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The first Beanish speech.

Beanish is the language spoken by a group of people (identifiable by their black beanie hats) that Cuegan encounters while looking for help for Megan's leg wound. Beanish appears in the comic as a set of unknown symbols in the speech bubbles of the Beanie people.

For a detailed analysis of Beanish, see https://beanishlang.wordpress.com/

Relation to Other Alphabets[]

Although Beanish resembles various Outside alphabets and scripts, it does not match any one language.  Only a couple of individual symbols (like ᘛ) have been identified in other alphabets.

Beanish Symbols[]

As of the eighth Beanish speech, here are the known symbols:


BlitzGirl's collection of Beanish symbol groupings, as of the eighth speech example.

It is later confirmed by Cueball that the sequence of characters constituting the 7th speech, and repeated 2 more times in the 8th speech (once by Cueball, once by Beanie) is most likely translated as either "water" or "drink."


Sinus.pi's transliteration[]

As proposed by Sinus.pi (talk) 23:00, July 11, 2013 (UTC), this attempts to write Beanish as closest visual representatives in the Latin alphabet.
The dialogs can thus be written as:

  • - greeting -
  • (Megan to Beanies) Hi. We're from far away, and my leg is hurt. Can you help us?
  • (Beanie1) dZL' Ub?
  • (Beanie2) dA'J ,d 7X W'N NUq'?
  • (Cueball) Huh. (Megan) Ok. Umm. (shows wound)
  • (Beanie2 to Beanie3) 4M 374'WS A347W'9.
  • (Beanie1 to Beanie2) ZL' 32g27'L U 4"' ZLgq,.
  • (Megan to Beanies, pointing) That. What is that?
  • (Beanie1) 374'WS A347W'9.
  • - evening -
  • (Beanie, ushering into hut) Lg2 4'L
  • - morning -
  • (Beanie, pointing to cup) 42bJ.
  • (Cueball) 42bJ.
  • (Beanie) X,c! 42bJ!
  • (Cueball to Megan) I learned a word. I think. (Megan) Oh?
  • (Cueball to Megan) 42bJ. "Water". Probably.
  • (Beanie, pointing to cup) 42bJ. == Water.
  • (Cueball, drawing sea) 42bJ. == Water.
  • (Beanie) dXbg ZL' 34'6? 'MN'b AN7 42' W3? q9 AQXb 2'9b, 342bJ?
  • (Beanie2, appearing) NS'2 L'29g A'N 37cNA. (Beanie1 draws Bighair) ("......... castle.")
  • - picnic -
  • (Beanie1) 74'WS. (plant?)
  • (Megan) Huh, OK. 74'WS. (plant?)
  • (Beanie1, showing map) G3'7 34cGX. G3'7 342bJ. 42bJ! ("This land?. This sea?. Water!")
  • (Megan) I heard "water". (Cueball) Is this some kind of map?
  • (Megan) I guess. But it's just a jumble of lines. (Cueball) Maybe those triangle things are rivers?
  • (Beanie2) AM2 NS'2 L7Gg4 A'N 37cNA. (Beanie1) X,c. ("....... castle." "OK.")
  • - city -
  • (Beanie3) 2JMX'.
  • (Beanie2) X, A`Lb,. (Hatperson) X, A`Lb,. (standard greeting)
  • (Cueball) I like these little houses. They — (Beanie3) 37cNA. ("castle"?)
  • (Beanie3) NS'2 L29g A'N 342cj.
  • (Beanie3) M32. (Beanie4) X, A`Lb,. (Hello. Good afternoon), or similar.
  • (Beanie1) X, A`Lb! (Beanie4) AM2! A`Lb!  (exclaimed greetings. AM2=Beanie1's name?)
  • - in castle -
  • (Bighair) M32. (Beanie2) M32. (Beanie3) M32. (greetings)
  • (Bighair) ZLc 4b`2 UALM?
  • (Beanie3) A`9GcLg 4'2 ZL' 34'6.
  • (Beanie1) Xb73`2g9 NUqc. (Pointing to Cuegan, who are walking forward.)
  • [brief discussion in splotch-English]
  • (Bighair) U’ AbWN W,2 2A7U. (Beanie3) dG. (dismissal?)
  • (labels on Dried Mediterranean map) 3W,J 34'6 (New Balearic Sea), 3W,J ?J'b (New Ionian Sea), 34cGX (shown on survey map before), 933 (Gibraltar), perhaps 2JMX' (town)

tresoldi's transliteration[]

Tresoldi's transliteration is more accurate, but uses non-Latin letters. It may be viewed here.