This is an alphabetized glossary covering many of the terms that readers of the One True Thread invented in the process of observing Time. New words are still popping up on the thread occasionally.

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Authorcomic Edit

Any comic created by Randall.

Awesomeful Edit

An ottish superlative meaning "awesome."  Archaic version: Awefulsome.


Baobabs Edit


Example: That game was made...baobabs, 7 yips ago.

Basement Edit

If someone says they are leaving the OTT, they are sent to a metaphorical basement.

Beanie Edit

Main article: Beanie People

The people from the mountains who appear near the end of the comic and help Cuegan.

Beanish Edit

Main article: Beanish

The name for the language spoken by the Beanies.

Beesnake Edit

A general name for any of the small insects appearing in the comic, typically as small dots trailed by a snaky line indicating flight or movement.  Types of beesnakes include facebugs and flutterbees.

Blitz Edit

A spontaneous, extended effort to read through the entirety of a piece of media, esp. a forum thread (See: BlitzGirl)

Coined by ChronosDragon . Now popularly used to refer to reading through a number of newpages missed after a coma or other Outside activity. Similar to a ketchup, but a blitz usually covers a larger number of newpages.

Boom De Yada Edit

Another name for the two parodies of xkcd comic #442 created by BlitzGirl for those posting on the thread. They can be seen on this page.

Buffyhatted Edit

Having an avatar that was given a hat by buffygirl.  See: Hats by buffygirl .


Chirp Edit

  1. The sound made by small birds that appear in the comic ("chirpies") and also the stars at night.
  2. An expletive.

Coma Edit

To sleep.

Compy Edit

from Compsognathus. Since the first molpies were unidentifiable, an enhancement appeared which depicted a small dinosaur running through the grass. Later, molpy combined the idea of a mole and a compsognathus.

cONG Edit

Colored Ong. See OTColored. (rare)

Cue Edit

Main article: Cueball (unit)

A unit of measurement, equal to the height of Cueball. Short for Cueball. Sometimes also abbreviated to q. [1]

Cuegan Edit

A collective noun for Cueball and Megan.  Also: Megball


Dilgunnerang Edit

A bag-like object (first appearing in newpix 989) used by Cuegan for drinking water. The word is a combination of dildo, gun, and boomerang, which were guesses for the object's identity when Cueball dropped it in newpix 1029.

Dip Edit

Day.  Also xip.

Also in Sandcastle Builder refering to a shortened form of Judgement Dip.

Duneish Edit

Bigger than they looked.

Dunejumpish Edit



Epilogue Sequence Edit

The sequence of repeating frames that are now shown at after Time's completion. 

See: Epilogue Sequence

Everymolpy Edit



Facebug Edit

A name for a beesnake that appeared in the comic and landed on Megan's face while she was sleeping.  When she awoke, she yelled, "Facebug!"


A pre-existing term for musical parody or adaptation, see Wikipedia for more information.  The thread term for a filk (or any creative work adapted to relate to the comic) is ottification.

Flutterbee Edit

A name for a beesnake that appeared in the comic and was remarked by Megan to have beautiful wings. Also: fluttermolpy

Flutterbeewingish Edit

Exquisitely beautiful.

Comes from Megan's comment upon seeing the wings of a beesnake that you could live a thousand lifetimes and still be amazed that there were things as beautiful as these.  Short form: wingish.

G Edit

GLR Edit

Great Lord Randall, another name for Randall Munroe.

Goat Edit

The last user to post on a page of the thread is commonly known as the goat of that page.  "Being goated" refers to the deletion of past forum posts causing a user's post to fill this position.

H Edit

Heresy Edit

Any statement that can be construed as negative toward the comic, Randall Munroe, or the thread.  Also statements from a decidedly Outside perspective.

Hillish Edit



A game. Usually specifically refers to Sandcastle Builder.

  • Hotdog Vendor - Creator of game. Usually specifically Sandcastle Builder's creator, Eternal Density.

I Edit

Initiates Of Time Edit

Main article: Initiates Of Time

Those who followed the forums live throughout the beginning days of Time. Many have been slowly driven insane, waiting for new pictures. Most are at least moderately sleep deprived, caffeinated, obsessed, and silly. Other names for this group include Time Waiters, Time Keepers, Time Watchers, the Usserisses, the Strangers, and Newpixians.

K Edit

Ketchup Edit

The process of catching up on the forum thread, typically after a coma or other Outside activity. Similar to a blitz, although a ketchup usually covers a smaller number of newpages.

Keyboard Edit

Another word for leopard.  Comes from the xkcd comic #1031, "s/keyboard/leopard/"

Knight Temporal Edit

See: The Knights Temporal

L Edit

Leopard Edit

Keyboard. (computer keyboard). Comes from the xkcd comic #1031, "s/keyboard/leopard/"

LaPetite Edit

Main article: LaPetite

The girl who saves the sandcastle and helps the tribe escape.

Longpix Edit

Main article: Longpix

It is a metric measure of time now usually considered equivalent to a newpix. 1 Longpix = 1 outside hour. The term was coined to distinguish from the original newpix unit when the comic's frame update frequency changed on 30 March 2013.

Loopist Edit

A follower of Time who believes that, when complete, the comic will loop and begin "replaying" itself.

Lucky Edit

The proper name given by OTTers to the large catlike creature that appeared in the comic, after Cuegan said "That was lucky".


Main article: LWPAII

The letters LWPAII are the first letters of the words in the first 6 text frames.

M Edit

Madness Edit

Usually refers to the period when moderators took over the forums with silly word-replacement filters, causing confusion on the Thread of Time. (See The Madness .) Now used also to refer to general silliness happening on the One True Thread.

Megball Edit

A collective noun for Megan and Cueball.  Also: Cuegan.

Meowlpy Edit

The large catlike creature that appears in the comic.  Also: raptorcat, keyboard, Lucky. See: Meowlpy

Modern usage: a cat.

Mip Edit



Main article: MMONS

MMONS stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Nerd Sniping. It references

First used here:


Multiple of "LEGO" Discussion. Refers to any debate about whether the plural of "Lego" is "Legos".

Molpish Edit

Originally used to mean "like a molpy," i.e. "I see something molpish in the bushes in that frame." Now used to mean good. 

Molpy Edit

Main article: Molpy
  1. One or more animals of unknown form appearing in the comic, usually just as a change in a few pixels from one frame to the next. The term is a combination of mole and compy.
  2. Any animal (usually but not necessarily small and cute) in the comic or in the real world.
  • molpy up verb To awaken; or, to vigorously begin a task.
  • molpy down verb To cease activity in preparation for coma.

See also: Molpy

Mome Edit

The female version of a Pope.

Mountainish Edit

Further away than they looked.

Mrobdex Edit

The automated index of new words in the OTT, located at Also known as the Mr*bdex.

Mustard Edit

Main article: Mustard
  1. A gray section that appeared in several frames starting at frame 1008. It was later removed, so it is presumed to have been put there in error.
  2. Any error or defect.
  3. A generic expletive indicating something improper or disliked.
  • mustarded, mustardy adjective - erroneous, damaged, or corrupted

N Edit

Needle-Pulled Thing Edit

Another name for "thread." Based on one of the temporary word filters that was active on the xkcd fora during the time of the Madness.

Newpage Edit

Any page of the One True Thread.  This word was inspired by the term "newpix."

Newpix Edit

Main article: Newpix

It is a metric measure of time. Originally 1 Newpic(singular) = 30 outsider minutes, but since the transition to longpix this term has been often used for 1 outsider hour.

The term is also used to mean a single frame of the Time comic.

Newpixbot Edit

Main article: Newpixbot

A forum bot/script created by mscha to automatically post the ONG. Originally posted straight away, but in interest of giving others a chance to post the ONG, the newpixbot was changed to wait 10 minutes before posting (providing the ONG hadn't already been posted).  Later it was modifed to post Beanie ONGs after a wait of an hour.

NewpixbOTTification Edit

An image displayed as being hed by a newpixbot. newpixbOTTification software


1. Notional island to be built (out of sand, naturally) and inhabited by the members of the new culture/religion/civilization that formed in the OTT during its early days. 2. The world that Megan and Cueball inhabit, i.e. the world within the comic. usage: The first definition, and newpixian referring to participants in the forum, is far more prevalent; see in e.g. OTT:68:29, OTT:130:29, OTT:148:1, OTT:226:20, OTT:646:15. For an example of the second, see OTT:965:12. The boundary is blurred in that forum members often wrote as if they and the characters in the comic existed in the same world.

Ni ni ni...Edit

A chant used by OTTers to ward off any developing standards.  "Ni ni ni" usually begins the chant.  It was originally followed by "chupacabra ping pong ball" but, in the interest of avoiding standards, this second part is often changed by the chanter.


To ninja someone is to post a split-second before they do, with the same post content.  When Time was still going, OTTers would often ninja one another (or the newpixbot) when trying to post the ONG first.


Since the End of Time, this has become the standard unit for measuring the passage of...whatever is left after Time.  Equivalent to one Outsider hour.


Old OneEdit

Someone who posted in the thread near the very start, but was gone for a long time.


Frames of Time that have been seen before, particularly the repeating frames of the epilogue sequence.  Not common - usually used in contrast to the term "newpix."

One True Author (OTA)Edit

Another name for Randall Munroe, author of the webcomic xkcd.

One True Comic (OTC)Edit

Another name for the xkcd comic #1190: Time.

One True Shop (OTS)Edit

The shop for all Time mechandise - hint hint hint...  We are Waiting for it.

One True Thread (OTT)Edit

A name for the thread on the xkcd discussion fora where the culture surrounding Time originated.

One True Wiki (OTW)Edit

Another name for this wiki.

Ong Edit

Main article: ONG

Often written in all caps: ONG. The posting of the latest frame of Time in the One True Thread. The term originates from the Dong (or Bong or Gong) sound which signals the arrival of a NewPix on some javascript applets dedicated to this task. Posting the ONG first is a competitive game for some, and is usually accompanied by a word which has ONG in it, or has been modified to do so.

Ong has also been used to designate the period of time between actual ONGs, most notably in the Acts of the Clerics. It comes to one heretical hour.  (Usage postdates the change from half-hour ONGs to full-hour ONGs)

see also rONG, below.


Anxiety over whether or not there will be a new ONG


Any issue of the webcomic xkcd other than the One True Comic.


Main article: OTTercomics

(also spelled "ottercomic") An ottification of an othercomic.




People who post on the xkcd forum thread (the OTT) discussing the comic.


An ottification derived from one or more issues of the xkcd feature "What if".


An adaptation of an Outside song, poem, or other work to fit the One True Comic or One True Thread (OTT). See Songs written in the forum, Time Artwork and Time Literature for examples.

Ottish Edit

The dialect of OTTers.  This entire glossary consists of ottish terms.

Outside / Outsiders Edit

Main article: Outside

People who are not addicted to the forum and comic. This term is heavily used when referencing the religion of the One True Comic.

Outsider Time Edit

Main article: Outside

A measurement of time used by outsiders. Loosely based off of newpix and TimeFrames, outsider time is understood in hours which equals 1 newpix.

P Edit

PagePope Edit

Main article: Pope

The title given to the forum user whose post tops the page of a thread.  A common custom for pagepopes is issuing an optional decree that the other users may follow during that page of the forum thread (if they choose to).

Also: PFAN (Pope For A Newpage), PFANP, Mome, VMPC (Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer; archaic), Hotdog Vendor (rare)

Pastpage Edit

Any page of the One True Thread that is not the current active page.

Present Present Edit

A gift exchanged between posters on the forum thread discussing Time, usually given by one user to all of the others as a group.  Present presents usually consist of ottifications.  Coined when BlitzGirl reached the Present Time and presented her first Boom De Yada to the thread.

Punsaw Edit

After she inadvertently triggered the Bag Incident of Newpage 467, BlitzGirl vowed that so many puns would never happen on the OTT again.  She uses this tool to prevent punning whenever she sees it.

See also: Scrumptious Donut, Vitssågen.

Pricklymolp Edit

Hedgehog.  May also refer to an echidna or porcupine or other spiny creature.  

R Edit

Randammit Edit

Mild expletive.

Raptorcat Edit

The large catlike creature that appears in the comic.  Also: meowlpy, keyboard.

See: Meowlpy

Raptorish Edit

Fast.  Also: raptorcatish.


The "Raptor And Zombie Observation and Relocation" division of the CIA. Keeping the world safe from Zombies, should they ever find any, and raptors, even though they aren't usually dangerous to humans. It was discovered the lmjb1964 was an agent for RAZOR, and her work with the agency on the Outside often keeps her from being current on the OTT. She in turn recruited several other OTTers, who often work on internal security of the thread, that it can be safe from these threats.

Redundakitty Edit

A type of lolcat concealed in spoiler tags. When attachments are uploaded to the One True Thread, redundant spoilers are often used to house these attachments, and labelled as such.  Redundakitties are images of cats hidden in these redundant spoilers and captioned for entertainment value.  The practice was started by BlitzGirl, who usually adds the caption: "i told you was redundant.  y u no believe me?"

Revealer The Recent Edit

Someone who has recently delurked and started posting in the thread.

Riverish Edit


rONG Edit

A frame from the OTC, periodically posted after the End Of Time, as a sort-of echo of the ONG.  A reminder of what once was.

S Edit

Scrumptious Donut Edit

Another term for BlitzGirl's punsaw.  She will sometimes post pictures of donuts in lieu of actual punsawing.

Seaish Edit


Semencoffeecancerbaconbabiesonice Edit

Many different permutations of this word exist.  Refers to the contents of the Sea, or also the construction material used to build the Sandcastle in the comic, as it was speculated on the thread that mere sand and water would not be sufficient.

Sigcouragement Edit

A portmanteau of signature and encouragement. Refers to the practice of putting positive messages in one's forum signature that can be seen by blitzers who have not caught up to the current page in the thread yet.  First used by BlitzGirl on her quest to read over 400 pages of the forum thread.

Sparrow-Raptor Edit

A predatory bird that appears in the comic.  The name is inspired by xkcd comic #1211 and the early wishes of many Timewaiters to see a raptor attack happen in the comic.

[spoiler] Edit

Or an empty spoiler. Means Wait for it. Comes from the practice of putting "wait for it" in a spoiler so regularly that eventually the "wait for it" phrase was often omitted.

Squarish Edit

See also: Languages The unknown language (not shown) seen in markings on a tree trunk.

Squirpy Edit

Any of two squirrel-like creatures appearing in the comic Time; a portmanteau of squirrel and molpy. See: squirrel.

Steakish Edit

Well done.

Steambottle Edit

Mild expletive.

Steambottlish Edit

Repulsive, ugh-inducing.

T Edit

T** **d Edit

The conclusion of Time. OTTers try to avoid speaking of this. May refer to specific frame m3089. Also: Voldeframe.

The Forty Edit

Main article: The Forty

Cuegan's tribe.

Time Accessor Edit


TimeFrames Edit

Main article: TimeFrames

A standard measure of time equal to 1 newpix.  Also used to refer to the newpix themselves.

Timewaiters Edit

Main article: Religion

Members of the split created by the First Schism over the unfairly chosen name Initiates of Time.  The term has been expanded in recent Times to refer to anyone who is a keen follower of the comic.


A synonym for "neat."  Less frequently, a synonym for "weird."

U Edit

Unglish Edit

See also: Languages The language spoken by Cuegan (Unchanged Universal English)



Means "the punsaw" in Swedish (see Punsaw). A typical OTT cry is "VITSSÅGEN, JA!"


Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer. See Pope


The frame of Time where the words T** **d appear. Comes from the character Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, i.e. "He Who Must Not Be Named", as it is the frame of which OTTers do not speak.



Beautiful.  See: Flutterbeewingish.

Wip Edit


Wolpy Edit

A dog or puppy; portmanteau of wolf (or alternatively woof) and molpy.


An ottish superlative equivalent to "wonderful." Comes from the waterfalls in the One True Comic, which are often called wowterfalls.



An adjective meaning "messed up" or "abnormal", specifically referring to someone's coma (sleep) schedule. Named after the OTTer Yappobiscuits, whose coma schedule is often unusual.

Yip Edit


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