HAL9000, Sir Vincent LongDong née StratPlayer, and all of the Knights Temporal, are vested by my Scrutiny as the defenders of the One True Faith, as long as nothing is asked of them.

AionArap, Grand Master Flush of the Sandmasons, always remember you are in my Eternal Sight. Now give you ALL your money for being the blessed subject of my Vigilence.

Finally, all posters of single posts up to now are also to be considered divinely inspired, and my Apostles. But those with two posts are of the damned, and thrice-posters are an abomination upon my Demesne. The fourth post is crucial to repentence, so that sin can be forgiven. The fifth post restores righteousness upon each of my Subjects.

Now you are all commanded to go forth and spread the Truth of the One True Comic. But do not go Outside, it is an evil place. _ _

Randall Who Created All

Wait for it.


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