In the Beginning there was Nothing. And then the Lord Randall did say 'Wait for it!'. And we waited. Some said "I have no patience for entropy" and were cast out forever. "Was Randall trying to be deep or just trying to take a day off work?" we ask. And I say he is taking us deeper than Time itself and what is this day of work you speak of anyway? We knew in our hearts that something would happen by sunrise. And it did! The Sun it rises and falls but can we duplicate it or really know what our eyes are seeing. What oddities from black and white will we stare at? Will we ever Get it? Is anything happening at all or is all our imagination. Like the two great ones Cueball and Megan we will sit here and stare. Are they talking with hidden voices about what is true and important. Or is it enough just to sit together in silence and watch time happen. Somehow we all feel that this is the strongest xkcd. It is in our head! We all hope for good news. Is this world giant in size and has it been already written. we wait for it. Do we live our lives by javascript and do we trust in png and gif? Does our world update on its own or is time the base of us all?

Cueball: Do you smell beacon?

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