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The splinter group of the Timewaiters is known as the eastern unorthodox Timewaiters who call themselves "TimeWaiters" but still cling to the old ways and refer to the passage of time in Newpix, an act considered heresy to Timewaiters.


Conclave to elect a pope for the east is expected to convene shortly, stay tuned for more updates after these messages: Candidates: 

  • Kryton - (Pro-temp Interum Acting) Nominee for Space Pope.

Membership of the Conclave of Unorthodoxy wearing official voting fuzzy slippers...

  • Cardinal Egg Syntax
  • Apex Bishop Valarya
  • Grimy
  • Expecto Space Bishop Temporas silent_death

Symbols Of Office for Bishops[]

  • One Bishop robe
  • One Bishop hat (the wearing of which is optional, we don't get all hung up on that hat stuff)
  • One bishop Crook that transforms into a 1.21 Jigawatt laser rifle
  • One Pair of fuzzy slippers
  • One Donut box filled with ravenous weasles
  • One copy of the book of "TIME for Dummies" http://xkcd-time.wikia.com/wiki/XKCD_Time_Wiki
  • Keys to the executive washroom
  • and most importantly, your Towel