You are the newest member of The Order of the Knights Temporal and you have been sent on a quest to find the mythical Sands of Time. You know you will face many horrors on your journey but you have been outfitted with a great sword, a helm (called Matt), a belt, some gantlets and a set of chain mail. The quartermaster was too busy staring at his tablet to tell you what they do but I’m sure you will work it out. You head out on your grand quest. You have been told to head west and to trust Randall to guide your way. The first day of walking is uneventful and nearing sunset you come to a small village. You are in luck because they have a Thyme Waiters restaurant and you have a fine breakfast before retiring for the night. The next 24 days pass in similar fashion as you travel westward until the morning of the 26th day when the weather takes a turn for the worse. And the local meteorological service has predicted many weeks of hard rain. You are faced with a terrible decision.

Do you Carry on though wind and rain as nothing will stop a true Knight

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Or delay your quest and wait for it to clear before continuing on

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