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In Sandcastle Builder, the Camera Boost can be used to photograph notable NewPix. These NewPix, also known as Discoveries, count as Badges. They are used by the Memories Revisited Boost to move between NewPix, and can be used to create Sand and Glass Monuments (which also count as Badges). Each Discovery also has a Masterpiece related to it.

Each Discovery also has a corresponding Discovery in negative NewPix and another corresponding discovery in TaTPix. These negative Discoveries are the same as normal Discoveries in all but appearance; negative Discoveries and Monuments will appear mirrored in their corresponding sections.

There is a total of 1360 Discoveries in the game. The Discovery Detector Boost can also find Discoveries that are in past NewPix, for Glass Chips.

To make a Sand Monument, open any Discovery in the Loot section, and click the Make button. This creates a Sand Mould Filler (beanie tech), which also appears in the Loot section. Find that, and click the Start Filling button. Making a Glass Monument follows a similar process, making a mould from a Sand Monument, and then filling it with glass.


# Newpix Found Discovery Name Description Picture
1 1 In the Beginning the first time we saw Megan and Cueball sitting by the sea Time1
2 16 Dip when Cueball dipped his toe in the fluid Time16
3 25 Start of Construction when Megan began building the first castle Time25
4 34 One Done the first Sandcastle's completion Time34
5 50 Barrier completion of the first wall Time50
6 52 First Parting Words the first words were spoken, and Cueball left Time52
7 75 He Returns when Cueball came back Time75
8 88 Silent Exit when Megan left without a word Time88
9 103 The Fall of Man when Cueball fell down and damaged the castle Time103
10 124 Abandonment when Cueball left us with no one to watch Time124
11 137 So That's What They're up to our first glimpse of the second castle Time137
12 143 As According to the Prophesy the prophesied newpix came to pass Time143
13 146 Been Busy when we first saw Megan working on the second castle Time146
14 158 There he is! when we finally saw Cueball working on the second castle too Time158
15 161 Amusement Castle when we wondered what this castle was made of Time161
16 170 Wanna Swim? the second text ever, and the first "Yeah" Time170
17 175 You OK? the time that Megan got some in her mouth and the third text appeared Time175
18 177 Gone to Clean Up when Megan had left for the second time Time177
19 179 Better Go Too when Cueball also left Time179
20 210 That Looks Grand when Cueball completed the bridge connecting the two castles together Time210
21 211 Shake It Off when Cueball shook the sand off his hands Time211
22 212 Didn't See that Coming when something flew through the air towards Cueball from behind Time212
23 213 Surprise Attack the moment Cueball realised he was under fire Time213
24 214 Cornered when the corner was knocked off the bridge Time214
25 218 Trebuchet when the trebuchet was finaly completely visible Time218
26 219 Liftoff the moment we saw Megan fire the trebuchet Time219
27 221 KO'd when Megan knocked out part of the bridge Time221
28 224 Joy! Megan throwing her arms up as Cueball launched the trebuchet Time224
29 232 Take Cover! when Cuegan jumped for cover after firing the trebuchet almost vertically Time232
30 260 Shake it Out the time when Megan woke up and shook the sand out of her hair Time260
31 308 Wave when Cuegan wave to one another after Cueball came back from a long absence Time308
32 309 Whoops! the time that Megan slipped off the sand mound she had built Time309
33 320 Sentences when the fourth text appeared, in which a question was asked about the whereabouts of the river Time320
34 376 Clearly Recursion when it became visible that Cueball was building a scale model of the castles Time376
35 390 Investigation the time that Cueball took a break to have a closer look at the fluid Time390
36 402 Tiny Megan holding up something very tiny Time402
37 403 D'awwwwwwww! when we got a very close up of Megan holding the world's cutest trebuchette Time403
38 408 Lack of Understanding the fifth text, in which Megan does not understand what the sea is doing Time408
39 414 Been Fun the sixth text, in which Cueball does not think they can build it much taller Time414
40 421 The First Pole when Megan brought the first pole Time421
41 451 Breath Easy when Megan finished lifting the first pole into position and had a chance to catch her breath Time451
42 460 Legs in Place when all four poles had been raised to their positions Time460
43 466 Heave! when Cuegan were pulling the first bit of scaffolding up by rope Time466
44 469 Ladder when we first saw a ladder Time469
45 472 Climb the time when Megan first climbed a ladder Time472
46 486 The Tasting the moment Cueball took a sip Time486
47 487 The Spit the moment Cueball forcefully ejected the fluid from his mouth Time487
48 488 More Spitting when Cueball said Yuck Time488
49 490 Worse the moment we learned that Cueball has had worse Time490
50 524 Connected when the two sides of the scaffolding were joined Time524
51 562 Not this Fast when Cuegan discussed the sea level rising and falling, on the mostly built observation platform Time562
52 563 Solemn Chant in which we encounter the words which shaped OTTer speech forever: "The River Is Small. The Sea is Big." Time563
53 583 Bucket when Cueball brought a bucket Time583
54 623 Castling the moment Cueball finished building the Rooks Time623
55 632 Flagging when Cueball put flags on the Rooks Time632
56 637 Questioning when Megan wondered if it rained on the sea, as they stood on the observation platform Time637
57 638 Waste when Cueball shared his feelings about hypothetical rain on the sea Time638
58 640 Hills the time that the hills were first mentioned, as the origin of the river Time640
59 641 Other Rivers? when Cueball wondered about other rivers, as Megan attached a rope to a pole Time641
60 653 Next Level when Cuegan finished lifting the next horizontal piece above the platform Time653
61 659 Must when Cueball declared the necessity of other rivers to prevent the sea from drying up Time659
62 661 Anything when Megan and Cueball discuss not knowing how things work Time661
63 673 This should work when Megan started a bucket ride Time673
64 674 So Far So Good Megan riding up in a bucket Time674
65 675 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa the instant of Megan's fall off the bucket Time675
66 792 Nap when Megan took a nap on the platform after finishing the Top Castle Time792
67 799 Third Character the initial appearance of LaPetite Time799
68 802 Short Stay when LaPetite left, having made a big impression on our hearts Time802
69 806 Megan Up! when Megan Molpies Up, though we had no idea it was called that at the time Time806
70 812 Retrieval Megan picking up the fallen flag Time812
71 814 Relecation Megan putting the fallen flag in a new place Time814
72 825 That Should Hold it when Megan left the newly-built sand barrier which she made from a bridge Time825
73 828 Pair when Cuegan returned together Time828
74 832 Worry Megan suggesting that the sea won't stop Time832
75 833 Whatever it Wants when we learned that the sea can do whatever it wants, even make more of itself forever Time833
76 834 Yeah when Megan agreed that there's a reason for everything Time834
77 835 Reason Megan pointing out that the reason for something isn't always a good one Time835
78 838 Maybe when Cueball suggested that there may be something wrong with the other rivers Time838
79 845 Extra flags Megan bringing some more flags for the top castle Time845
80 855 I Like Our Castle Megan's declaration after placing more flags Time855
81 856 Wet Blanket when Cueball made a dire prediction about the fate of their castle Time856
82 857 Just Yeah when Megan had only one word of reply to Cueball's doomsaying Time857
83 859 Logical when Cueball explained his reasoning behind the conclusion of other rivers existing Time859
84 860 Overflow Megan's alternate theory for the rising sea Time860
85 861 Speculation Abounds Cueball suggests another theory and admits a lack of knowledge Time861
86 862 Yeah Again Megan continues the laconic trend Time862
87 864 Best Idea Ever the critical moment when Megan suggested finding out why the sea was rising and Cueball immediately agreed Time864
88 865 Bags when Megan went to get bags Time865
89 875 Laden Megan returning with a bag Time875
90 878 Finishing Touch the moment Megan added one last flag to the castle Time878
91 881 Basement For You! Megan saying bye Time881
92 925 Crumbling when part of the castle fell into the liquid Time925
93 951 She Returns the brief moment in The Fading when LaPetite returned, and there was much rejoicing Time951
94 969 She Returns Again LaPetite's second return, hardly visible due to The Fading Time969
95 970 What a Drag when we saw (with enhancement) that LaPetite was dragging something to the castle Time970
96 971 All Gone the completion of The Fading Time971
97 972 New Ground when we saw a completely new scene Time972
98 973 Walkers the first time we saw Cuegan walking on their journey Time973
99 985 This Far When Cueball asks Have you ever been this far? Time985
100 989 Drinking Cueball and Megan stop to drink Time989
101 999 Change Direction The picture changes orientation by 90 degrees Time999
102 1004 Doesn't end Megan says: Maybe the sea doesn't end Time1004
1005 Very Far Cueball says: We haven't walked very far Time1005
1006 Not Ending Megan doth say: Yeah. But thats what the first part of not ending looks like. Time1006
1018 Steam bottle Megan says: If we don't find something today, we'll have to start using the steam bottle Time1018
1024 Yes Yes. Yes what? Time1024
1025 Other Rivers Megan says: There are other rivers Time1025
1029 Dropped Cueball drops his bottle in the river Time1029
1036 Lasso Cueball attempts to lasso the bottle Time1036
1038 Lasso 2 Megan attempts to lasso the bottle Time1038
1041 Too Dangerous Maybe I could -. Too Dangerous Time1041
1042 Accident Megan: It's OK, it was an accident Time1042
1044 Right Megan say Cueball is right! Time1044
1045 Not Fast This River\s not moving very fast Time1045
1049 Not Enough Megan: I don't thnk it's enough water. Time1049
1052 Not Broken Cueball: And this river doesn't look broken Time1052
1053 Pretty Neat Cueball: It's pretty neat though Time1053
1058 Sorry Cueball says sorry Time1058
1066 Still Rising Megan: It's still rising Time1066
1067 Strange The Sea couldn't wait. Time1067
1069 Find a ford Megan: Walk up river to find a ford or turn back? Time1069
1071 Understand Everything We don't understand everything yet. Time1071
1072 Understand Anything Everything is a little ambitious. We barely understand Anything. Time1072
1073 First Part But that's what the first part of understanding everything looks like. Time1073
1093 Ours at its driest I'm glad we found this river Time1093
1096 Bigger This river is even bigger than it looked. Time1096
1123 Fill the Sea Maybe it is big enough to fill the Sea. Time1123
1130 Rope Our rope isn't strong enough Time1130
1131 Hold this Hold this or you'll fall Time1131
1142 Stuff Our river fills with stuff Time1142
1143 This river Cueball: This river doesn't look like that Time1143
1144 Empty places Megan: Maybe it only flows through empty places Time1144
1146 Continue We continue upriver Time1146
1159 How High Megan: I wonder how high the water is now Time1159
1160 Been days Not a lot of us by the shore this time of year Time1160
1161 Tents get wet A lot higher before any tents got wet Time1161
1178 Bigger Hills This river flows from bigger hills than ours Time1178
1179 Crossing soon If we don't reach a crossing soon we'll be in them Time1179
1181 Cliff Looking over a cliff to the river Time1181
1184 Swim in Megan: I wonder if it's possible to swim in Time1184
1212 You OK Megan asks You OK?
1213 Just Thinking Cueball is just thinking
1218 Follow river Megan: Should we follow the river through there
1219 Over those Cueball: Lets see if we can go over those and rejoin it further up
1233 Windier It must get windier up here
1261 Bigger Dunes These are bigger than they looked
1265 Megan Falls Megan falls when dune surfing
1276 Raptor First raptor spotted (a swift)
1338 Treeish The First tree - Neat
1343 River Further The river isn't much further
1353 Second Raptor Second Raptor (unidentified)
1363 Berries Picked Cueball picks some berries
1368 Sticks Cueball finds the first traces of people
1378 Berries Eaten Cueball gives berries to Megan
1380 Campsite Cueball: Tere are people here. Or were. I found some sort of campsite
1381 Recent? Megan asks if is recent, Cueball says it has been empty for a while
1383 Thirsty They go to the river
1386 Left Behind? They discuss what is in the camp
1396 Ibises Ibises are seen eating in the damp ground
1398 Ibises Fly The Ibises fly away as they approach
1407 Beautiful They agree the place is beautiful
1408 No People Megan: I'm surprised we haven't been seen by any people yet
1409 Live Here Megan: If it's this empty we should live here
1412 Tasting Better Cueball: Did you notice the sea tasting Better?
1413 Taste Seawater Megan: I don't know I try not to taste seawater. Why?
1414 Get Fresher Cueball says the sea should get fresher
1415 Tasted Fresher Cueball says it was a litle fresher before they left
1416 Extra water Megan: Probably. I mean how high was the sea then? The extra water couldn't have been more than a tiny part of it
1419 We may as well continue Cueball: continue - to figure the sea or keep fnding beautiful places
1420 Sounds fun Megan: That sounds fun
1434 Ribbit hole Megan falls due to a ribbit hole
1437 I Found A- Megan sitting up and explaining
1438 Cueball Helps Cueball helps Megan up
1458 Beesnake Megan looks at the Beesnake
1476 Campsite 2 They find a second campsite
1495 Oof Megan: Oof
1497 Megans OK Megan says she is ok
1502 WOW Megan looks out and says Wow
1503 Baobabs Baobab trees
1510 Baobabs close They look up close to the first Baobab
1513 Markings on trunk They find markings on the Baobab
1514 Wonder what they mean They can't understand the markings
1525 The bent Baobab Megan: I wonder if it's supposed to be like that
1526 Knows what it's doing Cueball: It's a pretty big tree. It probably knows what it's doing
1552 First Grapevine They look at the first grapevine
1557 Take some grapes? Cueball: Do you think it's OK to take some?
1558 Yes take grapes Megan: Yeah. It doesn't look like anyone's been here for a while
1587 Examine campsite They examine another abandoned campsite
1589 Stuff floats down our river Cueball: This looks like the stuff that floats down our river
1590 Hill People? They wonder if they are related to the Hill people
1592 Megans doubt Megan: But the markings on that tree didn't look familiar
1594 Cross with a raft Megan: We could cross the river now. We've found more than enough wood for a raft
1595 Yeah Cueball agrees with Megan
1598 Almost Mountains Cueball: We're almost in the mountains
1600 Learning Lots Cueball: We walked along the Sea for days and we didn't learn anything. Up here we're learning lots
1601 Not why the Sea rose They still have not found out why the Sea has risen
1602 Food and water Cueball: There's food and water here. I don't want to go all the way back down, walk along the sea for a few more days, then have to turn around
1603 Sea is too big Cueball: Maybe the Sea is too big to understand. We can't answer every question
1604 Answer Any question Megan: No. But I think we can answer any question
1605 No need to turn around Megan: Still, I agree. No need to tur around yet
1606 Neat mountains Megan: And those mountains do look neat
1608 Stock up Megan goes back for food, Cueball will get the water
1616 Squirpy Megan sees the squirpy
1617 Hi Squirpy Megan says Hi to the squirpy
1622 Won't eat you Megan talks to the squirpy
1625 Want some food? Food is offered to the squirpy
1669 Where are the people? Cueball wonders where the people who used to tend the plants are
1686 Playing with shadows Cueball is playing with shadows
1687 What are you doing? Megan asks what Cueball is doing?
1688 Cueball has been making shapes He explains what he is doing
1689 Weird shadows Megan: When I stare down at mine for long enough while I walk, it starts to look really weird
1692 Better than following the Sea Megan drops a big clue as to what direction they were travelling when they started
1707 Pass it up Bags are handed up from Cueball to Megan
1708 Have a hand Megan helps Cueball up the escarpment
1713 Easier up here Cueball: It's prettier right by the river but it's easier to wlak up here
1714 Greener further up Megan: Well, it all gets greener further up
1718 Moutains are farther Cueball: The mountains are further away than they looked
1739 Snake! Cueball sees a snake
1740 Fall Cueball falls on top of Megan
1742 Are you OK? Megan checks up on Cueball
1743 I think so He is OK
1744 Bite you? He hasn't been bitten
1745 What kind? Megan asks about the type of snake
1746 Brownish and shiny, kind of blotchy The snake is described
1747 Spikes over eyes? Megan asks if it has spikes over its eyes
1748 Head and tail Cueball: It was weird, stubby at both ends, like it forgot to have a head and tail
1749 Hmm... Megan ponders
1750 Go around Megan: No idea, but let's go around and watch your feet
1758 No snakes Megan checks a new way up
1793 Looking Back Megan keeps looking back
1795 Almost see the sea Megan: I think I can almost see the sea from here
1797 Hard to tell Cueball: I don't know. It's hard to tell what's land and what's sky
1802 Another Beesnake Megan observes another beesnake
1821 Cooler Megan: It's cooler up here
1826 Quiet chirps Cueball: Are you hearing quiet chirps?
1828 Not now Cueball has stopped hearing them
1830 Sky chirps Megan: I heard chirps from the sky once
1831 Stars and chips Megan says she heard peeping while looking at stars
1832 Stars flicker Megan thought she saw a few stars flicker
1837 Chirp A quiet chirp
1838 Another Chirp Another chirp - Megan looks up
1839 Chirps ahead Cueball: It's coming from up ahead
1840 Chirp three They investigate the chirps
1844 Chirp in a tree A Chirp is in a tree
1845 Chirp in a tree 2 The sequel to chirp in a tree
1847 Chirp in a tree 3 The Chirps in trees trilogy continues
1848 Megan Chirps Megan tries saying Chirp back
1849 Chirp in a tree 4 The chirp trilogy part 4
1850 Megan chirps again This is getting repetative
1852 Why is it chirping? They wonder why it is chirping
1853 Chirp in a tree 5 The fifth part of the trilogy
1854 Angry Megan: I guess it's angry that we're here
1855 Chirp in a tree 6 The chirp trilogy part IV
1857 Chirp in a tree 7 Another chirp, another raptor flying in
1859 Chirp in a tree 8 Another chirp, the other raptor is closing in
1860 Nearly There Raptor close to Chirp
1862 What's it doing? Megan: What's it doing? Cueball: I think it gave it something
1863 Oh Food Megan: Oh! Food! I bet the loud one is a baby
1864 Chirp Chirp 2 chirps in a tree
1865 Both Loud Cueball: Now they're both loud
1866 CHIRP A loud Chirp
1867 Not going to eat you They say they are not eating them but are not believed
1868 Protecting Baby Megan: That's OK. It's just protecting its baby
1869 CHIRP again The parent raptor give a loud chirp
1870 Water ahead Megan thinks she can see water up ahead
1874 Doing a good job Cueball: Don't worry! You're doing a good job
1885 Hi! Megan: leaps from a tree saying Hi!
1886 Splat! Megan lands on Cueball!
1888 Tiny River Megan has found a tiny river
1890 You OK? Megan checks Cueball is OK
1917 Facebug! A beesnake lands on Megan
1918 Mrrr Gbishx Really
1926 HEY! Wake up
1927 See what I found Megan is excited
1928 River Connected Megan: This river is flowing toward the big one, so I followed it to see if they connected
1929 Wait for it They follow the stream
1932 Wow What has Cueball seen?
1933 Definately WOW! The excitement is justified
1934 Yes WOW! Look around, it is worth it
1935 Keep looking Its wowerful
1936 Still worth it The view is stunning
1938 Land goes up Megan:I guess the land goes up, but the river stays at the same level
1939 River going up too Megan: The river has been going up, too. But not as fast as the land
1941 Water wear away rock Megan: can water really wear away rock like this?
1942 I guess it can Cueball: I guess it can
1944 How long Megan: I ca't imagine how long it must have taken
1945 Yeah... Cueball: Yeah...
1950 Crumbly rocks Cueball: A lot of these rocks are pretty crumbly
1951 Sandy Rocks Cueball: Even down there, between all the big rocks, the cliff walls look sandy. Water eats away sand pretty fast
1953 Yeah Megan says Yeah.
1957 How deep Megan: I woder how deep it gets
1958 Right through the mountain Cueball: Maybe it goes right through the mountain, and it's as deep as the mountain is tall
1959 Even deeper Megan: It could be even deeper. We don't know how far down the water goes
1960 Hmm Cueball: Hmm
1961 Deeper than the sea The discuss it can't be deeper than the sea
1962 How would it get started Megan: But then, a river couldn't cat all the way through aa mountain, either. Because how would it get started
1964 Top of a mountain Megan: I wonder what the top of a mountain is like?
1966 Find out Cueball: Let's find out
2023 Journey's End? Cueball is pathetic
2024 Easier Spot? Can they do it?
2034 OH! Cueball spots Prickly
2045 Careful! Megan: Careful!, Cueball: It's OK
2048 Pickly Megan: Does it Hurt? Cueball: It's a little prickly
2049 Never this close They discuss Prickly
2050 Really Neat Megan: It's really neat.
2051 Stop Bothering Cueball: OK, we'll stop bothering you
2063 Prickly carries on Prckly is no longer disturbed by them
2074 Bop Megan bops a seed head from a plant
2097 You OK? Megan stops, Cueball: You OK?
2098 Yup! Why did she stop?
2100 Wet blanket again Cueball: Maybe it's time to turn around
2101 World is too big Cueball: The world is too big. It can go on longer than we can
2102 Still going Megan is continuing
2103 Long way from home Cueball: But one day we wo'nt be. And we're a long way from home
2105 Cueball Questions Cueball: Earlier I thought you wanted to turn around and go back to the sea
2106 I want to understand Megan: I don't want to go back to it. I want to Understand it.
2108 By Climbing? Cueball: By Climbing? The Sea is down, not up
2114 Beautiful Wings Megan: These bugs have such beautifl wings
2115 Thousand lifetimes Megan gets philosophical
2118 See the top Megan: I wanna see the top
2119 More world Cueball: What do you think we'll find? Megan: More world, maybe different
2139 Chomp It may have had beautiful wings, now it's lunch
2154 Bag throwing They throw the bags up
2158 Rope Megan throws the rope down to help Cueball up
2166 Weird They look a weird broken tree
2171 Pfffthh It does not taste very good
2182 Oh! Megan sees a rock cairn
2196 Hut They see the abandoned hut
2202 Hello? Is there anybody in?
2205 See Anything? Megan looks in the hut
2206 Stuff Megan finds some funiture, shelves and a broken bowl
2215 Oh Hey- Megan has seen something
2216 It's a stream Megan: There's a stream back here
2217 Something on top Megan: And it almost looks like there's something on top of the mountain
2218 Could be Cueball: Hmm... Could be
2221 Sandcastles here Cueball: I think whoever lived here liked building castles, too
2224 Here Cueball offers a flag for the sandcastle
2225 You bought a flag Megan: Oh! You broght a flag? Cueball: Yeah, I-
2226 - LOOK OUT! What is that in the bushes?
2227 Lucky Leaps Cueball pulls Megan down
2228 Attack! Lucky attacks Cueball
2229 Chomp Lucky is going for Cueball
2230 Can Megan help Is Cueball lunch?
2231 Megan shouts Hey! Hey! Over here!
2232 Thwapstick Lucky Snarl's
2233 Thwap again Lucky: Hisss
2234 Head shot Megan hits lucky on the nut
2235 Lucky Runs Lucky makes break
2237 Checking up Megan: Are you OK? Cueball:I, um... I think so?
2238 Claws Megan: It didn\'t bite you? Cueball: It had claws I saw them. Megan: But you\'re not bleeding?
2239 No? Cueball is uninjured!
2240 Bag saved Cueball Cueball thinks the bag saved him
2241 Lucky They discuss lucky
2242 Megan had hit Lucky Megan: Yeah
2243 Brave Cueball: That was brave
2244 Grabbed me Megan: You grabbed me. If you hadn\'t pulled me down and - Cueball: are you OK?
2245 Megan is fine Megan says she is fine
2246 No, you\'re not Cueball thinks otherwise
2247 Hurt your Leg Megan: What? Cueball: You hurt your leg
2248 Banged it Megan: No I just banged it on somethig when- Cueball: You\'re bleeding
2249 Oh Megan: What? No, I - OH
2250 Claw marks There are claw marks on Megan
2252 Where is it Cueball is looking for something
2253 Blood Megan: This is a surprising amount of blood
2254 Bandage needed Cueball gives basiic first aid advice
2255 Tear the Bag Cueball thinks he could use the bag as bandage
2266 Ruined flag Megan: Sorry for ruining your flag
2267 It\'s for you Cueball: It\'s OK. After all, I brought it for you
2268 Thank you Megan is humbled
2270 Beautiful red Megan like\'s it
2283 Long Walk home Megan says it\'s a long way to go home
2284 Can you walk? Cueball: Can you even walk? How are you feeling?
2285 Thirsty Megan is thirsty
2290 Does it hurt? Cueball is checking up
2291 It hurts Megan: It didn\'t at first. Now it does
2296 Something on the mountain Cueball: I think you\'re right. There\'s some kind of structure on the mountain
2300 Megan can walk Megan: I think I can walk OK
2301 Hurt more It hurts but it doesn\'t really hurt more when I lean on it
2302 Bad cut Cueball says it could get worse
2303 Need help Cueball: We need help
2304 Keep going up Megan: Do you think we should keep going up?
2305 People on top Cueball: We can\'t be more than a day or so from the top. There may be people there
2306 Hill People? Are they hill people?
2307 Villages? They discuss what is up the top
2308 Farther from home Megan gets philosophical
2309 Decision time Megan decides to go on - Yay!
2310 Gentleman Cueball says he will carry everything
2313 Instructions Cueball: You tell me if your leg starts hurting too much
2325 Help you over Cueball: I\'ll step in and help you over
2328 ow Having lept the stream Megan says a quiet ow
2339 Molpy Alert Something in the grass ahead
2344 Colder Here Megan: It's definitly colder up here
2354 Not great Megan is not feeling too good
2355 Dangerous They discuss dangerous creatures
2373 Need sleep As the sun goes down they agree they need sleep
2374 Scary Megan: It didn't seem scary before. Pausing to sleep wherever we were
2376 First watch Cueball will take the first watch
2377 Take a rest Cueball: No, you need to rest. I'll wake you if I get tired
2379 Hit it Megan: Or if something is trying to eat you, and you need me to hit it
2393 Nighttime This is the clue for 11,000 years in the future
2440.5 METEOR! Wow, it\'s a meteor!
2454 Hey Cueball wakes Megan
2455 Wake Up Megan is unenthusiastic
2456 Your Turn Next shift
2459 All quiet? Megan: All quiet?
2460 Still Hurts Cueball checks Megans health
2461 Next Shift Megan: But I got some rest. Your turn now
2466 Chirp at night There is a chirp in the middle of the night
2470 Another Chirp at night There is another chirp at night
2471 Do you hear that? Megan should let sleeping Cueballs sleep
2472 He did Cueball: Yeah
2473 What are they doing? Cueball: I wonder what they\'re doing
2531 Cueball awakes Megan: Finally!
2532 Long Sleep? It\'s geting late and Megan is bored
2533 Leg Check Cueball: How\'s your leg?
2535 Looks OK Megan: Looks OK
2536 Cueball has doubt Cueball: It does? Megan: Sure
2540 Look for people Megan: OK. We get to the top. We look for people
2541 Plan B Megan: If we don\'t see any, we start back home
2542 Plans accepted Cueball: Sounds Good
2553 Neat Rocky outcrop
2554 Wonder what Cueball: I wonder what it\'s for
2558 Careful Cueball helps Megan up
2561 Huh Cueball: Huh
2572 Whats that! So that was what was Neat
2579 Other side Cueball: I guess the mountains don\'t go back down on the other side
2586 I found People Megan: I found people
2587 Where!? Cueball: Where!? Megan: Over there
2588 Far away Megan: It\'s far away. But do you see the dust?
2589 Glinting Megan has seen flashes of light and glinting
2591 Not Far Megan: It\'s not far. We can reach them tonight
2592 Walking painful? Cueball: Good! Is walking still not too painful?
2593 Climbing hurt Megan: Walking is OK. Climbing hurt
2594 Wanted to see Cueball: You could have asked me to climb up here for you. Megan: But I wanted to see
2595 What that thing is? Megan: Have you figured out what that thing is?
2596 Hold something Cueball: It looks like it\'s supposed to hold something
2597 Weapon Cueball: You can point it at things. Maybe it\'s a weapon
2598 Maybe Megan is not convinced
2599 Aimed at what? Meagn: But why woul there be a weapon way up here? What\'s it aimed at?
2600 Lanched enough Cueball: Right now you\'re pointing it at our home. Haven\'t you launched enough things at our castle? Megan: No
2609 Our poor castle Megan: Our poor castle. I wonder what\'s left of it
2612 Bucket A floating bucket
2628 Another tower Cueball: I think that\'s another tower
2629 Megan agrees Megan: I think so, too
2632 Are you ok? Megan You OK?
2633 Rest a moment Cueball: Yeah. I Just need to rest for a moment
2634 Out of breath They are not used being this high
2636 Diferent air Cueball: I wonder if the air up here is different
2637 Cooler Megan: Could be. It\'s definitely cooler
2646 On that hill! Cueball: I can see someone on that hill!
2647 HEY! Megan: Oh yeah! HEY! HELLOOO!!
2648 Still too far Cueball: Still too far to hear
2650 HEY! Megan: HEY!
2652 Seen us Megan: Well, they\'ve seen us
2654 Beanie! The first beanie
2655 Three Beanies There are three of them
2657 Megan asks for help Megan: Hi. We\'re from far away, and my leg is hurt. Can you help us
2658 Beanish! Beanies talk Beanish
2660 Huh. Cueball: Huh. Megan: Ok. Umm.
2661 When words fail... Megan shows the Beanies her injured leg.
2663 Understanding The Beanies seem to understand the problem and discuss it.
2666 A Closer Look Two of the Beanies take a closer look at Megan's leg.
2667 Something A Beanie returns carrying something.
2669 I Wonder Cueball: They seem to know what they're doing. Megan: Yeah. I wonder what that is.
2670 What is that? Megan: That. What is that?
2671 A Beanish explanation The something turns out to be...something.
2672 -ow- Cueball: It's some kind of paste. Does it hurt? Megan: Not-ow-Not Really.
2675 All patched up Megan: Um, thank you.
2676 This way The Beanies seem to want Cueball and Megan to follow them.
2681 Another Tower The Beanies have another tower.
2685 Just water Megan: It's just water.
2686 Little Yawn Cueball yawns.
2687 The language barrier Megan: How do we talk to them? We can figure this out.
2688 From the sea Megan: We're from down there. The sea. We're from the...
2689 Big Yawn Megan yawns even bigger than Cueball did.
2690 Have to sleep Megan: ...We're from the sea. We're from the sea and we have to sleep.
2692 692 46 Pretty sure those aren't numbers.
2693 Lights out Darkness as Cueball and Megan sleep.
2697 Two cups Cueball and a Beanie grab a couple cups of water.
2703 Cultural exchange Cueball tries a little Beanish.
2704 Biggest Yawn Megan wakes up with a yawn.
2706 A new word Cueball: I learned a word. I think. Megan: Oh?
2707 "Water" Cueball: *Beanish* "Water." Probably.
2709 "Drink" Cueball: Or "drink!" Megan: Hmm.
2710 A faster way Megan: There must be a faster way to...
2711 Revelation Cueball has a revelation.
2713 It's OK! Megan assures the Beanie they mean no harm.
2715 A picture's worth Cueball draws in the dirt to communicate.
2717 My turn The Beanie adds to the drawing.
2720 Motion picture Cueball describes their journey with pictures.
2722 Coinkydink The one Beanish word Cueball knows just so happens to be very useful.
2723 Gibberish The Beanie talks more Beanish.
2724 Failure to communicate Unfortunately, Cueball and Megan didn't magically learn Beanish.
2727 Why is that happening? Megan: Yes! The sea is rising. Cueball: Why is that happening?
2729 More Beanish Yup. There is a lot of it.
2731 The sequel Following Cueball's example, the Beanie uses the drawing to indicate further travel.
2732 Going somewhere Megan: They're going somewhere... Cueball: and want us to come, too.
2733 Languages The Beanie indicates their two languages using circles and triangles.
2734 Multilingual A third figure seems to be able to speak many languages.
2735 Speech! Cueball: Oh, speech! There's someone we can talk to?
2736 Trilogy The Beanie draws the sun's path in the sky.
2737 I get it Cueball: I get it- It's less than a day away. Then let's do it.
2739 Packing up The Beanies start packing up their equipment.
2762 Rabbit A rabbit pops its head up.
2763 See it? A Beanie points out the rabbit.
2777 Wildlife A rabbit and beasnake roam in the bushes.
2789 Beneath the leaves The group sits down beneath a tree to eat.
2791 Yum Cueball: It's good, whatever it is.
2792 Another new word A Beanie offers up a new word.
2793 Megan's turn Megan: Huh, ok. *Beanish*
2797 Recognition More Beanish...but is one of those words familiar?
2798 Zig-zags A Beanie shows off an image.
2799 Some kind of map Megan: I heard "water." Cueball: Is it some kind of a map?
2800 Triangle things Megan: I guess. But it's just a jumble of lines. Cueball: Maybe those triangle things are rivers?
2801 *Beanish* Yet again.
2813 City! Cueball: Wow. There's a whole City up there.
2814 Gate The city with children playing and Expando
2816 Welcome A beanie points something out
2818 Greatings Greatings are exchanged between a Beanie and Expando
2822 Little Houses Cueball likes the houses while a Beanie points something out to Megan
2823 Oh Wow Cueball: Oh. Megan: Oh Wow.
2824 Zoom out Whats up the hill?
2825 Zoom out more The castle!
2826 Real Castle Megan: A real castle! I never thought I'd see a real castle!
2827 Breathtaking Cueball: I wasn't sure there were real castles. Megan: Look at it. It's breathtaking
2830 Too Small Megan: Our castle was too small
2831 Come on A Beanie urges them on
2836 Beanette Greetings Beanette exchanges greatings with a Beanie
2837 Beanette greets Amtoo Beanette is much more enthusiastic greeting Amtoo...
2840 Gatehouse They apprach the gatehouse
2842 Down the steps They go down the steps into the castle
2844 Neat! Megan says Neat! again
2846 Great Hall They enter the great hall
2851 Door and steps up At the far end of the hall is a door and steps up
2854 Open the door A Beanie opens the door
2858 Rosetta says hello Rosetta looks up and says hello
2859 Greetings to Rosetta Beanies greet Rosetta
2860 Questions Rosetta questions the beanies
2861 Answers Answers from Amtoo and another Beanie
2862 Presenting Cuegan are present to Rosetta
2863 Understand Us? Cueball: Hello!, Megan Do you understand us?
2865 Somewhat Somewhat
2867 Understand you Megan: I think we understand you, too!
2868 Whence Whence have you t*aveled he*e
2869 From the Sea Cueball: We came here up the mountain. Megan: We're from the sea.
2870 From the desert below? Rosetta: You arose here from the desrt below? Npobody lives there.
2872 Didn't Understand Megan: We, Um... We didn't quite understand that
2873 Take 2 Rosetta: I am so**y. Your L**guage is *** those S**en by the ****fftoue *** But I learned it.
2874 Patience Rosetta: Please be patient Cueball: Of course
2875 Dismiss Rosetta dismisses the beanies
2877 Bye-bye Beanies say bye-bye and leave
2878 Understand Nothing Rosetta: They understand Nothing so they will tend to matters. Megan: Of course
2879 Your Bags Your Bags
2880 What for Megan: What do you want our bags for? Rosetta: They a*e heavy Megan: ... Oh. Thank you!
2885 Thank you! Cueball: Thank you! Rosetta:you a*e welcome
2886 Your Home Rosetta: Tell me where your home is
2887 Near a river Megan: We live by the shore, near a river that flows down to the Sea every year. Rosetta: What River?
2888 Smaller River Megan: It's a smaller river - not the one that flows your land. We collect things that float down it
2889 People in Hills Cueball: There are people in the hills where our river comes from. Megan: They don't like us
2890 How many? Rosetta: H** many people **** are you?
2891 About Forty Cueball: There are about forty of us. Rosetta:what is forty? all my numbers are too small. Megan: Um. Four ten times. Five eight times. Rosetta: Yes Good
2892 With you You carry these people with you?
2893 Here Alone Megan: We came here alone, to find out why the sea is changing
2894 You do not know! Rosetta: you do not know! I*********
2895 Stand Alone Rosetta: Your sea does not stand alone! There is another sea ***** ****yond the **** it has be**** to *** *** evels differ *** ows
2896 Megan Understands Megan: No, I think I understand. There's a second sea, a higher one, and its waters have started flowing into ours. Cueball: Why? What connected them? Megan: Yeah- what changed?
2897 Hills Change Rosetta: In time even the hills change! When people first **** and first bu***** ates the sea where joined but ***here was a great ******* and the passage was *** your sea ****** with to few rivers under the sun **shrank* **nd the water fe** the sea ha***nd a way back in.
2898 How different? Cueball: ...How different are the sea' heights? How high will the water eventually rise? Should we move our home? Rosetta: Do you know whe*e you a*e?
2899 No Cueball: No. Rosetta: I'll *** build you a map to understanding
2901 Map! You are here
2902 This will be sea Rosetta: And this *our **lief about the sea new shore
2903 Cover mountains? Megan: The sea can cover mountains?
2904 We Learned Rosetta:
2905 *** Rosetta: N***T *Sh****n?
2907 Shoreline Megan: The shoreline goes right through where the castle is where we are right now
2908 Island Rosetta: The castle once was an island! We found it and have tried to rebuild it!
2909 **** Rosetta: I supose ** be an *********!
2910 Who are you? Cueball: Who are you? Rosetta: We are the learners. This fortress is *** with **** and I am their leader
2911 Inside the sea Megan: I still can't imagine it. Every place we've walked will someday be inside the sea.
2912 Get Home Megan: We need to get back home. We need to get started on plans to move. Can we have one of your maps? That would help - ... are you ok?
2913 Sorry Rosetta: I'm Sorry Cueball: What?
2914 We Failed Rosetta: When we discovered the sea was coming under the bank we tried to shore it up. We Failed we tried to remove everybody from the basin! But we did not know of your group
2915 nO it's Ok! Megan: No, it's Ok! I've been thinking. At the rate we saw the sea rising, it will take years to -, Rosetta: NO!
2916 Days! Rosetta: As the waterflows, it widens the breach. The Berm is giving way. The sea will rush through in a *******T The planets mightiest river will once again come thundering down the mountainside. The sea will fill not in years but in DAYS!
2917 Too Long Rosetta: The jo*ney to your land is much too long. *** Not Send *** only sea **** encircled and drowned by the ***ide
2918 Too late Rosetta: The world you know is ending...
2919 Goodbyes from here Rosetta: You must say your goodbyes from here. You cannot go back down the abyss. For you have walked too far and now there is no more time to walk. The ocean is coming.
2922 RUN RUN
2928 Oh! Hi! They meat Amtoo and Beanette
2929 Thankyou Amtoo pulls his beanie on and they say thankyou
2930 Goodbye! Megan and Amtoo say goodbye
2931 Getting Late Cueball: It's getting late. Megan: We can make it to the tower tonight
2932 All the way Cueball: We can't run the whole way. Meagan: Nope
2936 Expando again Expando says greets them again
2937 Hi probably Cueball: Hi! probably
2945 Not much further! Cueball: Not much further!
2951 Night! They are inside the tower
2953 Dreamed of water Cueball: I dreamed I woke up in the water
2957 Don't Mind Cueball: I hope they don't mind us taking some of the food and water here
2958 Creepy Cueball: Maybe we should have stayed to ask. But I was starting to get a little creeped out
2962 Faster way back Cueball: Still, maybe they could have helped us find a faster way back
2963 Wrong Cueball: ... Are you ok? Megan: I did something that was wrong.
2965 Stole Maps! Cueball: You stole the maps! Megan: I'll give them back someday! I hope. Cueball: This is great! There are so many!
2970 Climb down They climb down by the first tower
2972 Stuff works They discuss the Panther Salve
2973 Steal more Megan ponders what more should have been stolen
2976 Lucky? Is that lucky on a rock?
2977 Yes it is! Lucky looks up
2978 Lucky runs Lucky does not want to meet a thwapstick again
2986 Run Prickly Cueball: Just go uphill don't stop, don't get stuck. You can make it
2989 Chirp! The chirps are flapping
2992 Breather They take a brief rest
2995 Empty Hills Cueball: Well, no one's coming running down yelling or throwing stuff I guess the hills are empty. Megan: I wish we had time to go up and explore them. I'd love to learn how they get all that stuff.
2996 Hill people tower The hill people have a tower as well
2998 Is that the Sea? Cueball: Is that the Sea? Megan: Should it be in view already?
3001 Know this place They know the place but it souldn't be wet
3002 This rock Cueball: loves his rock
3003 Wait Megan: Whoa, wait.
3004 Crossed the riverbed Megan: Look at the spot where we crossed the riverbed
3006 There they are! They see some Cueganites
3007 How deep They are getting wet feet
3008 Cross here Should they cross here?
3009 Cross now Cross while they can
3010 Something Wrong Cueball: I can feel it flowing... But something seems wrong. Hang on.
3011 Augh! Cueball finds a deep spot
3012 Fresh They call the water Fresh
3013 Keep the maps dry Cueball leads the way
3014 Strong current They struggle in the flowing water
3015 HEY! The water is rising, but who is off the image?
3016 You're Back! They meet some of the Cueganites
3017 Learned Everything Mini-Bunny: Where did you go? Megan: To the mountains! We learned everything! Mini-Bunny: Everything? Megan: Most of it! Where's everyone else?
3018 Empty Hills Mini-Bunny says the hills are empty and the cuganites are seeing what is left
3019 Everyone is talking But no one is listening.
3020 Even more are talking They talk on crossingg swiming, what is at sea and who is missing
3021 Megans planning Everyone together, we need to run
3023 All is dark Where are they?
3024 Megan talks Megan explains what is happening and the urgentcy
3025 Trapped Cuegan carry on telling the rest what the problems are
3026 Bags might work Need bags and rope
3027 Hey! Littlest Bangs Brother says Hey! interupting Megan
3028 Cousin! LBB has found his cousin!
3030 What's that? Something is floating past
3031 La Petite returns La Petite is LBBs cousin and what is she on?
3032 Raftcastle La Petite has made the castle into a boat!
3033 No Brakes How do you stop a raftcastle?
3035 Plan B Megan has a new plan
3036 Raft up a river! Megan outlines what they are going to do
3037 Dark again What is happening?
3038 Busy Busy Busy Cueganites doing lots of jobs
3039 Load everything abord Sticks, sheets, Yurts, bags...
3040 And More More stuff is loaded
3041 This place is ending Megan: The water is coming over the banks! This place is ending and it's time to go
3043 Push off Away they gowith the castle and another raft
3049 Zoom out The rafts along with trees and other debries float away
3050 Really Hard Mini-Bunny: This is really hard. If we drift into the shallows we can sort of push back toward the main channel. But only barely.
3051 Done Great Megan says they are doing great
3052 Speeding up Megan thinks they are speeding up
3053 Bump! What hit the rafts?
3054 Oof It made Megan go Oof.
3055 Calling this the front Megan: Is thee any way to keep us pointing forward? Megan: We could start calling this the front
3056 Look! What is behind them?
3057 It's Them There are more Cuganites floating on something else
3058 Lots are talking How to get the raftcastle to the overload others
3059 Float past Will they join up?
3060 Rope throw Will it reach
3062 Closer They are getting closer, but will the tress get in the way?
3064 Try again The rope is thrown again.
3065 This time it works Pull
3066 Forty! All forty cuganites are here
3067 Ride it out They will have to ride it out
3076 Night time Its dark again, with stars, the milky way and galaxies
3078 hey Megan: hey
3079 Everyone asleep Just Megan and Cueball on the raft
3081 New Castle! They are making a new sand castle
3082 Land! Cueball: Land!
3083 Sine Sunrise Megan: We've been heading right toward it since sunrise
3084 Wake up! Cueball: Land! Wake up, everybody
3085 Wow! They land and explore
3086 Where are we Cueball: Where do you think we are? Megan: I don't know
3087 Find out Megan: But I bet we can figure it out! C'mon let's see what's through here!
3089 T** **d Sob sob cry, bring on the ice cream