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"Wow" Baobab Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time within the Discovery Era.
It lasted from frame 1503 to frame 1552.

This period begins as Cuegan reach the top of the hill they began to ascend at the end of the Seventh Journey Period, at which point they see a small grove of particularly large and impressive Baobab Trees, to which Megan says, "Wow." The camera view pulls back to show how large the trees are before zooming back in on Cuegan as they descend from the top of the hill into the Baobab valley.

Cueball notices markings on the first tree and Megan wonders what they mean. Later, they observe an oddly bent and relatively shorter baobab tree at which Megan remarks, "I wonder if it's supposed to be like that" and Cueball responds, "It's a pretty big tree. It probably knows what it's doing."

The concluding frames of the period place Cuegan beyond the edge of the baobabs and back into a grassy valley where they discover the vineyard.

Significance of the Baobab TreesEdit

The presence of Baobab trees in this period greatly contributed to debate on the One True Thread regarding the setting of the comic. It served for some time as particularly compelling ammunition for proponents of the Madagascar Theory, especially given the striking similarity of the trees portrayed in the comic to those in an image of Madagascar baobabs, which even included a lop-sided tree very similar to the one that Cueball suggested "knows what it's doing."

Molpy Sightings in this period:Edit

  • The most notable molpy sighting during this period is the performance of a supposed mating dance by two bee-snakes, lasting from frame 1533 to 1538.

Edit to add additional molpy sightings for this period.

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