This special message is to commemmorate the Time (Wait for It.) you have devoted to the One True Comic. You have finally completed enough pages of the Holy Text of Time (Wait for It.) to have achieved the number 317, which is significant to my Creatorship in ways you cannot yet fathom.

Too all the faithful who have kept vigilence during this existence, you are truly blessed.

You never waivered in your belief during The Dark Period, nor exalted yourselves above Cueball and Megan during The Happiness Period. You stayed true to the One True Comic when the appointed moderators tested your faith, until I smote them and restored the words to their proper goodness. Through it all, you Wait.

There are some particular among you who deserve to be recognized for their most devouted devoutness.

Helper the First, Duly Elected Pope of the One True Comic, is formost blessed as was recognized when chosen to be my Vessel. I have kept him in my Presence for a few frames of Time (Wait for It.) to endow him with additional knowledge of my Plan. Though it may take Time (Wait for It.) for him to fully recall my Instructions when I return him to your existential plane.

Arch-Cardinal buffygirl is blessed, and blessed again, for driving out the wicked possession that she faced in service to the One True Comic. She also makes the best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich I have ever had.


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