The following table lists all dialogue from the TimeAfterTime sequence known as the SilentONGs. The table uses a frame number and a sequence number to list the dialogue so that exchanges between characters in the same frame can be presented in the proper order.

It should be noted that the frame numbers in this table correspond to SilentTimer's numbering system for the sequence (t1i-0000, t1i-0001, t1i-0002, ...). This differs from mscha's TimeAfterTime index which lists all of the TimeAfterTime stories collectively, with the first frame of the SilentONGs occuring at frame 315. The mscha viewer number for the frame can be seen by hovering over the SilentTimer number in the table to get the TAT index link.


Frame.Seq Speaker Dialogue
13.1 Bearded Beanie [Beanish] [Get the water!]
13.2 (O.S.) [Beanish] [Yes!]
209.1 Cueball (O.S.) ...Land!
210.1 Megan (O.S.) We've been heading right toward it since sunrise.
211.1 Cueball (O.S.) Land!  Wake up, everybody!
211.2 Raftcastle



212.1 Cueball Wow.
213.1 Cueball Where do you think we are?
213.2 Megan I don't know.
214.1 Megan

But I bet we can figure it out!

C'mon, let's see what's through here!

216.1 THE END
241.1 Birdraptor #1 Chink chink chink chink
249.1 Chirpy Chirp!
252.1 Chirpy Chirp!
256.1 Megan This place is beautiful.
258.1 Cueball Yeah.
260.1 Cueball I wonder who else lives here.
262.1 Megan Let's find out.
262.2 Cueball Yes.
263.1 Cueball I'll get some bags.
290.1 Megan Oof.
291.1 Cueball

The air up here.

It's different.

291.2 Megan Yes.
292.1 Cueball

We haven't walked very far, but we have seen the top already.

Let's slow down.  We'll reach the top soon.

293.1 Megan OK.
294.1 Megan I wonder if it's even possible to breathe on the top.
303.1 Megan What's up there?
304.1 Cueball Snake.
305.1 Megan Don't risk a bite.
305.2 Cueball It's retracting.
306.1 Megan Same kind as last time?
306.2 Cueball No. Smaller.
307.1 Cueball Rather smooth.  Brown, with a stripe on its back.
308.1 Megan No idea.
309.1 Megan Let's watch our steps.
309.2 Cueball Yeah.
316.1 Megan You OK?
317.1 Cueball


Just thinking.

318.1 Cueball

The snake.

It winked at me.

320.1 Cueball Maybe just me.  The air.
320.2 Megan Maybe.
321.1 Megan Let's be very cautious.
344.1 Megan Are you OK?
344.2 Cueball Yup.
345.1 Cueball I tried to grab that plant, but it moved.
346.1 Cueball It seems I am going definitely mad now.
346.2 Megan Finally.
350.1 Megan That twig has legs.
351.1 Cueball Maybe up here, twigs turn into bugs.
353.1 Megan

If you ever think your dreams are too weird, just open your eyes.

You'll see the world has even weirder things in it.

354.1 Cueball Weird and wonderful.
355.1 Cueball

This is our new home.

Let's go and learn everything about it.

356.1 Cueball

We are on a good way.

The higher we go, the more we learn.

356.2 Megan And the crazier we get.
357.1 Megan Let's go to the top.
360.1 Cueball Don't you think I'm crazy enough for you?
360.2 Megan No.
400.1 Megan

We are on the top.

And we can still breathe.

401.1 Cueball Yeah.
403.1 Megan

There is something on the sea.

Maybe other people?

404.1 Cueball Hard to tell. A lot of things floating.
406.1 Cueball And it seems we are on a small island.
406.2 Megan Yes.
407.1 Megan It should be much bigger.
408.1 Cueball And if we are on that one?
408.2 Megan Still too small.
409.1 Megan Maybe we are on one of these mountains.
410.1 Cueball And the big island is the land behind that one.
410.2 Megan Maybe.
412.1 Megan Our mountain is the highest.
412.2 Cueball Yes.
413.1 Megan And it's cold up here. Like on a winter day.
413.2 Cueball


Pretty cosy.

426.1 Megan I miss our beach.
431.1 Cueball This was between the stones.
432.1 Megan So they've been here.
440.1 Megan


I know where we are.

441.1 Megan

The triangles match.

We are on this mountain.

442.1 Megan That's a pretty small island. Hopefully big enough for us.
443.1 Cueball

There's a lot of food and water.

We can live here for some time.

Long enough to find a way to reach the big island.

446.1 Cueball Here, I...
446.2 Megan I brought a...
456.1 (O.S.) #1 [Beanish] [Castle?]
457.1 (O.S.) #2 [Beanish] [Castle.]
478.1 Megan So we have seen how the top of a mountain looks like.
480.1 Megan Are there higher mountains?
481.1 Cueball


There are bigger islands.

483.1 Cueball I wonder how the top of the highest of all mountains is like.
485.1 Megan Like ours. Just colder.
486.1 Cueball Can one breathe on it?
487.1 Megan I don't know.
489.1 Megan Can one see everything from there?
490.1 Cueball No. Otherwise we could see it from here.
514.1 Megan Snake.
515.1 Megan

It has no tail.

Is it like the one you saw before the flood?

516.1 Cueball

No, but like the one I saw this morning. Without the stripe.

And without a tail.

519.1 Megan

It's not the air.

It does blink.

520.1 Megan This place is weird.
522.1 Megan Let's go around.
550.1 Megan Yes.
551.1 Megan Now we are on the other mountain.
552.1 Cueball And that's the big island.
552.2 Megan Yes.
553.1 Cueball This mountain was closer than it looked.
554.1 Megan Not a nice walk though, straight into the sun.
554.2 Cueball Yeah.
556.1 Megan So this is how the other half of our island looks like.
557.1 Cueball We've yet to see what's behind those mountains.
557.2 Megan Tomorrow.
560.1 Megan

What's that?

A castle?

561.1 Cueball A broken one, maybe.
562.1 Megan The big one was broken, too.  They are rebuilding it.
563.1 Megan I wonder whether all castles are broken.
565.1 Cueball

There's a tower.

Behind the castle.

566.1 Megan Yes!
567.1 Megan

So they must be living here. We've found friendly people.

Let's go there!

573.1 Megan (O.S.)

[Beanish] [name of the food offered to Megan in m2793]

Wasn't that "hello"?

575.1 Cueball (O.S.)

I just remember "water".

[Beanish] [Water.]

587.1 Megan Maybe we can join them rebuilding the castle.
588.1 Megan And we can return the maps.
589.1 Megan Neat.
594.1 Megan Seems it flows straight down to the castle.
595.1 Cueball Let's follow it.
595.2 Megan Yeah.
597.1 Cueball

The maps are very useful.

Maybe we can copy them first?

598.1 Megan


But that takes a long time.

599.1 Cueball

We can ask my aunt.

She's very good at such things.

613.1 Megan Weird.
618.1 (Unseen) Tsee - chirp
621.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
622.1 Megan Tsee - chirp
623.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
624.1 Cueball Tsee - chirp
625.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - tsee - tsu - hu - hu - hu - hu
626.1 Megan Neat.
627.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - tsee - tsu - hu - hu - hu - hu
629.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
630.1 Tsee-chirpy (O.S.) Tsee - chirp
631.1 Megan Even your aunt can't copy the maps in one day.
632.1 Megan Let's ask whether we can keep them a while longer.
633.1 Cueball Yes, but how?
635.1 Megan Look out.
637.1 Cueball It's smaller than the yellow ones.
637.2 Megan Small means dangerous.
639.1 Cueball No maps.
641.1 Cueball And it seems nobody is living here.
644.1 Cueball I wonder what it's for.
646.1 Megan No idea.
649.1 Cueball It doesn't look like a castle from here.
658.1 Cueball

Someone has been here.


659.1 Megan



661.1 Cueball Seems one can climb up over there.
668.1 Megan Weird.
668.2 Cueball What the...
672.1 Megan Are you OK?
673.1 Cueball

I think so.

Hang on...

675.1 Cueball

I'm OK.

I'll use the rope to climb down.

676.1 Megan I'm going down.  Meet you there.
676.2 Cueball OK.
679.1 Cueball There's a cave.
680.1 Cueball

There's something lying inside.

Or someone.

681.1 (O.S.) [Beanish] [Hi!]
681.2 Cueball


I think he needs help.

I'll go in and check.

681.3 Megan ABOVE YOU!
682.1 Cueball


Someone inside needs help.  Let's...

683.1 Cueball Hey - what...
685.1 Cueball OH - NO!
687.1 Cueball That doesn't look good.
687.2 Megan He's breathing, at least.
687.3 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish]
688.1 Cueball Oh - hello.
688.2 Megan [Beanish] [name of the food

offered to Megan in m2793]

688.3 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish]
689.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish]
690.1 Cueball Sorry, we don't understand.
691.1 Megan Can we help?
692.1 Cueball I think he broke some bones.
693.1 Megan I'll get some wood.
694.1 Cueball What?
695.1 Cueball Hold him?  OK...
699.1 Megan She seems to know what she's doing.
699.2 Cueball Yeah.
700.1 Megan But they need our help.
701.1 Megan Hey.
702.1 Megan

We're living over there.

Come with us.

We'll help you.

703.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Yes.]
720.1 Chirpy Chook!
723.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
732.1 Birdraptor #2 (O.S.) Sreee!
735.1 Birdraptor #2 (O.S.) Sreee!
739.1 Birdraptor #2 (O.S.) Sreee!
743.1 Chirpy Chirp!
749.1 (O.S.) Chirp!
751.1 Chirpy Chirp!
757.1 (O.S.) Hellooo!
759.1 Bunny Hello?
760.1 Bunny

Oh no!

What happened to him?

760.2 Cueball Fell down a cliff.
760.3 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Hello.]
760.4 Brick (?) Hello.
761.1 Bunny


Bring him into the tent.

Want some water?

761.2 Cueball [Beanish] [Water.]
761.3 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Yes.]
762.1 Bunny (O.S.)

These bandages - excellent work.

Who are you?

767.1 Cueball I wonder what's up with the cave.
768.1 Cueball He didn't want me to go in.
769.1 Cueball I saw someone lying on the floor.
770.1 Megan

Let's ask.


771.1 Megan What's inside the cave?
772.1 Ms. Frizzle Cave?
773.1 Cueball



774.1 Ms. Frizzle



775.1 Megan Let's show her.
775.2 Cueball OK.
777.1 Cueball Yes. We've seen them. What are they for?
781.1 Megan I think I understand.
781.2 Cueball Yes, but...
784.1 Cueball What's wrong now?
784.2 Megan I don't know.
789.1 Megan Neat.
791.1 Cueball Hmmm...
791.2 Megan Weird, indeed.
794.1 Ms. Frizzle Cave.
794.2 Cueball Yes.
795.1 Megan What's that?
795.2 Cueball I guess she'll explain.
796.1 Cueball Whatever it is, they don't feel well.
797.1 Cueball But both get out.  So who's lying inside?
800.1 Cueball Just like in the cave.
801.1 Cueball Does that mean the cave made him ill?
802.1 Cueball Oh!
803.1 Megan Oh - no!
804.1 Cueball And I almost went in...
805.1 Cueball He goes in?  Why?
806.1 Megan I think he wants to find out everything.
807.1 Cueball Brave.
808.1 Cueball

C'mon!  Keep going!


809.1 Cueball Oh - no!  He gave everything for nothing!
810.1 Megan So that's their warning.
810.2 Cueball Yeah.
813.1 Cueball What's that?
814.1 Cueball Hmm...
815.1 Cueball But...
815.2 Megan That was their plan.
816.1 Cueball Instead, they saved my life.
816.2 Megan Yes.
817.1 Megan Yes!  Get his notes, ...
817.2 Cueball ...So he didn't die in vain.
818.1 Cueball Let's help them.
818.2 Megan Yes.
819.1 Cueball We'll help.
820.1 Ms. Frizzle Help.
824.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.  Help.
825.1 Birdraptor #3 Tic - Tic - Tic - Tic
825.2 Cueball Yes.
826.1 Megan But first, let's get some sleep.
826.2 Cueball Sleep.
827.1 Ms. Frizzle



828.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Bye.]
828.2 Cueball Good night.
828.3 Megan Good night.
829.1 Ms. Frizzle Good night.
831.1 Birdraptor #4 Twiddle - oo...  Twiddle-ee-dee...
840.1 Megan Good morning.  How's he doing?
840.2 Cueball Good morning.
841.1 Bunny He woke up.  They spoke a lot.
841.2 Mini-Shortdo (?) Good morning.
842.1 Bunny Now he's sleeping again.
842.2 Megan Where's she?
842.3 Mini-Shortdo (?) Good morning.
843.1 Ms. Frizzle Good morning.
843.2 Megan Good morning.  Did you sleep well?
844.1 Ms. Frizzle Slow, please.
844.2 Cueball Good morning.
844.3 Bunny You learn fast.
845.1 Ms. Frizzle


Thank you.

845.2 Megan

Who taught her our language?


845.3 Bunny I don't know.
846.1 Ms. Frizzle Go cave.
846.2 Cueball Yes.
846.3 Megan Yes.
846.4 Bunny Whatever you do, take care.
847.1 Megan You know us.
847.2 Bunny  Yes.
848.1 Bunny

Don't break your leg.

Or his.

Or hers.

848.2 Megan OK.


849.1 Bunny Bye.
850.1 Part Good morning.
851.1 Ms. Frizzle Good morning.
851.2 Mini-Bunny Good morning.
851.3 Cueball Good morning.
852.1 Mini-Bunny Good morning.
852.2 Megan Hi.
862.1 Chirpy Chirp!
864.1 Megan Neat.
868.1 Ms. Frizzle What's that?
869.1 Cueball That's a rock.
871.1 Ms. Frizzle That's a rock.
871.2 Megan Yes.
872.1 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
872.2 Megan You're welcome.
873.1 (O.S.) Sreee!
876.1 (O.S.) Chirrrp!
877.1 Raptor Chirrrp!
878.1 Raptor Sreee!
880.1 (O.S.) Sreee!
884.1 Ms. Frizzle What's that?
885.1 Megan That's a snake in the tree.
886.1 Ms. Frizzle That's a snake in the tree.
890.1 Ms. Frizzle That's a rock in the tree.
890.2 Megan Well ...
890.3 Cueball Almost.
891.1 Cueball That's a rock under the tree.
892.1 Ms. Frizzle That's a rock under the tree.
896.1 Megan What kind of snake is it?
897.1 Ms. Frizzle That's a snake in the tree.
898.1 Cueball Well, that's ... correct.
898.2 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
925.1 Ms. Frizzle One







927.1 Megan Weird.
928.1 Megan We've seen a ...

something ...

929.1 Ms. Frizzle Weird.
929.2 Megan Yes.
930.2 Cueball It's not far.

Let's show her.

930.2 Megan OK.
936.1 Ms. Frizzle Cave.
936.2 Megan It's OK.
939.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
942.1 Ms. Frizzle Weird.
943.1 Megan Ugh.
944.1 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
945.1 Megan You're welcome.
950.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - chirp
953.1 Ms. Frizzle Tsee - tsee - tsu - hu - hu - hu - hu
954.1 Tsee-chirpy Tsee - tsee - tsu - hu - hu - hu - hu
955.1 Megan Neat.
955.2 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
956.1 Megan She can talk to them.
956.2 Cueball Yeah.

I think she knows everything.

965.1 Cueball But ...
966.1 Megan I think we're going to the tower.
972.1 Megan Wow.
977.1 Megan It's green everywhere.

It must be fresh water.

977.2 Cueball A whole sea of it.
980.1 Cueball She's right.

It's fresh.

Be careful.

980.2 Megan It's OK.
980.3 Ms. Frizzle Cave.
981.1 Megan Cave?
981.2 Ms. Frizzle That's a water under the cave.
982.1 Ms. Frizzle Weird.
982.2 Megan Yes, but ...
983.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
983.2 Cueball I don't get it.
984.1 Ms. Frizzle Weird.
984.2 (O.S.) Sreee!
985.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
986.1 Ms. Frizzle Weird.
991.1 Megan Those wings ...
992.1 Cueball Those weird plants ...
993.1 Megan A snake which can blink, without tail ...
993.2 Cueball Twigs turning into bugs ...
994.1 Megan That seven-legged creature ...
994.2 Cueball That thing ...
995.1 Megan Can it be the water?
996.1 Cueball Plants and bugs drink this water.

Maybe it makes them weird.

996.2 Megan Yes, probably.

But she said “cave”.

997.1 Megan The cave has killed two of her people.

Maybe she wants to say that the water is just as dangerous.

997.2 Cueball Maybe.

Or even ...

998.1 Cueball The water almost goes to the hill with the cave.
999.1 Cueball “Water under the cave.”
1000.1 Cueball Water can fill the air. Think of our steam bottle.
1001.1 Cueball Maybe it has flown inside and filled the air in the cave.
1001.2 Megan And we are standing next to it ...
1002.1 Megan Let's go.
1002.2 Cueball Yeah.
1002.3 Ms. Frizzle Yeah.
1007.1 Ms. Frizzle That's.
1017.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Hello.]
1025.1 Wheelstick Creak
1029.1 Megan Neat.
1029.2 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
1030.1 Ms. Frizzle Go cave.
1030.2 Megan Yes.
1030.3 Cueball Yes.
1049.1 Cueball I'll climb up and fix the rope.
1049.2 Megan Be careful.
1066.1 Cueball OK.
1069.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1073.1 Cueball OK.
1074.1 Megan We're going up.
1074.2 Cueball OK.
1081.1 Ms. Frizzle (O.S.) [Beanish] [Hi!]
1083.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1083.2 Megan (O.S.) HEY! WATCH THIS!
1086.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
1086.2 Megan She showed me on the top.

Try it out!

1087.1 Cueball Yeah.
1094.1 Wheelstick Crunch
1097.1 Megan. It's stuck.
1097.2 Cueball. Yeah.
1106.1 Cueball. Yeah.
1108.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Yes.]
1110.1 Ms. Frizzle Cave.
1115.1 Megan You're looking weird.
1115.2 Cueball Weird enough, I hope.
1115.3 Megan Maybe.
1118.1 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Hi.]
1122.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1128.1 Megan Oh – thanks!
1128.2 Ms. Frizzle You're welcome.
1130.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
1132.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
1133.1 Cueball That's a better method than ours.
1133.2 Megan It even makes fun.
1133.3 Cueball Yeah.
1140.1 Ms. Frizzle Cave.
1140.2 Megan OK.
1148.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1158.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1171.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1174.1 Ms. Frizzle Yes.
1178.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1187.1 Megan Let's go home.
1187.2 Ms. Frizzle It's OK.
1206.1 Cueball But ...
1206.2 Megan Never mind.
1217.1 Megan Oh!
1222.1 Megan I guess that's how they came here after the flood.
1223.1 Cueball Maybe they came from the big island?
1223.2 Megan Maybe.
1224.1 Megan Hey.
1225.1 Megan Where did you come from?
1229.1 Cueball Well ... she's correct again.
1230.1 Megan I understand. That's our way back to the tents.
1230.2 Cueball Yeah.
1231.1 Megan OK.
1232.1 Cueball What's she up to now?
1232.2 Megan I don't know.
1234.1 Notebook Rrrip
1235.1 Ms. Frizzle Thank you.
1236.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1240.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1250.1 Megan Hey!
1250.2 Cueball Careful!
1251.1 Megan Seems she wants to sit here.
1251.2 Cueball OK.
1252.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1254.1 Megan Neat.
1261.1 Cueball This might be our way to the big island.
1261.2 Megan Or whereever we want!
1265.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1278.1 Megan That was fun.
1295.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1299.1 Doopraptor Tweedle – dee – dee – doop
1301.1 Megan It's weird.
1301.2 Cueball Yeah.
1302.1 Megan He lied there for days.

But he didn't look like that.

1303.1 Doopraptor Tsee – dee – chirp?
1303.2 Cueball He looked like someone who died in the sand.
1303.3 Megan Yes.
1304.1 Cueball And she gave us those masks – like in a sandstorm.
1304.2 Megan For the hands, too.
1305.1 Cueball The cave kills like the sand, not like the sea.
1306.1 Cueball Maybe the sand in the cave makes ill.
1306.2 Megan Maybe. But what about the water?
1307.1 Cueball Normal sand turns fresh water into sea water.
1307.2 Doopraptor Doop – dip – dip

tweedle – dee

1307.3 Cueball Maybe this sand makes the water weird.
1308.1 Megan The cave is small.

Can sand really be that dangerous?

1309.1 Cueball I guess it can.
1310.1 Cueball It's like the river.

You can't imagine how long it takes, but it can wear away mountains.

1311.1 Doopraptor Tweedle – wee – dee!
1312.1 Megan It's like the rising sea.
1313.1 Megan First, you don't notice it.

Then, it slowly erodes your sandcastle.

1314.1 Megan You want to understand it.

You go out and learn everything.

1315.1 Doopraptor Tsee – dee – chirp?
1315.2 Megan Eventually you understand.
1316.1 Megan It does what it wants.

It fills every place you've walked and wipes away your home.

1317.1 Megan Oh.


1318.1 Ms. Frizzle Good evening.
1318.2 Cueball Good evening.
1318.3 Megan Good evening.
1319.1 Doopraptor Tweedle – dee – dee – doop
1319.2 Ms. Frizzle That's a drawing of the cave.
1319.3 Megan Wow.
1320.1 Megan Neat.
1320.2 Cueball Yeah.
1321.2 Megan Oh.

What's that?

1322.1 Megan That looks as if someone made it.
1322.2 Cueball Yeah. But why?
1323.1 Doopraptor Tweedle – wee – dee!
1323.2 Cueball Markings?
1323.3 Megan Yeah.

I wonder what that means.

1324.1 Megan There are a lot of things to find out.
1324.2 Cueball Yeah.
1325.1 Cueball We've already learned that we must leave this place.
1325.2 Megan The sooner the better.
1326.1 Megan And we must learn more. That's our only chance to survive.
1326.2 Cueball That means ...
1326.3 Megan Yes.
1327.1 Doopraptor Doop – dip – dip

tweedle – dee

1327.2 Megan Can we come with you?
1328.1 Ms. Frizzle Slow, please.
1330.1 Megan It's OK.


1330.2 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1331.1 Doopraptor Chook!
1331.2 Ms. Frizzle Good night.
1331.3 Megan Good night.
1331.4 Cueball Good night.
1334.1 Doopraptor Chink chink chink chink
1339.1 (O.S.) Hoo – hoo
1341.1 Chirpy Chirp
1342.1 Chirpy Seee!
1343.1 Chirpy Seee!
1345.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee – cheeeeeeoo

1346.1 Megan OK.

We need a new home for all of us.

1346.2 Cueball I'm sure they'll help us. They are nice people.
1347.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee – chooee


1347.2 Cueball It would be great to live next to them.
1347.3 Megan I'm sure they wouldn't mind. We don't need much.
1348.1 Cueball We just need a way to ask them.
1348.2 Megan Hmmm... we'd better return their maps ...
1349.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee – cheeoo

1349.2 Bunny Good morning.
1349.3 Megan Good morning.
1349.4 Cueball Good morning. How's he doing?
1350.1 Bunny Better.

He can move a little.

They want to go home.

1350.2 Megan Already?
1351.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip

chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – cheeeoo

1351.2 Cueball But we must ask them some important things.
1351.3 Megan Then let's do that now.

We'll go with them.

1352.1 Bunny OK.

But please come back and help us to move to some safer place.

1352.2 Megan Just to the beach. We'll be back before noon.
1353.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip

chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee


1353.2 Bunny Last time you said that, you were gone for days and everything flooded.
1354.1 Bunny Good luck. See you later.
1354.2 Megan Thanks.
1355.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee – cheeeeoo

1355.2 Bunny Better take your bags with you!
1357.1 Chirpy Chip – chip – chip – chip

chooee – chooee – cheeeoo

1357.2 NBB You really let her go?
1357.3 Bunny It's OK. They'll go with her.
1365.1 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1365.2 Megan Before you go, we'd like to ask you something.
1366.1 Megan You know we cannot stay on this island.

Can you help us to move to some safe place?

1367.1 BrokenBean Slow, please.
1369.1 Cueball [Beanish] [Water.]
1370.1 Cueball Cave.
1371.1 (O.S.) [Beanish] [Hello.]
1372.1 Ms. Frizzle Good morning.
1372.2 BrokenBean Good morning.
1373.1 La Petite Hi.

I'm going with them.

Want to join?

1374.1 La Petite They say they have a place where we can live and learn with them.
1375.1 La Petite [Beanish]
1375.2 BrokenBean Yes.
1375.3 Megan Wow.
1376.1 Ms. Frizzle Want go with us?
1376.2 Megan Yeah.
1376.3 Ms. Frizzle OK.
1380.1 Ms. Frizzle Let's go.
1380.2 La Petite [Beanish] [Yes.]
1381.1 Cueball Shall we help you to turn your boat?
1381.2 La Petite Just call this the front.
1382.1 La Petite My new boat will be happy to carry us.

And look what I made.

With this, my boat will take us where we want to.

1384.1 Cueball Where are we going?
1385.1 La Petite [Beanish] [Castle.]

I don't know what that is.

1386.1 Megan I heard that before ...
1386.2 Cueball We know it.

You'll like it.

1394.1 Cueball Wow.
1398.1 Amtoo [Beanish] [Yes!]
1400.1 Bearded Beanie Welcome, desert people!
1400.2 Amtoo Hello!
1400.3 La Petite [Beanish] [Hello.]
1401.1 Amtoo [Beanish] [Hello.]
1401.2 Ms. Frizzle [Beanish] [Hello.]
1401.3 BrokenBean [Beanish] [Amtoo! Hi!]
1404.3 Amtoo [Beanish] [Yes.]
1408.1 THE END
1414.1 Megan They saved our lives. Sorry for stealing them.
1414.2 Rosetta We tried to remove everybody from the basin. We failed.

You are welcome.

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