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LaPetite BlitzGirl, BlitzGirl the First, Beater of Paradoxes, Greatest Grain on the Beach of Time, Hope of the Non-Commital Waiters, Archbishop of the Past, Omnilector of Time, Princess of Persia, BigKnowItAll, First of the The Followers of Time's Time, Patriarch of the Western Paradox Church, Great Pilgrim of the One True Comic, Time Architect of Signposting, Supreme Observer of Time, Cardinal Tempus Viator, Most True Followerer, Ghost of PresentPix, Incoming Hurricane, Red Spiders Eyes, Sister in Waiting, Blitzrandir, B.O.B., Reader is a forum user who has read and posted commentary on the entire thread, following it after it happens. She caught up with the Present on Page 442.

It had been speculated BlitzGirl appeared in the OTC itself, but this has now been disproven.[1]

The Gospel of BlitzGirl Edit

The Gospel of BlitzGirl consists of the signposts she sent into the Future while on her Quest to read all pages of the Thread of Time.

Quest Progress Time Period Newpix
77 out of 223 Pages Populated Period of Exp. 156
100 out of 229 Pages "Wanna Swim?" Period 176
126 out of 243 Pages Operation Connect Castle 201
149 out of 259 Pages Attack of the Trebuchet 222
173 out of 267 Pages Second Megan Period 248
203 out of 286 Pages Second Megan Period 291
219 out of 295 Pages The Architect Age 331
223 out of 303 Pages (add.) The Architect Age 342
229 out of 309 Pages (add.) The Architect Age 355
238 out of 310 Pages Recursion 380
243 out of 312 Pages Recursion 393
247 out of 315 Pages Recursion 403
254 out of 320 Pages The Poles 424
259 out of 324 Pages The Poles 436
267 out of 325 Pages The Poles 463
271 out of 330 Pages The Scaffolding 472
275 out of 336 Pages The Tasting 484
281 out of 337 Pages The Scaffolding Continued 495
283 out of 338 Pages The Scaffolding Continued 504
289 out of 341 Pages The Scaffolding Continued 521
293 out of 346 Pages The Scaffolding Continued 531
295 out of 354 Pages The Scaffolding Continued 539
305 out of 355 Pages The Observed Platform 560
310 out of 363 Pages The Observed Platform 568
314 out of 364 Pages The Observed Platform 576
320 out of 372 Pages The Building of the Rooks 597
330 out of 375 Pages The Building of the Rooks 633
339 out of 376 Pages The Building of the Rooks
342 out of 383 Pages The Building of the Rooks 666
346 out of 384 Pages The Next Level 683
351 out of 391 Pages The Next Level 692
355 out of 393 Pages The Next Level 704
359 out of 397 Pages The Next Level 715
367 out of 398 Pages The Next Level 735
372 out of 401 Pages Third Megan Period 761
378 out of 408 Pages Third Megan Period 792
382 out of 409 Pages The Little French Girl Period 802
385 out of 414 Pages Fourth Megan Period 809
425 out of 438 Pages The Fading 924
438 out of 442 Pages The Fading 957
Arrival in the Present The Fading

BlitzGirl's Titles Edit

BlitzGirl has been granted many honorary Titles by other posters in the Thread of Time.

Here is a screencap of her signature, where she has traditionally listed them (capped on Newpage 465):


Titles not currently listed:

LaPetite BlitzGirl - When the signature character limit was reached, this was replaced by BlitzGirl the First.

Avatars Edit

From the beginning of Time until the Present, BlitzGirl has had several iterations of the same avatar. The original image comes from (Journal 3).  LaPetite and The Fading versions were created by forum user Latent22, and BlitzGirl eventually received an official buffygirl-modified avatar upon her arrival in the present. The most recent avatar comes from BlitzGirl's parody comic, We Love the Thread of Time.


References Edit