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Boosts are used in the Sandcastle Builder game (sometimes called "hotdog") that was spawned in the OTT.  The Sandcastle Builder game is an offshoot of the (heretical) cookie clicker game mentioned earlier in the thread.  Eternal Density OTTified the game, and this is the result. Boosts give you lots of abilities and advantages.  Most are useful, though not all as soon as they appear.  Some are worth it for a while then have very little to do with the game once you get further.

This table lists each current boost, when it becomes available, what resources it costs (e.g., sand, castles, glass) these are the costs before any discounts, what they do, and comments and suggestions by Waveney.  If anyone else makes comments about Boosts, please indicate whose they are (or at least say Not Waveney).

They are in the order they are defined in the code DO NOT reorder them, it will make it impossible to keep this list up to date if it is changed.


Boost Name

[Boost Type] Unlock Req Base Price What does it do Comments by Waveney et. al.
Bigger Buckets [Boost] 1 Bucket S:500, C:0 Adds 0.1 S/mnP to each bucket, before multipliers Get it

Sans: you should get trebs first though

Huge Buckets [Boost] 4 Buckets S:800, C:2 Doubles sand rate of buckets and clicks Get it
Helping Hand [Boost] 1 Cuegan S:500, C:2 Adds 0.2 S/mNP per Cuegan, before multipliers Get it
Cooperation [Boost] 4 Cuegan S:2000, C:4 Improves Cuegans by 5% per pair of Buckets Get it
Spring Fling [Boost] 1 Trebuchet S:2000, C:6 Trebuchets build an extra Castle Get it, but build up your Buckets/ Cuegans first
Trebuchet Pong [Boost] 2 Trebuchets S:3000, C:6 Boosts sand rate of buckets cumulatively by 50% per pair of trebuchets This will be the largest factor in sand production eventually
Molpies [Boost] Dug > 5000 Sand S:5000, C:5 Increases sand dig rate based on number of badges Get it
Busy Bot [Cybernetics] 3 NewPixBots S:900, C:4 NewPixBots activate 10% sooner Useful, but not essential for early game

Sans: It is actually essential for early game get it

Stealthy Bot [Ninjutsu] Ninja Stealth > 6 S:900, C:5 Npbs activate 10% sooner Useful, but not essential for early game
Flag Bearer [Boost] 1 Flag S:5500, C:8 Each flag produces an extra 2 S/mNP, before multipliers Useful
War Banner [Boost] 2 Flags S:3000, C:10 Trebuchets only destroy 1 castle Wait quite a while before you get it as initially the cost greatly exceeds the losses
Magic Mountain [Boost] 6 Flags S:8000, C:15 Multiplies flag sand rate by 2.5 Useful
Extension Ladder [Boost] 1 Ladder S:12K, C:22 Each ladder produces an extra 18 S/mNP, before multipliers Moderately useful
Varied Ammo [Boost] 5 Trebuchets S:3900, C:48 Trebuchets build an extra castle for each Castle Tool you have 2+ of Useful once you have 2 Scaffolds and 2 Waves
Level Up! [Boost] 4 Scaffolds S:26K, C:34 Ladders produce twice as much sand Moderately useful
Megball [Boost] 8 Cuegan S:10.7K, C:56 Cuegan produce double sand Useful
Robot Efficiency [Cybernetics] 8 NewPixBots S:34K, C:153 Newpixbots build an extra castle (before any doubling) Moderately useful
Ninja Builder [Ninjutsu] Ninja Stealth > 16 S:4K, C:35 When incrementing ninja stealth streak, builds that many castles (+1) Get it
Erosion [Boost] Over 2000 castles destroyed by Waves S:40K, C:77 Castles destroyed by waves are reduced 20% and 2 per river owned Worth it initially, less relevant later
AutoSave Option [Boost] Saved 20 Times S:100, C:4 Auto Save (can adjust when to autosave by increments of 5 mnP in options) I never use it

useful sometimes change it to 30-60mnP

Helpful Hands [Boost] 100 Clicks S:250, C:5 Each Cuegan+Bucket pair gives clicking +0.5 sand Moderately useful
True Colours [Boost] 3333 Clicks S:750, C:15 Each Cuegan+Flag pair gives clicking +5 sand Moderately useful
Precise Placement [Boost] 2 scaffolds

S:8750, C:115

For every two ladders, scaffolds destroy one less castle Moderately useful
Ninja Hope [Ninjutsu] Ninja Stealth > 26 S:7.5K, C:40 Avoid one Ninja Stealth Reset, at the cost of 10 castles Moderately useful
Ninja Penance [Ninjutsu] Break stealth >7 & have Ninja Hope S:25K, C:88 Avoid 2 Ninja Stealth Resets, at the cost of 30 castles each Useful


[Boost] Redundakitty reward, DORD reward. Instant Sand gained by tools and clicks increased 800% Usefulness varies as you get other boosts

Sans: Epic with autoclicker



[Boost] 16 Redundakitty Clicks S:33K, C:63 Redundakitties come more often and stay longer Get It
Department of Redundancy Department (DORD) [Hill People Tech] 32 Redundakitty Clicks S:23.5K, C:78 1/8th of redundakitties activate the DORD. Many boosts can be unlocked by this. Get It
Raise the Flag


[Boost] 1000 Clicks S:85K, C:95 Each Flag+Ladder pair gives clicking an extra +50 sand Moderately useful
Hand it Up


[Boost] DORD S:570K, C:170 Each Ladder+Bag pair gives clicking an extra +500 sand Very Useful


[Boost] DORD S:82K, C: 290 Rivers destroy less castles the more you click Moderately useful, and satisfying for a while

Sans: Epic with autoclicker

Monty Haul Problem (MHP)

(Formerly Double or Nothing)


[Boost] DORD Starts at S:200, doubles each time it's locked. If unused or unpurchased on loading game, it is locked. Gain half your castles or lose all and gain a goat Intelligent use of this can be very powerful

Chendler: Buy it, save the game, try a door, if you wont get desired result, load the game (it will be locked, but you will at least keep castles if you need them and they got destroyed)

Wulture: Actually you should always switch doors when the program opens one (iff you're going for the "prize"). (See Wikipedia)

Humbabella: The only source of goats that doesn't require goats to get.



[Boost] DORD S:25K, C:25 Increases sand dig rate by 2% per badge earned Get it, but not until you have enough badges to make its gain worth it
Affordable Swedish Home Furniture (ASHF) [Hill People Tech] DORD Instant, locks after 5 mNP (11 mNP with late closing hours) Reduces all prices in shop by 40% (initially) for a short period Use it, plan for it don't click until you run out of castles though


[Boost] Enter Longpix (NP240) (locked when return to shortpix) S:987K, C:321 150% sand from all sand tools. Only get it when it looks cheap – it does not do very much

Sans: Get it



[Boost] DORD during LongPix (locked when return to shortpix) S: 650K, C:4K During longpix, castle tools activate a second time extra castles get it
Coma Molpy Style [Toggle] [Boost] Loaded 40 times S:8.5K, C:200 Stops the ONG countdown clock, but allows you to continue to accumulate sand Only of minor use, but use it once – there is a badge

Not Waveney: If you can't afford it, keep clicking on "activate" to gain a redundant award.

Marcus Hill: If you find you are missing FA DORD activations (generally ASHF), turn this on before the NPB activate, then off when you next look at the game.

Omegauser32: while this is active NPB don't destroy castles

Time Travel [Chronotech] Having Molpied down on Newpix 3 or later or used a Temporal Rift S:1000, C:30 Allows you to move around and gain intruder npbs Very useful – there are many badges for its use
Active Ninja [Ninjutsu] DORD when on longpix (locked when return to shortpix) S:1.5M, C:240 During longpix, Ninja Stealth is increased by 3 per NP Moderately useful
Kitties Galore


[Boost] From DORD when 64 Kitties S:2.5M, C:4.4K Halves the time needed to generate a Redundakitty Get it
HAL-0-Kitty [Cybernetics] 17 NewPixBots S:9K, C:2K Base castles built by NPB increased by 1 for every 9 kitty clicks. Sans: makes newpixbots op
Factory Automation [Hill People Tech] 22 NewpixBots & have DORD S:4.5M, C:15.7K When NPB activate, spends 2M sand to activate the DORD, if you have 20 NewPixBots Get It, upgrade it when you can (via Rosetta when you have Doublepost)
Blast Furnace [Hill People Tech] From DORD if you have factory automation S:8.8M, C:28.6K ShortPix: Makes castles from sand

Longpix & crossfeed makes glass chips/blocks

Useful early and useful when it makes glass, waste of time otherwise

Sans: this will make all your castles in the Swedish chef period but you need fractal sandcastles for it to be good



[Boost] 1 River and 1 Bag S:1.4M, C:21K Bags and rivers give each other a cumulative 5% boost to sand digging, castle building, and castle destruction (per bag or river, respectively) Get It, will for a while make the most Sand and Castles


[Boost] 2 Bags S:3.5M, C:23K Each Cuegan after the 14th gives a 2% boost to the sand dig rate of Bags Get It
Carrybot [Cybernetics] 14 Buckets S:10K, C:1K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples sand digging rate of Buckets Get It
Stickbot [Cybernetics] 14 Cuegans S:50K, C:2.5K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples sand digging rate of Cuegans Get It
Standardbot [Cybernetics] 14 Flags S:250K,C:6K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples sand digging rate of Flags Get It
Climbbot [Cybernetics] 14 Ladders S:1.2M, C:16K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples sand digging rate of ladders Get It
Luggagebot [Cybernetics] 14 Bags S:6.2M, C:39K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples sand digging rate of bags Get It
Recursivebot [Cybernetics] 14 npbs S:50K, C:10K Doubles castle output of npbs Get It
Flingbot [Cybernetics] 14 Trebuchets S:250K, C:25K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples castle output of Trebuchets Get It
Propbot [Cybernetics] 14 Scaffolds S:1.25M, C:62.5K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples castle output of Scaffolds Get It
Surfbot [Cybernetics] 14 Waves S:62.5M, C:156K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples castle output of Waves Get It
Smallbot [Cybernetics] 14 Rivers S:352.5M, C:390K Doubles castle output of npbs and quadruples castle output of rivers Get It


[Boost] 1 Wave S:20K, C:200 Waves produce 19 more castles Useful
Flux Capacitor [Chronotech] From DoRD after 20 Time Travels S:88, C:88 Reduces cost of Time travel & Unlocks Flux Turbine The Unlocking is the only use for this
Bag Burning


[Boost] Judgement Level > 3 and Bags > 12 S:50M, C:86 Bags solve/stop the Judgement dip for a while It does stop the Dip – however it also costs bags this can eventually get too much, then use newpixbot navigation code

Unlocks Fireproof when purchased many times. Grinding this to infinity can be sped up greatly by buying this while having finite castles, or using the shopping assistant.

Chromatic Heresy [Toggle] [Boost] Hover over a tool in the shop S:200, C:10 Coloured boosts Makes it easier to spot things that you can do
Flux Turbine [Chronotech] Have Flux Capacitor and over 30 Time Travels S:1985, C:121 Castles lost from Molpying down and Rifts increase subsequent castle production Get It before you Molpy Down (Which I recommend doing once)
Ninja Assistants [Ninjutsu] From DORD if Judgement Level > 4 S:250M, C:777 Ninja Builder's castle output is multiplied by the number of NewPixBots you have Get It
Minigun [Cybernetics] From DORD if Judgement Level > 5 S:480M, C:888 Castle output of trebuchets is multiplied by the number of NewPixBots you have Get It
Stacked [Cybernetics] From DORD if Judgement Level > 6 S:970M, C:999 Castle output of scaffolds is multiplied by the number of NewPixBots you have Get It
Big Splash [Cybernetics] From DORD if Judgement Level > 7 S:2.7G, C:1111 Castle output of waves is multiplied by the number of NewPixBots you have Get It
Irregular Rivers [Cybernetics] From DORD if Judgement Level > 8 S:8.3G, C:2222 Castle output of rivers is multiplied by the number of NewPixBots you have Get It - This is the reason to go through the Judgement Dip
NewPixBot Navigation Code [Toggle] [Cybernetics] From DORD if Judgement Level > 12 S:1G, C:2K Allows you to survive the dip at the cost of dividing the castle output of your NewPixBots by 1.000 Eventually very useful when bags burn too much, before then use bags

Sans: don't use bags its not worth it

Jamming [Cybernetics] When navigation code is used Temporary Status Notification Cannot use NewPixBot Navigation Code for 2 NP Sans: waiting is boring
Blixtnedslag Kattungar, JA! [Hill People Tech] 256 Kitties S:9.8M, C:889M Increases blitz rate by 20% each time the blitz boost is activated

Turosian: Appears to increase Blitz rate by 20% for each Redundakitty clicked, regardless of whether you get the Blitz boost or not.

Get It
Summon Knights Temporal [Chronotech] Judgement level > 3, have time travel Variable,

S: 2101, C: 486 initially.

The bots forget half their past/future slavery. Costs 50% more each time Worthless as you don't get the dips goodies if used

after getting the goodies can stop dip for a while so good for npb multi.

Fractal Sandcastles [Boost] Produced over 50G Sand from clicking S:910G, C:12G Every time the sand limit is reached and a new castle is created, a multiplier is increased and applied to the number of castles created via this method Worth it when you can afford it

Sans: makes blast furnace OP makes most of your castles from now on

Balancing Act [Boost] 20 Scaffolds S:1.9M, C:844K Flags and scaffolds give each other a cumulative 5% boost to sand digging, castle building, and castle destruction (per flag or scaffold, respectively) Get It. For a while this will get you the most castles – invest in flags to boost the scaffolds output.
Ch*rpies [Boost] 69 Badges S:7G, C:82M Increases sand dig rate by 5% per badge earned Useful when you can afford it
Buccaneer [Boost] 30 Buckets S:84.7M, C:7540 Clicks and buckets give double sand Get It
Bucket Brigade [Boost] 50 Buckets S:412M, C:8K Clicks give 1% of sand dig rate per 50 buckets Moderately Useful, but only when it looks cheap
Bag Puns [Boost] 30 Bags S:1.5G, C:450K Doubles sand dig rate of bags. Clicks give 40% more sand for every 5 bags above 25. Will significantly increase clicks eventually.

Sans: those puns are worse then mine

The Forty [Boost] 40 Cuegans S:40.4M, C:4K Cuegan produce 40 times as much sand Get It
Chequered Flag [Boost] 25 Flags S:101M, C:10K Npbs operate 20% faster Useful, but not essential for early game
Skull and Crossbones [Ninjutsu] 40 Flags S:304M, C:809K Ninja Builder's castle output is raised by 5% cumulatively per flag owned over 40 Worth it initially
No Sell [Toggle] [Boost] Sell Something S:3333, C:55 Allows you to hide Sell and downgrade links Stops you accidentally selling by miss clicking
Blixtnedslag Förmögenhet, JA! [Hill People Tech] From DORD, if Blixtnedslag Kattungar, JA! used 24 times S:111G, C:7.7G "Not Lucky" gets a 20% bonus (non-cumulative) per level of Blixtnedslag Kattungar, JA! Useful initially

Sans: Can be good with autoclicker

VITSSÅGEN, JA! [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] 100 Bag Puns S:334.45G, C:999.22G Controls Bag Puns. For every 100 beach-clicks, this boost will give some castles, starting with 1M and increasing each time it activates. Get it – use unlocks Swedish Chef
Swedish Chef [Hill People Tech] VITSSÅGEN, JA! S:999.2G, C:8.8T Apparently does nothing until you look at it on the stats page, which then unlocks lots of goodies Get It

Omegauser32: Once you buy it and it gives the upgrades it greatly increases VITSSÅGEN, JA! power by 100x

Family Discount [Hill People Tech] Swedish Chef S:24G, C:720G Permanent 80% discount on everything in the shop Get it
Shopping Assistant [Hill People Tech] Swedish Chef S:18G, C:650G Does shopping for you Mostly worthless apart from Crate Keys

Not Waveney: Can be useful for getting multiple Crate Keys in one instance of Factory Automation

Sans: can be useful for vault keys too and unlocking fireproof

Late Closing Hours [Hill People Tech] Swedish Chef S:47G, C:930G Increase time for ASHF to 10 mNP More useful when in Shortpix than longpix
Throw Your Toys [Boost] 20 Trebuchets S:546M, C:230K Trebuchets build a castle for every flag and bucket owned Moderately useful
Broken Rung [Boost] 25 Ladders S:1769M, C:450K Multiplies the sand output of ladders by the amount of the tool you have the least of Only worth it when it looks cheap – the reward is low

Wythagoras: Don't get it, until you have some LaPetites and Beanie Builders.

Temporal Rift [Chronotech] Logicat reward Instant. Lasts 7mNP or one Jump Time travel to another np and does part of a Molpy down If you play without Molpying down this will get you time travel and the Flux Turbine affects.

Risk of returning to shortpix and losing all your longpix boosts. You get Flux Crystals.

Can still jump through a rift when it locks - will switch to mirrored minus world.

Sans: make sure you don't end up in shortpix or you will have to buy back all your boosts

Glass Furnace [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Over 80M Sand S:80M, C:0.5M Uses 1% of sand dig rate to produce 1 Glass Chip per NP Essential, but you probably need to be through the dip before you start it
Glass Furnace Switching [Hill People Tech] Free Shows when the Glass Furnace will start/stop Appears during turn on/off
Sand Refinery [Hill People Tech] Glass Chip Storage 30 Glass Chips Costs 3 glass chips to boost glass chip output by 1 (but also increases amount of sand used by another 1% of sand dig rate) or 50 glass chips to boost output by 20. You need this eventually

Sans: makes glass furnace do something

Glass Chip Storage [Stuff] When Glass Furnace Starts Free Stores Chips, allows various upgrades, is Stuff Essential
Glass Blower [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Glass Chip Storage 150 Glass Chips Makes Glass Blocks from Chips Essential
Glass Blower Switching [Hill People Tech] Free Shows when Blower starts/stops Appears during turn on/off
Glass Chiller [Hill People Tech] Glass Block Storage G: 80 Increases Glass Blower Essential

Sans: not really i never used it till inf castles, crates got all blocks i needed

Glass Block Storage [Stuff] When Glass Blower Starts Free Stores Blocks, allows various upgrades, is Stuff Essential
Sand Purifier [Hill People Tech] Glass Block Storage G:95 Reduces sand use to make chips Essential
Glass Jaw [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] “Ninja Builder” and 10 Glass blocks S:16M, C:122K Ninja Builder 100x as many castles, at the cost of 1 glass block per NP Might be worth it early on – not worth it later
Ninja League [Ninjutsu] DORD when have “Active Ninja” and badge “Ninja Omnipressence” (Ninja Streak 36) S:5T, C:0.6T Ninja Stealth is raised by 100x as much Useful
Ninja Legion [Ninjutsu] DORD when have “Ninja League” and badge "Ninja Pact" (Ninja Streak 4k) S:3P, C:0.9P Ninja Stealth is raised by 1000x as much Useful

Sans: would be useful if ninjas actually did something

Swim Between the Flags [Boost] 30 Waves S:14G, C:2T Each flag gives waves a 6% boost to castle output when transitioning from an odd NP to an even NP, and a 6% boost to castle destruction when transitioning from an even NP to an odd NP. The sand production of flags is multiplied by the number of waves on odd NP and divided on even NP. This will take over from scaffolds and get the most castles, but ensure that other tools make enough for the odd frames
Château d'If [Beanie Tech] 2T Castles S:400T, C:12.5T Allows trade for Rosetta, Window Washing Beanies and Recycling Beanies More useful on Longpix
Rosetta [Beanie Tech] Château d'If S: 0.9P, C: 32T, 50 bags trades:

1)Panther Salve

2)Factory Automation upgrades (needs Doublepost boost, resets to 1 in ShortPix without Safety Goggles, max upgrade level is 17)

3)Ninja Climber

4)Caged Logicat


See the traded boosts. The Factory Automation upgrades is the most important, but this is only during longpix.
Panther Salve [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] Rosetta G:250 "Not Lucky" gets a cumulative 1% bonus for each tool, boost, and badge owned, at the cost of 10 Glass Blocks per use. Also unlocks additional boosts with use. Useful initially, useless once you want blocks for other things

Go Time: Only keep it activated if you have the glass block economy to back it up

Humbabella: I've never noticed this increasing my Not Lucky enough to register, but you get a moderate boost to early glass play by unlocking all the boosts this unlocks.

Not Waveney: This can only be toggled if stats is disabled.

Castle Crusher [Boost] From DORD if got 'Swim between the Flags' Varies Convert Castles back to Sand Often necessary to get into Locked Crates
Furnace Crossfeed [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] DORD when on longpix (locked when return to shortpix) S:6.5G, C:0.8G In longpix blast furnace makes glass chips Essential
Redundant Redundance Supply of Redundancy [Hill People Tech] Have over 554 kitties, Longpix, and Doublepost. (locked when return to shortpix) S:42G, C:4.2G Redundakitties appear more often only when bought. If left in the shop, Redundakitties become even rarer. Useful

Sans: makes redundakitiys op with autoclicker

Flying Buckets [Boost] Badge “Flung” (50 Trebuchets) & 100 Buckets S:120G, C:2T Sand rate of buckets is multiplied by the number of trebuchets you own. Trebuchets produce ten times as many castles. Get It (for the buckets)
Human Cannonball [Boost] Badge “Flung” (50 Trebuchets) & 100 Cuegans S:240G, C:4T Sand rate of cuegan is multiplied by two times the number of trebuchets you own. Trebuchets produce ten times as many castles. Get It (for the Cuegan)
Fly the Flag [Boost] Badge “Flung” (50 Trebuchets) & 100 Flags S:360G, C:6T Sand rate of flags is multiplied by ten times the number of trebuchets you own. Trebuchets produce ten times as many castles. Useful
Up Up and Away [Boost] Badge “Flung” (50 Trebuchets) & 100 Ladders S:480G, C:8T Sand rate of ladders is multiplied by ten times the number of trebuchets you own. Trebuchets produce ten times as many castles. Moderately Useful
Air Drop [Boost] Badge “Flung” (50 Trebuchets) & 100 Bags S:1.2T, C:24T Bags produce five times as much sand. Trebuchets produce fifty times as many castles. Useful
Schizoblitz [Boost] DORD & have Air Drop S:200T, C:368G Doubles Blitz Boost percentage Moderately useful
Redunception] [Hill People Tech] 320 Kitties, from DORD & longpix (locked when return to shortpix) S:1G, C:340M Kitty clicks can spawn more kitties Useful

Sans: Essential

Furnace Multitasking [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Have Furnace cross feed and on Longpix (locked when return to shortpix) S:48G, C:1.2G Allows Blast Furnace to make both glass chips and blocks (only in longpix) Essential
Free Advice [Boost] 20P Castles S:400P, C:400P Unlocks “Glass Ceilings” & Broken bottle Cleanup - also gives some advice Needed to get “Glass Ceilings”

Sans: Essential

Broken Bottle Cleanup [Toggle] [Boost] Have 'Free Advice' and the badge “Beachomancer” (1000 Sand Tools) S:5P, C:10P, G:500 Improves sand rate, and makes MHPs cheaper

initially: all sand tools make 20x sand at a cost of GB:5 per NP


Sans: not worth it initialy

Glass Ceiling N (there are 12 of these one for each sand and castle tool) [Ceilings] The unlocking algorithm and the costs can be seen at the page Glass Ceilings. Varies, see page Alternates between giving a x33 multiplier per ceiling owned to sand tools (ceiling 0 and even-numbered ceilings) and castle tools (odd-numbered ceilings) Essential – particularly Ceiling 0 – always keep enough blocks to get it. The algorithm to get these is “interesting and fun” (but tedious)
Sand Tool Multi-Buy [Boost] 123 Sand Tools S:200K, C:6502 Buy multiple sand tools with a click Saves you RSI
Castle Tool Multi-Buy [Boost] 234 Castle Tools S:2M, C:68K Buy multiple Castle tools with a click Saves you RSI
Run Raptor Run [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] Used Panther Salve 200 times (from DORD) S:180E, C:380E, G:2500 Multiplies Not Lucky bonus by 10K G:30 per use. Only activate if it improves enough.
Ninja Climber [Ninjutsu] From Rosetta S:490P, C:670P, G:1500, 500 ladders Multiplies Ninja Builder's Castle output by the number of Ladders owned, and the sand dug by Ladders is multiplied by the Stealth Ninja level Moderately Useful
Phonesaw [Hill People Tech] From DORD and 'VITSSÅGEN, JA!' used over 88 times S:48E, C:38E, G:100 Squares the reward from VITSSÅGEN, JA! Moderately Useful

Sans: Makes Vitssagen Ja useful for about 5 mnp until it makes itself redundant

Logicat [Stuff] Over 776 RedundaKitties and from DORD S:55E, C:238E, G:100 Enables complex logic problems as Redundakitties, is Stuff Essential to get high logic levels
Temporal Duplication [Chronotech] Logic Rewards.

Requires Finite castles, and either one finite tool price or Crystal Dragon.

Free Temporary boost like ASHF – buy 1 get 1 free Use it to build up duplicates to large numbers in the later game

Not Waveney: Sell off your last 4/16/256/1024 tools and buy them back with Multibuy, very useful. (Note: Using this on Flags and rifting to even newpix should let you get infinite castles very quickly, but feels game-breaking.)

Also increases the number of Flux Crystals gained from jumping into a Temporal Rift.

Sans: never used it

Impervious Ninja [Ninjutsu] Logic level:3

Logic Rewards

Free Provides Ninja Forgiveness, up to 1 time. This costs 1% of your Glass Chips in storage, with a minimum payment of 100 chips. Lets you coma without using coma molpy style.
Factory Ninja [Ninjutsu] Logic Rewards Free Enables extra Factory Automation One of the best logic rewards

Sans: idk what it does

Logicastle [Beanie Tech] Logic level:2

Logic Rewards

S: 420Z, C: 850Z, G: 300 The castle outputs of Castle Tools are boosted by 50% cumulatively per Logicat level Very good

Sans: makes castles op

Flux Surge [Chronotech] Logic Rewards Free Short term increase in Flux Level boost to castle making Minor value
Locked Crate [Boost] Logic Rewards Varies Gain some Glass blocks and a Black Print. If you use keys to open the crate rather than smashing it, you will more glass and 5 blackprints instead of one Can become the best supply of Blocks and enables Blackprints for the making sand and glass monuments

Humbabella: Cost is based on current castles/sand when it is unlocked. When castles from castle tools are much higher than sand, spend as much as you can and then time travel your castles down to a low number before Factory Automation to unlock cheap crates.

Sans: gives you blocks makes glass chiller useless

Crate Key [Boost] Logic Rewards G: 20*Logicat Level Quarters the price of Locked Crate, or unlock a lock on a Locked Crate (if you already bought a crate) Best use though is to get a crate when you haven't got one.

Sans: make shopper autobuythem

Technicolour Dream Cat [Boost] 432 Redundakitty Clicks S:320K, C:90K, G:10 Makes Redundakitties easier to see Sans i prefer no chromatic heresy
Glass Extruder [Hill People Tech] Glass Chip Storage 10000 Glass chips Reduces Sand cost of Making Glass Blocks Allows large glass production

Sans: useless except to get glass block cost reduction

Caged Logicat [Beanie Tech] From Rosetta, once having five logicat levels G:1000 Allows you to do extra logicats Essential to get lots of Glass blocks through locked crates
Second Chance [Beanie Tech] Logic Rewards S:250Y, C:87Y If you provide at least 2 answers and at least one of them is incorrect, you get a 2nd attempt at it. The second attempt costs 50 Glass Blocks per incorrect answer, and gives fewer points per correct answer. Useful

Humbabella: Was very useful before logic puzzle redesign. Now it is very marginal.

Let the Cat out of the Bag [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] 1200 uses of Panther Salve and Logic level:6 Logic Reward S:750U, C:24U, G:1200 Not Lucky reward gains 1% per two Ladders and Bags owned, at a cost of one Ladder and one Bag per use Good improvement - though by the time you can afford it it may be worthless
Catamaran [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] 800 uses of Panther Salve and Logic level:4 Logic Reward S:750S, C:245S, G:4000 Not Lucky reward gains 1% six times per Wave and River owned, at a cost of 90 Glass Blocks (or 1 Wave and 1 River) per use Good improvement - though by the time you can afford it it may be worthless
Redundant Raptor [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] 500 uses of Panther Salve and Logic level:2 Logic Reward S:930PW, C:824PW, G:4800 Not Lucky reward gets a 1% boost per Redundakitty click Costly to use, improvement modest
Camera [Beanie Tech] From Rosetta 25000 Chips, 5000 Blocks Allows you to take pictures of and get badges for visiting notable newpix

Also used to make Mysterious Maps

Memories Revisited [Chronotech] 10 Discoveries found using the Camera, and time traveled more than 640 times. S:50P, C:20P, G:20K Allows quick jumps to previous pictures taken with the Camera Also unlocks many useful boosts (eventually)
Blackprints [Stuff] From Locked Crates, Locked Vaults and Mysterious Representations Free Allows you to unlock Constructing From Blackprints and used in upgrading Automata Assemble-related boosts, is Stuff

After reaching threshold, DORD will unlock this boost ('Blackprint Plans' in version 3.33 onwards)

Constructing from Blackprints [Beanie Tech] Free Free Makes the Sand and Glass Mould and Filler Boosts This appears when one of the boosts is being made
Sand Mould Maker [Beanie Tech] 10 blackprints, unlock from DORD, build with Rosetta 100 FA cycles Allows you to make Sand Moulds from Discoveries. Requires 100 Factory Automation runs and consumes the NewPix number of the Discovery times 100 Glass Chips per run. Essential - expensive to run - uses a lot of chips
Glass Mould Maker [Beanie Tech] 25 blackprints, unlock from DORD, build with Rosetta 250 FA cycles Allows you to make Glass Moulds from Discoveries. Requires 400 Factory Automation runs and consumes 1000 Glass Chips plus 1% per NewPix number of the Monument per run. Essential but very very expensive to run - uses a vast amount of chips
Sand Mould Filler [Beanie Tech] 15 blackprints, unlock from DORD, build with Rosetta 200 FA cycles Allows you to fill a mould and make sand monuments. Requires 200 Factory Automation runs and consumes 100 Sand plus 20% cumulatively per NewPix number of the Discovery, per run. Essential but get very expensive to run
Glass Mould Filler [Beanie Tech] 30 blackprints, unlock from DORD, build with Rosetta 300 FA cycles Allows you to make Glass monuments. Requires 800 Factory Automation runs and consumes 1M Glass Blocks plus 2% cumulatively per NewPix number of the Discovery, per run. Essential but so expensive to run don't attempt until you have Production Control, Automata Assemble and Glass Saw
Ninjasaw [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Logic level:16 and have Phonesaw S:450EW, C:75EW, G:1.8K Ninja Builder's castle output is multiplied by VITSSÅGEN, JA!, and VITSSÅGEN, JA! is multiplied by a tenth of Ninja Builder, each at a cost of 50 Glass Blocks Very minor
Fractal Fractals [Boost] From DORD when Fractal level > 120 S:1.8ZW, C:300EW, G:3000 Improves Fractals Useful for a bit
Facebugs [Boost] From DORD when 20 Discoveries S:24UW, C:7.5UW, G:8K Increases Sand dig rate (but not clicks) by 10% per badge earned Useful
Keygrinder [Hill People Tech] Logic level:20 S:92.6UW, C:3.1SW, G:2600 The DORD may produce a Crate Key if Factory Automation is at Level 10 or above Useful
The Key Thing [Beanie Tech] Logic level:25 S:3.6SW, C:9.4SW, G:3800 Buying a Key when a Locked Crate is unavailable will now make a Locked Crate available Very Useful
Window Washing Beanies [Beanie Tech] From the Chateau Trade scaffolds to get and upgrade Multiplies the effect of each Glass Ceiling by ___ times the number of Scaffolds owned. Starts off with a multiplier of 0.0062. Has been nerfed about 20 times - still powerful. Boost it everytime you can until you get to Infinite prices.

Sans: makes castles up to inf

Recycling Beanies [Beanie Tech] From the Chateau G:144k, GB: 1234 Multiplies the effect of Broken Botttle Cleanup. Initially a 200x multiplier is in effect. May help you to get to Infinite prices, not essential
Tool Factory [Hill People Tech] Have a tool at an infinite price S:Inf, C:Inf, G:10005 Produces Glass Tools from Glass Chips.

Glass Chips generated from Glass Tools are immediately deposited for Tool Factory use.

Bucket costs 1000 GC, NewPixBot costs 2000 GC, etc.

Essential for late-game with many uses. Can only

Sans:Make sure you have good glass chip production now

Panther Glaze [Beanie Tech] Logic level:65 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:45K Allows Not lucky to make a few Glass Chips Worthless

Not Waveney: Now allows several other boosts to produce Glass Chips, very useful before Tool Factory

Humbabella: Unlock the boosts that make glass chips with this by using Panther Salve

Badgers [Boost] From DORD when 20 Sand Monuments S:Inf, C:Inf, G:60K For every 10 badges, glass chip production uses 1% less sand. Essential for making Glass monuments
Expando [Toggle] [Boost] Hover over something S:800, C:20 Make tools, badges and boosts expand to make it easier to see without hovering Not Waveney: Worth more if not purchased.

If you can't afford it, keep clicking on "activate" to gain a redundant award.

Sand to Glass [Hill People Tech] From Loading the Tool Factory when 7470 Buckets and Infinite Sand Dig Rate S:Inf, C:Inf, G:200K Sand Tools produce Glass chips Essential
Castles to Glass [Hill People Tech] From Loading the Tool Factory when 1515 Npbs and Infinite Castles S:Inf, C:Inf, G:2M When Castles are infinite, Castle Tools produce Glass Chips Essential
Frenchbot [Cybernetics] Over 1000 LaPetites S:10Q, C:10Q, G:0.5M NewPixBots produce 1Q x castles, LaPetite produces 1W x sand Useful

Sans: could make newpixbot make inf castles

Bacon [Cybernetics] NP>710, Infinite loss from Jdip.

Or from 40 Blackprints if you have Booster Glass

S:10WQ, C:10WQ, G:.75M

400 FA Runs Needed

Logic level:-100

NewPixBots produce 10x more, LaPetite sand production is boosted by 3% cumulatively per NewPixBot Helps to get Sand to Glass

Not Waveney: Be warned, unlocking Bacon costs 100 Logic Levels!

Dispite the Logic cost, it's required to get blackprint boosts after Booster Glass.

Safety Hat [Boost] Loading a new version of Sandcastle builder. Free Creates a silly message then locks. Unpurchased, it unlocks Safety Goggles when Safety Pumpkin is unlocked.
Safety Pumpkin [Boost] >14 Factory Automations and have an accident G:20K Significantly reduces Industrial Acidents these lose you npbs Sans: useful
Backing Out [Boost] Logic level:120 G:6M Enables the Castle tools to be activated from npbs to Beanie Builder (other than normal order) when making Glass Chips Only way Castles to Glass can make things initially.
Bucking the Trend [Boost] Logic level:10, 10K Buckets S:Inf, G:10M Buckets produce 2x Glass Get it
Crystal Well [Boost] Logic level:20, 20K Buckets G:8M Buckets produce 10x Glass Get it
Glass Spades [Boost] Logic level:30, 10K Cuegan G:3M Cuegan produce 2x Glass Get it
Statuesque [Boost] Logic level:40, 20K Cuegan S:Inf, G:10M Cuegan produce 10x Glass Get it
Flag in the Window [Boost] Logic level:50, 10K Flags G:4M Flags produce 4x Glass Get it
Crystal Wind [Boost] Logic level:60, 20K Flags G:5M Flags produce 5x Glass Get it
Crystal Peak [Boost] Logic level:70, 15K Ladders S:Inf, C:Inf, G:9M Ladders produce 12x Glass Get it
Cupholder [Boost] Logic level:80, 12K Bags S:Inf, C:Inf, G:11M Bags produce 8x Glass Get it
Tiny Glasses [Boost] Logic level:90, 8K LaPetite S:Inf, C:Inf, G:12M LaPetite produce 9x Glass Get it
Stained Glass Launcher [Boost] Logic level:160, 4K Trebuchets S:Inf, C:Inf, G:15M Trebuchets Glass multiplied by number of Glass ceilings Get it
Glass Saw [Toggle] [Boost] Logic level:150, 4K Glass/mNP S:Inf, C:Inf, G:7M Allows VITSSÅGEN, JA! to make Glass Blocks The way to get Blocks out from the Tool Factory
Panther Rush [Boost] Starts at Logic level:300 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Varies, Logicat Levels! Increases the value of Logicat answers in exchange for Logicat Levels

Also increases the power of Panther Poke

Get it, but it's painful to lose all those logicat levels

Sans: unless you have a autoclicker XD

Ruthless Efficiency [Hill People Tech] From DORD When Glass Chiller making >1234 blocks/NP S:10WW, C:10WW, G:12M Reduces the chip cost of each glass block by 75% Very good

Sans: you need glass chiller to get

Break the Mould [Beanie Tech] 100 Failed Mould actions (failed due to not enough sand/chips/glass) S:10WW, C:10WW, G:2M Allows you to break a mould if you decide it was a bad idea This allows you to procede if you started a mould for something far too expensive
TF Load Letter [Hill People Tech] From 80 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G:4M

400 FA Runs Needed

Allows larger loads of the Tool factory with chips Moderately useful until you get the factory really ticking, then you need the Glass Saw to get stuff out. But you have to get it to get the better Blackprint stuff later
Booster Glass [Hill People Tech] From 120 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G:8M

1200 FA Runs Needed

Allows beach clicking to get chips into the tool factory Using enables a couple of useful Boosts

(clicking for chips)

Automation Optimiser [Hill People Tech] From 150 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G:20M

400 FA Runs Needed

Allows Factory Automation to do mould processsing as well as normal tasks Essential
Production Control (PC) [Hill People Tech] DORD when 5000 Newpixbots S:Inf, C:Inf, G:30M Allows you to boost the number of times the Tool factory can make tools per run Essential, and when you can boost it
Panther Poke

[Beanie Tech / N/A]

DORD, Automata Assemble with Zookeeper owned Free Extra Logicat questions for this NP - Automatically consumed on purchase A minor reward, boosted by Panther Rush
Flipside [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Logic level:220 and have Automata Assemble S:Inf, C:Inf, G:50M Allows the factory to construct Glass tools that do not have infinite price. You should never need this
Automata Assemble (AA) [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] From 200 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G:50M

400 FA Runs Needed

After tool factory runs this uses tools to run blast furnace. This is the only realistic way to make the sand monuments quickly and glass ones at all. Very good.

Not Waveney: Automata Engineers is needed to make AA build monuments and blackprint construction.

Glass Mousepy [Hill People Tech] DORD when Over 1M chips made by hand S:Inf, C:Inf, G:10M Significantly increase the chips from clicks Useful
Glassed Lightning [Boost] DORD when over 5M chips made by hand FREE short term Improved chip rate in tool factory for 25mnp Minor boost
Automata Control (AC) [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Automata assemble

>7500 NPB

NPB * logic level ≥ 22m

(eg. 50k npb and logic 440, or 100k and logic 220, etc.)

Logic reward

S:Inf, C:Inf, G:25 Allows you to boost the number of times AA is run

Level of AC determines what boosts the Achronal Dragon can unlock

Get it, boost it you get a lot from this
Bottle Battle [Cybernetics] Logic level:150 & 10K NewPixBots S:Inf, C:Inf, G:10M NewPixBot Glass production x 3 Get it
Leggy [Boost] Logic level:180 & 5K Scaffolds S:Inf, C:Inf, G:15M Scaffold Glass production x 8 Get it
Clear Wash [Boost] Logic level:200 & 5K Waves S:Inf, C:Inf, G:15M Wave Glass production x 10 Get it
Crystal Streams [Boost] Logic level:220 & 6K Rivers S:Inf, C:Inf, G:20M River Glass production x 12 Get it
Super Visor [Beanie Tech] Logic level:240 & 6K Beanie Builders S:Inf, C:Inf, G:20M Beanie Builder Glass production x 15 Get it
Crystal Helm [Beanie Tech] Logic level:300 & 12K Beanie Builders S:Inf, C:Inf, G:30M Beanie Builder Glass production x 5 Get it
Safety Goggles [Boost] 5 Blackprints or if the game updates when safety hat is available but not bought G:2M Protect your factory automation levels if you move to shortpix May be useful, if you get it before you have the discoveries from shortpix

Humbabella: Powerful if you play very actively. You can trigger an ONG in a longpix, jump back to shortpix before the halfway mark, get and ONG there and travel abck to longpix, getting all the longpix boosts back from factory automation. Very good for quickly rebuilding blackprints after molpy down.

Seaish Glass Chips [Boost] Sand Purifier > 500 G:100K Enables Sand Purifier and Sand Refinery to increase as far as your resources allow I wrote it to save RSI

Sans made my hands happy get it

Seaish Glass Blocks [Boost] Glass Extruder > 500 G:100K Enables Glass Extruder and Glass Chiller to increase as far as your resources allow I wrote it to save RSI
Automata Engineers [Hill People Tech] 60 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G100M

400 FA Runs Needed

Allows Automata Assemble to also do Mould work and Blackprint construction Very useful
Mysterious Representations [Hill People Tech] 150 Blackprints S:Inf, C:Inf, G500M Allows Automata Assemble to also get Blackprints needs at least 15 AA runs Not Waveney: Works optimal at 20+ AA runs.

Humbabella: Virtually no return at 15 AA runs, no hurry to buy (but you'll want it later)

Zookeeper [Beanie Tech] 220 Blackprints

2500 Redundakitty clicks

S:Inf, C:Inf, G:2.5G

400 FA Runs Needed

Allows Automata Assemble to also provide Panther Poke needs at least 21 AA runs Allows the puzzles to build up to be harvested by the Shadow Dragon to make bonemeal

Humbabella: Virtually no return at 21 AA runs, no hurry to buy before about 30 AC.

Schrödinger's Gingercat [Boost] Logic level:1613 G:16M Causes Not Lucky to give more glass and makes Redundakitties last longer Note needed for other boosts
Mind Glow [Boost] More than 10 Sand monuments and Memories Revisited G:2M Jumping to a NP for which you have a Sand monument costs half the blocks I am unconvinced of the value of this - I have only once done a long Jump

Humbabella: Jumps can be useful after Molpy Down with Bag of Holding but they are basically free then anyway.

Memory Singer [Boost] More than 10 Glass monuments and Memories Revisited G:10M Jumping to a NP for which you have a Glass monument costs half the blocks I am unconvinced of the value of this - I have only once done a long Jump
Lightning Rod [Boost] Get Glassed Lightning or Blitzing when Glassed Lightning is already running (to get Blitzing you must have finite sand) S:Inf, C:Inf, G:440M Increases Results of Glassed Lightning Minor
Beachball [Toggle] [Boost] Switching Chromatic Heresy on and off ten times S:4K, C:200 Changes border colour of the beach to indicate if it is safe to click Should reduce accidental Ninjaing

Sans: useless

Mushrooms [Boost] DORD when > 40 Sand Monuments and have 'Facebugs' S:Inf, C:Inf, G:60M Reduces sand use making Glass Blocks by 1% per 10 badges Useful initially
Knitted Beanies [Beanie Tech] Buying many levels of Recycling Beanies to get the bonus to Infinity. (about 1.82M beanies need to be spent getting this) S:Inf, C:Inf, G:60T Significantly increases the Chips from Beanie Builders (multiplies their production by 1/1M of the number of owned Bags) Very Powerful

Humbabella: This is and Space Elevator are game changers, get as soon as possible.

Space Elevator [Boost] Buying many levels of Window Washing Beanies to get the bonus to Infinity. (over 40M scaffolds need to be spent getting this) S:Inf, C:Inf, G:55T Significantly increases the Chips from Scaffolds (multiplies their produciton by 1/10K of the number of owned Ladders) Very Powerful
Discovery Detector [Beanie Tech] At least 5 discoveries and have the first one S:10M,C:10M, G:100 Allows you to run a scan checking for missed discoveries Mine
Achronal Dragon [Draconic] Logic level:12 and have Tool factory or have over 32 temporal duplicates S:2Z, C:8Z, G:7K Allows you to seek and destroy temporal duplicates, gains power = blocks spent on this. Power unlocks new boosts.

Requires high AC to unlock all but the first boost.

Sans: Essential, but once you unlock crystal dragon don't use it for a while
Cold Mould [Toggle]

[Beanie Tech]

From DORD when you have the Sand Mould Maker S:75E, C:15E, G:10K Allows you to suspend all mould work Useful for switching factory automation runs to blackprints or DORD activations.
Price Protection [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Let Affordable Swedish Home Furniture deactivate S:7500, C:1500 Prevents purchases for 4mNP after ASHF finishes sans: saved me on more then one occasion
Crystal Dragon [Draconic] Achronal Dragon > 1000 power and have Logic (1200/(Panther Rush uses+1)) and have tool factory

Test only made when destroying temporal duplicates.

S:Inf, C:Inf, G:7P Temporal Duplication makes duplicates of Glass Tools built when it is active To use this when you are Infinite - you need to get a logicat reward in the very short time the castles are 0 following a Time Travel. Expando can help.

Humbabella: Fireproof is a reliable way to hold castles at 0 to get duplication.

Friendship is Molpish [Boost] Logic level: 64 and (Cuegans + LaPetites) > 64G S:Inf, C:Inf, G:750E Cuegan's Glass production is multiplied by 1/1M LaPetites, and LaPetite's Glass production is multiplied by 1/1M Cuegans Wythagoras: Get It, it makes sure you get more chips than you use for tool producing.
Such Glass [Boost] From DoRD when least 200G Buckets and Ninja Stealth > 200M S:Inf, C:Inf, G:8Z Significantly increases the chip production from Buckets, multiplying them by Stealth/1000 Wythagoras: Useful for a little while
Dragon Forge [Draconic] Achronal Dragon > 7P power and AC power ≥ 300 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:7P Allows you to increase AC power using logicat levels and blackprints rather than with chips Now buffed and useful
Crouching Dragon, Sleeping Panther [Draconic] Achronal Dragon > 450E Power and AC power ≥ 404 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:7P Increases the Caged Logicat puzzles stored as a result of Panther Poke and Zookeeper Costs Goats and Dragon power to use.

Increasing CDSP level to high numbers unlocks other boosts, CDSP level = number of goats spent on that level, not the logicat limit.

CDSP level is capped to 100, or Panther Rush level, whichever is more.

Fireproof [Cybernetics] View Bag Burning's stats while Bag Burning's bag burning threshold is Infinite and Bottle Battle is owned S:Inf, C:Inf, G:8G per NPB Rather than destroying Infinte Castles they make 10G times as many chips Humbabella: Allows you to keep your castles at zero to get temporal duplication after reaching infinite.

Omegauser32: A way to make it cheaper is to have AA running and have all glass ceilings except 1 so that your NPB get destroyed, this is a very slow process however.

Ninja Ninja Duck [Ninjutsu] Ninja streak > 33333333 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:230Z Ninja Stealth x10
Goats [Stuff] Free Instant Fail at a Monty Haul Problem, is Stuff There is a badge for getting 2 of these and unlocks the Hall of Mirrors and the Beret Guy. Goats are used by many other things
Silver Loyalty Card [Hill People Tech] Big spender badge (Spend 200 Mega Castles total) S:1G 50% off with ASHF
Gold Loyalty Card [Hill People Tech] Valued customer badge (Spend 8 Tera Castles total) S:10T 60% off with ASHF
Stretchable Chip Storage [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Lose 1M chips in a mNP S:Inf, C:Inf, G:1M If there is insufficient space for chips during a blast furnance run, that run is used to expand the storage instead
Stretchable Block Storage [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Lose 1M Blocks in a mNP S:Inf, C:Inf, G:1M If there is insufficient space for blocks during a blast furnance run, that run is used to expand the storage instead
Hall of Mirrors [Toggle] [Boost] 20 goats S:1P, C:1T, G:1K The Monty Haul Problem affects chips rather than castles
Stealth Cam [Ninjutsu] 100 Discoveries G:1M Automatic operation of the Camera when Ninja Stealth is increased
Ninja Lockdown [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Logic level:700 G:144Y Enables control of Ninja stealth multiplers to enable access to Ninja Shortcommings if missed
Magic Mirror [Chronotech] 10 Minus world discoveries G:1L Jump to and from a discovery to the equivalent point on the other side even if you have never been there Mine
Locked Vault [Boost] Logic:5 if AC power ≥ 60, has a 1 in (AC level+180)/240 chance to not be avaliable for a given Logicat reward if AC is below 300 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:150M Gives (Locked Vaults opened + 10) Blackprints upon opening. Also gives AC/1000 Flux Crystals when a Rift or Flux Surge is active (you cannot obtain your first Flux Crystal this way) Mine
Vault Key [Boost] Logic level:5 if AC power ≥ 60, has a 1 in (AC level+180)/240 chance to not be avaliable for a given Logicat reward if AC is below 300 G:5M Opens Locked Vaults Mine
People Sit on Chairs [Boost] Logic level:420 Free Multiplies all rates by 1 and then adds 0
No Need to be Neat [Boost] DORD and have badge Neat! (have all tools >1m and look like they have the same number) G:50M If you Molpy down one random tool is not reset to 0
Thunderbird [Draconic] Achronal Dragon > 6 F and AC power ≥ 555 and have 'People Sit in Chairs' G:50W If Glassed Lightning strikes during temporal duplication its power is doubled Humbabella: Glass Lightning power gradually diminishes over time, read the stats.
Dragon Foundry [Draconic] Achronal Dragon > 30TW and AC power ≥ 777 and have 'Nope!' S:Inf, C:Inf, G:70WW Glassed Lightning multiplies Crystal Dragon Go Time: Combined with Lightning Rod, this boost will help with getting infinite tools easily.
Lucky Twin [Boost] Not Lucky over 169 times during Temporal Duplication S:Inf, C:Inf, G:70H If you get Not Lucky during Temporal Duplication the duration is increased 20% Humbabella: After reaching permanent temporal duplication it is not necessary to unlock this again after molpying down.
Beret Guy [Boost] 200 goats S:Inf, C:Inf, G:20T You may choose to take a revealed Goat from Monty Haul Problem
Crystal Flux Turbine [Chronotech] 40K Blackprints and have Badge 'Minus Worlds' (rift to a negative NP) G:6.05GW

400K FA Runs Needed

The flux turbine bonus is applied to Glass Sand Tools Useful
Shadow Dragon [Draconic] AC power ≥ 888, Schrodinges Gingercat, 100 logicat puzzles waiting, 9 TWW Achronal Dragon Power G:12WW Converts unused Caged Logicat puzzles to Bonemeal.

[Stuff / N/A]

Click the beach, receive from Sand Tools, etc / Avaliable to buy as a Boost when choosing a Favourite Used to make Castles and buy Boosts, is Stuff

[Stuff / N/A]

Convert sand into a castle, receive from Castle Tools, etc / Avaliable to buy as a Boost when choosing a Favourite Used to buy Tools and Boosts, is Stuff
Bag of Holding Crystal Flux Turbine

>400 goats

Build from 90K Blackprints

S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf Keep 1 Wololo/bag of Stuff-type boosts at a cost of 10 Bonemeal, counts as 2 tier 0 or 1 Prizes at a cost of 20 Bonemeal
Bonemeal [Stuff] From Shadow Dragon Free Used for powering Bag of Holding and for draconic boosts
Wisdom of the Ages [Boodt] Own at least 50 Caged Logicats on the ONG 125 caged logicats Held caged logicats from the ONG are increased by 1/24th of the caged logicats lost on each previous ONG (cumulative for each ONG while this was bought)
Draft Dragon [Toggle] [Draconic] Achronal Dragon ≥2T and AC power ≥ 101 and 40 Glass Monuments G: 50F Automates making moulds and monuments.
Mustard [Stuff] Click the beach with at least 1 Mustard Tool (ie, NaN) 1/click/Mustard Tool Not Waveney: Destroy Temporal Duplicates (with Achronal Dragon) at Infinite tools to mustardise tools
Mysterious Maps [Stuff] Logic level:3000 and >200 Glass Monuments Free Needed to unlock maps Not Waveney: NP999 needed to get >200 total discoveries.

Bobsson: One map per 3 glass monuments over 200.

Plus 8M/3 maps, M = Diamond Masterpieces.

Dragon Nesting Site [Draconic] 50 Maps

Camera activation

Bonemeal: 1G Needed to make a Dragon Nest Bobsson: NP1458 needed to get 50 maps.
Dragon Nest [Draconic] Via 5T Blackprints once Dragon Nesting Site is owned S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf

50T runs needed to complete.

Dragon Queen [Draconic] Via Achronal Dragon, with Infinite Achronal Dragon Power, 1G Bonemeal, AC power ≥ 1M and while owning Dragon Nest S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf, Bonemeal: 100G Will enable Dragon Eggs
Dragon Eggs [Draconic] Purchase using the Dragon Queen Goats:10 Nothing as of 3.31, acts as Stuff (but does NOT count for the Bag of Holding)
Dragon Hatchlings [Draconic]
Glass Goat [L1 Prize] L1 Prizes are randomly awarded when molpying down with the Bag of Holding or when spending 1 use L1 prizes. S:5M, C:20K Multiplies Glass Furnace and Blower output by Goats owned, is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Very Minor
Bone Clicker [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:5K, C:12 Multiplies Glass received from clicking or Glass Saw by Bonemeal owned, is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Very Minor
Double Department [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:70M, C:50K Redundakitties activate DoRD twice instead of once, is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Spare Tools [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:2G, C:7M Every dig-click builds a free tool (at random), is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Doubletap [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S;1K, C:6 Dig-clicks activate twice for every click, counts as 2 tier 1 Prizes Wythagoras: Useful
Single Double [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:80K, C:500 Doubles the amount of castles currently owned (one use), is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Very Minor
Sandblast [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:100, C:2 Receive 1M sand per badge owned (one use), is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Very Minor
Short Saw [L1 Prize] See Glass Goat requirements S:5T, C:40G VITSSÅGEN, JA! activates 5 times as often, is a tier 1 Prize Wythagoras: Useful
Gruff [L2 Prize] L2 Prizes are randomly awarded when molpying down with the Bag of Moulding or when spending 1 use L2 prizes. S:2P, C:75T Winning the Monty Haul Problem rewards 2 Goats, is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Between the Cracks [Toggle] [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:15E, C:80P Boosts cost 0 Sand and Castles w/ Infinite sand/mNP, is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Very Useful allows you to do multiple crate opening and running the Vacuum Cleaner in the same mNP.
Soul Drain [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:60G, C:290M Shadow Dragon has a 10% chance to produce a Bonemeal from Not Lucky, is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Useful
Rush Job [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:50E, C:200P, G:400K Mysterious Representations works 5 times faster, is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Useful
Void Goat [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:40Z, C:25Z, G:50K Temporal Rifts give a Goat when used, is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Factory Expansion [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:85Y, C:25Z, G:10M Buying Factory Automations from Rosetta can now go to Level 118 (which costs Infinite NewPixBots), is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Useful

Note: Aleph One or Between the Cracks needed to go above level 61.

Mustard Automation [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements G:70G Automata Assemble can use Mustard Tools, but uses 20 Mustard per run, is a tier 2 Prize
Musical Chairs [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements G:40P Doubles the effect of People Sit on Chairs. Counts as 2 tier 2 Prizes
Glass Trolling [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements G:500 Typing "OK, GLASS" into the Import box Glass Blocks cost 5 times less Chips to make (until the next ONG), is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful, as you'll have ininite blocks/chips soon after you MD.
Fast Forward [L2 Prize] See Gruff requirements S:17F, C:90S, G:40G Go to the highest NewPix reached and get a Goat (one use), is a tier 2 Prize Wythagoras: Minor
Archimedes's Lever [Toggle] [L3 Prize] L3 Prizes are randomly awarded when molpying down with the Bag of Folding or when spending 1 use L3 prizes. G:360W Idle Monument Makers auto-make Monuments at a cost of 10 Bonemeal (only makes Minus Monuments in Minus NewPix), is a tier 3 Prize Wythagoras: Useful
Would have been useful a month ago [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements G:40WW Wins the game (for a certain definition of win, one use), counts as 1 tier 3 Prize
Mustard Sale [Boost] Harvest mustard while owning > 2000 Mustard G:2M Sets the amount of a random tool to 0 for 500 Mustard, or all tools to 0 for 12k Mustard Wythagoras: Useful
Robotic Shopper [Cybernetics] AC power ≥ 500 S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf Significanly upgraded Shopping Assistant - Can toggle when to buy (always or during ASHF), can auto-buy two boosts (upgradable to 6 w/ high AC levels) Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Eww [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements S:2W, C:0, G:789G Converts 1K Mustard into 20 Bonemeal (multiple use), counts as a tier 3 Prize Wythagoras: Very Useful to get a lot of Bonemeal.
GoatONG [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements S:2W, C:0, G:789G Spends one Goat to cause an ONG (single use), doesn't count as a tier 3 Prize Wythagoras: Be careful, doesn't count as a tier 3 Prize when Molpying Down, so you don't want this unless it is your last prize of this tier.
Mustard Injector [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements S:Inf, C:50GW Spends 200 Mustard to set a random Tool to Mustard, counts as 2 tier 3 Prizes Wythagoras: Useful, but make sure you don't Mustard your Infinite tool
Crunchy with Mustard [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements S:0, C:Inf, G:800SW Spend 5K Mustard to convert 20 Redundakitty clicks to 1 Bonemeal and set Redundakitty clicks to 0, counts as a tier 3 Prize Wythagoras: You shouldn't use this, unless you want to wait a long time again until you have logicat back.
Bag of Moulding [L2 Prize] Unlocked when molpying down while owning Bag of Holding and all 8 L1 prizes. S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf Mould Boosts aren't reset from Molpying Down at a cost of 100 Bonemeal, counts as 2 tier 1 or 2 Prizes during Molpy Down at a cost of 200 Bonemeal, 500 Mustard and 20 Blackprints Wythagoras: Moderately useful bag
Bag of Folding [L3 Prize] Unlocked when molpying down while owning Bag of Moulding and all 10 L2 prizes. S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf Toggleable boosts aren't reset from Molpying Down (except Prizes) at a cost of 1000 Bonemeal, counts as 2 tier 2 or 3 Prizes during Molpy Down at a cost of 3000 Bonemeal, 30 Goats and 500 Blackprints Wythagoras: Very Useful bag, it lets you keep Glass Saw, AA, Time Lord, This Sucks, ...
Ninja Ritual [Ninjutsu] Break stealth while owning 10 Goats (Can use ninja forgiveness) Goats:300 Receive at least 1 Goat when Ninjaing; every 5 consecutive Ninjas increases Goats per Ninja by one. Wythagoras: Essential to get a lot of goats
Time Lord [Chronotech] Attempt to use a Temporal Rift more than twice between ONGs Free Can use Flux Crystals to increase the number of Temporal Rifts usable between ONGs
Flux Crystals [Stuff] Received for every Temporal Rift used while Flux Surge is active Free Is Stuff Used for several things
Ninja Herder [Ninjutsu] Don't click for an entire NewPix while Ninja Ritual is producing 2 or more Goats Goats: 1200 Ninja Ritual activates even when a NewPix is not clicked (ie, Ninja Holidip) Wythagoras: Useful
Negator [L3 Prize] See Archimedes' Lever requirements S:Inf, C:Inf, Logicat:500 Flip in and out of Minus NewPix at a cost of 1 Flux Crystal Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Bag of Jolting [L4 Prize] Unlocked when molpying down while owning Bag of Folding and all 7 L3 prizes. S:Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf, Flux Crystals:600 Chronotech boosts aren't reset from Molpying Down, at a cost of 10k bonemeal, counts as 2 tier 3 or 4 Prizes during Molpy Down at a cost of 5000 Bonemeal, 10 Logicats and 5 Flux Crystals Wythagoras: Useful bag
Crystal Memories [L4 Prize] Unlocked randomly when Bag of Jolting or a tier 4 Prize is owned when Molpying Down G:2T, Flux Crystals:800 Gain a Flux Crystal whenever you use Memories Revisited during Flux Surge, at a cost of half the Flux Surge countdown, is a tier 4 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Twice Tools [L4 Prize] See Crystal Memories requirements S:Inf, C:Inf, Flux Crystals:400 Doubles the amount of a random tool at a cost of 5 Flux Crystals, is a tier 4 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Buzz Saw [Boost] Glass Saw power > 1P and use only 1% of chips in Tool Factory on activating or get Infinite Glass Blocks from the Glass Saw G:12E, Goats:12 Glass Saw increases in power 50% quicker, and auto-expands Glass Block Storage if neccesary Wythagoras: Useful
Lubrication [L4 Prize] See Crystal Memories requirements Mustard:6K Glass Furnace and Glass Blower\'s switching time is reduced by 99% at a cost of 100 Mustard per toggle, is a tier 4 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Riser [L4 Prize] See Crystal Memories requirements S:Inf, Mustard:3K Seaish Glass Blocks and Seaish Glass Chips now unlock when Glass Blower and Glass Furnace are at 1 power, respectively, is a tier 4 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Mould Press [L4 Prize] See Crystal Memories requirements C:Inf, G:Inf, Goats:300, Caged Logicats:2K Automation Optimiser uses the extra factory runs on Mould-related work, is a tier 4 Prize Wythagoras: Moderately Useful
Now Where Was I? [Chronotech] 50 discoveries, Memories revisited and being at least 20 NP away from your Highest NP C:Inf, G:Inf, Goats:50, Fluxcrystals:25 Allows easy jump to your Highest NP, Sacrifice a goat to use. Mine
Vacuum Cleaner [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] 50 Minus World Discoveries

Infinite sand per mNP.

Unlocked when: You use the camera on a minus NP that is a discovery (can be one you already have).

S:Inf, C:Inf, Chips:330T, Goats:100, Fluxcrystals:500 Converts 10 Flux Crystals and 10 QQ's into 1 Vacuum every 1mNP. Keeps Sand at 0 while active.
Vacuum [Stuff] From Vacuum cleaner use Used by Void Starer see below
Void Starer [Toggle] [Boost] 2 Vacuum and 5K Blackprints via Rosetta FluxCrystals: 40, Vacuum:60 +1% Mysterious Representations output per 100 Vacuums (consumes 1 Vacuum per activation)
Question Qube (QQ) [Stuff] Receive 6 or more Logicat Rewards at once (rewards above 5 give a Question Qube, rather than a boost) Stores up logicat results (click to use, uses amount of QQs owned as Logic level), is Stuff Useful
Italian Plumber [Toggle] [Boost] QQ > 250K Vacuum:50, QQ:500K When active opens a QQ every time AA runs. Upgradeable. Aleph One (below) should make this work better.

Dorako: Only unlockable from Question Qubes

Void Vault [Toggle] [Boost] 750k Blackprints via Producing from Blackprints after producing Bag of Holding Blackprints:32G, Vacuum:40K, QQ:7M Void Starer bonus applies to the Blackprints in Locked Vaults, consumes 1 Vacuum per Locked Vault opened. Wythagoras: Very Useful
Flux Harvest [Chronotech] Time Lord Level > 50 Blackprints:1G, QQ:1M Simplified Harvesting of Flux Crystals from remaining rifts Mine
This Sucks [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Logic reward when Vacuum > 8000 S: Inf, C:Inf, G:60W, Vacuum:50K Boosts Vacuum Cleaner
Safety Net [Chronotech] Lost Doublepost over 10 times due to rifting or jumping S: Inf, C:Inf Prevents Temporal Rifts rifting to shortpix. Does not prevent intentional Jumps to ShortPix Mine
Safety Blanket [Chronotech] Lost Doublepost over 50 times due to rifting or jumping S: Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf Prevents loss of longpix only boosts when on shortpix. They stop working, but remain Mine
Aleph One [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] 111,111,111 Question Qubes S: Inf, C:Inf, G:Inf, QQ:10G, Blackprints: 10G When active, as long as the sand/castle numbers are not mustard, allows an infinite amount of sand/castles to be spent without affecting the sand/castle supply. Mine

Designed to make the Italian Plumber usable

Western Paradox [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual > 10 S: Inf, C:Inf, Goats 1000 When Active triples time before NewPixBots activate Mine
Kite and Key Glassed Lightning > 1Y S: Inf, C:Inf, G:1KW Restores a small portion of your Lightning Rod power when you Molpy Down (restores the square root of LR power, up to 100 UWWW)
Lightning in a Bottle [Beanie Tech] Glassed Lightning > 10SW S: Inf, C:Inf, G: 1WWW Restores a lot of your Lightning Rod power when you Molpy Down (restores 1/1F of LR power, up to 1 WQ) Wythagoras: Useful
The Pope [Beanie Tech] Logic level:2 reward S:50K, C:20K A large range of small boosts, select one and it remains until after the next ONG. (Not changeable) Mine
Fertiliser [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Time Lord > 1000 Bonemeal:1M, FluxCrystals:10M, QQ:1G At the cost of 1000 Bonemeal +2%, gives 0.1% bonus per 1000 Bonemeal for Flux Harvests using over 100 Temporal Rifts Wythagoras: Essential to get a lot of Flux Crystals.
Black Hole [Hill People Tech] Infinite FluxCrystals Blackprints: Inf, FluxCrystals: Inf, QQ: 10T, Vacuum: 10M Doubles the Vacuum production from the Vacuum Cleaner Mine
Overtime [Hill People Tech] Have Vacuum cleaner and over 222 jumps to shortpix & have lost Doublepost at least 50 times Blackprints: 1M, FluxCrystals: 1M, QQ: 1M, Goats: 1000, Vacuum: 1000 Vacuum cleaner runs twice during longpix Mine
Ritual Sacrifice [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual level > 24 Goats: 375 When you interupt a Ninja Ritual streak longer than 25 and less than 101, sacrifice 5 goats keep it going
Ritual Rift [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual level > 39 and Time Lord > 8 Goats: 450, FluxCrystals:75 If Ninja Ritual is interupted, use streak/10 flux crystals to warp time to before it happened, keeping the streak alive
Blackprint Plans [Beanie Tech] DoRD, when owning the threshold for Blackprints Complex Allows you to construct new Boosts with Factory Automation. (See Rosetta to start construction.) Split apart from the original Blackprints - not new, but allows Blackprints to be treated as stuff
Shadow Feeder [Toggle] [Draconic] Shadow Strike grants 10 bonemeal or more 10000 bonemeal If Zookeeper tries running while Crouching Dragon limit is reached, Shadow Dragon is activated. Great way to harvest bonemeal
Lodestone [Hill People Tech] 25 Mysterious Maps Flux Crystals: Inf, Goats: 100 Provides a jump to the nearest discovery on the Mysterious Maps Mine

NP 1180 needed for enough Maps

Cress [Toggle] [Ninjutsu] Crouching Dragon, Sleeping Panther > 444 & Got Mustard Sale Mustard: 10000, Goats: 10000 Multiplies mustard gains by Goats/1000 Mine - 3.4
Time Dilation [Toggle] [Chronotech] Over 555 Jumps to ShortPix and have Overtime Flux Crystals: Inf, Blackprints: Inf, Goats:10000 mNPs are always 1.8 seconds long (as in shortpix) whatever the length of the ONG Mine - 3.4
Shadow Ninja [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual > 777, Shadow Feeder, Infinite Time Lord, Italian Plumber not running Flux Crystals: Inf, Goats: 50K, Mustard:10K When the shadow feeder runs, (as long as the Italian Plumber is not running) it may also do a Ninja Ritual Mine - 3.4
Ninja Tortoise [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual > 77777 Goats: 10M, Mustard:10M Increases the rate the Ninja Ritual streak grows Mine - 3.41
Tangled Tesseract [Toggle] [Beanie Tech] QQ > 1P QQ: 1P, Mustard:100M Triples the Logicat levels from logicats, but gives no rewards (QQs) Mine - 3.41
Bananananas [Toggle] [Draconic] Logic level: 1234321, and have Shadow Feeder and the badge Panther Pelts (Panther rush level 80) Bonemeal: 123454321 If Shadow Feeder receives more puzzles than the Caged Logicat currently has, it gives them to the Caged Logicat. Otherwise they are converted to Bonemeal. MIne - 3.412
Diamonds [Stuff] From killing Knights To make Diamond Monuments (and other things) Mine - 3.42 For the future
What if we tried more power? [Hill People Tech] This Sucks > 4444 S: Inf, C: Inf, G: Inf, Vacuum:200M, BlackPrints: Inf, FluxCrystals: inf Significantly upgrades the Black Hole Mine - 3.42
Mutant Tortoise [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual > 77777777 Vacuum:1P Do Tortoises run that fast? Mine - 3.42
Centenarian Mutant Ninja Tortoise [Ninjutsu] Ninja Ritual > 777Z Goats:200U, Vacuum: 1.33E Do Tortoises hunt Panthers? Mine - 3.42
Marketing [Hill People Tech] Level 3 Dragon Queen and 200M Gold Unknown Numbers don't have to add up Mine- 3.42 Hook for future
Gold [Stuff] From Digging and Opponents Free Its mine mine mine Mine - 3.4203
Princesses [Stuff] Not currently possible Free Tasty Mine - 3.4203 Hock for future
Raptorish Dragon Keeping Manual [Draconic] From the Dragon Queen or having Infinite Goats Goats: Infinity Lots of information about handling dragons Mine - 3.5
Big Teeth [Draconic] From Dragon Opponents

Level 0 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases Dragon Offense Mine - 3.5

8 Per Level

Spines [Draconic] From Dragon Digging and Opponents

Level 0 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases the defense value of Dragons Mine - 3.5

8 Per Level

Tusks [Draconic] From Dragon Opponents

Level 1 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases the offensive value of Dragons Mine - 3.5

Not Waveney:

Level 1 Dragon Queen - Max 8

Adamantine Armour [Draconic] From Dragon Opponents

Level 1 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases the defense value of Dragons Mine - 3.5

Not Waveney:

Max 8 per level

Mouthwash From Dragon Opponents

Level 4 Dragon Queen

Not yet set Reduces Breath side effects Not possible in 4.12
Coal [Stuff] From digging - Level 2 Dragon Queen Free Will boost fire breath, needed for Masterpieces Mine - 3.5
Magic Teeth From Dragon Opponents

Level 4 Dragon Queen

Diamonds: 1e9,

Exp: 1e12, increases tenfold every buy

Increases the offence value of Dragons Not possible in 4.12
Bucket and Spade [Hill People Tech] From Dragon Opponents

Level 1 Dragon Queen

Diamonds: 100K, QQ: 1H Improves Dragon digging Mine - 3.5
Lucky Ring From Dragon Opponents Not yet set Increases Draconic luck Mine - 3.5
Ooh, Shiny! From Dragon Opponents Bonemeal: 1T,

QQ: 1H

Improves Dragons in Mysterious ways Mine - 3.5
Healing Potion [Beanie Tech] From Dragon Opponents Varies An 80% reduction in the time dragons need to recover after injury Mine - 3.5
Strength Potion From Dragon Opponents Varies Increases Draconic Strength Mine - 3.5
The Fading [Chronotech] CDSP ≥ 1024 QQ: 1.024F The Dragon Forge's Logicats costs depend on when you look Mine - 3.5
Aleph e Logic level: 99H Goats: Inf,

Mustard: Inf, Blackprints: Inf, FluxCrystals: inf, QQ: 1F

Does for Chips/Blocks what Aleph one did for Sand/Castles Mine - 3.5
Beach Dragon [Draconic] Over 100 finds while dragons are digging Goats: 1T, Bonemeal: 1P,

QQ: 1E

Enables beach clicks to enhance dragon digging Mine - 3.5
Cup Of Tea [Beanie Tech] From Dragon Opponents Varies Halves the time dragons need to recover from injury Mine - 3.5
Diamond Mould Making. Via Blackprints once Nest is owned Diamonds:10M, Goats: Inf To make Diamond Masterpiece Moulds Mine - 3.6
Diamond Mould Filling. Via Blackprints once Diamond Mould Maker is owned Diamonds:20M, Goats: Inf To fill Diamond Moulds with diamonds Mine - 3.6
Camelflarge From Dragon Opponents

Level 0 Dragon Queen

Varies Reduces the time Dragons hide Mine - 3.5
Diamond Masterpiece Cooker. Via Blackprints once Diamond Mould Filler is owned Diamonds:40M, Goats: Inf Fuses the diamonds to make solid - needs a lot of power Mine - 3.6
Diamond Masterpiece Burnisher Via Blackprints once Diamond Mould Cooker is owned Diamonds:80M, Goats: Inf Makes a Masterpiece shine Mine - 3.6
Diamond Masterpiece Pedestal. Via Blackprints once Diamond Mould Burnisher is owned Diamonds:150M, Goats: Inf, Bonemeal: 111GW Allows a masterpiece to be mounted Mine - 3.6
Incubator Consecutive NPs with dragons > 10 Diamonds:1000 Halves the incubation time for dragon eggs Mine - 3.5
Wait for it Consecutive NPs with dragons > 22 Diamonds: 20K Doubles the time before hatchlings starve Mine - 3.5
Q04B Consecutive NPs with dragons > 48 Diamonds: 555K Doubles the time Hatchlings will wait before fledging themselves Mine - 3.5
Robotic Feeder [Toggle] [Cybernetics] Over 44 hatchling clutches have starved to death Diamonds: 13.4M , Goats: Inf Will automatically feed hatchlings with Goats Mine - 3.51
Temporal Anchor [Toggle] [Cybernetics] CDSP > 1M Diamonds: 1M , Goats: Inf When active ONGs don't change the NP Mine - 3.51
Cryogenics Consecutive NPs with dragons > 99 Diamonds: 10M , Goats: Inf Allows you to put a clutch of hatchlings into suspended animation rather than fledging Mine - 3.51
Panthers Dream CDSP > 1G Diamonds: 500K, Bonemeal: 20H CDSP increases the Bonemeal from Shadow Dragon Mine - 3.51
Dragon Overview >11 NPs with dragons Diamonds: 10K, Bonemeal: 2H Enables the dragon overview pane Mine - 3.52
Woolly Jumper >111 NPs with dragons Diamonds: 500K, Bonemeal: 100H Enables jumps from the overview pane Mine - 3.6
Hubble Double 10 GW Logicat Levels and 10GW QQs Diamonds: 8.9M, Bonemeal: 88GW, Blackprints: Inf, Goats: Inf Occasionally the number of runs Constructing from Blackprints has made will double Mine - 3.52
Experience Free Free From dragon fights Mine - 3.52
Muse From DORD if Got Diamond Masterpiece Pedistal, at a monument site and can start making a mould Free (Temporary Boost) Inspiration to start making a diamond masterpiece mould Mine - 3.6
Black Powder From DORD Blackprints: Inf, FluxCrystals: Inf, Coal: 20 To clean up an NP prior to finishing a Masterpiece Mine - 3.6
Time Reaper Spend Infinte Flux Crystals and have DragonNewts FluxCrystals:Inf (3 times in 100 mNP) Automatic harvesting of Time Lord when Needed Mine - 3.6
Mirror Scales From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen

Varies Increase Defense Mine - 3.6
Big Bite From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases Offence Mine - 3.6
Double Byte From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases Offence Mine - 3.6
Trilobite From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen

Varies Increases Offence Mine - 3.6
Shades From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen

Diamonds: 234567 Improves the Beach Dragon Mine - 3.61
Topiary Wasting a Hatchling that would become a Wyrm Diamonds: 345678, Goats: Inf Fledging will not waste Hatchlings that too many for the NP Mine - 3.61
Cut Diamonds From Dragon Opponents

Level 2 Dragon Queen,

Adamantine Armour ≥ 14

Diamonds: 1M, Goats: Inf,

Vacuum: 10LW

Diamond digging is linear with digging rate, instead of logarithmic. Mine - 3.62
Sparkle From Dragon Opponents, Got Cut Diamonds & over 2.2M Diamonds Diamonds: 222M, Goats:Inf, Experience: 12.5E The diamond supply get an extra 1% per consecutive NP with dragons Mine - 3.62
Saturnav Over 100 Maps Diamonds: 44, Goats: Inf, Experience: 24.69K Automatically collects maps as long as Temporal Anchor is not active Mine - 3.64
Cake Over 200 Maps and at least one Masterpiece Diamonds: 5.55M, Goats: Inf, Bonemeal: 555GW Reduces the cost of Dragon Egg #3 or higher in a clutch, based on Mysterious Maps. Mine - 3.64
Anisoptera From Dragon OpponentsLevel 3 Dragon Queen, Varies Flight Mine - 3.65
Glaciation 5 Masterpieces and have Robotic Feeder Diamonds: 55G Goats: Inf, Experience: 12.5E Will automatically Freeze restless hatchlings just before they escape Mine - 3.65
Favourites Manager 100+ Boosts S: 20G, C: 20G Simplified Favourites that work with classic 3.65
Grouchy Dragon, Leaping Panther From Dragon Opponents - Level 3 Dragon and have 4+ Masterpieces Diamonds: 12.5G, Goats: Inf Allows you to get more CDSP, provided it is at low power (One use) Mine - 3.6525
Hugo [Boost] 10 Sand S:1 Gives 10% sand and boosts The Pope based on the number of badges Mine - 3.65259636
Magic Letters Over 10M maps, from dragon opponents Diamonds: 125G, Goats: Inf, Bonemal:125P

(for first letter)

Make a magic word and get the magic. 5 words to collect Mine - 3.66

Need 9 Diamond Masterpieces for the Maps

Gazebo [Magic]
Ointment [Magic]
Harpsicord [Magic]
Credenza [Magic]
Bungalow [Magic]
Dragong 10 Diamond Masterpieces Diamonds:1.25T, Goats: Inf, Bonemeal: 1.25EW Every Masterpiece gives a 3% reduction in the time to fill, cook and burnish a masterpiece Mine - 3.67
All Claws on Deck 16 Diamond Masterpieces Diamonds:12.5T, Goats: Inf, Bonemeal: 12.5EW All Dragons in the area help to make the mould, reducing the time (but not the diamonds) Mine - 3.67
Diamond Recycling 13 Diamond Masterpieces Maps: 35G After a Masterpiece has been finished, 50% of the diamonds used to make the mould are recovered Mine - 3.67
Seacoal 3 Diamond Masterpieces Coal:1.250K Beach digging gets an additional coal Mine - 3.67
Annilment [Toggle] [Draconic] 19 Diamond Masterpieces Diamonds: 77G

Vacuum: 533.333G

Converts diamonds back into coal if Dragons are digging More effective the greater the ratio of diamonds to coal
Robotic Hatcher [Toggle] [Draconic] >444 lost Dragons, 1111 dragons in storage, bought Topiary, bought Robotic Feeder Goats: Infinity

Flux Crystals: Infinity
Experience: 3E

Upon losing a fight to Redundaknights, will automatically fledge a clutch of dragons from Cryogenics to replace them. Make sure you have Goats to feed the hatchlings
Shadow Coda [Toggle] [Draconic] From Shadow Dragon being greedy while having 1MW Bonemeal 12.5WW Bonemeal As long as castles are infinite and Shadow Feeder is inactive, activates Shadow Dragon at a cost of (variable) bonemeal Switch this on, and Shadow Feeder off, when you have CDSP > 1S or so.
Ventus Vehemens [Toggle] [Draconic] Wyrms, Ninja Stealth of exactly 13,000,013 Vacuum: 1LW The dragons use their wings to stir up a great wind, scaring away most Redundaknights. Consumes vacuum. Quadruples the time between RK attacks. 400HW Vacuum/mNP to run.
Safety Canary [Toggle] [Boost] 192T Diamonds

2.4E Experience

Deactivates Annilment when the Diamond cost gets too high. 4.0
Autumn of the Matriarch [Draconic] [Wyvern] Biltz value > 0.5 3.333Z Experience

100EWW Bonemeal

For every dragon lost fighting, the remaining dragons' breath gets stronger. 4.0
Chthonism [Hill People Tech] 30 Diamond Monuments 1.250K Princesses Creates a separate underground storage space for Coal. [Dig] out more space. This will make Chthonism more efficient but costs ALL your maps! 4.0
Dragon Breath [Draconic] Consecutive NPs with dragons > 901 1.25G Coal

2.5Z Experience

When the dragons are defending their territory they may use Breath to help in defeating the enemy. Stronger dragons have more Breath effects at their disposal. 4.0
Honor Among Serpents [Draconic] Level 3 Dragon Queen, dragons in hiding and fledged a stronger clutch over a weaker one 25T Diamonds If a stronger clutch is fledged over a weaker one and the dragons are currently hiding, they will start digging again. 4.0
Golden Bull

[Boost] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, with Marketing 14K Sand 5x dragon dig rate multiplier 4.0
Chintzy Tiara

[Boost] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, with Marketing 9.995K Sand 22 mnp off from the dragons hide time until they start digging again 4.0
Diamond Dentures

[Boost] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, with Marketing 49K Sand 2x attack multiplier 4.0
Megan's Quick-Acting, Long-Lasting Odorific Breath Spray©

[Boost] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, with Marketing 1.995K Sand 10x breath modifier 4.0
Baobab Tree Fort

[Boost] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, with Marketing 99K Sand 4x defence modifier 4.0
Catalyzer [Draconic]


From Dragon opponents, after 50 breath fights Increasing Coal cost per level. Allows you to power up Breath by spending Coal. 4.0
Way of the Tortoise


[Boost] 1 Princess 1.250Z Experience

Inf Chips
Inf Blocks

Significantly increases your defense, but locks Way of the Panther 4.0
Way of the Panther


[Boost] 1 Princess 1.250Z Experience

Inf Sand
Inf Castles

Significantly increases your offense, but locks Way of the Tortoise 4.0
Tuple or Nothing [Draconic] Level 3 Dragon Queen and fight lasted longer than 50 rounds 480Z Experience

800G Coal

The longer a fight lasts, the more Gold you get for winning. 4.0
Ethyl Alcohol

[Beanie tech] [Wyvern]

From Dragon opponents, after buying Magic Breath 1G Diamonds

1000DQ+3 Experience

Fuel for Breath attacks. May cause drowsiness and slurred roars. 4.0
Dragon Drum


[Boost] Redundakitty reward

Needs Level 2 Dragon Queen and dragons need to be in hiding

Clannesque [Draconic] Biltz value < -0.5 9ZWW Bonemeal

88P Diamonds
40G Coal

The effect of Ooh Shiny! is compounded by the number of eggs you have in storage. 4.0
Sea Mining

[Boost] [temporary]

Redundakitty reward

Coal > 0

For the duration of Blitzing, each click gives one more Coal than the last. 4.0

Open QQs to extend Blitzing, to keep clicking for Coal.

Stops working at 1M clicks?

Signpost [Dimension] Have 1362 discoveries when entering NP 3095 or higher at the ONG Inf Flux Crystals

Inf Goats

Leads you outside of Time, allowing you to travel to NP 0 4.0
3D Lens [Dimension] At the ONG while at NP 0 Inf Chips

Inf Clux Crystals
Inf Goats

Using the Camera on a Catpix (NP >= 3095) drains that NP to get a Dimensional Shard. 4.0
Dimension Shards [Stuff] A piece of crystalline dimensional matter from the edges of Time. 4.0
Anticausal Autoclave [Dimension] Drain 12 Catpix of their Shards 200 Shards Uncrushes dimension shards back into dimension panes 4.0
Dimension Panes [Stuff] A dimensional window into other temporal planes. 4.0
Kitty Catalogue [Dimension] Drain >= 48 Catpix and then drain a positive Catpix 10 higher than an undrained NP 330 Shards

3 Panes

Tracks which CatPix you have drained for dimension shards 4.0
Portable Goalpost [Dimension] Drain 24 Catpix and Time Travel to your highest NP visited or use Now Where Was I 75 Shards

15 Panes

Allows you to mark a NP for later return. Setting the mark, or returning to the mark, costs 1 Shard + infinite Flux Crystals. 4.0
Subspatial Plane-Packing [Dimension] Open 1T Vaults and have at least 1 Dimensional Shard 1 Vacuum

5K Shards
75 Panes

Increases the power of Tangled Tesseract and expands the volume inside the Logicat cage. 4.0
Sigma Stacking [Dimension] Use the Kitty Catalogue to prowl for undrained Catpix, and find one with NP 3173 or higher 10K Shards

50 Panes

6.15 KW QQs

The Nth CatPix gives N shards, instead of 1 4.0
Glass Ceiling Cat [Ceiling] Use the Kitty Catalogue to prowl for undrained Catpix, and find one with NP 3275 or higher 555K Chips

1.11M Blocks
1.66M Logicat Puzzles
2.22M Blackprints
2.77M Mustard
3.33M Shards
600 Panes

Causes locked Glass Ceilings to do funny things to dimension shard yield 4.0
Glass Ceiling Autovator [Ceiling] Appease the Glass Ceiling Cat 72 times 3.88T Shards

12K Panes

Automatically raises and lowers Glass Ceilings to appease the Glass Ceiling Cat 4.0
Exit through the Abattoi [Beanie tech] Spend Infinite Goats 144 times Inf Goats Spending infinite goats boosts bonemeal from Shadow Strikes. Needs to be bought 10 times within 1 NP (costs inf goats each time). 4.0
Fields' Mettle [Toggle] [Beanie tech] Spend Infinite Goats 1152 times (have Abattoir power of 1008) Inf Goats

100GWW Bonemeal
5G Shards

When active, as long as Goats are infinite, allows an infinite amount of Goats to be spent without affecting the supply. 4.0
Lifedrain Autowinder [Dimension] Spend Infinite Goats 10000 times and own Glass Ceiling Autovator 3.33T Shards

33.33K Panes

The camera activates when Ninja Ritual does, once per ONG 4.0
Panopticon [Dimension] Open 1Z Vaults, own Exit through the Abattoir and Glass Ceiling Autovator, have at least 1 Dimensional Pane Inf Blackprints

1000LWW Vacuum
12300 Panes

Opening a Locked Vault will give you a Dimensional Shard, about 1 in every million times 4.0
Green Sun [Dimension] Redundakitty reward

Reached NP 12 of t1i and in t1i

1M Shards

500 Panes

Your progression in TaTPix boosts your pane production 4.0
Dragon Seeks Path [Draconic] 1 Sand Allows you to fledge dragons at NP0... if you dare. (Not coded yet) 4.0 [placeholder?]
Never Jam Today [Dimension] Uncrush Dimensional Shards 60 times 1 Sand Enormously boosts the shard yield of every other CatPix (does nothing and is free (intentionally)) 4.0
Aperture Science [Dimension] Use the Kitty Catalogue to prowl for undrained Catpix, and find one with NP 4000 or higher Inf Goats

111M Shards

You can progress as far as TaTPix x. Buy more dimensional keyholes to advance farther. Needs to be bought x times within 1 NP. 4.0
Dimensional Keyhole [Dimension] variable Panes Opens a dimensional doorhole, enabling further exploration past Time. 4.0
Eigenharmonics [Dimension] Drain a CatPix while having 120 runs of 12 consecutive drained CatPix 600 Shards

25 Panes

Runs of twelve consecutive drained CatPix boost further culling 4.0

The runs can overlap, having drained 15 consecutive CatPix counts as 4 runs.

This is the first drain boost to aim for.

Plumber's Vise [Dimension] Uncrush Dimensional Shards into a Dimensional Pane, with 1Z Vaults opened and Italian Plumber turned on Inf Goats

Inf Flux Crystals
5W QQs

When Italian Plumber is active, decreases the shards needed to forge a dimension pane based on IP's level 4.0
Tractor Beam [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] Spend Infinite Goats 576 times (have Abattoir power of 432) and have WIWTMP power 8 Inf Goats

Inf Flux Crystals
1TW Vacuum

When enabled, the vacuum cleaner regularly doubles your goat supply instead of creating vacuum. 4.0
Leo DiCatrio [Dimension] 25K Shards

75 Panes

Rarely, a ?? will give you a dimension pane (I can't figure out how to make this only have effect on an actual redundakitty click, not logicats/qq, so I'm leaving it locked) 4.0 ?
Controlled Hysteresis [Dimension] At NP0 Lets you switch between timelines. You can only exert hysteretic control at NP0. 4.0
Blueness [Stuff] Is blue and mysterious. 4.0
Otherness [Stuff] Is mysterious and slightly terrifying. 4.0
Blackness [Stuff] The tool of GLR. 4.0
Whiteness [Stuff] The anti-tool of GLR. 4.0
Grayness [Stuff] Something found less in mountains, because mountains are easy to draw. 4.0
Argy [Variegation] Have 15 Otherness 562.5 Blueness Lets you use the blue of the ocean and some otherness to make squids so that you can extract their ink. Each squid requires fifty of each. 4.0
Permanent Staff [Toggle] [Beanie tech] Select a Papal Decree 144 times 50M Sand

20M Castles
50 Blocks

When active, the papal decree does not reset on the ONG. 4.0
Retroreflector [Dimension] Drain 144 Positive/Negative Catpix pairs 1.2K Shards

25 Panes

When draining a kitty, the camera drains the inverse NP as well 4.0
Blue's Hints [Variegation] Have 25 Otherness 937.5 Blueness Improves all Blueness gains by a factor of x2. 4.0
Improved Scaling [Variegation] Have 50 Otherness 1.875K Blueness Reduces waste from radioactive decay. 4.0
Polarizer [Variegation] Have 5 Blackness 37.5 Blackness Lets you turn the essence of a color into its dual (blueness to otherness, otherness to blueness, blackness to ??? and vice versa). Uses 5 Blackness to begin the operation, then between 1-10 of the original color per amount of new color you wish to craft. 4.0
Meteor [Variegation] Have 300 Otherness 6.250K Otherness Produces 10 otherness per mNP. 4.0
Ocean Blue [Variegation] Have 300 Blueness 6.250K Blueness Produces x Blueness per mNP. 4.0
Robotic Inker [Variegation] Have 50 Blackness and own Polarizer 875 Blackness Automatically crafts ink stuff. It can also make squids. 4.0
Not a Priest [toggle] [Variegation] Have 1 Whiteness 12.5 Whiteness When whiteness and Blackness react, they produce Grayness. 4.0
Equilibrium Constant [toggle] [Variegation] Have 1 Grayness 12.5 Grayness When active, Grayness also reacts to form Whiteness and Blackness. 4.0
Hallowed Ground [Variegation] Have 3 Whiteness 187.5 Blueness

125 Otherness
75 Whiteness
37.5 Blackness
12.5 Grayness

Produces 1 Grayness per mNP. 4.0
Photoelectricity [Variegation] Have 10 Whitness 125 Whiteness Lets Not a Priest be disabled and does stuff when it is disabled. Level x. Needs 5-x more power to run. 4.0
Atomic Pump [Variegation] Increases power of Ocean Blue. 4.0
Blue Fragment [Variegation] Increases power of Blue's Hints. 4.0
A Splosion [Variegation] Locks Atomic Pump and increases Blueness, Whiteness, etc. (?) 4.0
Retroactivity [Variegation] 125 Grayness Lets you spend 20 grayness to unlock target repeatable photo boosts. 4.0
Diluted Bloom [Variegation] 500 Grayness Makes the meltdown countdown lengthdown godown updown. 4.0
Concentrated Bloom [Variegation] 500 Grayness Everyone loves splosions. Doubles splosion rewards. 4.0
pH [Variegation] 625K Blueness Makes pH reasonable, but makes a badge impossible to earn 4.0
pOH [Variegation] 625K Blueness 4.0
pInsanity [Variegation] pH triggered at least once 625K Blueness Like pH, but way better. 4.0
Ranger [Toggle] [Hill People Tech] 50 Caged Logicats Tames wild logicats to provide Panther Poke. 4.08

Sammy: Turns 1 logicat into 5+