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The Eighth Journey Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, within the Mountain Era.
It lasted from frame 1970 to 2014.



Increasingly steeper terrain of the eight journey period.

The period begins with Cueball and Megan returning from the waterfall to the tree by the tiny river where they left their bags before heading to inspect the waterfall. They retreive the bags, jump across the tiny river and continue on towards the top of the mountain, as per Megan's suggestion at the close of the previous period.

They continue on through five subsequent scene pieces without any discussion or interesting sights, though it becomes clear that the elevation-gains they travel through are becoming significantly steeper in their gradation at this point than earlier in the lower foothills of the mountain. The introduction of steeper terrain is really the only significant contribution of this period, which otherwise serves mainly as a bland bridge between the exciting periods that immediate preceed and follow it, and establishing a continued length to their journey.

Molpy sightingsEdit

There are, oddly, no known molpy sightings during this period. This is particularly unusual for such an extended strictly journey period with no other happenings of interest, which usually showcase at least minor insect appearances.

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