Cardinal bigcrag92 is blessed for keeping all my Machinations moving as I intended, even to travelling to the Outside to spread the word of Time (Wait for It.), and I bless his birthday as the first Holiday of the One True Comic.

Cardinal KarMann has shown the expectional knowledge I endowed unto him, and henceforth is blessed as the Historian of the Comma of the One True Comic.

Cardinals ubscdt and udscbt are, unknown to themselves, the same entity. Their schizophrenic existence is blessed in my Eyes, so don't anyone tell them and spoil it for her.

Smithers was revealed as the first prophet when he "Called it!" about Megan's return with the tiny trebuchet. All must listen to all revelations I bestow through his being, including no nesting of models.

Dracomax has shown himself to be blessed when he revealed sax should never be casual, and only jam people who are known unto you. As Grand Lord High Inquisitor, he has my Full Authority to use the comfy chair as he sees fit.

Kryton, ordained Space-Pope of the Eastern Unorthodox TimeWaiters, I didn't like you much at the beginning of Time (Wait for It.), but you have shown youself to be the true and rightful leader of your people. All functions you perform are judged correct by my Beautician.


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