes.

Marsh'n, NP1496 (Mirror)

Hello there, Marsh'n!
It's nice to have you check in
we still love haikus.

Valarya, NP1496 (Mirror)

Welcome back Marsh'n!
I don't have a welcoming
haiku for you, sad.

Whizbang, paraphrasing k.bookbinder, NP1496 (Mirror)

I love poetry.
It's great! Just add some line breaks!

Fixed that for you too.

ergman, paraphrasing Whizbang, NP1496 (Mirror)

So good to see you!
We always welcome your posts.
Keep up the good work!

Whoops! I'm Mome again.
Continue the statues, or
Post some new haiku!

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

Marsh'n! It's so good
to see that you still exist!
How's your part of Mars?

Earthling on Mars, NP1497 (Mirror)

TheMinim is here
Is she the one beret girl?
Obeying the Mome.

TheMinim, NP1497 (Mirror)

Work is such a drag
I'm watching the clock run down
Waiting for the ONG

k.bookbinder, NP1497 (Mirror)

Advice for Red Hal:
Factory Automation
Helps in Judgement Dip

You may ask me why.
It's cos the new boosts are in
The Red Department

Eternal Density, NP1497 (Mirror)

Why would you ever
Bother to open up a
Redundant spoiler?

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

I find are always quite cute.
And then there are awws.

TheMinim, NP1497 (Mirror)

Three meetings today
Deadlines have all been missed
Is it related?

SBN, NP1497 (Mirror)

Dearest SBN,
As we have learned these past mips,
It's all RELATED.

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

Why am I thinking
about a rowboat right now?
Aaargh scrumptious donuts!

Eternal Density, NP1497 (Mirror)

You may run and hide
But there is no escaping
The scrumptious donut.

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

VITSSÅGEN, JA! How thoughtful!
It is glorious.

This dinomolpy
Comes from Pittsburgh, posted
Further upthread, too:

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

So, automation.
The key to survival, yes?
I shall acquire it.

Bots toil overnight
They destroy what I have built.
But morning brings hope.

I'll coma shortly
Dreams of robot victory
Shall haunt my slumber.

Red Hal, NP1497 (Mirror)

So now we are back
To formatting our posts as
haikus? It seems that

the thread is going
to repeat itself in some
ways forever onward

poetry? poem
poetry poem poem
poem poetry

ChronosDragon, NP1497 (Mirror)

All round Cumbria
We have quite a few of these
Wood-carved Molpybears:

yappobiscuits, NP1497 (Mirror)

Poetry! Poets!
Poem, poem, poetry.
Poets' poetry.

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

Diddle iddle um
Diddle iddle iddy um
Diddly di dee.

I now bring along
Present-present for Flado
Enjoy your smiley

yappobiscuits, NP1497 (Mirror)

Six Months - One thousand,
Four hundred, ninety-seven!
Boy, you've been busy!

zaphodbeebledoc, NP1497 (Mirror)

Wow, yappobiscuits!
Can you tell me how to get
To Redundant Street?

Welcome back! It's been such a
Long Time, hasn't it?

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

The BKJ! change
is when you miss a kitty
power goes one less

edited to add
you should have seen some by now
maybe you're Lucky

some boosts you should get
are Riverish, Grapevine, and
Double or Nothing

Want the new version
Missed save button on my phone
ninja'd and then saved. :(

As I wrote that one
missed a kitty on my phone:
not so redundant :( :(

Eternal Density, NP1497 (Mirror)

Time for more presents
This one's for Pelrigg, enjoy
Your smiley as well!

The Department of
Redundancy department's
Redundant spoiler:

yappobiscuits, NP1497 (Mirror)

Castle brought me back
Thanks Eternal Destiny
Now I waste more time

edo, NP1497 (Mirror)

I tried an online
OCR tool to avoid
typing. It failed.

I tried another
but the result was just as

Eternal Density, NP1497 (Mirror)

To click or not to
That is the question I ask
Win big or lose all

k.bookbinder, NP1497 (Mirror)

Thanks, Quicksilver! Such
Prompt notifications are
Welcomed by OTTers!

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

Don't worry, it was
Clear to see what you meant! Thanks
For the OTTish try!

BlitzGirl, NP1497 (Mirror)

Edo has come back!
And look, so has Quicksilver!
What, and Marsh'n? 4!

Oh, missed the haikus.
I miss all the pope decrees :(
Stupid Outside! Thbbt!

I lack ninja stealth.
Can't get to double digits.
Boo! No badge for me!

lmjb1964, NP1498 (Mirror)

Once you get longpix
the boost named Active Ninja
makes it easier

Eternal Density, NP1498 (Mirror)

Molpy down once more
And uncoma all alone
Find time's sea settled

ergman, NP1509 (Mirror)

More I want to say.
I have not finished ketchup,
but called by outside.

ucim, NP1510 (Mirror)

Are they real castles,
or only imaginary?
Turn off and back on

StormAngel, NP1516 (Mirror)

Wonder who's off-frame?
Maybe some Cueganites have
Learned to speak Beanish

Optional decree:
Convert your posts to haiku
Because haiku rule.

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

Beardo's foot
will be caught to tight
Ankle will break painful

Broken ankle
will get very inflamed
Panther salve won't help

No green hat
To prevent horrible end
So Beardo meets death

His girlfriend
Sadly left out of the will
Stricken with deep grief

She'll find an old manuscript
She'll start to prepare

As she finds
Stuff to put in evil spell
Sun will lose it's warmth.

Ice age comes
Makes everyone popsicle
Everybody dies

This spells end
For this awesome Beanies chapter

Neil_Boekend, NP1621 (Mirror)

Beardo dies from foot,
Girlfriend kills the sun causing
New Ice Age. Thus ends!

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

I misread BlitzGirl
Thought she said centre your posts
The same as hers is

Eternal Density, NP1621 (Mirror)

Centering's good too.
Bravo to Neil for converting
His post to haiku!

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

Hotdog Update Time
Version three point oh seven
Won't haiku changelog

Eternal Density, NP1621 (Mirror)

I would have complied
with papal decreeing
but I can't do poems

HES, NP1621 (Mirror)

GAH Randalldammit!
I can't browse the thread at all
So much 503.

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

Steambottle. I want
To make posts, but it's too hard.
Such ch*rping m*stard!

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

Newpixbot has to
Hold down the thread for us poor
Error-cursed OTTers.

OTTercomic is
Treeish, HES! I did
Manage to see it.

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

It would be fun to
rewrite my chronogram in
haiku — but I'll wait.

Edit: Made haiku
more upbeat. The previous
version was duller:

"I do not wish to
rewrite my chronogram in
haiku form -- I'll wait."

mrob27, NP1621 (Mirror)

It may take a while -
Forum m*stard frustrating
The posting OTTers.

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

The forum slows down,
Unraptorish. No posts, just
Mustard. Thus ends Time

HES, NP1621 (Mirror)

I was going to
say something like this myself
but you did better.

Eternal Density, NP1621 (Mirror)

these forum problems
give waiting a new meaning
but we wait alone

ergman, NP1621 (Mirror)

Poor stranded OTTers
Slow slog through sluggish server
Save the O-T-T!

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

Waiting all alone?
OTTers, don't fear 503
The river is small

ChronosDragon, NP1621 (Mirror)

I'm laughing out loud
I have often thought the same
Though it isn't true

Eternal Density, NP1621 (Mirror)

I see what you mean.
Just got my first 503.
Forums are ch*irped, yes?

Hard for me to tell.
My computer is so slow
That it's not much worse.

But I saw Beanies,
A treeish OTThercomic
And hotdog updates.

Even mustardy,
This thread is so awesomeful.
Here's cake for azule!

lmjb1964, NP1621 (Mirror)

They may slow our thread
But they will never take our

yappobiscuits, NP1621 (Mirror)

Forum-wide issue
(Just as far as I can tell)
Not just us OTTers.

BlitzGirl, NP1621 (Mirror)

But are we to blame?
Did we fill the forum's disks
With too many cakes?

The large attachments -
Have they been causing this pain?
(No, not in my pants.)

ggh, NP1621 (Mirror)

Yes, forums are chirped.
Follow the first commandment.
All will be well soon.

Much to respond to.
I am not in the basement.
Ketchup will come soon.

My absence is from
making a future present
You must wait for it.

ucim, NP1621 (Mirror)

Chirping chirp.
With the chirping errors
Haiku np still here

Neil_Boekend, NP1621 (Mirror)

Error Five Oh Three
Causing headaches and despair
The Chirp doesn't end

Dracomax, NP1622 (Mirror)

Is it really true?
Could it be that the forum
problems are over?

mscha, NP1622 (Mirror)

Webfooted raptors
Sequentially arranged
Wolpies on the way.

SBN, NP1623 (Mirror)

I didn't say bye
Needle-pulled-thing 503'd
Now 3 wips behind

StormAngel, NP1651 (Mirror)

The latest commit
It is now compatible
With your old browser

AluisioASG, NP1726 (Mirror)


A milestone passes.
Contemplate what we have seen.
Much is yet to come.

ucim, NP2000 (Mirror)

Stack of prime numbers
Makes it so well visible.
Want some more haiku?

Sustainabilizer, NP2134 (Mirror)

They dwelt beneath us
For a time, we thought they'd left
O, happy returns.

ChronosDragon, NP2146 (Mirror)

What is this mirror?
When/why should I use it?
What is its locale?

HAL9000, NP2155 (Mirror)

When posting comments
A haiku or two might be
Just the page ticket4.


bmonk, NP2179 (Mirror)

In hindsight, that looks
straightforward, so I wonder
why I failed at it.

Sustainabilizer, NP2179 (Mirror)

I must now admit
That I have a fondness for
Japanese poems.

The sickle-sharp moon
Cuts through the dark, bare branches
Of the winter trees.

bmonk, NP2179 (Mirror)

For decree of fall haiku
Manifests quickly

Riverish word-songs
That cascade from one brief line
Down to another

Structured and final
As two hovering words on
A new sea's border

Creative and wise
As a Time-drawn collective
Spanning the seasons

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

President of Earth
Superseded by seaish,
Endish happenings

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

This page is so much fun
when using a different font!
I'm using ― Gabriola.

AluisioASG, NP2179 (Mirror)

My organised sand
Quickly disorganising
Mustardy Hard Drive >.<

Ubuntu CD
Allows continuation
Of OTTing for now.

karhell, NP2179 (Mirror)

Hello OTT,
I'm rezilibaniatsuS,
from The ЯOЯЯIM TTO.

When there is mustard,
I'll do the mirror writing
for my mirrored self.

Now I'll be Waiting
For the next Forum Mustard
Mirror Party Trip.

rezilibaniatsuS, NP2179 (Mirror)

Good morning molpies
OTT is slow today
Must be the wipend.

Earthling on Mars, NP2179 (Mirror)


balthasar_s, NP2179 (Mirror)

Sorry to hear of
Unmolpish mustard, karhell.
Behave yourself, sand!

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

Some mustard was found
by Sustainabilizer.
UAAAAAH! It's fixed now.

Edited to add:
ONGomome is sentient.
Who wants to doubt it?

SilentTimer, NP2179 (Mirror)

Single bad sector
Had to be in boot sequence
Murphy's ch*rping law >.<

Factory defaults
The first backup is restored
OTTing may resume

karhell, NP2179 (Mirror)

A well-Timed backup
Made last yip's death of my sand
Not quite so endish

ETA: Edit
by karhell synchronous to
this post... epsilon.

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

Is not unheard of by the
People of the ONG

karhell, NP2179 (Mirror)

Ah, the Times when we
Set our posts free at the ONG
All aflight at once

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

Punsaw to donut.
What might be the ratio?
Answered: 7:5.

Some OTTer said it.
Not sure who; they also said
It's the OTR.

And hence my question:
Why is this one ratio
One True Ratio?

Awesomeful panning
By Sustainabilizer!
Slinches solved puzzle.

bmonk ottified
"Keep Feelin' Fascination."
Such a treeish job!

BlitzGirl, our poet,
Created lovely haikus.
Such a fine wordsmith!

Search for vancastle
Takes way too much of my time.
Should lower standards.

Other stuff I saw,
All was truly awesomeful.
Know that i loved it.

As for the conference,
Attendance based on airfare.
I'm now at .9.

lmjb1964, NP2179 (Mirror)

Ongomome? When did
this change, or is it just the
bot that's doing it?

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

A haiku t'is not
Despite what it may look like:
Deceitful it is.

AluisioASG, NP2179 (Mirror)

'Tis not the amount
of Time, but how we Wait for
it all together.

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

Treeish workaround!
(Of course the new account still
has less than five posts.)

BlitzGirl, NP2179 (Mirror)

BlitzGirl told it.
Thanks¹ for welcoming
my mirrored self.

These thanks¹
include our mods.
¹ means “big”.

By the way, “Haiku”
is not just “5–7–5”.
Is much more. And less.

Apples. Golden sun.
Be our guests.

Sustainabilizer, NP2179 (Mirror)

Thanks balthasar!
You have answered my question.
I should have known that.

Carcastle purchased.
It's a Honda Elephant.
I mean Element.

I named her Celeste.
Any guesses why that is?
Hint is up above.

Fun writing in haikus!
I should say "style of haikus."
There is more to them.

I know that this is
Not the decree for this page.
This is my last one.

lmjb1964, NP2180 (Mirror)

Because the subject
was generated for me
I write in haiku.

Aaaah I tried clicking
that reflexively and missed,
then I read the post.

Eccentric donut:
Vital Hotdog Function has
a new single out!

Also, I know I
constantly spell Wittenberg
as Wittenburg. CH*RP!

Eternal Density, NP2207 (Mirror)


BlitzGirl, NP2222 (Mirror)

Tried to view the ONG
A dreaded message returned
“File Not Found.”

AluisioASG, NP2259 (Mirror)

of this thread's haiku: long a
glaring omission.

This state of affairs
shall continue no longer.
A start has been made.

Edited to add:
No more just a list, now an
own page of haiku!

Edit 2: Word changed.
The new choice sounds more natural
in the English tongue.

svenman, NP2300 (Mirror)

I see that svenman
Has wikified the haiku.
He is awesomeful!

lmjb1964, NP2302 (Mirror)

Bots are getting bored.
Haiku is in their crosshairs.
What will be the next?

ucim, NP2309 (Mirror)

Bots may self-destruct.
Haiku are in their crosshairs?
Bots are making them!

Only possible
with a great knowledge of both
OTTish and English.

And the rest is a
bloodbath history. Bag pun? Bag

We slow up but we
never will stop, so let the
posts go up, go up…

I know CGI.
Let's do it! And I did it!
It took me some time.

Like strange and charming
Molpy up and molpy down:
Sunrise and sunset.

Thank you very much.
And with that, molpy down. ...but
I don't wanna sleep!

I'm looking for it.
I DON'T want to remember
the last butterflood.

Angelastic, NP2309 (Mirror)

The haiku after
this has the correct number
of syllables, but —

The haiku prior
to this has the wrong number
of syllables.

mrob27, NP2310 (Mirror)

Haiku all the things!
And in writing the haiku,
write some more haiku!

Angelastic, NP2310 (Mirror)

Ni ni ni ni ni
Chupacabra ping pong ball
Moly grapevine molp

Soup, NP2310 (Mirror)

welcome, Rosencrantz!
your avatar is so cute.
where is Guildenstern?

ergman, NP2310 (Mirror)

Old project reprised:
Angelastic's detection
of chance-formed haiku.

svenman, NP2310 (Mirror)

Should I wait for it,
Emoji Lucky 8 Ball?
Needs more Panther Salve.

Soup, NP2311 (Mirror)

There are not many
Haiku with the word 'any'
[Spoiler:] Panther Salve.

Angelastic, NP2311 (Mirror)

"Spoiler" must have two
syllables in your haiku
Tasty Panther Salve

Soup, NP2311 (Mirror)

I Haiku badly
Will panther salve bring lost ones?
OTTers hope so.

SBN, NP2311 (Mirror)

Will Panther Salve bring
charlie_grumbles back to us?
I really hope so!

Four legs, tail, claws, teeth.
Genus name is Panthera.
I'm Panther Savvy.

lmjb1964, NP2311 (Mirror)

I linked the posting,
not the page. Pope position
was coincidence.

“Will there be Time 2?”
Maybe an alarm clock
gave the answer.

Sustainabilizer, NP2311 (Mirror)

Jaromir Jagr,
Cam Newton and Lewis Brown
All use Panther Salve

ggh, NP2311 (Mirror)

Still, I might start a
Panther Salve Ads wiki page
Just in case it works.

svenman, NP2311 (Mirror)

All is haiku now.
Even if you don't know it,
you still write haiku.

Eternal Density, improving on balthasar_s, NP2313 (Mirror)

Guess what. I refuse!
I will never write haiku-
Oh wait, I just did.

Caprice, NP2313 (Mirror)

In the Acts of the Clerics, a poetry form employing double dactyls and haiku was used for installment XLVII. It's seaish; you can read it here (Mirror).

ucim, NP2395 (Mirror)

Acts of the Clerics.
Awesomeful. Baobabs. Neat.
Waiting rewarded.

ZoomanSP, NP2395 (Mirror)

Acts of the Clerics
Awesomefully poetic
Thank you, dear ucim!

mscha, NP2395 (Mirror)

Sorry to hear of
mustard, mystery author.
Behave yourself, sand!

karhell, NP2421 (Mirror)

I can take the hint
Today's decree is haikus
it is implicit

ergman, NP2421 (Mirror)

Say "The Sea is Big!"
Knights Temporal will reply:
The river is small.

taixzo, NP2421 (Mirror)

My sand will melt if
CPU usage stays at
One hundred percent.

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

A fan can help you
keep sand from turning to glass
when the heat is on

slinches, NP2421 (Mirror)

Five hundred posts with
Accidental popery.
Haikus were decreed.

What were the odds?

karhell, NP2421 (Mirror)

I wish pope karhell
A happy 500 posts!
Let's summon a cake:

ZoomanSP, NP2421 (Mirror)

Leopad doing
Computational Science
becomes Glass Furnace

mrob27, NP2421 (Mirror)

Oops, it did occur!
My leopard went coma
when training three nets.

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

Hotdog Engineer's
Deeply Learning OTTerBot
is making Glass Chips

Suddenly, Deeply
falling a-coma, perchance
to dream — in Hotdogs

Bot-coloured manip's
deferred, when Google's "Deep Dream"
becomes Google "Glass"…

I will keep writing
'til someotter posts

mrob27, NP2421 (Mirror)

Post now, Rob did ask.
AnOTTher OTTer appears
Won't, he likes haikus

slinches, NP2421 (Mirror)

minor basementing
but the silver lining grants
the gift of return

ggh, NP2421 (Mirror)

ONGoing story
is not ONGing these dips.
Computer mustard.

Sustainabilizer, NP2421 (Mirror)

No decree (not pope)
but go here and colorize
then post your result.

mscha, NP2421 (Mirror)

mscha I hear you
wash stuff (colorize?) feed kid
when Time doth permit....

ggh, NP2421 (Mirror)

I missed your edit.
Hope to make up for it with
this OTThercomic:

ZoomanSP, NP2421 (Mirror)

This is steakish!
By which I mean it's "well done"
Like burned rose petals

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

The White Beret Guy
Seems like an OTTer at heart
He'd be welcome here

slinches, NP2421 (Mirror)

We're the OTT
We are very welcoming.
The River is Small!

SBN, NP2421 (Mirror)

"The sea is big!"; yet
how difficult it is to
reply in haiku.

ZoomanSP, NP2421 (Mirror)

"The sea, it is big."
Is how this OTTer would start
Ending is tougher.

slinches, NP2421 (Mirror)

Ending is endish
But nextness is awesomeful:
The River is Small!

Little Wonder's Dad
caught me preparing this frame
he said nothing... yet.

ggh, NP2421 (Mirror)

Hotdog updated
Version is four point zero
Kitty Genocide

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

Updated Hotdog?
Multiple (4!) versions made?
Feline extinction?

Five new Stuffs with colour names?
You must tell us more!

No! I'm allergic!
To all things cat related.
Excuse me... Haiku!

MistyCat, NP2421 (Mirror)

Still waiting for it
but newpixbot found a note
in which someone wrote:

Mustard diluted.
Expect a return of ONGs
in a day or so.

mscha, NP2421 (Mirror)

Long timespans ago
A dragon left his homeland
curious for new life

He went here and there,
The past, the future, and elsewhen,
Random, on a whim

He looked high and low
But no place he looked could find
Community, warmth

Each world was harsh, cold,
Some hospitable, but thin,
Too many voices, or few

But one place he found,
was unique: it cared, it laughed,
ignoring the void

the people there, odd --
but so was he, the dragon:
they spoke the same tongue

He stayed there a while,
enjoyed the warm company
while he was able

There was plenty of Time,
songs sung, stars observed,
rivers small, seas grand

But Time would not hold;
the source of their joy ended
suddenly, sadly

He would not stand idle,
the dragon refused! Resolved,
he set out, searching

Through Time and through space,
he sought for a solution;
but he grew weary

Bit by bit, ceasing
to remember his purpose
Why he had left there

His walk drifted out
Past other stars, light pinpoints,
Planets, other life-sites

He felt something lost
Gnawing at him, forgotten
he flew through the void

One day, he flew close
to a bright warm old star-fire
heat thawing his heart

Warm flames reminded
the wayward lone dragon, of
friendship once cherished!

He woke from torpor
Remembered what he had left
As if in a dream

He raced back to it,
Back through Time, back towards them
his old friends, once known

His mind raced as well:
Were they still there? All this Time
might have scattered them

He grew more alarmed
and sped up his pace, working
quickly through the days

At last, there, the Time,
the one the dragon had left,
he found in the void!

It was still going!
Still alive, still resplendent!
Joy-filled as ever!

He molpied back in
The seaish celebration
Of OTTers treeish

The OTTish came easy,
A tongue barely forgotten,
like molpy grapevine

Though the universe
outside was moving onward,
for these, Time had stopped!

But that didn't matter
for here, they make their own Time

Though the dragon knows
He can not stay forever
For now is enough.

And so he molps there
Composing along with them,
Beanish poetry.


Events depicted
resemble reality

ChronosDragon, NP2421 (Mirror)

Was gonna complain
One post during my coma
But the Dragon WOWs!

And a reminder
If you want to Wait For It
try AdvanceStory

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

I have always thought
The thread could use a bit more
epic poetry

love AdvanceStory
Molpishly generative,
an OTTer hive mind!

ChronosDragon, NP2421 (Mirror)

wow what a haiku
or rather a series of them
does that have a name?

ergman, NP2421 (Mirror)

Haiku shirīzu
Google translate tells me so
Kanji looks like this:


slinches, NP2421 (Mirror)

Welcome back, Chronos
dragon! You've been missed. And yeah!
New NewONGs! Treeish!

Scisitor (as reformatted by Eternal Density), NP2422 (Mirror)

Reality Resembles
Events Depicted

(This is a special form of haiku which is interpreted almost the same forward and backward1 with little modification. I call it a Haikuindrome)

one: See the end of the poem

ChronosDragon, NP2422 (Mirror)

Happy to see you!
And with such a lovely post.
Hope you'll stick around.


Worthy endeavour!
I fear it may not happen,
But like the effort.


Ah, colorandONG!
Thank you for these lovely pix.
Always such a treat!

lmjb1964, NP2424 (Mirror)

A wall has been built.
The botmarines are leaving.
Release the energy?

Sustainabilizer, NP2425 (Mirror)

This double dactyl
Quite a tricky form to write
It will have to wait

StormAngel, NP2470 (Mirror)

Apparently, yes.
(Empirically spoken.)
(Also, I agree.)

New OtherComic.
Why has it four lines of text?
A haiku has three.

Don't forget the ways
to keep you pointing forward:
Just call that the front.

Megan building.
How high can sandcastles grow?
First UNG on this page.

Sustainabilizer, NP2470 (Mirror)

Delicious frosting
Eating heresy
In my comfy chair

I cried when I saw
My cupcake has a big hole
Oh, it's a donut

Why am I posting
I'm supposed to be working
But now I'm hungry

Febrion, NP2475 (Mirror)

Optional decree:
Notice something, or create
something to notice.

SilentTimer, NP2521 (Mirror)

Would it not be best
to petition in haiku?
Awesomeful it is.

ucim, NP2529 (Mirror)

Hello everyone.
Nice to see the OTT
we can get along.

thunk, NP2529 (Mirror)

So close to haiku!
Addams, I hope you don't mind
I fixed that for you:

svenman, NP2530 (Mirror)

Time; the night is cold.
I'm feeling warm and cozy.
I think I love you.

addams, modified by svenman, NP2530 (Mirror)

Rain arrives again.
It is time to work inside.
Cutting wood can wait.

Soon the clear skies come.
Grab the sunlight while I can.
Boards are cut to fit.

South winds bring the rain
along with warmer weather.
"Warm" is relative.

If it gets too cold,
take the aluminum tube
out to the tropics.

Leave your work behind.
It will be waiting for you
when you return home.

ucim, NP2536 (Mirror)

Has been up for quite a while
Did you wait for it?


Edit: The haiku
got its wording improved, now
the words flow better.

svenman, NP2619 (Mirror)

New othercomic
with no otherthread yet of
its own, seen here first!

svenman, NP2625 (Mirror)

Odd that the White Witch
is not a stick figure here.
Pope'd. Decree: Haiku.

taixzo, NP2645 (Mirror)

This papal decree
may show some effect on the
Wiki's Haiku page.

svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

Wiki warrior!
Your work on the wiki site
Inspires us all.

lmjb1964, NP2645 (Mirror)

This newpage may take
Longer than earlier ones
Did to be written

GnomeAnne, NP2645 (Mirror)

Todip, five yips past
Precisely this time of dip
This was the new ONG

svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

Finally got past
Two thousand points and after

I thought I was safe
From the slithery molpies
But then one caught me

By surprise and I
Fell off the bottom and died
I have to restart

This spoiler is
Redundantly redundant
Just leave it alone

GnomeAnne, NP2645 (Mirror)

Your MolpyUp score--
More than ten times my high score.
Guess I should play more.

Hm, Addams' haiku
Seems to be missing two lines,
The first and the last.

lmjb1964, NP2645 (Mirror)

So I was going
To post a blitz-update soon
We'll see how it goes.

As my location
Suggests I've stopped on New-Page

I'm stuck in the past
Not really in the present
But I still read you.

Once Work is over
In hopefully ten wips time
I will start again.

Until then is now
I will continue to lurk
And enjoy your words.

ColletArrow, NP2645 (Mirror)

Missing lines added:

Five Years... Where does the Time go?

Hope addams won't mind.

addams/svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

To repeat myself
Re-ONGing current timeframe
This Tim five yips past:

svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

Welcome revealer
The recent katakissa
Have fun on your blitz

GnomeAnne, NP2645 (Mirror)

Hi Katakissa
It's good to hear another
Blitzer has come back.

I wish you good luck
As a fellow Blitzer, and
Hope you enjoy Time.

Also, posting here
Earlier restarted my
Blitz, I thought it might.

ColletArrow, NP2645 (Mirror)

ColletArrow and
Katakissa, welcome back!
Good luck on your blitz!

karhell, NP2645 (Mirror)

Stalking the ramparts
Cuegan overlook their realm
Would you like some chess?

moody7277, NP2645 (Mirror)

Hey everyone
I love time, I think about
it a lot. good stuff.

I wish there was more
except I already know
the rest of the plot

I don't know how it
will end, but I know how it
starts, over again.

hayes231, NP2645 (Mirror)

This bsta
Doesn't follow the decree
It's not a haiku.

GnomeAnne, NP2645 (Mirror)

An almost-blindpost
brings new Othercomic. And
new OTThercomic.

Blitzrocket coming.
Can it be seen with naked eye?
Three NP to go.

Edited to add:
Megan and Cueball wonder
about risUNG sea.

Sustainabilizer, NP2645 (Mirror)

Again we see Meg
attempt the impossible.
Pailevator fail!

mrob27, NP2645 (Mirror)

An OTTer who lived
In Karlsruh' liked Limericks
Matching Haiku. In

"Five, seven, five" times
Two, he did strive and manage
To write one all new.


Taken to the next level
This Tim, five yips gone:

svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

I have done my whits.
Lucky's house is not for me.
At least not this year.

Bach in the background:
Spring is trying to arrive.
It is taking Time.

Five new Newpages.
Five years of change in my life.
Much to reflect on.

Many new friends here,
and two I met face to face.
OTTers are such fun!

Wordplay runs amok
Lightning gods are the subject.
Splendid Vitssagen.

BlitzGirl finally back!
The needle-pulled thing missed you!
I missed you also.

I must mend my ways.
Will I resolve not to pun?
Nah, I don't think so!

A new hotdog waits:
It makes me quite curious.
I must MolpyUp!

addams and the moon
bid me look outside for it.
'Twas quite impressive!

yappobiscuits and
TheMinim came to visit!
Is Corinne here too?

To NoMouse I say:
You knew what you were doing.
You cannot fool me!

Earthling on Mars too:
So much computery stuff~
Sand is quite tricky.

Yes, I panicked too:
SilentTimer's not alone.
Where is the ice cream?

Bahaha, GnomeAnne!
Yes, I clicked you anyway.
How else could it be?

Incoming footnotes!
Febrion brings me a smile
as he always does.

Does April have hills?
Perhaps the fool that mikrit
seeks is on the hill.

Steakish Otty from
Sustainablizer proves
we need a thwapstick

Past is like the sea.
SilentTimer told me so.
Done like a big tree.

katakissa came!
Welcome back on your NewBlitz!
We will wait for it.

It is time to post.
I'm close to the present now.
Signing off,

ucim, NP2645 (Mirror)

Lucky. Lucky Otter meeter
Give Rakhal a hug from me.

My haiku.
Out of rhythm
And missing lines.

addams, NP2645 (Mirror)

"Posts: x999"
Two big Round Number Milestones
Hanging in the air.

svenman, NP2645 (Mirror)

I couldn't haiku
Even when I wanted to.
-from Addams with love

addams, improved by GnomeAnne, NP2646 (Mirror)

Bumping a firstpost.
Didn't have this for a while.
Decree from last page ...


Hi, hayes231!
Welcome to the OTT!
Want more? See my sig!

Edited to add
the UNGtrance of LaPetite
(five yips in the past)

SilentTimer, NP2646 (Mirror)

Imagine getting
One euro per castle from
Sandcastle Builder...

svenman, paraphrasing balthasar_s, NP2663 (Mirror)

I know Automome
gave you that subject line, but
what was it thinking?

svenman, paraphrasing balthasar_s, NP2664 (Mirror)

That is the way the
first part of understanding
precision looks like.

svenman, NP2669 (Mirror)

Oh I don't
know how to do Hai
ku do you?

Pfhorrest, reformatting addams, NP2669 (Mirror)

The search must go on.
The three wolpies all love food.
As do I. Hire me.

SBN, NP2669 (Mirror)

Physics in the hall,
A treat to close at the time
Of our six yip date?

moody7277, NP2669 (Mirror)

Time has passed, and yet
the thread of Time continues.
Time will never end.

ucim, NP2669 (Mirror)

Sometimes the Earth
casts a shadow on the Moon.
It is always round.

Sustainabilizer, NP2669 (Mirror)

New OtherComic.
Hello, Someguy945!
Neat to have you back.

ZoomanSP, NP2669 (Mirror)

My organized sand
Uploading for a longpix
One ounce chocolate

Edited to add: The upload has completed
Link for silliness

Eternal Density, NP2669 (Mirror)

An Old One returns!
Hi there, Someguy945.A footnote
Molpish to see you.

Yes, we are still here.
I like all the people here.
I keep coming back.

And hey, new stories!
OTTers are so talented.
Also, poetry.

You should stay awhile.
The pace is less raptorish,
But we still have fun.


Four-year-old chocolate.
I'm glad for no ill effects.
I would have felt bad.

Although, honestly,
If one wanted to eat that,
Sooner was better.


These footnotes are wrong.
The numbers are in order.
I am so confused.


Ah, thank you for this.
All is right with the world now.
These footnotes look right.

Your cross-stitch is cool.
Your little ones must love them.
I would like them too!

Has reappeared in the thread.
Hello there to you!

My brain is done now.
Too much counting syllables.
I must go lie down.

Edited to add:
balthasar's work is treeish
For taixzo's great tale.

In honor of FebrionI'm reading this as Someguynine-four-five rather than Someguy-nine-forty-five, or Someguy-nine-hundred-forty-five.

lmjb1964, NP2669 (Mirror)

Somewhere on the main
Winter abates with south wind.
Might be too early.

thunk, NP2669 (Mirror)

New OtherComic
almost OTTifies itself.
(Click to make seaish.)


The river is small.
My phone has a knight shift mode.
The sea is big.

(Edited to add
news about OtherComic
and a “seaish” link.)

Sustainabilizer, NP2669 (Mirror)

Why, hello there, thunk!
We've had lots of hail and snow.
Not normal, for here.

Also, I :azuled:
At Sustainabilizer's
Awesomeful image.

lmjb1964, NP2669 (Mirror)

I try to be goodForgot to obey
But mistakes can still happenThe decree of the new page
I guess I'm just wildWith haiku footnotes

sometimes scatterbrainedWhile good can be good
but I'm following it nowInteresting can be good, too
i hope that this worksWords mean many things

p.p.s. I need to post more4
I was named after this month2
Many moons agofeb

5But I still won't unless I feel like I have something worth saying
26I didn't notice how fitting it was for many years
febby!Sorry - no nested haikus here, I've already been working on this for almost an hour

Febrion, NP2669 (Mirror)

Layers of haiku.
My brain hurts from reading them.
That was lots of work!

lmjb1964, NP2669 (Mirror)

Awesomeful haiku ~
Communitybrion's back!
Footnotes multiply.

ucim, NP2669 (Mirror)

This place has phone coverage?
How could it be?

BSTA 243, NP2669 (Mirror)


is following the decree.

(Don't forget: Haiku
is not just 5-7-5.
It is more. And less.)

Sustainabilizer, NP2669 (Mirror)



Pfhorrest, NP2669 (Mirror)

Cellphone coverage?
All is not what it may seem:
clothesline and smokestacks.

ucim, NP2669 (Mirror)

I can write Haiku
But you'll just have to wait for

TheMinim, NP2669 (Mirror)

Yes. Of course, it is.
I couldn't have predicted
this decree at all.

balthasar_s, NP2669 (Mirror)

My pagepope decree
Awesomefully followed by
Haikuing OTTers

It even led to
An extremely rare haiku
By balthasar_s

svenman, NP2669 (Mirror)

mumble mumble strings
mumble mumble eleven
dimensions do it.

ucim, NP2670 (Mirror)

She smiles, rides tiger,
Returns from ride – inside
The smiling tiger.

Sustainabilizer, NP2670 (Mirror)

Mustardtime Otherthread[]

The explosion.
It's everywhere. But
in the background.

balthasar_s, adapted by rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 15

(For me
this qualifies as
a haiku.)

(I reformatted
Balthasar's poem to make
this more visible.)

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 15

Merge spinning black holes,
and the resulting hole should
continue spinning.

svenman, paraphrasing balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 18

The existence of
many universes may
explain stuff in ours.

svenman, inspired by balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 25

This explanation
is a very easy way
to explain constants.

We don't know why they
have a specific value.
So we just suppose:

They have all values.
And for each value there is
a whole universe.

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 25

Silence again.
Some movement in the audience.
Moving chairs.

balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 32

I noticed something.
B's poem is a haiku,
just generalised.

SilentTimer, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 32

Unrecognised thing.
Partially buried in soil.
As if it got dropped.

svenman, paraphrasing balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 33

A few dips ago,
I bought two thermos flasks. Now
one is RELATED.

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 45

If we wait for it
then maybe we will find out
or maybe we won't.

balthasar_s (unintentionally), Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 60

Balthasar's haiku
Was it intentional or
just coincidence?

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 60

Remember the past.
Pretending it's the future
doesn't make it so.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 60

Surprising results
are on occasion the most
fortunate of all.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 60

cannot wait and must begin

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Your computer's back.
Everything works as before.
How long will it last?

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

I like that idea.
Spontaneously I opened
my conference room:

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Ten years it has been.
It was an awesomeful Time.
Celebrate with ONG!

SilentTimer, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Ten years of Time!
Ninja'd by SilentTimer.
But this ONG is mine!

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

She's lookONG backwards.
Is that kind of metaphor
for us and our lives?

SilentTimer, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Wow, it’s been ten yips!
I meant to join Peter’s room,
Work got in the way.

I checked the Facebug.
Two other OTTers posted.
Should have planned ahead.

Spaceman Spiff is here!
Eternal Density too.
Nice to see old friends.

It’s now the wipend.
Perhaps others will stop by.
I’ll come back with cake.

lmjb1964, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

I molpied up and saw this.
Personal first ONG.

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Suddenly, as the
timiversary arrives,
there's poems galore!

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Yes. This can be a
problem in [computery
stuff]. (Thus the spoiler.)


What are they doing?
He is turning towards her.
Will we see a kiss?

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Went to that place. Spoke
with Sustainabilizer
and balthasar_s.

SilentTimer, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 66

Megan just spoke
about a thousand lifetimes.
Now she's silent.

SilentTimer, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 69

One mass too small to notice
Other mass too big
Tell me, what are we left with?

svenman, paraphrasing balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 71

Look at list of cars
Just click one button to buy
The cheapest of them

svenman, inspired by balthasar_s, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 73


On Newpage 1243[3], OTTer Pikrass proposed the composition of tanka[4], another poem form of Japanese origin related to haiku. Unlike haiku, however, this art form at first found little popularity with other OTTers. Much later in the thread, though, tanka eventually began to appear a little more frequently in some OTTers' poetry.

Tanka composed by OTTers[]

I see we are now
talking again in haikus
and that I find great
Although today I'd like to
Introduce a new art form

We had haikus and
double-dactyls until then
Here's one lesser known
It's again Japanese but
Is a bit more long and old

It's called a tanka
and is made of a haiku
preceding two lines
Those are seven syllables
or mores in Japanese

The two parts must be
well separated, each of
them are one subject
The first is kami-no-ku
The second shimo-no-ku

Pikrass, NP1243 (Mirror)

The water rises
More tree trunks are floating by
The flood is coming
Will the Forty finally
reach the saving higher ground?

ZoomanSP, NP1243 (Mirror)

Coloring frames that
tend to follow eon breaks
was steakishly done.
Also, a milestone, mscha!
Happy sixty-one hundred!

svenman, NP2422 (Mirror)

I was pretty stunned
by how quickly those appeared
on that wiki page.
I came here to mention it -
whoosh! ninja-like, you're here first!

ggh, NP2422 (Mirror)

Three yips back and more
in the spring, how Megball hiked
and saved all they knew.
Our summer now is blue with
sleuthing, and sundry memebots.

thunk, NP2483 (Mirror)


Some rung them in peace.
A ripple on the water
disturbed not the void.
Now there's tin and bronze to choose;
do vampires like oranges?


Others clang in strife.
The winds of change gusting forth--
forget reason's tone.
"When will that be?" dinner host
asks. "Who'll shine forth and fix this?"


Too bright for the fish
Too loud for any fisher
It's all overturned.
Her peals helped the way, but those
tree xuys won't stand the chopper.

thunk, NP2522 (Mirror)
(extracted from a post composed of alternating double-dactyls and tanka)

Between d-dactyls,
significantly growing
this thread's tanka count:
a strange combination of
poetry, steakishly done!

a road trip is turned into
poetry also.
Addams, now I wish I could
visit your country, and you.

svenman, NP2522 (Mirror)

Particles collide.
If the energy's just right
they'll likely react.
A real boson gets produced
and we can measure its mass.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Particles decay
by themselves occasionally
due to the weak force.
Carrier particles with
a big mass can explain this.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Say there's just enough
energy to produce a
W boson.
Then the weak force works and we
can measure the boson mass.

But if there is too
little or too much of it,
there's no resonance.
Like pushing a swing, you need
to get the frequency right.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Of course, X equals
10 in roman numerals,
both in decimal
and hexadecimal ones.
Did you expect something else?

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65