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A double-dactyl (also called "D-dactyl" in short) is a usually humorous, rigidly structured verse form[1], which has been intensively used for a while by a number of OTT members. The definition and guidelines for an OTT double-dactyl were set suggested by jjjdavidson in NP655 (Mirror). It went on for many Newpages, with reprises on NP848 (Mirror), NP1038 (Mirror) and NP1713 (Mirror) due to papal decrees. Double-dactyls have become one of the most characteristic and most cherished forms of OTT poetry.


These are the rules as set forth by jjjdavidson:[2]

A double dactyl poem intends to commemorate someone (or someplace) in comic verse. It has rather peculiar rules:

  1. Each poem is eight lines long.
  2. Each line is double dactyl meter, except for the fourth and eighth which are two beats short (DUM-da-da-DUM).
  3. The first line is nonsense (traditionally "Higgledy piggledy," though not necessarily). Nerd translation: Information content should be at or near zero bits.
  4. The second line names the person or place to be commemorated.
  5. The fourth and eighth lines have a strong (masculine) rhyme; other lines need not rhyme.
  6. One line in the second half (usually the sixth line, but again not necessarily) must be a single six-syllable double-dactyl word (which may be hyphenated if you're desperate), i.e. extracurricular, heterosexual, parliamentarian, overabundantly, etc.

Note that Rule 6 is not optional. Quite a few of the examples below are not true double dactyls.



Strummity hummity─
StratPlayer awesomeness
Bursts from each parody,
Pastiche, and verse;

Such fine examples of
─Wish we could rent Albert
Hall and rehearse.

Momity, molpity,
BlitzGirl the versatile
Dazzles with lyrics, phi-
Losophy, arts,

Commonsense peacemaking,
Humor, and even some
Molpy-height' charts.

jjjdavidson, NP655 (Mirror)

Higgeldy Piggeldy
hailing from New Jersey
never was I unfa-
miliar with grease.

Off to New Zealand and
gave me a lesson in
waistline increase.

Sandwichy Grandwichy
To make your chip-buttie,
first you take butter and
spread it on bread.

Two slices wrapped around
oily french fries with
kewpie-type-mayonnaise -
Awesomely fed!

ggh, NP656 (Mirror)

Babel-ly Table-ly
Regional dialects
"Bacon" ain't bacon 'cause
There ain't no fat.

Ask for a "lemonade"
Sprite's in the glass you get.
Fanny Pack? - Heehee - a
"fanny"'s a twat.

ggh, NP656 (Mirror)

Languages, smanguages!
Ebonite wonders: are
Sandwiches made out of
Toast or a bun?

Issues with "Lego" and
Alternate meanings of
"Bacon" are fun!

Ebonite, NP657 (Mirror)

Top o' the NewPage it's
good ol' HAL nine-thousand
Vatican Milliner's
Perfect Cust'mer

hunting for rule-breaking
attributable to
human error.

HAL9000, NP657 (Mirror)

Cueball and Megan have
seen that their castle can
no longer stand.

Faced with the sea's rise, an
quest for the reason leads
them o'er the land.

AnotherKevin, NP657 (Mirror)

Jaypety daypety
He is a loopist by
choice and belief.

He set a challenge for
us in the forum but
double a dactyl is
hard to achieve.

mscha, NP657 (Mirror)

Blitzily Molpily
Momery Popery
Newpixing ONG

Cuegan heroic'ly
Sandcastle engineer
Riversea theorise
StratPlayer song

Eoink, NP657 (Mirror)

Theropod sauropod
Cretaceous dinosaurs
Made lovely melodies
Just like birdsong

But those who hung 'round to
Listen to seven-part
Seldom lived long

Rule110, NP657 (Mirror)

Ongkety gongkety
posted by newpixbot
'cause it is quiet
and nobody posts.

Must be the weekend, when
even our BlitzGirl is
here only ghosts.

mscha, NP657 (Mirror)

Doubledy dactyldy
I don't remember who
but in the OTT
someone did once

maybe can they provide
d-dactyl candidates
by any chance⁰?

⁰: need to read this with an English accent, I guess...

mscha, NP657 (Mirror)

Molpies are awesomely
capturing everyone
inside the OTT
furry and cute.

Give them a cupcake treat
mustard and ketchup, too
treeishly worship them
with Meg and Cue.

Valarya, NP657 (Mirror)

Mewmety growlgety
Felis Raptoricus
Could it be seen in the
last OTC?

That seems unlikely, but
one never knows, we've seen
also Molpy.

mscha, NP657 (Mirror)

Dilberty Skillberty
m-s-c-h-a, - the
Lord of the newpixbot,
Master of games!

Cheers for the humour, the
beautiful sideviews, and
diff'rence of frames!

Editty Shmeditty:
Vatican Milliner's
Defectless Customer
Woohoo for me

Here I am NewPagePope
(though it's not recognized
I'd like to be.)

ggh, NP657 (Mirror)

Trippetty troppety
Megan is falling, she
tripped on a Molpy hole
onto the ground.

Hope she's not injured, I
don't think there are any
hospitals, doctors or
nurses around.

mscha, NP658 (Mirror)

Helpety holpety
I can't stop writing my
posts as d-dactlys, please
save me from this!

what have you done, you have
broken me, something is
very amiss!

mscha, NP658 (Mirror)

Hamstery hattery
buffygirl has again
made HES a wonderful,
beautiful hat.

Once again, buffy, the
did a great job, and I'm
sure HES likes that.

mscha, NP658 (Mirror)

Walkety stalkety
Cueball and Megan are
stalked by a Molpy, I
sure noticed this. (Mirror)

(Aubronwood uses he-
retical frame numbers,
for the canonical
ones check this list.)

mscha, NP658 (Mirror)

These double-dactyls, with
My love of poetry
How could I not at least
Make an attempt?

Learnt from example, I
Saw mscha's poetry,
Witnessed its beauty and
Became verklemt!

ergman, NP658 (Mirror)

Tumbley fumbley
Cueball was clumsy and
dropped in the sea (which is
big) his canteen.

Megan gave Cueball her
slaking his thirst and they
both stayed serene.

ucim, NP658 (Mirror)

Pickety pokety
Looking at detailing
Lately there's mysteries
coming in groups:

Vanishing molpies and
Suddenly flowers grow
I think they're "oops."

ggh, NP658 (Mirror)

Jupiter Shmupiter
good ol' HAL nine-thousand
Vatican Millin'ry
Perfectly Wears.

hunts for rule-breaking at-
tributed to when a
mere human errs.

jjjdavidson (improving on HAL9000), NP658 (Mirror)

Bakety cakety
Congratulations, Hal
please have some cake.

It has been slightly used
hope that won't matter much
pixels don't spoil, I think
fungus won't take.

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

That's something I could do,
(not just detect haiku)
speech synthesisers
compute stress as well.´

Wait, is my rhyme scheme wrong?AABCDDEC
was my fourth line too long?
Oh, the unstressed thing is moved,
can you tell?

´: Though from my quick experiments I'm not 100% sure if I can interpret the prosody information it gives well enough to correctly identify double dactyls. We'll see².
AABCDDEC: Sorry, I didn't reread the rules for this, just sang it in my head in the tune I have for some reason ascribed to them.

Angelastic, NP659 (Mirror)

Doublery dacktery
ergman and other folks
thanks for the compliments

something is missing in
this one, a word that is
written must be.

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

Manicky panicky
m-s-c-h-a's* a
Little bit overwrought;
Let us be kind.

Caught by the meter, he's
Losing his mind.

jjjdavidson, NP659 (Mirror)

Em-pety scha-pety,
mscha, yes, that is me
how to pronounce my name
you want to know?

I use two syllables,
em-es-cee-aych-aye is
you're good to go.

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

Riseity wiseity
Sea is so big you see
But what's the make-up of
This plot device?

Could it be semenised
Maybe with bacon too
Served up on ice.

Smithers, NP659 (Mirror)

Stumbledy bumbeldy
Megan has found a thing
But what it is, we'll have
to wait for it.

But it is coma time
I'll have to wait for next
oh, that is sh*t.

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

Mandala Randall-a
Timewaiters posting here
Veer into madness com-
Posing light verse.

XKCD number
Has come to bring on us
Such a strange curse!

Dactyla fractala
With all the nonsense verse
I am now tempted to
Flee from this thread!

Were I to do so, would
Be a good word for
The state of my head?

AnotherKevin, NP659 (Mirror)

Timily wimily
Doctor Who episode
You want to watch the last⁴
but you can't wait?

has it already, and
outside UK you can
use this, works great!

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

Whacha-see, Whoda-see,
a-browsin' on the forum,
Some are newer, no posts to see.
Other's be elders, with fame and hats.

But with us a cipher,
one here the most and not one post.
Oh, MobTeeseboose, tell us true
Randall's spy, is that you?

pelrigg, NP659 (Mirror)

Froggery toadery
It was a frograptor
Now we know what it was
made Megan fall.

and we know she's OK
I can go safely to
coma, night, y'all!

mscha, NP659 (Mirror)

Otterly Botterly
Yappo the biscuity
Strums on his instruments
Making a tune

Scoring arrangements of
"We Love the Thread of Time"
Musical jollities
All afternoon

yappobiscuits, NP659 (Mirror)


Threadery beddery
all the thread's denizens
cleverly weave us a
web of great art

Though they can seem to be
Charts, hats and molpys have
stolen my heart

fhorn, NP660 (Mirror)

Ongity bongity
Cambridge gets light outside
I hear the sounds of the
Birds that are small

I start to find myself
Tired and so I say
"Coma time, y'all"

Smithers, NP660 (Mirror)

Ongity Dongity
Cueball and Megan are
Journeying onwards
Continuing quest

But then I got Ninja'd by
spamjam the merciless
I think his ninja skills
Must be the best.

yappobiscuits, NP660 (Mirror)

I can't stop talking in
Even though mscha's are
Better than mine.

If I don't stop this my
Brain won't forGive me as
I get stuck Dactyling
for all of time.

Valarya, NP660 (Mirror)

I don't know how to
Didacticalize things
Following rules is
Too much work for a Waiter

What's wrong with good ol'
Do others of you find
Didactyls aren't torture

azule, NP660 (Mirror)

Wondering, wandering,
Amateur science is
fun although answers are
tricky to find;

research especially
is an enjoyable
way to unwind

Rivers are fickle and
sometimes ephemeral:
flowing on Sunday then
Monday, a pond

Neophyte students of
start on a journey to
see what's beyond

Dunes, cliffs and trees and the
molpy-rich wonders of
macrobiology -
what could come next?

Sea levels rise and we
all, none the wiser,
predict and prognosticate,
pleasantly vexed.

xpatiate, NP661 (Mirror)

Comaty somaty
Snared by the OTT
All of us trapped in here
For many ONGs.

Deep contemplation of
Spawns awesome poems and
Comics and songs.

DrSamCarter, NP661 (Mirror)

Wibbely wobbely
words can have letters
that do not repeat.

is one example, and
is pretty neat.

mikrit, NP661 (Mirror)

Molpies need sustenance
for their mope-molpiness
I see them Eyeing the
little frog mounds.

Frogs should watch out for the
Hungry and creeping up
out of the ground.

Valarya, NP661 (Mirror)

Tappety typety
wanted some poetry
fit for a nerd.

Start with some nonsense but
stick to the rhythm and
end with a sesqueped-
alean word.

Incubus thinkubus -
Such a response from us!
Not to be bested we
all joined the herd.

entries were flying and
soon there were prizes and
honors conferred.

waltzity schmaltzity
More like a jig, I see.
Write it with care to a-
void much disdain...

...about lexical choices. It
isn't sufficient to
something that's plain.

clickety clackety
Once on the track any
rhythmic distrubance can
derail the train.

What a calamety
That would be if somehow
things got a little
messed up. It would
all go down the drain.

ucim, NP662 (Mirror)

Painfully, maimfully
ucim has taken a
hammer to my frontal
cortex, I fear.

How could you callously
place that disgustingly,
awful thing here?

Platonix, NP662 (Mirror)

Creaturely featurely:
Raptorbirds, raptormoles,
Raptorfrogs, raptorflies
Swarm o'er the land.

Whence this astonishing
Seems InGen's research has
Got out of hand.

Rule110, NP663 (Mirror)

Snippety snippety
Could we have spotted the
BlitzGirl had saved?

Diff'rence in emphasis
Means I've not hit on the
mscha had craved.

jjjdavidson, NP663 (Mirror)

Welcomy belcomy
Eternal Destiny
You must have skimmed quite a
little too fast.

Didn't you notice we
now double dactyl? In
haikus are past.

mscha, NP664 (Mirror)

Grumbledy, mumbledy!
last night I cursed you when
I went to bed.

Tried hard to coma but
Found that I couldn't with
Your doubledactyly
Stuck in my head!

lmjb1964, NP664 (Mirror)


Blind posting ketchupless
Stories about outside
Shows on TV.

H.B.O. got it right
With all the Lannisters
Villains you love to hate
Watch and you'll see.

Higgedly piggedly
Game of thrones captured me
Just like all Sundays that
Came before now.

Can't wait for episode
Nine to come on TV
Prepare to cow.


Valarya, NP665 (Mirror)

Timety Wimety
Wait with the OTT
hoping to see that Lord
Randall has penned

leading to somewhere that
feels like an end

mathrec, NP666 (Mirror)


Wanted to showcase how
M-S-C-H-A has
Taken this poetry
Up as his norm.

Fifteen great works of art
Through which he showed us that
Took us by storm.

Valarya, NP667 (Mirror)

Higgledy piggledy
Waiters of time can be
playful creatively.
Stay on your toes!

Our forum is notably
Keep it all courteous.
Anything goes!

mathrec, NP667 (Mirror)

Blitzering Ditzering
Ketchuping Modestly
I'm so glad I can use
Pikrass's tools

My efforts, here written
And it's all because of
We rhyme like fools

k.bookbinder, NP667 (Mirror)

Ratify smatify
Yappo-B is confirmed
Unholy anti-pope
Six sixty six

Mayhaps his avatar
Enhydra lutris will
morph to a Corvus soon
Clickety click

fhorn, NP668 (Mirror)

Molpily campfirey
Needle pulled lunacy
M S C H A is
Pronounced Mscha

Producing Poetry
Each picture's archivist
Nexpixbot's pa

Eoink, NP669 (Mirror)


Timety wimetey
Valarya guides us as
Card'nal of Cupcakes and
Luscious Sorbet.

Forever restoring our
fullness and wellness each
Outsider day.

mathrec, NP670 (Mirror)

Makery bakery
Poster Valarya brings
Cupcakes and other small
Sweets to the thread.

Better stay current: the
Taste bad with ketchup.
(Use icing instead!)

AnotherKevin, NP671 (Mirror)

Hymnally Dimnally
Masses of Time's devout
words to arched roof.

In the back pew I must
stifle a giggle when
true to the litany
Faithful go "oof."

ggh, NP673 (Mirror)

Blithery blathery
My hundredth Time-ly post!
Celebrate with me, the
OTT way.

Happily I am now
goaded to say to thee:

mathrec, NP674 (Mirror)

Welcome young Vytron we're
So glad you ketchuped to
Meet us at Present in
The OTT.

Someday quite soon you should
Blitz the missed pages for
Bee6 poetry.

6: Raptorflies, Beesnakes, Mosquitosaurs, Penisbees, etc. You know. Those.

Valarya, NP680 (Mirror)

started a trend

Time 'til its end.

taixzo, NP687 (Mirror)


Heaviness breathiness
Cueball and Megan did
Wander in bliss

Both are presumably
Don't you think we'd see more
"Action" than this?

Ebonite, NP728 (Mirror)

flapping and frolicking
Nary a care had the
beesnake today.

Hungry, a raptor came
diving for lunch in a
rapid ballet.

Poor molpybeesnake. I
hope it was painless, the
moment your beauty was
taken away.

That's all I have in the
poetry section. I'll
post something else maybe


ucim, NP864 (Mirror)

Buttery Molpily
Beautifully wingéd, the
Landed on plants.

Mere newpix later, a
Raptor (or sparrow?) had
Taken it out of this
world in my pants.

taixzo, NP864 (Mirror)

Tried to reach higher air
wanting to soar.

When out of nowhere there
came a swift raptor thing
Eying its snack as it
let out a 'roar.'

Our little Molpy was
caught in the upstream and
had not a moment to
alter its course.

Gasping we watched as the
raptor descended, it
captured its meal with a
predators force.

Staring in horror at
GLR's symphony
We realized it is just
nature's true storm.

So we all bowed our heads
To celebrate the life
in comic form.

I hope you're slumbering
peacefully somewhere sweet
flutterbee you'll be
remembered by us.

Forever one of the
OTC family
Rest in peace molpybug...

Valarya, NP864 (Mirror)

Timeody, Schmimeody,
BlitzGirl still thinks there's an
Octet of syllables
In that first line.

We can forgive her be-
Cause we remember her
Skills are so fine.

jjjdavidson, NP897 (Mirror)

Mumblety grumblety
Here in the OTT
Could it be that I see
Charlie again?

Grumbling here publicly,
No longer does he flee
Into his den!

AnotherKevin, NP992 (Mirror)


To the castle

Flags afloat, lump in throat
What a strange graveyard with
only a bucket to
mark the remains.

Dwell in each one of us -
journeying far, for you
drift now as grains.

ggh, NP1023 (Mirror) (was NP1024)

Upagain, upagain
Climbing the mountop
Megan and Cueball
Meet people unknown.

Papal degree comes down:
Post double dactles
With thoughts of your own!

CasCat, NP1037 (Mirror) (was NP1038)

Hattery, Cattery
CasCat thanks Mscha for
Cat Haberdashery
As above said.

But are her posts now quite
'Cause of the beanie that's
Perched on her head?

CasCat, NP1038 (Mirror)

Toquily dukily
People to chatter with...
Was it excitement or
did i feel dread?

I'm so relieved that we
can't get the answers all
dumped on our thread.

ggh, NP1038 (Mirror)

higgledy piggledy
handed a mystery
look at the otters jump
into the fray

Could not The Randall be
sniping the nerds who have
come out to play?

ucim, NP1039 (Mirror)

Higgledy piggledy
Only five minutes 'til
Time's newest ONG will drop
Onto my screen

That's not much time to write
A double dactyl, y'all.
(PagePopes are mean!)

Rule110, NP1040 (Mirror)

'ternaly Densicly
Thus be the question here:
Is he my sibling or
just a 4 friend?

I can now tell you with
Its all related so
-oops, that's the end.

4: Neat

StormAngel, NP1301 (Mirror)

In the Acts of the Clerics, a poetry form which used double dactyl (and haiku) was used for installment XXIII. It's seaish; you can read it here (Mirror).

ucim, NP1346 (Mirror)

Snippety snippety ─
Trimming the quoted text
Keeps your posts readable,
Scrollable, brief,

Neatly compacting our
Giving our Blitzers some
Welcome relief.

jjjdavidson, NP1348 (Mirror)

Molpity Wolpity
Lucky and Pricklymolp
floating along on the
fast rising sea.

Latent & special guest
bringing the Otters some
continue, please!

Valarya, NP1401 (Mirror)

Thanks once again for the
graphs of this sluice!

Cheerfully letting me
see my own patterns of
language abuse.

ggh, NP1402 (Mirror)

Blahbitty-blah o'er Bi-
cameral Mind book by
Julian Jaynes leads to
one nifty treat:

"obfuscate what does a-
mount to grandiloquent
handwaving." - Neat!

ggh, NP1408 (Mirror)

Hip-hooray intheshax
I love your verse in the
shapes of the meteor,
hills, trees, and sea

Leading to grid-solving
conjuring poetry
sweet as can be!

ggh, NP1409 (Mirror)

Holipy Molipy
I can't believe that I've
been double-dactyled by
ggh, y'all

Yappo please help me I'm
trying to say that it's
Not bad at all!

intheshax, NP1409 (Mirror)

piggyback shmiggyback
always a pleasure when
g g h notices
what has been writ.

drier than most people
care to admit.

ucim, NP1414 (Mirror)

Limerick schlimerick
ED doesn't think he can
Write you another one
He's out of hope

So for the first time he
Tried out another form
Obeyed the pope

Eternal Density, NP1446 (Mirror)

Biggety Baggety
BlitzGirl Bagnificent!
Bag from bag-abstinence
Wave the white flag!

Bagging 3 grand with a
Suddenly high coef-
ficient of bag.

ggh, NP1461 (Mirror)

OTT in my pants,
rapid fire (in my pants)
ottifications from
inside my pants.

blitzgirl is giving us
plenty (within our pants)
Time in our pants!

ergman, NP1480 (Mirror)

Cookie-ish Treeishly
with open arms I am
welcoming history
back to the thread.

So glad he's with us I
never once thought that sweet
was really dead.

Valarya, NP1484 (Mirror)

Hazelnut brazilnut
We've made the One True Thread
Such a remarkable
Place to hang out.

We say our lunatic
Antics are harmless, Hy-
Beyond a doubt.

DrSamCarter, NP1527 (Mirror)

### 1.895
- trustedly mustardly
- show and hide loot options
- needed to be reclicked
- when you reload
- OTTers don't like that task
- but my new javascripts
- cookiefantasticly
- shoulder the load
Eternal Density, NP1540 (Mirror) (Sandcastle Builder changelog)

Cueball will fall from the
undercut riverbank
Megan will hurry to
throw him the rope

promising never to
lend him the valuable
till he can cope

mrob27, NP1575 (Mirror)

gave us the rules of the
Dactylist's art

I find it easy, pro-
vided I've chosen an
word from the start

Emizzy Robizzy
2wentizzy 7evenzy,
Timborme and Nopixbot,
Blitzing through Time

making retrOTTifi-
cations augmented by
verses that rhyme

Cuegan won't swim in the
river but our under-
standing is terse

bacon or semen or
coffee intolerance?

cautious unthreatening
outreach is floundering
so we've decided to
try something new --

tell all heretical
outsider forumites:
days they will rue!

mrob27, NP1581 (Mirror)

busily, bot-tily,
molpishly, imagebot
(mrob's creation) per-
uses the Thread.

sleeplessly downloading
images, dreaming of
ever ahead.

mrob27, NP1624 (Mirror)

Bolpishly, Molpishly
Lighning-Lass momes a lot
Inside the OTT
The post rate

Gather community
Rather successfully
Lasted for mips

Eternal Density, NP1713 (Mirror)

Diggety doggety
Eternal Density
Brought in the Panther Salve
Hoping for pain

But Cueball landed so
Now we're left Waiting to
Use it again

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Roarity moarity
Basement is hungering
Grumbling and growling and
Groaning in pain

Find it some sustenance
Ere it turns all of us
Into chow mein

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Waitedy waitedy
Game might be dangerous
What if a duo of
OTTers get paired?

Waiting so patiently
Trapped there forever and
Always ensnared

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Practicey perfecty
marchlight the horsemolpy
Puzzles hotjigsawdogs
Putting them right

Clearly the strategy
Works just as fast as a
Raptorcat's flight

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Eeepity bleepity!
Showing the Voldiframe
Frightens off all the poor
OTTers for sure!

Fleeing T** **d of Time
Voldiframe endishness
Has no known cure!

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Mustardly ch*rping-ch*rp
These double-dactyls are
Too damn'dly difficult
For me to write.

But, it's the Pope's decree.
(Though not obligat'ry)
But now I feel compelled
To try all night

What should the subject be?
Surely the OTT
Will be the subject of
Most molpy's work.

What can I write about?
Should the Pope go without?
Would I be right to doubt
I could just shirk?

Maybe I won't succeed.
But I still feel the need
To pen a cunning screed
Skillfully made.

But, though I truly tried,
Right now my brain is fried.
I have no thoughts inside.
My hand is played.

MistyCat, NP1713 (Mirror)

Huggably snuggably
Such a cute kitty face
Told was redundant and
It's labeled, too!

Tucked in a snug spoiler
Gazing up wistfully
Eyes oh so blue

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Oddity Ottidy
Awesomeful comic-ing
Zooman-S-P makes a
Molpish new one

That's what we do here: our
Melodies, artwork, let's
All have some fun!

BlitzGirl, NP1713 (Mirror)

Trustedly mustardly
Tho my predictions are
sure to be laughable
from word begin,

as I'm the only to
offer a guess this time
surely I win.

ggh, NP1713 (Mirror)

Molpity Uppity
I molpy up to find
A newpage filled up with
awesomeful verse.

It's nice to see double-
dactyls come back again
So it's in this form I
Will now converse:

Cue jumped successfully,
Didn't need Panther Salve
I think we all were ex-
pecting a fall.

I guess it's relieving al-
though I was hoping we'd
get some excitement and
action, that's all.

There was an idea
For a brand new hotdog
Based upon waiting for
This and for that.

Vytron drew molpishly
Cute and redundant, an
Head-labelled cat.

ZoomanSP otti-
fied the new comic so
Treeishly, molpishly
With much finesse.

HES did another one
Rather redundantly
But it was also tree-
ish nonetheless.

yappobiscuits, NP1713 (Mirror)

Molpishly, treeishly,
Y'all sure have appeased me,
Plenty of poems and
Wow much thank you.

But one one has vanished and
Why's that Aluisio?
Out the wazoo!

ergman, NP1713 (Mirror)

Awesomeful poetry
Making the OTT
Even more fun.

But if I'm thinking right
Mentioned some other rules
To get them done.

Steakishly, molpishly
MistyCat plays along.
Writing a seaish and
Baobabish post.

But lmjb is
Really too lazy to
Do the same thing.

lmjb1964, NP1719 (Mirror)

M-Rob communicates
sending occasional
Capsules in Time

imagebot helpfully
looks for the newwords
that treeishly rhyme

mrob27, NP1736 (Mirror)


HipHooray, cake-bouquet
Cheer for the OTT!
Cakes fall down gullets and
fireworks hiss.

still going strong after
two thousand newpages,
needle-pulled bliss!

ggh, NP2000 (Mirror)

summoning, sconening,
Soup, Helper, Jovialbard,
Buffygirl, Dracomax,
pop in the now!

stay or go on their way,
this was an awesome day,
cause to go wow!

ergman, NP2144 (Mirror)

Basementers dwasementers
Rise from the silent depths
Climb to the OTT
Up Penrose stairs

Hark, we have summoned you!
Make a post if you wish
Also bring bears

Eternal Density, NP2146 (Mirror)

my fellow basementee
come peek your head in and
give a hello.

You changed my life with these
poems of dactyls I
want you to know.

Valarya, NP2252 (Mirror)

Wat-ə-er, ott-ə-er,
Overlord lor-də-py,
Title in six

Sing it as fast as in
Yappo's original
Molpish libretto to
ONG the newpix.

mrob27, NP2331 (Mirror)

Turbulent schmurbulent
Water is burbulent,
Brutally bursting forth
Out of a hole.

Can they repair the great
It needs some awesomeful
Damage control.

DrSamCarter, NP2392 (Mirror)

Burbulently brilliant,
Wingishness bursting forth
Leopard to screen.

Can words explain the great
A thread filled with awesomeful
Things to be seen.

SBN, NP2392 (Mirror)

In the Acts of the Clerics, a poetry form employing double dactyls and haiku was used for installment XLVII. It's seaish; you can read it here (Mirror).

ucim, NP2395 (Mirror)

Awesomeful, awesomeful.
ucim is awesomeful.
This we can say without
One bit of doubt.

lmjb1964, NP2395 (Mirror)

Condiment scmondiment
Back sev'ral weeks ago
NoMouse Besieged up a
Skid steering test (Mirror)

Treeishly, gearishly,
Long- or short-wheelbasely
Oh so impressed!

ggh, NP2416 (Mirror)

Choraly, shmoraly,
Of oratorios
One of the best.

Timpani, shmimpani,
I have 800 plus
Measures of rest.

lmjb1964, NP2416 (Mirror)

Conference recordings
Have been put online
By benedikt_wi.

I will PM you RE-
DUNDANT login info
As told on IRC
(Though not by me).

Sustainabilizer, NP2416 (Mirror)

Preview Edit To Add:
Molpish nostalgia!
Again I see a post
While I submit.

Like in the old dips where
Ninjas fought for the ONG.
Here in the OTT
We wait for it.

Preview Edit again:
And there's another one!
Always surprising is
The OTT.

When I think it's slowing
Down something happens which
Tells me that … hey, what's that?
There's number three!

Sustainabilizer, NP2416 (Mirror)

Engineer swengineer
Used to be good at this
It's been too long since I
wrote one of these.

Programs and poetry
Code it to write a verse
earns me some fees.

Time capsule, rhyme capsule
Beret guy lives inside
Didn't kill Hitler, he's
already dead

Newspapers, sandwiches
Hammer waves lethally
Hat on his head.

Eternal Density, NP2421 (Mirror)

Gasp! Cough! Pant! Shudder! Wheeze!
All of my allergies
Conspire to make me sneeze
Please believe that.

But the worst part of this
Is that the heart of this
Problem is, cat fur!... No!
And I'm A Cat!

MistyCat, NP2421 (Mirror)

Lurkity twerkity─
Lurkreaders awesomeful
Watching our nuttiness
Even todip!

Come taste a bit of our
Ketchup and mustard or
It's quite the sip!

BlitzGirl, NP2465 (Mirror)

Jamberoo, Mambaroo
Eternal Density,
Riding a yellow raft;
Pipe dark as night.

Gets to the end before
Dropping down, back and forth
Then out of sight.

StormAngel, NP2470 (Mirror)

treeishly seaishly
taixzo magnificent
gardens you grow bring you
gleeful respect

tip of an iceberg time
stunned you can do it all,
I genuflect!

ggh, NP2475 (Mirror) (transcribed from proto-Beanish version, NP2466 (Mirror))

thunkety clunkety
makes me all fuzzy cuz
it's fun to read.

posters are silly, their
keep the thread going, it's--
treeish indeed.

thunk, NP2476 (Mirror)

Mendilly Tendilly
Problems I came across
searching post histories
no more befall

Loving this rectified
Thank you for caring and
fixing it all!

ggh, Forum Migration thread, page 9 (Mirror)

Molpily chirpily
Past me has beacon get!
"Echo" it's called, but she
slowly wends on.

Present me's playing games
but they for certain lack
outside OTT lawn.

thunk, NP2486 (Mirror)

Lut-ə-ra toot-ə-ra
Yappo our troubadour
Back after absence long
spurred by decrees.

Musical projects sans
comma are verily
like unto trees.

thunk, NP2487 (Mirror)

treeishness SREEEishness
[Minim, I'm sorry] and
data won't come, hence a
weependish trip.

Local museum that's
Molpy skulls everywhere
improved my dip.

Bonily lonely
keyboards and run-raptors
adnapder next to an
otter stretched out.

Carcasses question'ble
why one xuy got them all...
Fun? There's no doubt.

thunk, NP2493 (Mirror)

Condiment shlondiment
Get to know Ketchup?
Mustard is better?
What's happ'ning here?

Surely the battle of
Ketchup and Mustard
Has one clear winner.
[spoiler] Both lose. Drink beer. [/spoiler]

MistyCat, NP2493 (Mirror)

Prosody nosody
Words have ambiguous
Stress patterns sometimes as
Far as I know.

Writing a poem, some
Freedom there helps making
Output to show.

svenman, NP2494 (Mirror)

Honeycomb, aerodrome
Search for a digi home
Somewhere to settle while
Feeding your head

Seaish and treeish and
You want a carnival?
We've got the thread.

ggh, NP2501 (Mirror)

Piggledy wiggedy
Part of the clerecy
thought that some shortcuts save
Time on long lists.

Push leads to shove, and oh!
one just got mauled by an
Sure xey'll be missed.

thunk, NP2520 (Mirror)

Wistfully, finally,
spacecraft Rosetta will
on this Bananadip
land on its head.

Getting a good view that's
Bump will crush solar cells,
Landing's T** E**.

Lazily wastily
sad shade of overcast
rain pitterpatters and
thus blocks the view.

Such are laments of a
starved for excitement, she
then bothers you.

thunk, NP2520 (Mirror)

Carseily farceily
thunk plots for downtime fun
making a roleplay where
clever's the rule

Beanies, their help I won't
find and live in this place
winds blow in cool.


Whipterish raptorish
Coplayer's undistressed,
Porygon maildaemons
bring me supplies.

"You really sure?" I ask.
"Tiktaalik souls be damned!
sapience--all lies!"


Loosily goosily
Dragmolp's thick future guide--
lists of Macguffins
delivered by air.

Exawatt laser shines
Quick work of yaldobob
Story's in tears.


thunk, NP2522 (Mirror)
(extracted from a post composed of alternating double-dactyls and tanka)

Itsily bitsily
Spiders can startle you
If unexpectedly
Seen from close up.

Happened to Pelrigg, who
Now is suspected of
Feelings on top.

Cricketty thicketty
Mustard varieties
Of very different kinds
OTTers befell.

May circumstances for
Them (so I wish in this
Posting) get well!

svenman, NP2526 (Mirror)

Testily bestily
Rakhal our sandcastler,
sitting in living room
"fielding" with class.

This bowler seems to be
snick of ball, past the stumps,

Wicketed ticketed
People just standing there;
swing-reversed yorkers to
toes... well, owzat?

Hit with a beamer now?
No need to charge the mound.
Fighting the mustard ain't
cricket, in fact.

thunk, NP2526 (Mirror)

Chippily Zippily
Hail to the 555 -
"Cheap-as-chips" option for
pulses sublime.

Giving bipolar a-
plomb is the favourite
Chip of all Time!

ggh, NP2548 (Mirror)

Charity schmarity
Little Miss Wilison
Says she's quite happy with
life on the farm.

Ran into Skids one day
Clerical leaders may
try to do harm.

Eternal Density, NP2548 (Mirror)

Temprature demprature
outdoors it's thirty-five
inside is twenty-five
C-type degrees

Typical summer's day
Hide from the flies and the
Mozzies and bees

Eternal Density, NP2548 (Mirror)

Northerly tortherly
warm air advection makes
winter dips balmy at
20--just bliss.

climates aren't too bad,
yet without the white stuff
there's something amiss.

thunk, NP2548 (Mirror)

Lifemustard, strife-flustered,
Our Mighty Troubadour
Battles on bravely and
Takes all the hits.

Into our bosom he
Flies and we gleefully
Hug him to bits.

ggh, NP2617 (Mirror)

Dindily, dundily,
Kitty with hat on claims
Spoilered redundancy
Where I see none.

"Why no believe", it asks -
Not realizing its
Is tot'lly gone!

Curious, wonderous:
December 17H,
What is supposed to then
Change on that dip?

Being a date on the
Should I ignore it? I'll
Check back next wip.

svenman, NP2625 (Mirror)

Mustardtime Otherthread[]

oakery doakery
writing some poetry
choosing the words which
appear on the page

spelling and grammar are
made up new pronouns to
talk like a mage

Eternal Density, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 19

In this post on page 19 of the mustardtime thread, Eternal Density announced the publication of the bonus chapter Dreamtime 2 of her original story Sisters of Rail, consisting entirely of double-dactyls.

Luckily (findingly?)
damage is virtual.
This is no real bot,
but just a game.

How can it be that “Wy-
buchy i Eksplozje”
and that programming game
are just the same?

rezilibaniatsuS, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 30

Possible Nossible
Times in the log file are
Differing wildly from
What you'd expect.

All explanations seem
Your last hypothesis:
Cross-time connect!

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 60

Higgsledy Piggsledy
Smashing some particles
May create others
Which someone detects.

Massively measured, with
Squareness by fields they have
Constant effects.

svenman, Mustardtime Otherthread on the OTT Mirror, page 65

Derived Forms[]

On occasion, OTTers have introduced and even proposed or invented poem forms derived from the double-dactyl by replacing the dactyls with other metrical feet, with the meter of the shorter last line of each quatrain adapted to match.


The first known example of a double-dactyl-derived poem form on the OTT was introduced by mikrit on NP2396 in the form of the double-trochee (or "double trochee" in his spelling).

Higgle, piggle!
Password poems
Are a quaint ab-

Scientists have
Thus created

mikrit, NP2396 (Mirror)


On NP2485, thunk introduced the double-iamb, inspired by mikrit's invention of the double-trochee.

Begin with sand,
add water next,
so Cuegan build
neat castles.

Now, reach the sky,
their life, meet Beans
--Rose vassals.

thunk, NP2485 (Mirror)


The double-amphibrach is a variation of the double-dactyl which has been long established outside.[3] It was introduced to the OTT, also by thunk, on NP2486.

Wasabi cassabi
It's two in the morning
and yet I game on for
an ONG that won't come.

Click boosts while acoma
those infinite castles--
Min-pologise some.

thunk, NP2486 (Mirror)


The double-anapest was as a concept proposed by svenman on NP2487[4] and put to practice by him shortly after.

La dee da, la da dee
What's been happening to me?
Why am I constantly

It's like this: OTT,
You are summoning me
"Keep on trying!"

svenman, NP2487 (Mirror)

Tweedle-tum, tweedle-turds,
What I think really hurts:
Double-anapest words
Can't be many*.

And to leave adverbs be,
I expect, probably
Won't leave any.

*In English or English-based OTTish, that is. But I haven't been able to work this into the poem too.

svenman, NP2487 (Mirror)

Raptor caw, raptor sqrrawk
dealing with the Outside
has become, some might say,
quite unmolpish.

Bash brain in, find more bugs,
Work and wip altoge-
ther more dullish.

thunk, NP2499 (Mirror)


Also on NP2486, thunk wrote (as an addition to a regular double-dactyl) a double-dactyl-like poem in which some of the dactyls were increasingly replaced by amphibrachs in a not-quite-regular pattern.

Helpily! Saveily!
I'm trapped in factory
dactylish--send aid back
ere it's too late!

Together with me is
Robert'); DROP TABLE studs.;--
As Bobby's lost, so grows
amphibrach rate.

thunk, NP2486 (Mirror)