• Myloveisminecraft1996

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  • Wythagoras

    I came up with the following:

    • Glass Ceilings are 10% better. (so each Ceiling gives a *36.3 bonus then)
    • Logic requirements are 10% lower.
    • ASHF is 10% better.

    Also, I thought of a boost that can boost the number of rewards chosen:

    • Generous Pope
      • Logic requirement: Newpixcurrent level+1
      • Costs for buying the boost:
        • Sand: 1YWW
        • Castles: 2YWW
        • Glass: 300K
      • Cost for upgrading:
        • Glass Blocks: Inf
        • Logic: Newpixcurrent level*(Panther Rush level)
        • Goats: 100*current level
        • Vacuum: 10*current level
        • Mustard: 10*current level

    Please say when you don't like me doing suggestions.

    You are (of course) absolutely free to change the boost if you think something is unbalanced or something.

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  • Wythagoras

    This blog post is about my strategy in the game. I know there is already one, but I have another strategy on some parts, which I believe to work faster than the other.

    Reading warning: If I were you, I wouldn't read the pieces of the strategy you haven't passed unless you are really completely stuck. That might greatly reduce the fun of playing the game.

    Up to 100 castles: When you start, click until you have 7 castles so that you can buy 4 NPBs. You should get the following things here: 10 NPBs, 6 trebs, 12 buckets, 6 cuegan, Helpful Hands, Bigger Buckets, Huge Buckets, Helping Hand, Cooperation, Robot Efficiency, Spring Fling and Trebuchet Pong. To get enough castles for these you should look for Redundakitties. Make sure your sand is at 0 …

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  • Mrob27

    Table tests

    December 8, 2013 by Mrob27

    Tests of modifications to the wikia code for a table, hopefully applicable to Badges and other pages that need it

    Badge Visibility Description How-to get/Notes
    1. First row, first column is a very long piece of text r1 c2 r1 c3 r1 c4
    r2 c1 Second row, second column is also a very long string of text r2 c3 r2 c4
    r3 c1 r3 c2 r3 c3 r3 c4

    Badge Visibility Description How-to get/Notes
    1. First row, first column is a very long piece of text r1 c2 r1 c3 r1 c4
    r2 c1 Second row, second column is also a very long string of text r2 c3 r2 c4
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  • Mrob27

    I have added two templates (pulled from the Toaru Universe Wiki and OTTified) that I think will be of use for the Hotdog-related pages and for other places where there are seaish (but non-spoiling) blocks of text.

    There is also a new image, used by the first template:

    You can use it like this, with desired size in place of the "100px":


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  • FreeT

    Beanish language

    August 2, 2013 by FreeT

    Wow, deciphering this constructed language is thirsty work...

    In some ways, it doesn't seem like too daunting a task. We've been given a visual representation of when certain phrases are used, and even useful one-time-usage to help us.

    What's really stumping me though is the sheer lack of sample text. In some ways that's what makes working with the codex more optimistic - there's a large pool to fish from!

    Unless some bright multi-linguist can recognise which language this is based on (presuming grammer, etc. aren't 100% alien), we may have a tough time. I've done all I can for now on it, so hopefully my observations sparks another xkcd geek into noticing some subtlety. Otherwise, maybe Randall will post more words soon.

    If anyone has noticed …

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  • Unreal37

    First, one has to sit back and marvel at a comic that has been updated every hour for a period of 2 months - now up to 1700 individual strips in that time - with no signs of when its ever going to end, or even if it is ever going to end.

    I think the scope of this story is epic, but we won't know it's full epic-ness until many more months or years when people start to realize he's on panel 10,000 or 100,000... It's unbelievable if it gets to that. We're watching history - a type of comic that has never been done before.

    So far, in the story of Megan and Cueball, we know that they live at or near the beach. They built one heck of a sandcastle, but it has slowly been eroded by the rising sea. The sea shows no signs of stopping or receding (much…

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  • Laura of Shintolin

    Late frame

    March 29, 2013 by Laura of Shintolin

    Frame 192 was late. For an indefinite, unmeasurable time between the timeframe and the newpic, we waited for Cueball's tower to grow a little higher. Wild ideas flew in hopes of bring Time's flow back on course. But soon the error was rectified without our intervention.

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