Quest for the Sands of Time:

You have to wait 9 days for the weather to pass and the flood waters to recede before continuing on your Quest. About mid-morning you come across a poor soul who got stuck in the mud and must have drowned in the rising flood waters. It seem someone has found him already and stripped anything valuable and left him propped up on four large bricks. You continue on your westward quest for two more days before coming to a deep chasm. There is a rope bridge to the north, but as you approach it you find an old man with a bunch of vicious-looking Dogs. They look like Rottweilers and you can count 13 of them. When you get within ear shot of the man, he speaks up and in a very strange accent says: "Qba'g jbeel nobhg gur qbtf. Lbh pna pebff vs lbh jnag. Whfg qba'g jnyx onpxjneqf nf gurl ungr gung naq znl nggnpx!". You try to talk to him but he seems not to understand your speech either.

Do you ignore the 13 frothing dogs and wander over the bridge

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Or retreat slowly with your hands up and find another way across

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